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Best 10 Foot Spas

As Of July 2022

Are you suffering from sore and tired feet? Sitting on your couch after a stressful day and not being able to relax because of this kind of discomfort and ache can be really overwhelming. So, what can you do to make this pain go away? All you need is the best foot spas in the market! Who would have thought that a little bathtub for your feet or a foot massage can be so relaxing? It’s true though! A couple of minutes with them is all it takes to release all this tension!
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1 Beurer FB35 Foot Spa being used by a woman

Beurer FB35 Foot Spa

4.9 /5

Best Overall Foot Spa

  • Deep relaxation therapy by combining hot water with a massage at the comfort of your home
  • Try an intense massage with reflexology rollers to relief all the pain
  • Do your nails easily with 3 included pedicure attachments and let your beauty shine
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2 Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa on a white background

Rio Beauty Deluxe Foot Bath and Spa

4.8 /5

#2 Best Foot Spa

  • Try the aromatherapy diffuser for an extra soothing experience full of amazing scents
  • The 5-in-1 multifunction provides everything you need after a hard day
  • Strong hydro-therapy jets provide extra comfort and relax you further
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8 woman massaging her feet on the Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa

Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa

4.6 /5

Top Ergonomic Design

  • Maintain the softness on your skin with its 9 accessories including a brush, cuticle scissors & more
  • Relaxing massage with acunodes on the bottom that apply pressure and provide added comfort
  • Keep your feet warm throughout your pedicure as it maintains the temperature
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3 Sensio Foot Spa Massager being used by a woman

Sensio Foot Spa Massager

4.8 /5

Best Choice For Pedicures

  • Top-quality construction with a low noise level for max comfort without disturbances
  • Adjust the settings and the rollers for a soothing massage that improves blood circulation
  • Great pedicure kit helps you achieve beautiful results and saves your pocket
popular choice ribbon
4 HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Spa Massager being used by a woman

HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager

4.8 /5

Most Popular Dry Foot Massager

  • Super relaxed feet with 18 massage heads and 6 deep-kneading nodes
  • No need to get up from your seat, as you can have total control of the settings with your feet
  • Amazing shiatsu foot massage with soothing heat for a daily relief from tiredness
5 Renpho Foot Spa Massager

Renpho Foot Massager

4.7 /5

Top Pros Choice Foot Massager

  • Easily controlled by remote control to give you a professional massage that suits you
  • Simple to use and totally hygienic with removable washable cloth in the foot chambers
  • Free from worries with 12 months of warranty thanks to its durable construction
Pros choice product ribbon
6 HoMedics Collapsible Footspa being used by a woman

HoMedics Collapsible Foot Spa

4.7 /5

Most Easy To Use

  • Maintain your preferred temperature & feel the vibrations relieve tension
  • Save money and space with its practical foldable design that makes storage super easy
  • Suitable for the whole family so you can feel relaxed after 30 minutes of soothing massage
7 InvoSpa Shiatsu Foot Spa Massager being used by a woman

InvoSpa Shiatsu Foot Massager

4.7 /5

Best For Shiatsu Massages

  • Offers a combination of shiatsu kneading and rolling massage therapy for optimum results
  • Improves blood circulation that helps in tiredness, neuropathies & chronic pain
  • Adjust the intensity however you like & wash the feet pockets for maximum hygiene
9 woman using the HoMedics Bubblemate Foot Spa

HoMedics Bubblemate Foot Spa

4.6 /5

Great Temperature Maintenance

  • The jacuzzi like bubbles and rhythmic vibrations offer improved blood circulation in just a few minutes
  • Soften your skin with its massage nodes & bubble turbo strips
  • Fast heating water that can maintain the temperature of your needs as long as you like
10 Turejo Foot Spa on white background

Turejo Foot Spa

4.5 /5

Top Heat Bubbles Experience

  • A great gift for a loved one that suffers from tiredness and chronic pain
  • Target the area that suffers the most with 4 massage rollers and release the tension
  • Enjoy a home massage experience with its 3 built-in spa modes
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Foot Spas: The Most Relaxing Part Of Your Day

So many of you, spend their time standing up for many hours. Some others walk and walk until the night falls. So you get back home and you just sit on your couch. Exhausted and tired is only the beginning. Your feet are killing you! One thing though can fix that! The feeling of slipping your feet into warm water! Or maybe getting a relaxing and soothing feet massage! Which are probably two of the most amazing things after a long day. And the best part? No need to go to a spa!

The best foot spas might seem like little bathtubs for your feet. But the thing is that they’re not just some bucket of hot water. If that was the case then no one would need them. And what about those other ones that have those sockets that you place your feet in? What’s so great about them? The thing that makes them so irresistible is the combination of features they have. They can found all those pressure points that make you feel miserable and treat them right.

So, if you want to live a spa experience without leaving your home, then you need to find the best foot spa for your needs or maybe a quality neck massager. Who wouldn’t want that? An affordable personal massager at your own place that takes your tension away whenever you want. See the information above and you’ll surely find an ideal one.

Why Do You Need The Best Foot Spa?


First things first! Your personal care is really important -especially if you are a woman- and people that are behind these amazing devices know that. And they also know that you can’t afford to spend all your money on spas and massages! That’s why they’re not only affordable but they are of low maintenance. It’s true that visiting a spa is a pretty awesome experience but if your feet need constant attention then you need to find another way around your problem.

Whether you go for a low budget foot spa or investing in a more pricey model, one thing’s for sure. You will be saving a lot of money in the long run. You just pay for them once and that’s it. You can add some bath salts every now and then if that’s something that you want, but the maintenance remains low no matter what.

Health Benefits

Let’s start with the obvious ones! A foot spa can make your days and nights very pleasant with all those relaxing functions. Warm baths that can soften your skin and also boost your blood circulation. How can this help you? Your muscles will be super relaxed after it. You can reduce the tiredness and swelling that a long day can cause. When your veins dilate from the heat, the blood flow increases and can deliver more oxygen, nutrients and vitamins to the area that’s suffering. That way you can feel much better just in a matter of minutes.

Some people might think that the benefits of a foot spa are only temporary but in reality, a foot massage and a warm foot bath can reduce your stress level and give you a better way of living.

What To Look For When Buying A Foot Spa?

Finding the perfect foot spa for your needs might seem a little overwhelming. Especially if you’re a total beginner in this beautiful relaxing world! No need to worry though! In this guide, you can check all the factors that play a major role in making a decision.


Who would enjoy a cold bath? No one! That’s the opposite of relaxing! Your foot bath is the exact same thing. It has to be warm and relaxing. The heating unit of each product is what keeps the water from turning cold so it can provide you with long soothing soaks. Make sure that you check the maximum temperature and the length of time for which the water will stay at your preferred temperature. 

Massage Rollers

They are located at the bottom of the foot spa and they are found in almost every model. You can find products with one, two, three or even four rollers on each foot side. The thing that makes a big difference is the way that they work. Are they manual or automatic? As you can imagine, automatic ones offer the best experience but they come at a higher price.

Base Nodes

Another thing that you can find at the bottom of a foot spa is those small bumps that are called base nodes. They act as acupressure massage points that help in releasing the extra tension and relieving you from any pain. Unfortunately, there are some models out there that instead of helping you, they cause you more pain because of their poor construction quality.

Bubbles & Hydro Jets

Turn your foot spa into a little jacuzzi for your tired feet with a bunch of bubbles. Bubbles tend to help in relaxation and they create a nice environment. If you combine them with some strong jets that massage your feet even more, then it’s a done deal. You can kiss your tiredness goodbye.


Some of the cheapest models can only be turned on and off just by pressing a button. You can’t really personalize their function. Others though give you the opportunity to set the temperature, the bubbles and the vibrations exactly the way you like them and give you the best results.

Splash Guard

Water, bubbles and jets mean that a water spillage is right around the corner. And trying to mope your floor after such a relaxing time can be a bummer. So, avoid all these hassles by getting a foot spa that has a splash guard that can help in decreasing the chance of such accidents.


Most of them give you something extra with your purchase. Pumice stones, nail brushes, rollers for massage and pedicure tools are the most common among them. And they actually can give you a much better experience. So don’t take them for granted and look for a product that provides you with all those little things that can make your day even better.


Foot spas work on motors that can be quite noisy and might not let you relax as much as you want. And think about the nights after work that you want to have some spa time and your kid sleeps in the next room. If you won’t be bothered by something like this then you’re fine. But if it plays an essential role for you, make good research before making a purchase.

Storage & Portability

Even though they’re not that big, some people have trouble with their storage space and need to think clever with what they’re given. There are some models out there that make the whole storage situation a walk in the park with their amazing design. Plus, when it comes to portability, even though most of them are lightweight, some have a handle so you can move around with ease.

Tips For Using Your Foot Spa?

After buying your foot spa, it’s very important to use it in the right way. And proper setup and operation are only the beginning of it. How about creating the perfect atmosphere? Let’s have a look together at these tips!


Start by placing your foot spa on a flat surface and directly on your floor. Some users tend to put a towel underneath it to avoid spillages but it’s not really recommended as it makes the whole device a little bit unstable. Plug it in a socket and make sure that it’s in a place that no one would trip over it. They are made for indoor use so don’t leave them outside if there’s not a particular reason. Fill it with water and then turn it on. Don’t place your feet inside before switching it one and making sure that everything works properly.

Creating The Perfect Atmosphere

If you want to make your spa time as soothing and relaxing as possible, you need to be prepared. Bring all your favourite products next to you so you won’t forget anything. Who would want to stop their spa session to go bring some spa salts? Sit on your couch or something more comfortable. Choose a quiet place in your home so no one can disturb you. 

Bringing your book or a magazine to pass the time can also free your mind of troubles. And the most important thing? Don’t pay attention to your phone!

Cleaning Your Device

If you want to maintain your device’s good performance for a long time then you need to clean it thoroughly. Bacteria might settle in there and infect your feet sometime in the future. Follow the manufacturer’s information step by step if you want to be extra sure. Some of the products can be cleaned with detergents while some others can be cleaned by rinsing and wiping.

Another good idea is to wash or rinse your feet every time before using your foot spa. This will take your relaxing experience into a whole new level. You surely don’t want to soak your feet in dirty water while blobs float around.

Always Have In Mind…

Foot spas have won every user’s heart because they recreate every amazing experience that you can have in a real spa. Warm water, bubbles, vibrations and massages that take away all your pain, your tension and your frustration. Forget about all those days that you’ve returned from work and your couch wasn’t enough. This guide has all the information and insights you need to find the best foot spa for your needs… and your feet’s needs! Don’t waste any more time and see our top products!

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