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Best 10 Food Flasks

As Of July 2022

Homemade meals are always recommended for anyone working in the office, when exploring the outdoors or for children when going to school. With the best food flasks not only you will save some extra money you will always enjoy fresh and healthy meals. But you will need a reliable one that does the job. And by reliable, we mean a food flask with excellent insulation. We're talking about the ones that will retain the heat or the coolness of your meals. Are you ready to get one?
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1 Thermos King food flask on a white background

Thermos King

Copper Coating
4.8 /5

Capacity: 470ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 9 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 14 Hours

  • Copper coating for extra insulation and making the surface cool to touch
  • Insulated stainless steel with an eating bowl
  • Longer insulation hours of 9 and 14 hours for hot and cold food
  • It has an extra-wide mouth making it easy for you to eat from
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2 Thermos FUNtainer food flask on a white background

Thermos FUNtainer

Extra-Wide Mouth
4.7 /5

Capacity: 290ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 5 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 7 Hours

  • Extra-wide mouth makes it easy to fill, empty and clean
  • Lightweight and small carrying capacity makes it idea for children
  • Double-wall insulation will keep the content hot and cold up to 5 and 7 hours
  • Eco-friendly productor recycled materials
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3 WayEee food flask on a white background


Air Pressure Release
4.7 /5

Capacity: 450ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 12 Hours

  • The lids are double leak-proof with an air pressure release for easy opening
  • Internal lid has a storage compartment for the accompanying folding spoon
  • Double lips on the outer and inner lids for extra insulation of the food
  • Designed for no accidents
4 Milu food flask on a white background


Non-Slip Base
4.6 /5

Capacity: 450ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 6 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 10 Hours

  • Non-slip base improves stability of the flask on any surface
  • Has a cleaning brush with a long handle and a for easy cleaning time
  • 100% leak-proof design for carrying liquid like soups
  • Wide opening of 6.6cm for easy filling, emptying and eating
5 WisFox food flask on a white background


Assorted Accessories
4.6 /5

Capacity: 750ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 12 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 18 Hours

  • Assorted accessories like a foldable spoon, bowl-like lid and a sponge brush
  • Leak-proof design ensures you can carry liquid foods for long
  • Comes with a storage bag that you can use for portability
  • Long insulation time for hot and cold items
6 Prime Horizon Supreme Quality food flask on a white background

Prime Horizon Supreme Quality

Carrying Bag
4.5 /5

Capacity: 500ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 6 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 9 Hours

  • Comes with thermal insulated and water-resistant carrying bag
  • Carrying bag is designed for easy hooking to your bags
  • Detachable inner storage lid that doubles as an eating bowl
  • Has a foldable stainless steel spoon and a storage compartment
7 720°DGREE food flask on a white background


Copper Layer
4.5 /5

Capacity: 450ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 9 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 16 Hours

  • Extra copper layer on the double walls provides extra insulation
  • BPA-free stainless steel material is safe, healthy and preserves taste
  • Shatterproof material and design protects it from heavy falls
  • Inbuilt caring handle for easy portability
8 Hut food flask on a white background


Lid Bowl
4.5 /5

Capacity: 400ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 6 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 10 Hours

  • The bowl is large enough to double as a cup and a bowl
  • Comes with cute carrying linen bag that has a drawing string for portability
  • Has a wide mouth making it easy to fill or empty food using a ladle or carton
  • Has a foldable metallic spoon inside
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9 Chilly's F500BLPPL food flask on a white background

Chilly's F500BLPPL

4.4 /5

Capacity: 500ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 6 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 6 Hours

  • Stainless steel material inside and out preserves freshness and flavour
  • Leak, and dry proof lid ensures nothing spills and keeps your bag dry
  • Using BPA-free material ensuring your food isn’t contaminated
  • Small, compact and lightweight design
10 Keetan food flask on a white background


Foldable Spoon
4.4 /5

Capacity: 750ml, Material: Stainless Steel, Heat Retention Time: 6 Hours, Cooling Retention Time: 10 Hours

  • Comes with a stainless steel foldable spoon that fits inside the inner lid
  • Double simulated walls and copper coating for long heat and cold retention hours
  • A wide-mouth cover that you can eat your meals from and is easy to clean
  • Totally leak-proof design

Thermos King

  • Long insulation hours so you can enjoy your meal how you like
  • Medium capacity makes it perfect for taking it with you
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This medium-capacity food flask is what anyone needs to carry snacks and any meals for the office. Or to school for little kids. It’s double-walled stainless steel and the insulated lid enhances the flasks insulation levels. It has a heat retention capacity of up to 9 hours and will keep food cool up to 14 hours.

With the extra-wide mouth, you can easily serve into and from the flask anything using a ladle. It comes with a foldable stainless steel spoon that you can keep on the lid that has a storage compartment for easy portability. Its copper coating on the outside enhances its insulation capacities, but also makes it easy for you to hold the flask when it has hot contents.


  • Leak-proof
  • Lightweight
  • Durable material


  • Small capacity for some
  • Lids have sharp edges
  • Rubber seal comes off

Hot or Cold? Have your Meals Exactly How you Like!

As much as we enjoy take-aways and eating at food joints when working, nothing beats the freshness and goodness of some nice homemade meals. And it’s quite easy to bring your meals to work, outdoor escapades, or pack them for the children when going to school.

What you need by your side is a lunch box or a food flask. With food flasks, you can embrace a healthy culture of eating homemade meals wherever you are. It will also save you money and waiting for all those people at food joints.

Why give Food Flasks a Chance?

Do you remember how hectic it is to queue for the office microwave during lunch breaks? Or when you leave your food in the fridge to keep it cool and someone in the office gets away with it? You can bid these misadventures goodbye if you have a food flask.

Food flasks are good at retaining insulation, meaning your food will stay hot or cold as you served it. You do not need a microwave to warm it or a fridge to keep it cool. Secondly, food flasks have a wide mouth as well as wide and deep lids that double as serving bowls. You can enjoy your meals directly from your flask.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Food Flask?

With the many food flask choices in the market, we know how difficult it can get when shopping for one. The ultimate goal is to buy a food flask that preserves the freshness and the taste of your homemade meals. But that does not mean choosing the perfect food flask will be any easier. What should you look for from your perfect food flask?

First, what type of food do you wish to carry? Solid or liquid form? The design of the flask needs to be leak-proof, otherwise, you will end up with a leaking flask that destroys your bag and other contents. A leak-proof flask allows you to carry liquid foods like soup and meals with stew and never have to worry about any leaks.

You should also look for a food flask whose lid doubles as a serving bowl. It makes it easy for you to eat your meals from anywhere and saves you the hassle of carrying a separate bowl or looking for a plate whenever you are. Flasks with such lids will have a wide and deep design to fit enough food.

Also, consider other accessories. Who does not like products that come with extra accessories, which make your usage of the product better? Some of the accessories to consider when buying a food flask include a spoon, cleaning sponge and a carrying bag. Once you know what to look for, as well as the best features to consider, buying a food flask will get less overwhelming.

Always Think About...

  • The material of the food flask, which determines its durability and insulation capabilities. Some food flasks are made from plastic while others have a metallic material. The most common metallic material used in food flasks is stainless steel, which is the best for retaining insulation. With a plastic food flask, your meals will lose their heat or coolness.
  • Heat retention, depending on how long after packing your meals you will need to consume them. The longer the heat retention time the better, whether you are packing cold or hot food. It’s advisable to preheat the flasks with hot water to enhance its insulation. Also, most flasks will retain the heat as described by the manufacturer, but you’ll need to fill the flask fully.
  • Capacity, depending on who is using the flask and what foods you need to carry. Food flask capacities range from 300mls to 700mls. Some can go past these sizes, but if you know what you need the flask for, it will be easy to choose the right size and capacity. 
  • Cost, depending on what your budget is. You do not have to spend a lot of money to buy a food flask. Some have high price tags but you can get affordable ones with similar features. What you can do is go through our reviews to see whether the product is reliable and meets your budget requirements.

The perfect food flask is somewhere out there and is waiting for you to get it. Forget about tasteless meals from cafeterias and vending machines that won't give you what you want. It's time to get your healthy, homemade meals everywhere without troubles. Our guide has all the insights that you're going to need. So wait no more and let's find the ideal one for you!

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