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Best 10 Folding Treadmills

As Of July 2022

Do you want to kickstart your weight loss journey at home? Are you living in an apartment or a small home that’s tight with storage space? You won’t have to worry about room constraints in your active lifestyle with the best folding treadmills. They are high-tech, compact and far more easily portable than the bulkier treadmills available in the market. Want to find out more?
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1 woman on the Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill

Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill

4.8 /5

Best Folding Treadmill Overall

  • No need to lift a finger as it automatically folds upwards on its own
  • Break a sweat & burn through the fat with its 10% max incline
  • Sync it with your phone & track data as it has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Maintain your balance by holding the spacious handlebar
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2 Pro-Form Carbon T-10 on black background

Pro-Form Carbon T-10

4.7 /5

Ideal for Easy Lifting

  • Enjoy more comfort thanks to the widened landing space
  • Stay cool even through the most challenging workouts with the cooling fan
  • Move it out of your way conveniently thanks to the foldable design
  • Follow along a training session via the intuitive smart touchscreen
5 woman on the JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill on white background

JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill

4.5 /5

Ideal for Wheels

  • Improve your physique by choosing 1 of 15 preset programmes
  • Connect your smartphone or MP3 player & jam to your favourite tunes
  • Adjust the speed as it reaches up to 16 km/hr
  • Monitor your heart rate, calories & more data on the spacious screen
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4 woman running on JTX SPRINT-9 Folding Gym Treadmill


4.5 /5

Best Powerful Running

  • Reach your fitness goals effortlessly thanks to its 24 programmes +3 custom
  • Keep track of your calories burned, time, speed & distance on its advanced computer
  • Never feel restrained due to its wide running track
  • Worry-free use backed by a 3-year home warranty
6 woman on the Pro-Form Pro 2000

Pro-Form Pro 2000

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Speed

  • Give yourself a challenge as it has an incline adjustment button
  • Continue working out for longer thanks to the vented cooling fan
  • Tuck it away neatly when not in use thanks to the folding & space-saving build
  • Start your transformation instantly with the instructor-led sessions
7 man on the Bluefin Fitness KICK Folding Treadmill on white background

Bluefin Fitness KICK Folding Treadmill

4.5 /5

Ideal for Sensitive Knees

  • Get feedback & coaching via the compatible smartphone app
  • Install it in just a few minutes as it comes 90% pre-assembled
  • Protect your joints from injuries with the 5-layer anti-static track
  • Ensure you walk or jog securely by wearing the safety key
3 man on the NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack Commercial 1750

4.6 /5

Top Pick for High Weight Capacity

  • Take on training efficiently via the built-in live sessions on iFit
  • Let the pros customise your workout with the automatic trainer control
  • Listen to music on your headphones thanks to the Bluetooth connection
  • Power it on even when someone’s sleeping as it’s very quiet
8 Bowflex BXT128 Folding Treadmill on white background

Bowflex BXT128 Folding Treadmill

4.5 /5

Top Ergonomic Choice

  • Make your training harder with the incline of up to 15%
  • Adjust the speed settings comfortably via the hand rail’s built-in buttons
  • Save time & start immediately with the 9 preset programmes
  • Stay hydrated through your run with the handy water bottle holder
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9 NordicTrack Commercial X32i on white background

NordicTrack Commercial X32i

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Large Touchscreen

  • Keep an eye on your pulse by wearing the included heart rate strap
  • Monitor all your health data effortlessly in the ultra-wide 32-inch screen
  • Blast your playlists & live trainings on the dual 3-inch speakers
  • Step up your routine’s hardness level with the incline up to 40%
10 man on the NordicTrack EXP10i

NordicTrack EXP10i

4.5 /5

Ideal for Personal Training

  • Give the pros control with the real-time interactive workouts
  • Travel the world from your home as you can simulate running across 7 continents
  • Challenge yourself with the app’s yoga, strength training & other options
  • Feels light against your knees with the low-impact cushioning

Workout & Save Space At Home With The Best Folding Treadmills

Are you in the process of creating a home gym? Do you have a few dumbbells, kettlebells and ab rollers but want to include a treadmill in your equipment? If you’re tight on a budget, you can find folding exercise bikes, cheap treadmills and dumbbell sets that won’t break your bank and will get the job done. But, these treadmills may be bulkier or permanent fixtures that you can’t move around as efficiently. 

That’s where a folding treadmill comes in clutch to save the day and help you gain back space in your small or larger home. Why occupy precious flooring with home treadmills when you can tuck them away neatly by folding their body inwards? Want to know more about what features to look for? Keep reading below!

  • Speed: There are many speed options available to feel comfortable when working out and give yourself a challenge when needed. Depending on the model, speeds can range from 0 to 20km/hr.
  • Incline: Many treadmills come with incline settings or even decline settings. Common choices vary from 0 to 15% incline, while the high-quality ones can go up to 40% incline. Some even have a low decline setting up to 10%.
  • Training Programmes: Many, if not all, treadmills include preset programmes so that you can find the one that matches your level of fitness. Other high-tech treadmills include live studio training sessions led by instructors who up the challenge for you by automatically adjusting the speed and incline settings.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Do you want to listen to your favourite music while running? Many treadmills come with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can sync your headphones to the device while you’re jogging or even walking at a slow pace.
  • Smartphone App: Some treadmills come with their own smartphone app that automatically syncs your health data once you finish your workout. That way, you can challenge yourself further every time you use the treadmill while also recording your previous sessions. 
  • LCD Display: A spacious LCD screen is handy so that you can view all your data with better clarity. There are screens ranging from 5 inches to large 32-inch ones; they come with multiple tracking data, including speed, incline, time, distance, heart rate and calories burned.
  • Weight Capacity: To ensure that your treadmill can hold your weight, check the product description for its weight capacity. Some of the budget-friendly ones will have a capacity of up to 100kg, while the more robust ones can handle up to 150kg.
  • Warranty: To have peace of mind, find one with a warranty if you need to repair parts of the treadmill. The more premium options include a lifetime frame warranty, a 10-year motor warranty, and a 2-year parts guarantee once you register the product.

Start working out at home with the best folding treadmills! You can add a curved treadmill, exercise bike, cross trainer, stepper machine and some resistance bands, and you won’t even have to hit the gym again! Are you ready to transform your physique and look stronger and healthier than ever?

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