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Best 10 Foam Rollers For Runners

As Of July 2022

Do you have soreness and muscle tightness from running? Are you an amateur or professional athlete looking to alleviate inflammation and soreness? With the best foam rollers for runners, you’ll give your joints and muscles the necessary recovery to regain your full range of motion effortlessly. Hello, flexibility and pain relief! You can use it before your workout as a warmup or after as a cooldown. Want to find out more?
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1 woman using the FX FFEXS Foam Roller

FX FFEXS Foam Roller

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Recover faster by massaging your sore muscles
  • Select from a variety of colours to match your personal taste
  • Take it with you to the gym worry-free as it’s super lightweight
  • Clean it hassle-free thanks to its excellent water resistance
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2 woman using the TriggerPoint Grid Roller

TriggerPoint Grid Roller

4.7 /5

Ideal for Flexibility

  • Target any muscle area you want with its patented foam roller design
  • Recover & enjoy instant relief as it’s a physio recommended tool
  • Built to withstand wear & tear with its high-quality materials
  • Have peace of mind as it comes with a 1-year warranty
3 woman using the Core Balance Foam Roller

Core Balance Foam Roller

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Muscle Knots

  • Release pent up toxins with its bumps that simulate a real massage feeling
  • Feels comfy against your body thanks to the soft EVA foam materials
  • Bring it to yoga, pilates or the gym as it’s portable & compact
  • Pick 1 of 9 colours to suit your eccentric personality
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4 woman using the Starwood Sports Foam Roller on white background

Starwood Sports Foam Roller

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Calves

  • See results immediately thanks to the deep tissue massage experience
  • Boost your body’s blood flow with its trigger point technology
  • Kickstart your fitness journey even if you’re a beginner with the ebook guide
  • Feel better faster with its inflammation recovery
popular choice ribbon
5 woman using the Fit Nation Foam Roller

Fit Nation Foam Roller

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Back

  • Amplify your physical endurance by using it daily
  • Learn valuable fitness information with the handy ebook exercise guide
  • Match to your gym outfit by choosing 1 of 6 colours
  • Prevent injuries & warm-up efficiently as it improves flexibility
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6 woman using the Hyperice Vyper 2.0

Hyperice Vyper 2.0

4.5 /5

Ideal for Active Recovery

  • Lessen your muscles’ soreness thanks to its high blood circulation
  • Jump right into training the next day as it’s 2x more effective than stretching
  • Relieve aches & pains with the 3 vibration settings
  • Stress-free to use post-workouts with the 2-hour battery life
7 woman using the Maximo Fitness Foam Roller

Maximo Fitness Foam Roller

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Legs

  • Stay comfortable when rolling over it thanks to the soft & thick foam
  • Save money as it’s a fantastic self-massaging gym tool
  • Mitigate aches quicker with its spacious design, suitable for both legs at once
  • New to using a foam roller? It comes with a training guide
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8 couple using the elvire foam roller

ELVIRE Foam Roller

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Physiotherapy

  • Smoother recovery days with the uniform ridges that release lactic acid buildup
  • De-stress & unwind after training with the essential oils reservoir
  • Enjoy a full kit with its hand roller for a deep massage experience
  • Transport it hassle-free with the included carry bag
Pros choice product ribbon
9 woman using the FitBeast Fitness Foam Roller

FitBeast Fitness Foam Roller

4.5 /5

Ideal for Blood Circulation

  • Tackle small body area pains efficiently with the 2 included massage balls
  • Gain more knowledge with the highly valuable free course that’s included
  • Fit it neatly in your gym bag thanks to its compact size
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin as it’s made of eco-friendly materials
10 man using the ResultSport Velocity Grid Foam Roller

ResultSport Velocity Grid Foam Roller

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Hamstrings

  • Try out 1 of 34 recommended stretching exercises from the free wall poster
  • Share it with your friends stress-free as it has a 300kg weight capacity
  • Choose 1 of 5 eye-catching colours to your liking
  • No discomfort or poking due to the thick EVA foam padding

Recover Post-Workout With The Best Foam Rollers For Runners

Do you enjoy running? Are you a professional athlete or simply an amateur who enjoys taking leisurely walks and jogs? No matter what type of training you take on, whether a treadmill, weight bench, rowing machine, or cross trainer, a foam roller can help you recover faster! Not to be confused with an ab roller, this is a gym tool that many people enjoy using as part of their pre-workout routine. It helps alleviate pains, aches, muscle tension, and soreness and improves flexibility. 

Many prefer using them as a self-massaging tool too. Instead of opting for pricey physiotherapy, you can use this device. It will improve your blood flow, enhance circulation across your body, and help you stretch for quicker relief. These are all very important after a demanding training session. 

What should you look for in a foam roller? Let’s check the following section!

  • Target Area: Some models will say if they are better suitable for a specific body area. For example, some foam rollers for runners are best to use on your calves, hamstrings, legs, bottom or back. Others are versatile to use on any body area worry-free. Check the product description to find the one that matches your needs the most. 
  • Size: Find a foam roller size that will be large and long enough to fit your body comfortably. Most foam rollers will say their weight-bearing capacity, too. But, keep in mind that their construction is so durable and high-quality that most will handle up to 300kg stress-free
  • Material: The most common material on a foam roller is soft EVA, as it is thick and comfortable to lay on when relieving pains and muscle soreness. Many rollers have ridges that can target specific body areas with more manoeuvrability. 
  • Colour: The colour isn’t a dealbreaker feature to look for, but it’s still nice to find one that matches your taste, personality and style. Most come in vibrant and eye-catching colours that go well with the extravagant and gorgeous gym outfit designs available out there. 
  • Accessories: Finally, check to see what accessories come with the packaging. Many foam rollers for runners include a kit with many massage balls and accessories or other helpful guides. For example, they may include a free training course in PDF, ebook or online video format. Or, the package might include a free wall poster that shows you a range of stretching workouts to try out with the roller. 

Train like the pros and recover just as smoothly and quickly with one of the best foam rollers for runners. Whether you’re playing football, doing track and field or other demanding sports, a foam roller can be a nice treat that will help you relieve tension instantly. Are you ready to relax and massage your sore muscle pre or post-workout?

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