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Best 10 Fire Pits

As Of July 2022

If you can’t go out camping to light a fire, then you can bring the fire to your home. No, we’re not talking about cooping up at your indoor fireplace. We are talking about fire pits that you can use at the comfort of your garden or patio. Sip on your favourite beverage, keep warm and chase away the evening lights. Want to learn more?
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1 Dcola Portable Outdoor Fire Pit on white background

Dcola Outdoor Fire Pit

Foldable Legs
4.7 /5

Best Overall

  • No more digging pits as you can go anywhere with its portable design
  • Keep the ashes & debris from making a mess with its mesh structure
  • No chance of it toppling thanks to the robust stainless steel pipes
  • Assemble it in less than 10 minutes without tools
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2 DAWOO Fire Pit with BBQ Grill Shelf on white background

DAWOO Fire Pit with BBQ Grill Shelf

Multipurpose Usage
4.7 /5

Top Pick for BBQ

  • Keep everything neat with the heat-resistant leak ash basin
  • Master your next gathering with the poker, wood grate & waterproof lid
  • Prevent sparks & ash from escaping with the safety mesh lid
  • Enjoy it for years to come thanks to its durable construction
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3 zhuolang Portable Fire Pit on white background

Zhuolang Portable Fire Pit

Multi-Purpose Usage
4.6 /5

Ideal for Outdoor Activities

  • Avoid ground damage & increase its stability with the non-slip leg caps
  • Clean it up effortlessly thanks to the fine mesh design
  • Show off your green thumb as it’s made of eco-friendly materials
  • Simply fold & store it away when not in use due to its compactness
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4 GRANDMA SHARK Outdoor Fire Pit on white background

Grandma Shark Outdoor Fire Pit

Foldable Legs
4.6 /5

Most Aesthetic Choice

  • Add some ambience to your space with its brushed surface & hollow design
  • Sit close to it worry-free thanks to the spark guards
  • Assemble it in no time with the straightforward hexagonal frame finish
  • Lift the mesh cover conveniently with the multipurpose poker rod
5 Rammento Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit on white background

Rammento Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit

Large Bowl Size
4.6 /5

Best Wood Burner Pick

  • Consider this a one-time investment because of its durability
  • Place it on any tight nook thanks to the space-saving design
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by burning timber on it
  • Stay warm even without visible fire, thanks to the robust construction that absorbs and radiates heat
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6 Amazon Basics Portable Folding Fire Pit on white background

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Fire Pit

Multiple Usage
4.6 /5

Top Pick for Foldability

  • Take warmth on the go with its handy carry bag
  • Enjoy the fire’s beauty with the sparks contained thanks to the mesh screen
  • Put it together in just a few minutes without the need for any tools
  • Increase the flames & enhance the airflow by using the log grate to raise the wood
Ideal Gift Ribbon
7 Peaktop Firepit Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit on white background

Peaktop Firepit Outdoor Fire Pit

Great Stability
4.5 /5

Best Pick for Ergonomics

  • Prevent flames from escaping by using the protective screen
  • Enjoy its versatility of using logs or coal as it can burn both
  • Keep the fun going with some toasted marshmallows on the included poker rod
  • Pick it up & transport it hassle-free with the safety ring handle
8 La Hacienda Leon Large Mesh Steel Chimenea on white background

La Hacienda Leon Large Mesh Steel

Great for barbecue
4.4 /5

Best for Chiminea Pit

  • Bring warmth to your garden with its attractive design
  • Keep the fire going all evening with the free poker
  • Leave it outdoors rain or shine thanks to the durable steel construction
  • No need to raise it off the floor with bricks or tiles as it comes with 3 stable legs
9 on white background

GardenCo MgO Round Fire Pit

3-in-1U sage
4.4 /5

Ideal for Carry Handles

  • Built to resist wear & tear with the high-quality magnesium oxide materials
  • Avoid embers & escaping sparks with the spark guard
  • Move it on your own comfortably easily with the handles on the side
  • Fit it neatly in any garden size as it’s small & round-shaped
10 Outdoor Square Fire Pit on white background

Outdoor Square Fire Pit

Ashtray for easy cleaning
4.3 /5

Best Choice for Camping

  • Cook any food you want on the removable swiveling grill grate
  • Ensure flying sparks stay contained with the mesh spark screen
  • Adjust the grill height by using the cooking grate support
  • Prevent ashes from falling for a mess-free cleanup with the heat shield

Get The Fire Going And Cosy Around The Pit!

Close your eyes and picture this—deck chairs. Open fire. Skewers. Loud laughter. A fire pit makes your outdoor space a warm, cosy hangout spot for you and your friends. A good barbecue ends with friends gathering around the open fire. An outdoor pit is the perfect patio heater, no need for blankets anymore!

Unlike chimineas, a pit is a large fire, perfect for grilling and making s’mores. It has better portability and can be a subtle piece of garden furniture. We want you to kickstart the barbecue grill season early, so we put together a list with the best fire pits. Keep reading to find out more about some features to consider.

Why Should You Buy A Fire Pit?

Your garden will completely change if you buy a pit. It is one of those installations that will make a stone path look very attractive. Garden pits are handy pieces that turn your decking into a fancy gathering point. You can escape reality by lighting a fire and enjoying a few drinks by the fire. There’s something unique about the flames coming out of a pit. The crackling noises are soft and give off a romantic feeling.

Also, why not take advantage of your backyard in the winter? A fire pit will let you use up space all year round! The roaring fire will add versatility, and clean grilling on the pit will give you peace of mind. The heat coming off of the fire will be enough to avoid heated discussions too! Buying a pit will make it the focal point of your yard for alfresco gatherings.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Fire Pit?

Buying the right model can be a task in and of itself. Study up and find all the information you need to buy the best selection available on the market. Learn upkeep tips and the best materials. Which fuel should you pick? What’s the cost? These are some of the features to keep in mind when buying.

1. Style

The style can be a statement for your entire backyard. Picking the right kind for you can make the fire pit more than just a grill rack or a warming fire. You can find some choices that have placeholders for your drinks. Others even have brazier surfaces to cool off your bbq sausages. The options are limitless! See below some ideas of styles available.

  • Fire pit tables are table furniture with a centre hole. They are pretty and practical
  • Kadai are traditional designs good for a bbq grill and warming up
  • Tabletop pits are small and easy to set up on existing tables. They are smoke-free and don’t need cleaning up after
  • Silhouette pits are metal designs with custom shapes that make your pit highly personalised

2. Materials

The material will make a big difference in the lifespan of your pit. For example, iron is a strong choice. Aluminium doesn’t rust. Stainless steel is polished. There is a whole section below with the types and their pros and cons. Keep reading to find out more!

3. Fuel

Wood-burning pits have a traditional, more rustic feel to them. Along with charcoal, they are the most common type of fuel burned. But, propane and natural gas pits are very clean and well-kept. Unlike wood, propane doesn’t leave dust and debris behind. Cleaning is minimal with a gas fire pit. On the other hand, these pits need refilling with tanks, which can be a more costly solution.

4. Portability

Portable pits give you the benefit of mobility. You won’t have to set up a specific area like pre-built or custom-built ones. Think of the next time you are sitting out in the open sky, and it starts raining. If your pit is a portable one, you can pick it up and continue the conversations on your deck under water-protected roofing.

5. Cost

Cost doesn’t always have to be a deterring factor. There are cheap versions that are high-quality too. You can find some lovely portable designs or tabletop pits ranging from £30-£50. A medium price for good quality, inexpensive pits can be around £100-200.

There are even more lavish, and expensive models out there, ranging from £300-500. It’s a matter of what you want out of your patio heater. If you plan on making it the centrepiece of your yard, you can get custom-built pits for multiple thousands of pounds. But, there are fabulous finds online that don’t have to cost a fortune.

6. Size

A decent-sized pit can hold a large group of people warm at the same time. A width of 90-110cm is large enough to keep you and your friends warm without losing its cosiness. A height of 30-35cm will be comfortable enough for your guests to put their feet up at the top of the bowl. If you want your guests to hover over and warm their hands, increase the height to 45-50cm.

7. Safety

The nice thing about these pieces is that they are smokeless. Still, you should practice safe lighting always, but these patio heaters are very manageable with best practices. You should exercise your common sense about the safety do’s and don’ts and keep children away from the fire. Want to learn more tips about safety? Read the section about how to get the most out of your pit.

8. Regulations

It might be news to you, but you’re not allowed to burn certain fuel types in some areas. Before you buy a pit, make sure that the type of fuel it burns is legal in your area. Check the laws and regulations and be on the safe side of fire burning. Some materials, sizes or even locations within your property might be a no-no when building a fire pit. To avoid fines and upset neighbours, check with your local authorities.

9. Accessories

Some come with accessories as a bonus in the packaging. Look out for those to save money instead of buying them separately. Tongs can be useful together with a poker to set up the fuel of the fire pit. A cooking grate, table brazier or grill grate are accessories that make barbecue grills easier.

Another cool accessory to have is a mesh lid. Think of it as a spark screen that keeps sparks from flying out everywhere. But, the good news is that the lid has holes to allow better airflow.

If your fire pit is small enough to carry and move around, a carry bag can be another handy accessory. Think of the ease that putting a protective cover on can bring. You won’t have to move it in storage. You will just have to put the waterproof cover on it.

Types of Fire Pits

Picking the right pit type is going to be a quality investment for you. The best purchase is the one that holds up over time. So, the material is the #1 thing to look at when buying. We’ve highlighted the different types of materials below with each kind’s pros and cons.

  • Ceramic/Stone

Ceramic and stone give you the truest campfire experience. They are the lowest maintenance type and don’t rust as metal does. But, they are delicate and can crack. Also, ceramic and stone do not build as intense a fire as metal. They are great heat-resistant materials and a popular low-budget choice. Regardless, this option will give you a natural and homely feel.

  • Aluminium

Another budget-friendly solution is aluminium. This non-iron based material does not rust, is very light, and doesn’t need too much care. The powder-coated build stands strong against all weather conditions. If you like changing up the patio every year, this fire pit will be easy to move and reposition. Aluminium has a very subtle look too!

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron is a low-priced material that checks out both sturdiness and durability. This type of fire pit has a beautiful bronze effect that makes it look elegant on any deck. It burns all fuel types (wood, coal, charcoal), but be careful as too much heat could get the paint to chip off. Some heat-resistant coating spray can help with that, though. The one downside is that it is a heavy material that you won’t lift easily.

  • Stainless Steel

These fire bowls are rust-resistant and stable pieces of metal. They are easy to maintain and not too heavy. That makes it easier to move them around without breaking your back. Something to keep in mind about a steel fire pit is that it’s a more expensive material than iron. So, these pits are usually a bit pricier. Still, they are not as costly as copper, which makes them a solid middle ground.

  • Copper

What’s nice about copper is that it radiates high heat temperatures. A copper fire pit is one of the best lifelong types you can buy. It is a material that needs extra good care and high maintenance. The best part about copper? It doesn't rust! Copper forms a patina over time that naturally bronzes the interior of the pit. That coating protects it from rusting. One con to copper? It’s one of those expensive materials that will bump the price of your pit.

What Is The Safest Fire Pit?

Are fire pits safe? Yes, totally! They are safer than a campfire. The safest fire bowl is a gas one. This type of fire does not leave ashes behind, which brings a low chance of sparks or leftover coal igniting. Instead, a propane one turns on and off, instantly without the hassle of cleaning up. You can leave it unattended for longer periods because the fire doesn’t risk sparking anywhere.

No need to worry, though. Wood-burning pits are also very safe as long as you use dry wood, not wet. Another tip to keep in mind is that logs should be no bigger than three-quarters of the bowl’s width. And for safety, let the fire fully cool down before you go ahead and clean the inside of the bowl.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Fire Pit

If you’re not a fire-making pro yet, you probably want some tips on how to get the most out of your product. Some do’s, and don’ts will help you gain more control and hone those fire building skills.

  • Avoid placing it close to fences, trees, or walls
  • Remove anything hanging above your pit
  • Use fire-safe stone or brick to surround it
  • Place it on a safe and sturdy ground
  • Add a layer of sand on the base to protect it from heating up
  • Make the pit wide enough that the fire can start but not expand
  • Use dry material (stone, wood, brick) that is heat-resistant, not wet
  • Cover with gravel and dig a hole in the middle to allow rainwater to drain
  • Leave some air bubbles on the pit walls to make the fire bigger
  • Have something nearby to extinguish the fire if needed

Which Fire Pit Gives Off The Most Heat?

There’s no definitive answer to this because all types can give off high heat temperatures. Predominantly, the bigger the pit, the more heat comes out of it. But, material type and fuel type are other factors that affect the heat output too.

However, a helpful tip to remember is that wood-burning close to the ground can give a high heat. Otherwise, lower your gas pit and place it in-ground to give off more heat too.

Where Should I Place A Fire Pit?

Before you buy a fire pit, you should think about where you want to place it. It’s better to know this before you go ahead and buy one. That way, you can also purchase anything else you might need to protect the surface on which the pit will stand. What’s the most important thing to remember about placing a fire pit? Safety should be your top priority.

Place the pit at least 3m away from your house or the neighbour’s house for starters. There are areas that you shouldn’t place some specific materials. The surface should be fire-resistant like concrete or, if you want to place it on a wooden deck, you will need to buy a fireproof base. Also, avoid putting it too close to the wall or other objects that catch fire fast. It’s best to surround the pit with nonflammable stone or brick. One last tip to remember is to keep children and pets away.

Final Thoughts

Fire pits are like an at-home version of campfires. Bring a rustic feeling to your house and have fun with your friends. Or, opt for a more modern and minimal design to match the aesthetics of your patio.

Roast some marshmallows, put on some music and cook your favourite meals around the fire. We’re sure this buying guide has given you some insight into what features you should look for prior to purchasing a product for yourself.

In the end, the decision is yours. But, we’re optimistic that our buying guide will help you make a more informed decision! Get the best fire pit that will match your needs and let the fun begin!

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