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Best 10 Fan Heaters

As Of June 2022

Are you always cold in your home during the winter months? Do you want to enjoy the feeling of snugness and warmth comfortably in your home? Why not invest in one of the best fan heaters? They are powerful and compact enough to transport them from one room to the other so that you’re always warm & cosy! Want to find out more?
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1 Pro Breeze® Mini Ceramic Fan Heater on white background

Pro Breeze® Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Get the room warmer faster thanks to its advanced ceramic technology
  • Let everyone enjoy the heat as it has a 60-degree oscillation mode
  • Customise the temperature with the adjusting thermostat
  • Carry it comfortably within the house due to the lightweight design
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2 STAYWARM® Fan Heater on white background

STAYWARM® Fan Heater

4.7 /5

Top Upright Choice

  • Adjust it to fit any tight nook as it can stand vertically or horizontally
  • Keep it on worry-free around kids thanks to the red power light
  • Change heat settings conveniently with the temperature knob
  • No supervision needed as it auto-powers on when the room’s under 5°C
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3 De'Longhi Fan Heater on white background

De'Longhi Fan Heater

4.6 /5

Best Choice for Frost Protection

  • Control the temperature to the tee with the adjusting thermostat
  • Built to last for years thanks to the overheat protection feature
  • Use it all year round as it has a cooling function too
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with the 1-year warranty
4 BLACK+DECKER Fan Heater on white background


4.5 /5

Ideal for Climate Control

  • Heat your room in just a few minutes with its might 2kW fan
  • Versatile to adjust the heat settings & even use as a cooling fan
  • Move it from one room to the other thanks to its compactness
  • Know when to switch it off if it’s too hot with the double overheat protection
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
5 SEQUAL Electric Heater on white background

SEQUAL Electric Heater

4.5 /5

Best for Office Use

  • Save money as it's a 2-in-1 device with heat & a cool blow fan
  • Find the perfect room temperature thanks to the adjustable thermostat
  • Have peace of mind with its automatic thermal cut-off
  • Take it from room to room comfortably via the carry handle
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5 Warmlite Portable Fan Heater on white background

Warmlite Portable Fan Heater

4.5 /5

Best Energy-Efficient Pick

  • Choose between 2 heat settings to warm your room effectively
  • Set the temperature via the adjustable thermostat to your liking
  • Prevent damage to your heater with the built-in overheating protector
  • Have peace of mind as it comes with a 2-year warranty
6 Dimplex Fan Heater on white background

Dimplex Fan Heater

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Carry Handle

  • Vary the heat output thanks to the customising knob
  • Stay reassured when using it with the overheat protection function
  • Take it on the go conveniently as it has an integrated handle
  • Conserve energy with the auto-off feature when the room reaches your desired temperature
Warranty Safety Ribbon
7 ANSIO Heater on white background

ANSIO Heater

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Tip-Over Protection

  • Personalise it to match your preference with the adjustable thermostat
  • Ensure you’re safe if you accidentally bump into it with the power cut-out
  • Save on electricity bills by operating it on low-power mode
  • Never compromise your home decor with its elegant design
8 Beldray Portable Fan Heater on white background

Beldray Portable Fan Heater

4.5 /5

Ideal for Cool Air Function

  • Manage the temperature to your comfort with the 2 heat settings
  • Bring it with you when you need a warm or cool breeze as it’s very lightweight
  • Beat the heat in the summer by using its cool air function
  • Make everyone in the room cosy thanks to the robust 2000W fan
9 Russell Hobbs Retro Ceramic Electric Heater on white background

Russell Hobbs Retro Ceramic Electric Heater

4.5 /5

Ideal for Vintage Look

  • Add a stylish piece to your bedroom or living room with its unique design
  • Protect yourself in case it tips over with the power cut-off safety
  • Blast the heat to your liking with the 2 setting options
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with the 2-year warranty

Stay Toasty This Winter With The Best Fan Heaters

Are you a summer or winter lover? Do you like the winter season but hate the feeling that comes with single-digit temperatures? If you never want to be chilly at home, you should invest in a high-quality heating system. You could go for a more prominent installation such as an electric fireplace, or something with a bit more mobility, say, one of the best electric heaters, infrared heaters or gas heaters. These are all fantastic options that can bring warmness in anything from small rooms to entire rooms. 

There are endless heater styles out there to match your personal preference, from oil-filled radiators to electric log burners, tower fans and more. But, if you're looking for a more portable electric heater, then look no further; fan heaters are your ultimate space heater!  Do you want to find out more about these excellent heating devices? With our buying guide, you'll be able to make the most informed decision by learning all about the features to consider, power settings and temperature control. Keep reading below!

What is a fan heater? 

It is a heating device that releases hot air to your space, usually through a vented output or mesh panel. They are portable and lightweight, small in size to fit most rooms and run on electricity. The most common types are the ones that are corded electric, but others run on fuel such as gas. 

They are also either free-standing (upright) or flat against the floor (flatbed) and with quick heat distribution, faster than other types. Their assembly is minimal as you just remove them from the box and plug them in, making controlling your temperature a walk in the park. 

Why should you purchase one? 

There are many benefits to owning this type of heater besides just portability. But, if you’re still on the fence, we’ve added a few of the most obvious advantages for you to invest in one of these models. 

1. They are energy-efficient. 

Instead of turning on your central home heating system, you can purchase one of these heaters and target the specific rooms that you’re in. That way, not only are you staying warm; you’re also saving money by not wasting energy and electricity. 

2. They are versatile. 

Another handy benefit to these heaters is that they work to release warm airflow in rooms but are multifunctional to even work with a cooling function. Some manufacturers combine two products in one for an all-year-round system. 

3. They are simple to install. 

Are you not so much of a handyman? Don’t worry; you can use them right from the box! Their installation is as close to none as possible as you simply have to unbox them and plug them into your outlet. The device takes care of the rest, leaving you to sit back and get cosy within the warmness of your room.

4. They are very safe to use.

Electric fan heaters have multiple safety functions that ensure you can operate them worry-free. One of the most common functionalities is the tipping over protection which automatically cuts out the power if you accidentally drop the heater. Also, many heaters come with overheating protection that preserves the product’s longevity after extended use.

How do they work? 

These neat devices work by releasing a heating element across the room in a fast and effective way. Most often, during the winter months, our homes are colder than normal. So, they work in covering the cold air looming in the room with a warm one instead. Many people enjoy the 2-in-1 functionality of these heaters as some are also hot + cool tower heaters with excellent performance. 

What to look for in an electric fan heater 

Do you want to make the most out of your purchase and are looking to find out a bit about the features to consider? Stay with us as we guide you through the must-haves that your heater should have. 

1. Power 

The first thing you need to look at is its power output. A more powerful heater will distribute warm air in your larger rooms more efficiently. To measure its output, look for the kilowatts (kW) or Watts in the product description. Most models suitable for smaller rooms are under 2kW (750-2000W). If you are looking for a heater for your bigger rooms, you should upgrade to something over 2kW. 

2. Heat Settings 

Most heaters come with two settings, low and high. Similarly to power output, the heat output will switch between the low-mode heat (1000W) to high heat (2000W). For additional functionality, you may find models that come with cool air settings, too, so that you can use them all year round. 

3. Safety 

We want you to stay warm indoors without the risk of injuring yourself. So, safety features are a must-have. One of the most critical things to look for is a safety cut-out that automatically shuts off the heater when its temperature is too hot. Also, look for the tip-over function, which similarly shuts off the device in case you knock it over until you lift it off the ground. 

4. Design 

Who says you can’t combine practicality and style? There are many design considerations to look through, including the colour, type (upright or flatbed) and more. Do you want the heater to have oscillation or stand firmly in one place? Will it have a temperature adjusting knob or work with a remote control? Design traits bring better usability, making your life simpler. Look for a thermostat, timer and visible indicators that alert you when the device is on.

5. Mobility

The biggest benefit of owning a heater like this one is its portability in comparison to other types. To use the heater hassle-free, look for one that comes with a comfortable grip handle so that you can transport it from one room to the other conveniently. Also, check the product description for its weight, size and compactness so that you can fit it neatly in any room. 

How can you maintain your electric fan heater? 

Are you interested in learning some tips on how to prolong your heater’s lifespan? Normally most products come with some form of a manufacturer’s warranty from 1-3 years. These warranties can cover repair costs, thus limiting maintenance on your end. But, some upkeep will ensure that your product stays in tip-top shape for longer. Have a look at our expert recommendations below!

  1. Check the voltage requirements before plugging in your heater to avoid using it on the wrong outlet.
  2. Keep the device at a safe distance from other hazardous materials that could combust due to high heat.
  3. Wipe it down & remove dust from its surface so that it performs at its best.
  4. Avoid using it in wet conditions, including bathrooms and in tilted surfaces that may lead to it falling over and breaking.

Are electric fan heaters safe to use around kids? 

Absolutely! The security features make operating them around kids, pets and the rest of the family a non-issue. First of all, the tip-over function ensures that the device automatically powers off if you accidentally tilt it. And, it won’t power back on unless you place it in an upright position again.  

Also, just like most other heaters, these come with overheating protection. When you’re using them for prolonged periods on high heat, the risk of overheating or a fire could be a potential hazard. But, luckily, these devices will power off when they reach over 50 degrees Celsius and power back on when they are cooled off.

Furthermore, the mesh panel at the front ensures that your hands are safe from reaching too close to the heating element to reduce the chances of burns or injuries.

Will you save money on electricity bills with an electric fan heater?

Yes! The major advantage to owning these heater types is that they allow you to bump up the temperature in the room without having to use your central heating. That way, you can lower your energy consumption, thus reducing your electricity bills. 

You can power on the heater for a few hours to increase the room temperature and, by controlling the thermostat, maintain the room's temperature levels to that threshold. But, one thing to keep in mind is that how much money you save depends on how often you use the heater. It's only natural to expect a higher bill if you use the device all day. Also, the wattage will play a major role in power consumption too. 

How much do electric fan heaters cost? 

Considering most people opt for these heater types to save money, fortunately, there are options fit for any pocket. You can stay low budget-wise with an affordable choice or splurge a bit and upgrade to one of the more premium ones. 


The most inexpensive options start from just £14.95 to £29.99. Their size may be smaller than the more high-end ones, but they are perfect solutions for smaller rooms. You may find upright or flatbed ones for this price range, and they will have adjustability features for the heat. The one thing they may lack compared to the pricier ones are all the safety features. Still, they should have either overheat or tip-over protection.


If your budget can handle a level up, there are other more premium choices with advanced features. For about £30-50, you can find heaters with frost, overheat and tipping over protection. These will be eco-friendly choices with an energy-saving operation. Some high-tech choices also come with a remote control, a touch LCD screen or even up to an 8-hour timer. 


Level up your central heating by investing in one of the best fan heaters! Who says winter has to be a chilly season? Bundle up at home and stay warm even if it’s snowing outdoors. You’ll be sipping on your hot cocoa at a comfortable temperature exactly to your liking.

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you better understand what to look for when you’re in the search for an electric heater that’s energy-saving, compact and light. Take some time to review our selection of the best out there and give the entire room your desired temperature. Are you ready to get things toasty?

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