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Best 10 Face Cleansing Brushes

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for an easy way to reduce the appearance of pores and remove fine lines and wrinkles from your face? In these times where almost everyone takes their skincare routine seriously, a face brush is one tool you don’t want to leave out of your routine. This is because it exfoliates your skin, minimising the appearance of imperfections and spots, among other benefits. Want to find out more?
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1 FOREO LUNA Mini 2 Face Cleansing Brush on white background


4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Give your face the cleansing it deserves by removing up to 99.5% of dirt & oil
  • No more worries about allergies on your sensitive skin, thanks to the silicone material
  • Gift it worry-free to others as it works well for any type of skin
  • Have peace of mind with its 2-year warranty
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2 Clinique Sonic Face Cleansing Brush on white background

Clinique Sonic

4.7 /5

Best Pick for Targeted Cleansing

  • Easily clean areas that other brushes cannot reach
  • Remove impurities from your face with its angled tip
  • No more mouldy brushes, thanks to the anti-microbial technology
  • With the tender but effective bristles, your skin can finally glow as it should
popular choice ribbon
3 PMD Clean Face Cleansing Brush on white background

PMD Clean

4.6 /5

Ideal for Ergonomic Design

  • Lift, firm, and tone every part of your face with its high vibration power
  • Save money with the cost-efficient head that doesn’t need replacing
  • Lessen your hand fatigue with the comfortable grip design
  • Promote blood circulation in your face as it has 4 modes
4 Fancii Face Cleansing Brush on white background


4.5 /5

Top Pick for Travel

  • Restore natural glow to your face with any of its three brush heads
  • Use it conveniently in the bath or shower as it is water-resistant
  • Choose from two-speed options for your cleansing needs
  • Bring it on holiday conveniently with the included travel pouch
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5 FOREO LUNA 3 Face Cleansing Brush on white background


4.5 /5

Ideal for Normal Skin

  • Sync the brush to the FOREO app and select the mode to your liking
  • Give every area of your face proper cleansing & massage attention with less effort
  • Removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cells in only 1 minute
  • Use up to 650 times off a single charge with its long battery life
Best Quality Ribbon
6 BEAUTY & ME Face Cleansing Brush on white background


4.5 /5

Best Electric Rechargeable Choice

  • No more facial irritation as its bristles are soft and skin-friendly
  • Get ultra-gentle cleansing with its high or low-frequency pulsation
  • Fits hassle-free in your cosmetic purse for easy transport
  • Enjoy some self-care time when bathing as it has a water-resistant design
7 OBSCYON Face Cleansing Brush on white background


4.5 /5

Top Choice for Blackhead Removal

  • Scrubbing is made light work with the comfy grip
  • Spend less as it comes in a full kit with a cleansing brush, lip brush, and mask applicator
  • Soft & effective on your skin thanks to the silicone material
  • Give it as a present to anyone as it’s suitable for all skin types
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
8 MISIKI Face Cleansing Brush on white background


4.5 /5

Best Choice for Massage

  • Promote better blood circulation with the 360° rotation
  • Meet all your cleaning needs with the 5 brush heads
  • Remove whiteheads, blackheads, and increase skin elasticity with the 3 modes
  • You can now enjoy facials under the shower, thanks to the waterproof design
Ideal Gift Ribbon
9 LIVIVO Face Cleansing Brush on white background


4.5 /5

Best Pick for Versatility

  • Customise cleaning for your skin with the 7 brush heads
  • Take it with you on trips thanks to the lightweight & compact design
  • No need to rely on a plug as it’s cordless and runs on 2 AA batteries
  • Improve skin elasticity & circulation with the soft-massaging bristles
10 Beeannavot Face Cleansing Brush on white background


4.5 /5

Ideal for Spinning Design

  • Exfoliate & deep cleanse your skin with the silicone brush
  • Charge it stress-free even with your laptop as it has a USB port
  • Store conveniently in the included standing base
  • Remove all skin impurities thanks to the bi-directional head & 2 extra attachments

Ramp Up Your Daily Skin Care With The Best Face Cleansing Brushes

Are you uncomfortable with the appearance of wrinkles, blackheads, and opened pores on your face? Do you need a lasting solution for your allergenic and dull skin? It is funny how simple tools like a dermatologist-approved facial cleansing brush can answer these issues of concern. The truth is that no matter how expensive or effective your skincare product is, a face cleansing brush can make all the difference when included and paired with a worthy face wash or facial cleanser.

Taking care of your skin and body can improve your overall wellness, so it’s important to find affordable and effective products that you can use every day. From skin tag removers to face rollers or even a simple sunscreen, a high-quality product can make your skin feel as fresh as ever! 

What is a facial cleansing brush?

No matter how frequently you take your bath, there is always a layer of dirt still stuck to your body. While your soap, body or face wash, and sponge try their best to remove some dirt build-up, only certain cleansing devices can eliminate the underlying dead skin and other dirt that dulls the skins' natural shine. In this case, a facial cleansing brush is a cleansing device that exfoliates your skin pores to remove dirt, dead skin, and excess oil, restore its natural glow, enhance collagen production, and improve its elasticity.

Lately, people are becoming aware of their skin and doing everything to enhance its look. We've seen men and women alike spend quite an amount on skincare products to make their skin glow. So, if you are ready to make a positive change in your routine for better results, continue reading to learn more, thanks to our buying guide.

Why do you need a facial cleansing brush? 

Remember the saying "what is worth doing, is worth doing well"? This saying applies even to your skincare routine. The best facial cleansing brushes have proven effective since they first came out. No matter how you deep cleanse manually, there's always an evident result in the looks and feel of your skin once you switch to a facial cleansing device for a change. Read on to find out some of the benefits you get to enjoy when you use a cleansing brush.

1. It provides deep cleansing.

The idea behind using a facial cleansing tool is to remove impurities, dirt, and grime from your skin. Normally, most people will settle for a towel, facial wipes, sponge, or even their bare hands during their daily cleansing routine. While it may look like these cleansing systems are effective, you are only pushing more dirt into the skin, especially when trying to cleanse off beauty products or remove makeup. The best way to completely give your facial skin room to breathe and absorb whatever skincare product you apply on it is to use a cleansing brush. According to experts, a brush is 35X more effective in cleansing than a towel or your hand.

2. It boosts circulation.

Once there is no adequate blood flow under your skin and the supply of oxygen to your skin is limited, it begins to look dull with uneven tone and dark patches. Using your cleansing tool in circular motions promotes circulation in general, making it an anti-ageing component that leaves your skin bright, youthful, and healthy.

3. It reduces the size of your skin pores.

Your skin pores aren't supposed to be too obvious, but once they are clogged, they become visible. Sometimes, the imperfections and particles that clog them come from your beauty products, creams, sweat, oil, etc., making your pores look larger than normal. Deep but gentle cleansing with a facial brush can remove the build-up, no matter how deep it goes, and reduce the size of your pores while making your skin breathe better.

4. It eliminates grime and dead skin cells.

Have you ever imagined where those stains on your towel come from, even when you just had a thorough bath? Well, our body sheds dead cells, which stick on the top of our skin and don’t go off until you use a cleansing tool. These cells, if not removed, will continue to pile up and make the skin look rough and dull. Using a cleansing device applies more pressure than a hand or washcloth would. So, a facial cleansing brush is a right tool that will give your skin a smoother and radiant surface while enhancing cell regeneration.

5. It massages your face.

Just like your body, your face deserves frequent massage as well. Massaging will reduce your mental stress and help you relax, promoting circulation under your facial skin. Use the brush (in addition to a serum or other massage creams ideal for facial massage) in circular motions. But, before using a massage brush, ensure to use it according to your skin to avoid irritation.

6. It exfoliates your skin and even skin tone.

Like we mentioned earlier, exfoliation leaves your skin looking fresh and young, bringing out its natural radiant glow. Sometimes, uneven skin tone occurs because of the concentration of dead cells in a particular area on your face. Regardless of your skin, a facial brush will help clear this out, removing fine lines and wrinkles along the way and revealing smooth, dewy, and renewed skin.

7. It helps your skin product to penetrate deeper.

A product only works when it is absorbed into the skin pores. While a face brush makes your pore cleansing a fruitful routine, it also allows whatever products you use on your face to penetrate deep into the pores. So, you can use it to cleanse the skin and apply your favourite moisturisers, serums, cleansers and sunscreen for effective results.

What to look for when buying a facial cleansing brush

The beauty market is full of so many cleansing devices that, if not careful and well-informed, you could end up with either a low-quality product or one that will do more harm than good to your skin. So, read on to find out the ideal features of the best facial cleansing brush.

1. Bristle type

Typically, most facial brushes either have nylon silicone bristles. But before you select a type, consider the condition of your skin first. If you have sensitive skin, a silicone brush is what you should opt for because it is gentler on the skin, odour-resistant, and antibacterial. However, if your main aim for buying a facial brush is for exfoliation, then a brush with a nylon bristle is your lug. However, ensure that it has soft bristles to avoid irritating your skin or making it lose its elasticity over time.

2. Speed settings

Manual facial brushes do not have different speed settings; rather, the cleansing intensity depends on how much work you put into it. On the other hand, smart or electric brushes come with different speed settings that allow you to customise your cleansing intensity according to your skins' needs.

3. Battery or rechargeable

Your facial cleansing brush shouldn't just be waterproof but wireless as well for ease of use anywhere. Now, you can either choose between investing in one that requires you to buy dual AA batteries or one that you can recharge with a USB cord at ease. Either way, they are both wireless, easy to transport, and convenient to use from anywhere.

4. Vibrating or oscillating

Some massage brushes and sonic cleansing brushes often use vibrations or pulsations to cleanse your skin. Other brushes rotate in bi-direction to give you good cleansing as well. Ensure to select a brush according to your needs.

5. Interchangeable heads

Some brushes come as a single piece for a particular purpose, while others have interchangeable heads for different cleaning purposes. These heads usually include a massage sponge, pumice stone, mask applicator, exfoliating brush and more.

Are facial cleansing brushes suitable for all skin types?

Every type of skin can benefit from using facial cleansing brushes. Several brands of facial cleansing brushes on the market specify for which skin the brush head works. Whatever your skin, there is a face brush that can give you the cleansing you desire. But, do not use the cleansing brush too often or too hard to avoid irritation or redness, especially if you have sensitive skin.

If you had used a facial cleansing device before and ended up with skin irritation afterwards, then you may want to confirm with your dermatologist first before trying it out again. Manufacturers will say on the product description for which skin type their product is best suitable.

Can you use a facial cleansing brush every day?

Unless you have excessively oily skin, we do not advise using a cleansing brush every day. For clarity purposes, too much deep cleaning, especially if the brush has a hard bristle, can irritate your skin and make it lose its elasticity over time. So, if you are hypoallergenic, have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you should cleanse once or twice weekly using a gentle sonic brush with antimicrobial protection at a low setting. Also, you should avoid a facial cleansing brush after microdermabrasion or any other aggressive facial treatment.

If you have normal skin, you can use a cleansing brush 4-5 times weekly. For oily skin, it's safe to use it daily because your skin will still produce enough oil that wouldn't leave it too dry or cause breakouts. For dry skin, limit usage to once or twice weekly and ensure to be generous on your skin with moisturisers.

How much should you spend on a facial cleansing brush?

The tricky thing about how much you spend on a facial cleansing brush is that both the high-end and affordable options may provide the same results. However, the price difference comes from the fact that you may be paying for other features that make the brush worth investing in.


These are usually manual brushes or electric ones with a few interchangeable heads, ranging from £7 to £50. The electric ones come with 1-2 speed adjustment settings and a powerful rotation for a high-quality cleanse and exfoliating.


Most high-end facial brushes usually come with a variety of features that make them worth investing in. Their price range is from £80 to £160, and sometimes more. You can expect fast-acting results, deep skin penetration and multiple brush attachments for a full skincare package.


Facial cleansing devices are a great addition to your skincare routine. From exfoliating your skin to toning, removing dirt and imperfections, giving you a deserving facial massage, and boosting circulation for a young and vibrant look, this cleansing device is necessary for everyone who wants the numerous benefits it offers. 

So, whether you are new to the facial cleansing routine or looking to enhance your knowledge about the process, this buying guide will keep you well informed and influence your choice positively. Are you ready to give your skin the care it deserves? Happy cleansing!

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