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Best 10 Extension Leads

As Of July 2022

Are you running out of power sockets? Do you need an extra power source for your devices? Luckily, you don't have to install new wall sockets. All you need is an extension lead, and you can boost the charge on several devices and electronics simultaneously, from your kitchen appliances to your living room electronics. And, they are super safe with power surges! Want to find out more?
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1 Desiretech Extension Lead on white background

Desiretech Extension Lead

4.8 /5

Best Extension Lead Overall

  • Mount it hassle-free on the walls with the integrated hole hangs
  • Tuck it neatly in a barely noticeable way thanks to its discrete build
  • Pull more power from a distance as it has a 2m cable length
  • Charge up to 4 items at a go with the 4 gangway design
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2 Pro-Elec 2 Gang Extension Lead on white background

Pro-Elec 2 Gang Extension Lead

4.7 /5

Ideal For Small Areas

  • Avoid stepping on the extension with its highly visible white colour
  • Combine 2 power adapters at once with its dual plug sockets
  • Have peace of mind when using it thanks to its reliable safety certifications
  • Work from a farther distance as it has a 3m cable
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3 Addtam Extension Lead on white background

Addtam Extension Lead

4.6 /5

Best For Safety Features

  • Worry-free to power on with the fire-resistant materials & surge protector
  • Leave it around your little ones as it has childproofing
  • Charge your smart devices conveniently from the integrated USB-C & USB-A ports
  • Stays firmly on any surface with the four anti-slip mats
4 Pro Elec Slimline Extension Lead on white background

Pro Elec Slimline Extension Lead

4.5 /5

Most Affordable

  • Cover all your charging needs in your bedroom with its 2-way extension lead
  • Maintain your space’s decor as it has a subtle design
  • Lounge comfortably from a distance thanks to its 2m cable
  • Use it with heavy-duty appliances securely due to the 13 amp rating
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5 on white background

TP-Link Kasa Power Strip

4.5 /5

Top Smart Extension Lead Pick

  • Control it remotely from your phone as it has wireless compatibility
  • Send commands with voice control via Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Power your electronics automatically with the schedule & timer functions
  • Manage smart outlets with the individual switches
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6 Joyguard Extension Lead on white background

Joyguard Extension Lead

4.5 /5

Best For Home Office

  • Use it rain or shine with the anti-thunder feature & surge protector
  • Boost multiple electronics simultaneously with the 3 charging plugs
  • Load up files to your computer conveniently as it comes with 3 USB ports
  • No need to hide it away from kids with its covered safety door
7 Belkin E-Series Surge Protected Extension Lead on white background

Belkin Surge Protected Extension Lead

4.5 /5

Best For Long Cable

  • Always stay connected with the alerting no-ground indicator
  • Enjoy optimum power supply with its heavy-duty construction
  • Remove it from plain sight thanks to the 3m long socket extension lead
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with the lifetime warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
8 Hulker Cube Extension Lead on white background

Hulker Cube Extension Lead

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Travel

  • 7-in-1 charger at the same time with the AC & USB ports
  • Never worry about electronic devices overheating with the overload protection
  • Push it against the wall for less blocking thanks to the cube design
  • Take it with you on the go as it’s lightweight & portable
lightweight choice ribbon
9 Hulker Power Strips on white background

Hulker Power Strips

4.5 /5

Ideal For USB Ports Charging

  • Coat your devices from wear & tear with the surge protector
  • Use it all-year-round thanks to the anti-thunder protection
  • Optimise & charge your electronics faster with the auto-detect feature
  • Fit big plugs comfortably in the power socket’s ample spacing
10 DoubleYI Tower Extension Lead on white background

DoubleYI Tower Extension Lead

4.5 /5

Most Versatile Pick

  • Save space in your room thanks to the short cable reel & vertical design
  • Maintain your devices’ longevity with the surge protection feature
  • Handle up to 17 devices at once with its spacious plug extension
  • Keep it dust & shock-free thanks to the protective safe door

Power Your Electronics With The Best Extension Leads

Do you have multiple cables at home? Are you working on home improvement projects and want something more subtle than a cable reel? You no longer have to plug and unplug your devices from power outlets! Yes, we are here to help you say goodbye to the regular switching of devices between one socket. Why waste all the time and effort when you can power several gadgets at once?

Whether you want to get an extra power source in the kitchen, sitting room, office or garage, extender cables are here for you! But which one is best suited for your needs?

Without the right pointers, it can be pretty overwhelming to narrow down to one option. After all, they look the same, except for the number of outlets in each extender. So, what else should matter? How should you choose? Our buying guide has all the pointers you need!

What are Extension Leads?

Have you ever run out of sockets to charge your devices and electronics? Does your bathroom have multiple devices, from an electric toothbrush to a washing machine, and you can't plug in any other extras? Are you in your garage and need to do some DIY, but there is only one socket for your numerous power tools? Well, that's where an extension lead comes in. 

Extension leads or power extenders are long flexible chargers with multiple power sockets and a plug for sockets on one end. They allow you to charge several devices simultaneously, something that the single socket on the wall can't do. 

Why Do You Need Extension Leads?

When it comes to power extension, these models might seem like a frivolous accessory for your power issue. However, they offer several advantages, including: 

1. You Can Power Multiple Devices At Once.

Whether the power extender has two sockets or ten, there is one obvious advantage: powering several devices simultaneously. Take our previous example; with an extender, you can plug your TV, game console, music system and power adapters for your phones in one extender, as long as it has that number of sockets. That way, not only will you save time waiting on a full charge, but you will also be able to save money rather than purchasing separate chargers for each device.

2. You Can Protect Your Devices From Surges.

Surges in power can be damaging and set you back in thousands of pounds. There are many surge protected extension leads available, meaning your electronics are safe if the voltage increases unexpectedly. Apart from surge protection, some extenders will offer extra protection with circuit breakers that prevent fire from starting when the amp is too high. For the most longevity, seek to find high-quality switched surge protectors that can limit electrical overloading.

3. You Can Access Far Away Power Outlets.

Are your home’s power outlets far from where you would like them to be, for instance, your TV stand, bedside table or other electronics? Some devices even come with short power cables, making it impossible or challenging to access a socket that is even close to you. The best way to access that outlet is with an extension. While the lengths vary between extenders, you will find some with long extension cords of up to 3m. There is an added convenience to lounging on your sofa without having to stand up and leave your device to charge at a distance. You can enjoy streaming videos and playing games comfortably non-stop.

What Should You Look For When Buying Extension Leads?

Extension leads come in all sizes, shapes and designs. However, these aren’t the only features that you should pay attention to. If you’re unsure what things are critical to look for, fear not; we’ve added a list to make your life easier and help you navigate through the endless options available out there.

1. Safety Features 

The safety of your electronics, house and loved ones should be the first thing you consider. So, the safety features in an extension lead are among the key features to check out. And, the surge protector feature isn't the only thing that matters. Yes, the socket surge will protect your devices when there is a power surge. But what about other factors like thunderstorms, fire, overheating, to name a few? 

Some of the common safety features to look for include overcurrent and short circuit protection, overcharging or overheating protection, and fireproof and childproof materials.  

2. Number of Outlets 

It will depend entirely on your particular needs. How many devices do you want to plug in at once? Some extension leads will have more than two outlets for adapters, with some models getting up to 10 or more. If you are looking for connectors for a large room, like an office or a shared space, you are better off with a multiple gang extension lead. However, a lead with two to three outlets is enough if you need one for small areas. 

Also, keep in mind that some extension leads now include USB charging ports for mobile phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, and power banks. And what type of USB ports does the extension lead provide. Some are more up to date with the latest tech, ensuring that you do not get just Type-A USB ports, but you also have a Type-C USB port for your latest gadgets

3. Control 

We know how important it is for those who value extra control to have an individual switch for each power outlet on the extension lead. So, are you looking for an extension to turn each outlet on/off from its own switch or one that uses a universal one for all available outlets? Keep in mind that not all extensions have individual on/off switches

Speaking of control, did you know extension cables have gone digital? Yes, it is now possible to control your extension lead via voice controls and remotes if you land your hands on the digital models. So if you have a smart home, why not add a smart extension to it, too? That said, confirm the connection mode for the extension. For example, does it need a separate hub, or can you connect it to your WiFi?

4. Power Strip Length 

How long is the cord? Does it allow you to access power outlets that are pretty far from your devices? Some cords are short, at least 1m, while others are longer. As you shop, ensure you know how far your appliances are from the electric sockets you want to access. Then, consider the length of the cable reel to see whether it is long enough for comfortable use. The most common lengths nowadays are between 2-3m long which gives you ample freedom of movement around your living space.

5. Portability 

How hard do you find it to charge your devices at the airport or hotels? Extension leads are here to ensure you no longer have to time how long you charge your laptop or mobile phone for, so you can stay in touch with the rest of the world for an extra minute when travelling. 

Pay close attention to the design of the extension lead. While some have a horizontal design with two or three outlets, they could be bulky when trying to save packing space in your backpack. Luckily, some cables have a more compact, cube-like design, ensuring it takes little storage space for easier travel. 

What Safety Measures Should You Observe When Using Extension Leads?

As much as some extenders are integrated with safety measures, it is also important that you exercise extra steps while using the extension. In the following section, we want to share some of our top advice for security while operating your extension leads.

1. Don’t Use Extension Cables Longer Than 15m.

While we pointed out that you need a long extender that meets your needs, we recommend avoiding cables past a certain length. In particular, any cable that is longer than 15M poses a higher safety risk for your household. 

2. Check The Cable’s Fuse Rating.

The rating of the fuse varies between extenders and your electronics. To ensure no overheating occurs the minute you plug your devices, confirm the fuse rating of the extender and the devices you are hoping to power. Do they match? You should always get an extender whose fuse rating matches that of your devices.  

3. Don’t Connect Two Bare Wires For Extenders.

If you are running out of sockets on your extender, we recommend you purchase an extra one. They are moderately priced, and, compared to the risk of connecting bare wires, you are better off with a new extender. 


You can power every device in your home or office seamlessly with the help of power extenders. We are optimistic that with our buying guide, you will have all the information you need, from the affordable models to the digital options and extenders for those on the move! 

Our best extension lead picks are here to serve your shopping needs. Take some time to review all the pointers we have listed above to choose the best of the best! Are you ready to charge multiple electronics simultaneously?

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