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Best 10 Espresso Machines

As Of July 2022

Having the perfect cup of coffee at the perfect time is a blessing. An even bigger blessing is to have whatever type of espresso or cappuccino shots that you like in the comfort of your home. As technology gets more and more advanced, it has become possible to prepare advanced and complicated beverages at home if you are willing to invest in them. Espresso machines are just one such example.
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1 De'Longhi Dedica Espresso Machine

De'Longhi Dedica Espresso Machine

Intuitive Interface
4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Create delicious cappuccinos & lattes with its integrated milk frother
  • Rich aroma and coloured cream thanks to its 15 bar pressure
  • Control every step of the process from start to end as its fully customisable
  • Clean it effortlessly due to its manual descaling system
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2 Sage The Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Sage The Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Tiny But Shiny
4.7 /5

Top Pick for Barista Quality Performance

  • All the precise info you need with a glance on its LCD display
  • No need for manual grinding as it features a built-in automatic grinder
  • From bean to cup faster than ever with just 3 seconds of heating time
  • Master your latte art skills thanks to its powerful steam wand
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3 Smeg Traditional Pump Espresso Machine

Smeg Traditional Pump Espresso Machine

Adjustable Cappuccino System
4.7 /5

Best Option for Sleek Design

  • Are you a ristretto or lungo fan? Have ultimate control over the length & flow
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee in no time with its rapid heating system
  • Stay on top of its maintenance due to its descaling light & water indicator
  • Rest assured of its quality as it comes with a 2-year warranty
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4 Sage The Barista Express

Sage The Barista Express

Large Detachable Water Tank
4.6 /5

Top All-In-One Choice

  • Optimal espresso extraction every time due to its temperature control
  • Café-style results with its manual microfoam milk texturing
  • Put messy countertops in your past with its easy to grind equipment
  • Elevate your kitchen’s design thanks to its brushed stainless steel colour
5 Amazon Basics Espresso Machine

Amazon Basics Espresso Machine

Integrated Grinder
4.6 /5

Best Pick for Ease-Of-Use

  • Make coffee for get-togethers without water refill due to its large capacity
  • Worry-free operation with its overheat & overpressure protection
  • Create a fresh foamy topping thanks to its built-in milk frother
  • Make your first coffee as soon as you unpack it with its included ceramic cup
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6 De'Longhi Traditional Espresso Machine

De'Longhi Traditional Espresso Machine

Latte Crema System
4.6 /5

Top Option for Versatile

  • Use mugs up to 12cm tall thanks to its removable double drip-tray
  • Enjoy a cuppa due to its hot water delivery function
  • Make 2 espressos at once, for you and your loved one
  • Enjoy your favourite filter coffee as it includes 3 different filters
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7 Breville Bijou Espresso Machine

Breville Bijou Espresso Machine

30+ Varieties Of Drinks
4.5 /5

Best Pick for Creamy Espressos

  • Complete control & customisation through its manual shot mode
  • Enjoy creamy espressos full of aromas due to its pre-infusion cycle function
  • No need for extra accessories thanks to its 2-in-1 scoop & tamp
  • Create velvety microfoam milk for lattes with its steam wand
8 Sage The Bambino Plus

Sage The Bambino Plus

Advanced Milk Frother
4.5 /5

Best Option for Office Use

  • Get your coffee ready in just 3 seconds with its thermojet heating system
  • Create silky foam milk completely hands-free due to its steam wand
  • Find your ideal temperature & texture by choosing from 6 different settings
  • Best quality every time with its auto-purge system
Best Quality Ribbon
9 Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

Intelligent Integrated 3 Setting Steel Grinder
4.5 /5

Top Choice for Daily Use

  • Make your favourite coffee in just a few minutes with a touch of a button
  • Got friends coming over? No worries, as you can make 2 coffees at once
  • Create your own latte art thanks to its built-in steam wand
  • Have constant control on water pressure due to its 3-ways solenoid valve
10 De'Longhi Barista Pump Espresso Machine

De'Longhi Barista Pump Espresso Machine

Customized Espresso
4.4 /5

Most Compact Option

  • Use even tall glasses thanks to its removable double drip tray
  • Keep everything neat & tidy as it’s effortless to clean
  • Versatile since it uses both pods and ground coffee
  • Elegant & stylish design to complement your kitchen’s decor

Cappuccinos, Macchiatos and Lattes at Home!

Are you a coffee addict? Do you feel the need to go out to have coffee every now and then despite having it regularly at home? What do you think is missing at home, and how can you fix it? You need an appliance at home that will provide you with a mug of espresso or cappuccino that is as fancy and rich as the one you can get from outside. And that is precisely why you need to give espresso machines a chance.

By owning an espresso machine, you will definitely save your money. You will be able to fulfil your addiction to have the perfect mug of coffee with a foamy layered top sitting at home without making much effort. Also, this would mean you don’t need to keep checking your favourite coffee parlours to see when they are open and when you can visit them the next time. Purchasing an espresso machine would free you of all such concerns.

Buying a coffee machine is not the easiest thing to do because of too much competition in the market. Take a look at a few features that are always great for your espresso machine to have. 

  • Versatility: The best thing about espresso machines is that they don’t just make espresso but have many more capabilities. Most models have a built-in milk frother so that you can make your favourite latte, cappuccino or macchiato. Some high-end models even feature an integrated automatic grinder to grind your fresh coffee beans and pour them straight into your mug.
  • Size: You should consider the dimensions of the appliance before purchasing it and decide according to the space that you have. If you already work a lot in your kitchen and have plenty of different appliances, you wouldn’t want the place to look too crowded due to your espresso machine. Limited space means you should buy a relatively smaller model.
  • Pressure: You should also take into account the pressure at which the machine works. The pressure can affect the extraction process and the overall process of making your espresso. You shouldn’t compromise on the taste; otherwise, the machine would lose its purpose. Taste and flavour should be your top priority.
  • Design: You’ll be surprised by the plethora of different designs available. Do you want to give your kitchen a modern or a retro vibe? No matter what you want, there’s one espresso machine to match your style and interior design.

Leave those frustrating queues outside coffee shops in the past and start fresh at the comfort of your own kitchen. Spend less and enjoy a proper cup of coffee as you please. Invite friends over and treat them with your favourite creations. The best espresso machines are an investment worth making! What are you waiting for? Find yours today!

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