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Best 10 Epilators

As Of July 2022

Do you want smooth, silky skin without shaving or waxing? Now, there is a way! You can use it at home, too, which will save you money and time. Meet the epilator! A device that will save you trips to the salon, especially during summer days. If you don’t know which one to choose, worry not. We made a list to help you find the best epilators. Feel the difference.

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1 Braun Silk Wet & Dry Epilator Cordless on white background

Braun Silk Wet & Dry Epilator Cordless

4.8 /5

Best Epilator Overall

  • Annoying short hair that you can’t remove with wax? With this epilator, you can!
  • Forget about ingrown hairs thanks to its 4 exfoliating brushes
  • Smooth skin that glows with its deep massage pad
  • Perfect for owning that perfect bikini line this summer
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2 Panasonic Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator on white background

Panasonic Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator

4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Not just an epilator as it comes with attachments, even for foot-care
  • Hairless in no time, thanks to its wider flex head
  • No more short hair leftovers as it can extract as short as 0.5mm hair!
  • Use it in the shower as it’s cordless & water-resistant
3 Braun Silk-épil 9 Cordless Wet & Dry Epilator on white background

Braun Silk-épil 9 Cordless Wet & Dry Epilator

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Wide Head

  • A multipurpose device as you can shave, trim & epilate
  • Get rid of hair in no time, thanks to its wide head
  • Long-lasting results as you can have smooth skin without hair for weeks
  • Painless experience, simply use it at the shower as it’s waterproof
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4 Panasonic Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator on white background

Panasonic Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator

4.5 /5

Ideal for 6-in-1 Epilator

  • Versatile to use for the whole body as it comes with 6 attachments
  • Less pain & irritation even on sensitive skin as it doesn’t pull skin
  • Great, long-lasting results thanks to its 60° pivoting head
  • Use it with moistening cream for a smoother experience
5 Braun Silk-épil 5 Wet and Dry Epilator on white background

Braun Silk-épil 5 Wet & Dry Epilator

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Beginners

  • Put an end to hair in areas like the knee or underarm efficiently
  • Feel less pain thanks to its massage cap
  • Perfect for newbies as it has speed settings for gentle operation
  • Smoother skin than ever as you can shave, trim & epilate even the shortest hair
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6 Philips Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator on white background

Philips Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator

4.5 /5

Most Popular Choice

  • Perfect visibility so you don’t miss a spot with its built-in light
  • Peace of mind with hairless legs & bikini for up to 4 weeks
  • Pull off ever the shortest hair of just 0.5mm length
  • Use it for your delicate areas thanks to its 5 attachments
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7 Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Expert on white background

Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler Expert

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Precise Styling

  • Use it for your sensitive parts like bikini, underarms & even eyebrows
  • Superb shaping & styling with its adaptable head & accessories
  • Ideal for dry use as well as in the shower without slipping
  • Forget about cuts & irritations, as it won’t touch your skin
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
8 Remington 5-in-1 Corded Epilator on white background

Remington 5-in-1 Corded Epilator

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Portability

  • Carry it with you on holidays & enjoy up to 1-hair-free-month
  • Own the silky smooth skin of your dreams thanks to its advanced epilator system
  • No hair left behind, as you can see clearly with its light
  • Worry-free usage backed by 2 years warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
9 Philips Series Epilator Wet & Dry Cordless on white background

Philips Series Epilator Wet & Dry Cordless

4.5 /5

Ideal for Award Winning Design

  • Break any record of hair removal & be ready in only 10 minutes!
  • Ultimate control with its ergonomic S-shaped handle & anti-slip grip
  • Convenient for dry use or while you’re in the bath
  • Highly versatile for body & legs with 9 accessories included
10 Braun Silk-épil 9 Epilator with Flexible Head on white background

Braun Silk-épil 9 Epilator

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Flexible Head

  • Effortless & efficient hair removal with its fully flexible head
  • Use in the shower smoothly without being slippery
  • Glowing skin more than ever with its deep body exfoliation brush
  • Thanks to its pressure guide, you’ll have a pleasant experience each time

Silky Smooth Skin All-Year-Round With The Best Epilators

All women love having smooth skin, but hair gets in the way most of the time. Who doesn’t love hair-free days without worrying about your next waxing appointment? Or are you one dealing with cuts and scars from shaving? Whether you need a way out from waxing or shaving, we have the perfect solution for you! Meet the epilator. The epilator is a device that plucks hair from the roots, similar to waxing, and leaves your skin smooth and glowing. Or you could opt for a IPL hair removal.

If you want to save money and time from going to the salon every once in a while, you need to consider owning an epilator. You can use it in the shower or even on dry skin and be ready to rock that mini skirt in just a few minutes! How convenient is that, right?

Before making your final decision on which one is the best epilator for you, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind: 

  • Tweezer technology: Ensure that the tweezers will smoothly pluck off the hair without causing any irritation. Most have from 28 to 40 tweezers that provide hair-free and smooth skin for up to four weeks, not just days. If you have delicate skin or you need it for use on sensitive areas like your bikini, make sure to check this factor.
  • Wet & Dry Use: Where do you plan on using the epilator? Most manufacturers build the devices for dual-use, whether you want to use it right on your skin or prefer to use it in the shower or bath. Just ensure that it is water-resistant or waterproof before using it under water. 
  • Corded or Cordless: As many women prefer using the epilator in the shower for a more painless experience, a cordless model comes in more handy than a corded. Plus, it offers freedom of movement. If you don’t have an outlet in the bathroom, buying a corded one is also a deal-breaker. If you don’t mind all these and want to be carefree of charging the device, a corded one will be an excellent fit for you. 
  • Versatility: Most models come with various accessories for different uses. You can not just epilate with this device. Most allow you to shave, trim and exfoliate your skin as well. Owning a multipurpose device such as this one can be very useful in your daily life. 
  • Head: If you want to get rid of all hair in the blink of an eye, look for epilators with a wide head. Another helpful feature is the flexible head. As the head tilts in different directions, it can remove hair efficiently from difficult areas, like the kneecap.  
  • Handle: Opt for an anti-slip grip and ergonomic handle for comfortable operation each time. If you plan on using it in the shower, check twice about the anti-slip grip.

Wear your favourite dress whenever you like without worrying about waxing, shaving or irritations and cuts. Create the best version of your body with the best epilators. No more hiding for you. We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident with ourselves and our bodies. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today, and not only feel better but also save time and money. Want some guidance? Have you checked our Silk Epil 9 epilator review? We are confident that you’ll find the best epilator for you in our list above. Happy shopping!

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