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Best 10 Electronic Keyboards

As Of July 2022

Remember when the only piano options we had in the market were acoustic pianos? Their large size and high price were, and still are, enough to put one-off. Not the digital pianos, though! They are compact, portable and affordable, so anyone who loves pianos can have one. Are you a music aficionado? Find all you need to know about the best electric keyboards below.
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1 RockJam Digital Piano Keyboard on white background

RockJam Digital Piano Keyboard

4.8 /5

Best keyboard overall

  • Simple in use with its touch display panel & various tones, rhythms & demos songs
  • Versatile as it works both with battery or cable
  • Perfect for beginners as it has 61 keys & a teaching function
  • Super comfortable with an adjustable stand & a padded seat
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2 RockJam Keyboard Piano on white background

RockJam Keyboard Piano

4.7 /5

Top entry-level choice

  • Includes removable key note stickers for facile identification of keys
  • Compatible with iOS & Android for more content & creativity
  • Has a headphone jack for indulging in private sessions
  • Compact keyboard for extra transferability & small storage spaces
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
3 RockJam Keyboard Piano Kit on white background

RockJam Keyboard Piano Kit

4.6 /5

Ideal for cosy playing

  • Build layers to your sound with the record & playback feature
  • Kickstart your learning with demo songs & a teaching function
  • Comes with a stand you can adjust the height to suit your needs
  • Convenient playing courtesy of the included padded seat
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4 Yamaha PSR-F51 Electronic Keyboard Stand on white background

Yamaha PSR-F51 Electronic Keyboard Stand

4.5 /5

Top choice for beginners

  • Beginners love it, as it has a colour-coded panel & digital display
  • Duo mode for playing & learning together with loved ones
  • Comes with a collapsible & lightweight stand for portability
  • Non-slip rubberised stand to keep the keyboard in place
for beginners ribbon
5 Casio Casiotone Keyboard on white background

Casio Casiotone Keyboard

4.5 /5

Best portable digital keyboard

  • Recall your favourite settings & sounds with the “my set” button
  • Create & remix EDM tracks with the dance music mode
  • USB connectivity for connecting to your Android, PC, Mac & iOS devices
  • Lightweight with a built-in handle for effortless carrying
6 Korg Professional Arranger Keyboard on white background

Korg Professional Arranger Keyboard

4.5 /5

Most premium option

  • Use the search function for fast location of your favourites
  • Large memory space to store limitless sounds & compilations
  • Can customise keyboard sets, pads & styles for personalization
  • Strong & clear dual-cone speaker for excellent sound output
7 Casio Full-Size Keyboard on white background

Casio Full-Size Keyboard

4.5 /5

Top choice for preset recordings

  • Connects to your smartphone & tablet plus a placement pad for your devices
  • Capture all your inspirations with its 6 track recorder
  • Rhythm editor to explore new styles & drum kits
  • Become a master with this 61 key piano with in-built lessons
8 Yamaha PSR-E273 Keyboard on white background

Yamaha PSR-E273 Keyboard

4.5 /5

Top pick for functionality

  • Powers with both an adaptor or battery for functionality in any location
  • Includes a rest for safe placement of the keyboard when in use
  • Takes up little storage space with its compact & lightweight design
  • 61 keys for beginners & intermediate players
9 Alesis Recital Keyboard on white background

Alesis Recital Keyboard

4.5 /5

Top choice for 88-key digital piano

  • Adjust the touch of the semi-weighted keys to suit your style
  • Has 60 free virtual lessons to perfect your skills
  • 5 Great sounds; acoustic piano, synth, electric, organ & bass
  • Boost your playing experience with the 3-month Skoove premium subscription
10 Alesis Melody Digital Piano on white background

Alesis Melody Digital Piano

4.5 /5

Top choice for a range of sounds

  • Play even when everyone is asleep by connecting your headphones
  • Create & record your tunes with its built-in record feature
  • Interactive online piano lessons with Skoove 3-month premium subscription
  • Comfy playing with its music rest & stool

Become the next Beethoven with the Best Electronic Keyboard

Do you want to learn how to play the piano, but you don’t have the budget or space for an acoustic one? Electronic keyboards are more affordable than acoustic pianos and with a variety of options in the UK market. Thankfully! But it can get a bit challenging for you to narrow down your options to the best options

There are many factors to consider, from the prices to the number of keys, inbuilt speakers and the sound qualityTo ensure you spend money on the right one, we have listed a few considerations to keep in mind. Our buying guide also includes selecting the best options you could invest in, so you will have an easier time shopping. So, don’t waste any more time! Keep reading, and let’s get you that piano! If you pick a karaoke microphone and it's a party! Want to try another easy beginner's instrument? How about a ukulele?

Why It Is important To Find The Best Electronic Keyboard

A quick search on search engines will give you a plethora of options. There are many options in the market nowadays, and some can be quite economical. That does not necessarily mean they are high-quality or reliable, though.

Truth be told, the fancy language decorated with all the equipment features could be nothing more than marketing speak for most, if not all, of these models. You will be basically ‘saving’ money to only end up buying a toy with off-beat sound and non-resistance keys. You need to be able to enjoy the music you play, no matter your budget. 

That’s why we did all the research for you to guarantee you’ll purchase a high-quality keyboard. All our recommended models are of top quality with excellent sound, non-resistance keys and other additional features for optimal performance. This way, you will be investing in a piece of equipment that will last you for years. 

How Many Keys Should A Digital Piano Have?

The number of keys in a piano is often overlooked, but it is essential to keep in mind. The number of keys will ultimately affect its performance and determines what kind of music you can play.

Digital pianos will come in different key numbers, unlike acoustic models that have 88 keys. Electronic models come with 54 keys, 61 keys, 88 keys or 72 keys. For a beginner, the 61 one is a great start, but the 88-key is the most recommended model for the utmost experience.   

What Should You Look For When Buying An Electronic Keyboard

To make sure you get the most out of your purchase, we made a list to help you narrow down your options. Here’s what you need to look for: 

1. Quality of Sound 

You might be compromising the seamless sound you get from an acoustic model, but the aim is to get close to that, regardless of the brand name of the keyboard. As such, the quality of sound you get matters. The last thing you want is to invest a significant amount in one that only ends up sounding nothing like a piano, no matter how skilled you are as a player. The key determinant is the keyboard’s digital memory. The higher it is, the better the sound quality. 

2. Polyphony 

This is the keyboard’s ability to generate several notes and tones at once. The minimum polyphone to look for is 32-note for a beginner. It is pretty easy to learn and keeps things simple. But if you are an intermediate or pro, the 62-note, 124-note and 264-note polyphony are the best options simultaneously.

3. Tones and Sounds 

How many tones and sounds do the electric keyboards offer you? You can be assured you will find a whole range of these, but it ultimately depends on your professional level. If you are just starting, you can settle for a low number of sounds and keys, ensuring you understand the basics.

You can always upgrade your electronic keyboard for more tones and sounds as you assimilate yourself with the device. Intermediate and pro players will, of course, want a more comprehensive range for a wider variety of options to practice with. If you are a musician and looking to create your own sounds, synthesizers could be more suited to your skills and needs.

4. Number of Keys 

Acoustic pianos have 88 keys, which you should aim for when shopping for an electric keyboard. Some digital pianos might have less than 88 keys, maybe 54 or 61 keys, while others offer the whole range of 88 keys. These are the best options for the optimum learning experience.

5. Portability 

The sole purpose behind the invention of digital pianos was portability, which grand pianos could not offer. As such, a portable keyboard is paramount, especially if you do a lot of travelling with your music equipment. But, if travelling is not an issue for you, you can invest in a larger model that offers you more features than a portable digital piano would. 

6. Learning Tools 

Additional learning tools will go a long way in ensuring your learning journey is smooth, especially if you are a beginner. Luckily, many modern digital pianos incorporate these. So, pay attention to features like a metronome and displays. The metronome feature allows you to stay in rhythm while the display enables you to see the keys you are playing and press the right ones.

7. Speakers & Amplifiers 

Fortunately, most electric pianos are integrated with sound engines, speakers and amplifiers. But these are only a must-have if you are playing your piano at home and do not want to connect the piano to an external sound system. But if you are going for live performances with your keyboard, you will need one with an option for output for connecting to other speakers for instance. 

8. Headphones Jack

There are days you do not want to bother everyone in the vicinity. A digital piano keyboard with a headphone socket will come in handy. You can play any time of the day or night while listening to the sound of your keys all by yourself without disturbing your neighbours or your roommates. 

9. Power Source 

Some electronic keyboards are battery-powered while others use mains, but there are some models with both power sources. You must check the amp level of the digital keyboard you are buying to ensure it is compatible with your current power connection.

No question, a digital piano with a connectivity option of both modes is more versatile because you can always adapt to any location setting. If you are going for a keyboard that uses mains, ensure it comes with an adapter.

Some manufacturers now include USB compatibility features, allowing you to connect the keyboard to your PC. In that case, ensure the midi keyboard comes with a connector, so you do not have to hassle buying one.

Do You Need To Tune Your Electronic Keyboard?

Well, they do require some maintenance which is primarily done by electronic technicians, but nothing like the maintenance and tuning an acoustic piano requires. If you are not a pianist or someone who knows how to keep in shape an acoustic piano, a digital keyboard will be the perfect fit. Although it has keys, it doesn’t require tuning like a traditional piano. It mostly has wires, switches, hard drives and overall computer stuff. So, no you don’t have to worry about fine-tuning it often to keep it in tip-top shape. 

How Much Should You Spend On An Electronic Keyboard?

Electronic keyboards come in different sizes and functionalities, meaning the prices will vary between models and brand names. If you are looking for a premium model or one that suits your pro playing skills, you must be willing to pay a high price.

Some affordable models offer the basics for beginners, as a range of sounds and even lessons to help you improve your learning. Whatever amount you spend will depend on how much you are willing to pay and your playing skills, and the key features you need from the keyboard.

  • Affordable

Affordable keyboards range from £40 to about £200 from both renowned and entry-level brands. That's quite a wide price gap in the affordable range, meaning it is pretty easy for you to get one with key features offered in the mid-range budget models. Some will offer free subscriptions to learning apps and software, while others include extra features like sheet music and USB midi. If you are a beginner, this is the best price point. You can always upgrade as you hone your skills.

  • Mid-Range

Mid-range budget keyboards vary from over £200 to about £500. With these, you should aim for better features like you would get with the affordable range. That includes inbuilt speaker systems with excellent sound engines, a midi keyboard, Bluetooth connectivity with your devices and a wide sound-range to choose from. If you are an intermediate player, this is the price point to keep in mind when shopping.

  • High-End

Whether you are an intermediate who doesn’t want to upgrade later or you are a pro who needs a new musical instrument, these models are what you need. You can expect to spend over £500 with some going as high as £1300. Expensive as that sounds, these models offer the best sound that comes close to what you would get from a stage piano

At this price point, you should, of course, expect to get more than what the affordable and mid-range keyboards are offering. We are talking about larger memory space, a damper or sustain pedal, to a crystal clear touch LCD display. Some models are even incorporating internal clock systems! 


If you expect to bring home the best electronic keyboard without breaking a sweat during your shopping, you might be in for a rude shock. Unless, of course, you use our buying guide, which details all the necessary features you need to look for when buying one. Think of features like the number of keys and your playing experience. You should also watch out for extra accessories like adaptors, midi controllers, action keys, seats and stands for extra comfort when playing. 

Have your pick from our collection and let the music flow from within. Your friends and family will love to hear you play! 


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