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Best 10 Electric Showers

As Of June 2022

Want to enjoy relaxing showers all year round without the power bills piling up? With electric showers, you can shower for as long as you like, using energy-efficient technology that reduces both your costs and your environmental blueprint! So, no more wasted hot water left in the boiler. Nor more waiting “the right time” to “favour” yourself with a hot shower amid a cold winter. Let go of worries and find the electric shower that matches your ideal daily cleansing experience!
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1 Triton MOSV01SG Seville Universal silver electric shower on white background

Triton MOSV01SG Seville Universal

Trustworthy & long lasting
4.9 /5

Best electric shower for cold main water systems

  • Compatible with a cold mains water system
  • Rotary dial knob with 3 power settings for extra convenience
  • 5 water and cable entry points for flexibility when installing
  • Comes with a showerhead, riser rail and a hose
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2 Mira 1.1788.004 Vie white electric shower in a black bathroom setting

Mira 1.1788.004 Vie

Eco Setting
4.8 /5

Best anti-scale technology electric shower

  • Eco setting feature for saving more energy and water
  • Easy filter access for better maintenance
  • Clear scale feature reduces the build-up of limescale by 50%
  • Extended lifespan and durability
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3 Aqualisa Quartz QZE10501 white electric shower in a grey stylish bathroom setting

Aqualisa Quartz QZE10501

Intelligent Settings
4.8 /5

Best electric shower for advanced efficiency

  • Intelligent settings that “remember” your preferred temperature
  • 5 spraying patterns and adjustable head for customisation
  • Slider rail with adjustable height for perfect fitting
  • Over-temperature safety feature stabilises the temperature
4 Triton MOSV09SG Seville Universal white round electric shower in a black bathroom setting

Triton MOSV09SG Seville Universal

2-year guarantee
4.7 /5

Best value for money electric shower

  • 2-year guarantee for parts and labour
  • Multiple cable and water entry points for easy replacement
  • The temperature control dial is numbered for easy selection
  • Long hose included with an anti-twist feature to prevent kinks
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5 Bristan BL3105 B Bliss 3 black electric shower in a grey bathroom setting

Bristan BL3105 B Bliss 3

Performance Indicator
4.6 /5

Best choice for universal fitting water system installations

  • Performance indicator shows when it’s cleaning time for handset and external filter
  • Warm-up mode indicates clearly when set temperature is reached
  • Digital display screen for comfortable touch control
  • Anti-lime scale feature for easy cleaning
6 Triton MOMT014G Martinique Luxury white elegant electric shower on a white background

Triton MOMT014G Martinique Luxury

Versatile Spraying Pattern
4.6 /5

Best easy to use electric shower

  • 5 large spraying, easily adjustable showerhead
  • 3 temperature settings - cold, eco and high
  • Long hose with an anti-twist kink for distant installation if needed
  • Limescale resistant shutdown feature rinses out water for prolonged performance
7 Triton MOSV07SG Seville Universal white electric shaver on a white background

Triton MOSV07SG Seville Universal

Multiple Entry Points
4.5 /5

Ultimate in-built double-sensor overheating protection

  • Multiple water and cable entry points for easy replacement
  • 3 power settings with rotary control-high, eco and cold modes
  • Automatic double temperature protection for controlling heating power
  • Soapdish, hose, riser rail kit and brackets included
8 Triton Collection II metal electric shower on a modern bathroom setting with pouring hot water from the shower-head

Triton Collection II

Swivel Fit Technology
4.4 /5

Best minimalist design electric shower

  • Swivel fit technology for easy installation on the right or left position
  • Automatic shutdown during water failure enhancing safety
  • High water heating temperature of up to 42 °C
  • Made from alloy steel for endurance
9 Triton MOMT094G Martinique Luxury white electric shower in a bathroom setting

Triton MOMT094G Martinique Luxury

Auto Shut Down Feature
4.3 /5

Perfectly designed for people with long, thick hair that need robust water flow

  • Auto shutdown stops overheating for advanced safety
  • Separate controls for temperature and water flow respectively
  • Rubber nozzles handset prevents limescale build-up for easy cleaning
  • 5 large shower spray modes to choose from according to preferences
10 Triton Aspirante Collection II silver electric shower in a bathroom setting while hot water runs from the showerhead

Triton Aspirante Collection II

Phased Shutdown
4.2 /5

Best accurate temperature control electric shower

  • Phased shutdown feature rinses out cold water after use thus reducing limescale
  • Highlighted start/stop push-button for easy use and accurate settings
  • Low pressure and power indicator available
  • Hose, showerhead and shower kit included

Electric showers: Enjoy long, hot, relaxing shower moments!

Some individuals see their shower room as something more than just a place where you get to wash off all of the dirt and sweat you’ve accumulated during the day. And there’s much truth to it, we believe. It’s a room that provides you with privacy, where you can calm down your nervous system and “rinse down the drain” all of your worries.

So, why should it be an afterthought when it comes to furnishing your bathroom with the best modern equipment? An electric shower will guarantee that you can enjoy a much-needed shower 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. But there’s more to it than meets the eye: Your pleasure won’t have to raise the electricity bills nor negatively affect the environment by wasting away your boiler's central water supply! Interesting? See how you can do it!

Why give Electric Showers a Chance?

With the right electric shower, you won't have to waste power. Traditional showers rely on boilers where you heat the water in the tank. When you’re done, all the heated water remains unused, meaning you wasted power heating the whole boiler. An electric shower saves your energy and money while it simultaneously protects the planet: It ensures that only the needed water is heated and that's it!

And if that’s not enough, imagine being in charge of the water flow and temperature at any time during the process. Yes, an electric shower offers you this additional luxury, and so much more- like not having to wait for the water to get hot enough in the middle of a cold winter’s night, for example. The only thing you have to do is to install it. So, why not consider it?

What Should You Look for When Buying an Electric Shower?

There’s no doubt that the world of showers is a minefield - even if you’re only shopping for an electric shower. Choosing the perfect electric shower doesn’t have to be an exhausting task, although it will require your undivided attention so that you don’t find yourself buying the wrong product, for the wrong reasons and to your pocket’s cost!

So, if you are wondering what to do, we have a couple of things to suggest: First, think about your daily cleaning needs and look for a product with the proper wattage, the right temperature controls and added safety features to reduce any risk during your shower. Then, you can focus on the style of the model, too. No one wants to come home to a shower that sets their home aesthetics apart. It’s the small details that matter when it comes to an overall pleasing experience.

Now, another feature to consider is the noise levels. Should your shower be peaceful, most likely you don’t want to spend your spare time under a device that sounds like a tractor. Okay, that could be an exaggeration, but still, you need to think about the quietness that suits your space, too.

Showering for a long time can be an excellent therapeutic experience, that’s why you need the best electric showers in your house. And choosing one doesn’t need to be a complicated process, regardless of the many options around you. Since we understand the importance of this, we have brought you the best product choices so that you only “stress about” which one best suits your decor.

Always Think About...

  • Wattage: This could be shown in Watts (W) or kilowatts (kW). While all electric showers are energy efficient, the wattage determines how powerful the appliance is. The most common wattage available is 8.5kW with others going up to 10.5kW. If you’re looking for a more powerful electric shower, you will need one with a high wattage, like the 10.5kW.
  • Control system: Are you looking for a digital design electric shower or one with the traditional controls? Some electric showers come with a manual control system, while others function on push buttons or dialling knobs for temperature and flow control. Others have a digital system, with touchpads and an LCD screen. The choice lies in how fancy you want your shower to be and what feels more convenient for you.
  • Protection from limescale build-up: Limescale builds up, affecting the durability of your shower and its functionality. It’s always good to think about the necessary anti-limescale cleaning features your electric shower has - like rubberised nozzles on the handset for easy cleaning, or phased shut down technology that allows for some cold water to flush out first, before turning it off.
  • Safety mechanisms: Auto shut down on water failure or over-temperature protection features are not to be ignored, either. You want to enjoy the shower while still being utterly safe and worry-free, whether it’s against extremely hot water or a short circuit malfunction.

Ever wonder what showering means for you? With an electric shower, there may be the time you reconsider what affordable luxury is and start enjoying yourself more. Ready to hop in? It’s ...showertime!

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