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Best 10 Electric Radiators

As Of June 2022

Are you looking for affordable heating solutions? Is your gas heating system driving your power bills to the ceiling? Electric radiators are the next best solution for any heating needs for the winter. They are inexpensive, use power efficiently and allow you only to warm the specific areas you want to. Yes, you’re in total control of your heating and power bill! Want to find out more?
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1 Donyer Power Convector Radiator on white background

Donyer Power Convector Radiator

Amazing Results
4.8 /5

Best Electric Radiator Overall

  • Choose the best heat level from the 3 heat settings
  • Fit it to your space neatly as it can be wall-mounted or freestanding
  • No worrying about injuries with the overheating & anti-toppling protection
  • Enjoy maximum heat distribution with the 360° circulation design
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2 SOL-AIRE Caldo WiFi Electric Panel Heater on white background

Sol-Aire Caldo WiFi Electric Panel Heater

Suitable for Every Room
4.7 /5

Ideal for Eco Mode

  • Adjust the settings conveniently thanks to its WiFi connectivity
  • Create the perfect home temperature ahead of time with its weekly scheduling
  • Control the heat modes hassle-free with the Alexa & Google voice command
  • Have peace of mind as it comes with a 2-year warranty
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3 Devola Electric Glass Panel Heater on living room wall

Devola Electric Glass Panel Heater

4.7 /5

Top Wall Mounted Heater

  • Have a smart home? Enjoy smart control with Alexa & Google Home
  • Change the heating even from other rooms with the WiFi function
  • Customise the settings thanks to the ultra-clear LED display with touch control
  • No staying in the cold thanks to the open window detection feature
4 Warmlite Convection Heater on white background

Warmlite Convection Heater

Eco-friendly Option
4.7 /5

Best Freestanding Electric Radiator

  • Save money as it doubles as a cooler for chilly afternoons in hot weather
  • Carry it effortlessly to any room via its integrated handles
  • Safe to keep around kids with the thermal cut-off & overheating protection
  • Pick your ideal temperature with the adjustable thermostat
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5 Prem-i-air Electric Convector Heater on white background

Prem-i-air Electric Convector Heater

Nice Design
4.6 /5

Best Convector Radiator

  • No need to assemble it as it has a freestanding & ready-to-use design
  • Set the perfect heat mode for your room with its 3 settings
  • Easy to operate thanks to the ergonomic push buttons
  • Match your home’s aesthetics with its matte graphite colour & contemporary look
popular choice ribbon
6 Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater on white background

Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Dust Cover
4.6 /5

Top Digital Electric Radiator

  • Install it away from the reach of pets & children thanks to its wall-mounting
  • Use safely in any room with the waterproof casing
  • Stress-free to use without the need for servicing or maintenance
  • Accent your walls eloquently with its sleek & slimline design
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7 NETTA Electric Panel Heater on living room wall

NETTA Electric Panel Heater

Security Features
4.5 /5

Best For Mounting Options

  • Keep your running costs low with its eco mode
  • Put it together with a simple DIY thanks to the included mounting brackets
  • Move it from room to room without strain as it has wheels
  • Add a stylish decor to its practicality with the elegant glass material
8 Devola Eco Electric Panel Convector Heater on living room wall

Devola Eco Electric Panel Convector Heater

Memory Function
4.5 /5

Top Pick For Safe Features

  • Keep your little ones safe thanks to the integrated child lock function
  • Connect it to your smart home ecosystem with the Tuya smart app
  • Keep your heating bills low with the digital thermostat
  • Heat large rooms efficiently thanks to its high heat output
9 Glen Dimplex Convector Heater on white background

Glen Dimplex Convector Heater

Digital Programming
4.4 /5

Ideal For Office Use

  • Automatic heating when chilly with its frost setting feature
  • Enjoy its versatility with the added mounting brackets & feet
  • Adjust the temperature to the tee with the thermostat control
  • Power it on even during a call or meeting thanks to the quiet operation
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10 Purus Electric Wall Panel Radiator on white background

Purus Electric Wall Panel Radiator

Great Heating
4.4 /5

Best For Bathroom Use

  • Stay warm after your showers as it has a spill-proof IP24 rating feature
  • Schedule heating times 24/7 with the handy digital timer
  • No need for a professional with the DIY plugin & go installation
  • Worry-free use with the safe features & a 2-year warranty

Warm Your Home Efficiently With The Best Electric Radiators

Are you having trouble enjoying some good warmth in particular rooms in your home? What if we told you that home heating systems have come a long way? There are endless options out there from gas and infrared heaters to electric fireplaces and electric heaters; you name it! Say goodbye to bulky old-school fireplaces and central heaters when you need to heat specific areas. Investing in an electric radiator could be the trick to an energy-efficient heating solution. They are no longer as cumbersome and expensive as they once were. 

But, getting the best option from the wide range of electric radiators requires some more information. Which is what our buying guide is here to provide you with. Whether you want to get an affordable radiator or are willing to splash some cash for the aesthetics. Know what to look for so you can stay warm and cosy indoors this coming winter.   

What are electric radiators?

Electric radiators are more like your gas central heating system. The difference is that instead of using gas, they use a thermal liquid or a ceramic element. They also do not require extra installation like the standard whole-home systems. Electric radiators are more of stand-alone units and can even be portable. Once you plug the radiator into a power socket, it heats the thermal liquid, producing heat energy. Their counterparts are oil filled radiators, but those have a heating element which warms the oil within the heater.

How do electric radiators work?

Some electric radiators use oil, while others use gel. Either way, the thermal liquid will expand when heated, releasing heat in the process. The heat will warm the surface of the radiator, which then distributes this heat to its surrounding. 

Newer models of electric radiators will not use a thermal liquid. Instead, they have a dry heating system that heats through the convection method. These have two elements that enable the radiator to have even heating. They are also ultra-slim in design due to the lack of thermal liquids, making them ideal for smaller spaces or areas where you need them to be discrete. 

Why should you give electric radiators a chance?

While staying warm is a motivating factor for investing in an electric radiator, these gadgets also have several advantages. Let’s look at some of the reasons we recommend you opt for one of these products.

1. They are energy-efficient.

How much is your monthly electricity bill, especially during the cold seasons? There is a high chance that part of this is because your home’s heating system is usually on even in rooms you are not using. To combat this, you can buy an electric radiator. Thus, you will be killing two birds with one stone, using energy efficiently while lowering your power bill

2. They are money-saving.

Apart from saving you from high electricity bills, electric radiators are also more affordable than whole-home systems. For starters, their initial cost is significantly lower compared to a whole-home heating system. Second, most electric radiators require no servicing or maintenance. Once you install it, you can sit back and enjoy a warm home and never have to call a technician for servicing. 

3. They deliver highly accurate heating. 

Thanks to the integrated thermostats in electric radiators, you can set the ideal heat output for your room. Some models even use digital thermostats that regulate heating automatically with no manual input from you whatsoever. 

What features should an electric radiator have?

Electric radiators will come with all sorts of features. But, you need to pay closer attention to the essential features that make investing in one of these worth it. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you, so you can get to purchasing one stress-free.

1. Type

There are several types of electric radiators varying in their heating and control methods. Convection radiators have an inbuilt fan heater that draws cold air downwards and distributes the heated air upwards. They are ideal for medium to large-sized rooms. 

Oil-filled electric radiators are the best choice if you need to heat your rooms for an extended period. The element on these is usually an oil-filled radiator that reduces the burning of oxygen and dust particles. This makes it safe to use in enclosed areas. However, oil-filled radiators do not distribute the heat evenly.  

Third, there are infrared radiators. These have become quite popular over the years because they provide direct heating. They use electromagnetic waves, which reduces the chances of the radiator heating itself. As such, you can touch it while it still works, unlike the other types of radiators. They also use less energy due to the direct heating mechanism. 

2. Size

Why does this matter? Because it determines how cost-effective the radiator is, with smaller versions using less energy than their larger counterparts. That said, larger radiators tend to convert power draw into heat better than the smaller ones, making them more efficient

What matters most is your particular need. For example, if you are looking for a radiator for a smaller room, like your bathroom or home office, a smaller radiator will be the best option. But, if you need one for larger spaces, like your living room and dining areas, you might do better with a larger version.  

3. Mounting Style 

Would you like an electric radiator you can move around the house depending on your needs or one you can install and forget about it? Some models are mountable, while others you can leave them standing. If you are the install and forget it kind-of-person, the mounted radiators are the best option. They can also be safer to use if you have pets or children who might run into the radiator while playing. But, some models offer you the best of both installation styles. 

4. Smart Controls

How easy do you want the control over your home’s temperature to be? Smart controls make it as seamless as it can get in this digital era. Yes, a remote control is great, but how grand is it to have app and voice controls? Can you imagine being in a position to schedule heating according to your work schedule? Or getting the right heat temperature based on movements? Some radiators have sensors that detect people movement and open spaces, like windows. 

5. Safety Features

The last thing you want is to buy an electric radiator you can’t use peacefully. So, to avoid sitting worried that the heater could put your whole house at risk if it tips over or heats up, ensure the radiator you settle for has some features for safety. 

The most important ones include overheating protection and a tip-over switch. These will turn it off automatically if anything hits the radiator or it overheats. Another feature to consider is a child lock. These are not readily available in all electric radiators, but you might see them in designer and high-end ones. If your home has children running around, this is an important safety feature to have. 

What’s the difference between an electric radiator and an electric heater?

You are probably wondering what you should buy, an electric heater or an electric radiator? And, what’s the difference between these anyway? The main difference is in the heating mechanism. Radiators work through radiation, just like an open fire. It heats the ceramic or thermal fluid, which in turn radiates the heat to your room. 

On the other hand, electric heaters heat spaces through a convection mechanism. This involves turning electricity into heat energy through a heating element. Electric radiators are more efficient, but electric heaters are usually cheaper. 

How much do electric radiators cost?

Unlike central heating systems, electric radiators are fairly affordable to obtain. But, knowing how much you want to spend can help you choose the best electric radiator for your home. 


These will cost you anywhere from £27 to £100. Most of the electric radiators in this price range are convector and liquid-filled radiators. Still, they can provide you with the needed heating for the specific rooms. These radiators will have more than one heat setting, an adjustable thermostat and safety functions like overheat cut-out. They are also highly portable with inbuilt carrying handles or castor wheels for transportation. But, there are few wall panel radiators within the affordable price range. The wattage for these will be lower than those on the higher end of the price spectrum. 


These will cost you over £100 and are mostly wall panels and designer radiators. As such, you will have more aesthetics and a digital control panel over your electric heating. For instance, some will allow you to integrate voice and app controls into your smart home system. Other features you might enjoy are automatic thermostats that regulate heating depending on the room’s temperature and automatic detection of an open window


If you are worried about the cold season finding you unprepared, you can now settle down and get yourself an electric radiator. Get the best options from our top ten list, whether a conventional radiator or a designer model with the latest digital controls. Our buyer’s guide is here to lend you a helping hand; know what to look for and what matters most for your particular situation. We are optimistic that you now have a better understanding of what to look for in a radiator so you can make your home cosy and snug again? What temperature are you bumping the thermostat up to?

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