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Best 10 Electric Heaters

As Of June 2022

Are you looking for something that keeps you warm and efficiently while at it? With winter around the corner, not forgetting the fluctuating weather in the UK, cuddling up in your duvet is not always a reliable option. That’s where electric heating gadgets come in handy. With these, you only have to heat the rooms you need. You can even move around with it! Want to find out more?
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1 Staywarm Fan Heater on white background

Staywarm Fan Heater

All Year Use
4.7 /5

Best Electric Heater Overall

  • Use it worry-free with its overheat protection & fire radiant material
  • Choose the temperature to your liking with the 2 heat options
  • Place it in any tight nook standing or sitting thanks to its compact size
  • Move it around safely with the integrated carry handle
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2 Russell Hobbs Oil Filled Radiator on white background

Russell Hobbs Oil Filled Radiator

Safe and Secure
4.6 /5

Best Choice for Radiator Heater

  • Cover larger rooms better thanks to its 5-fin design
  • Drag it closer to you as it has a long 1.5m cable
  • Customise the temperature to the tee with its variable thermostat knob
  • One less headache for you with its 2-year warranty
3 Donyer Power Heater on white background

Donyer Power Heater

Fan Only Feature
4.6 /5

Top Convector Heater Choice

  • Keep everyone in the room toasty with the 360° heat circulation
  • Install it to fit your space, either wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Adjust the temperature to the tee with its 3 heat settings
  • Leave it hassle-free around kids as it has overheat & anti-toppling protection
4 Pro Breeze Ceramic Heater on white background

Pro Breeze Ceramic Heater

Quick Warming Time
4.6 /5

Ideal For a Fan Heater

  • Enjoy faster & efficient heating with the ceramic technology
  • Lower your bills with the adjustable thermostat from autumn to winter
  • Warm-up every part of the room with the 60° oscillation mode
  • Bring it to any room as it’s lightweight with a carry handle
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5 Kingavon Portable Heater on white background

Kingavon Portable Heater

Programmable Thermostat
4.5 /5

Best For a Halogen Heater

  • Power it on stress-free with the tip-over safety cut-out & 3 heat settings
  • Don’t wait around in the cold with the instant-on heating design
  • Distribute the warmth evenly in the room with the rotating design
  • Customise it conveniently with its ergonomic control panel
6 Warmlite Flat Fan on white background

Warmlite Flat Fan

IP24 Rated
4.5 /5

Ideal for Portability

  • Have peace of mind if it gets too warm as it auto-shut offs with the overheat protection
  • Move it without strain thanks to the compact design
  • Select the temperature to your comfort with the adjustable thermostat
  • Stress-free to cover repairs with its 2-year warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
7 Beldray Fan on white background

Beldray Fan

Remote Control
4.5 /5

Best For Smaller Rooms

  • Maintain the temperature to a set level with the adjustable thermostat controls
  • Save space by setting it up either freestanding or sitting
  • Get some cool air in the summer with the added fan feature
  • Forget it’s even on thanks to the super quiet operation design
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
8 Dyson Jet Focus Cool Fan on white background

Dyson Jet Focus Cool Fan

Programmable Timer
4.4 /5

Ideal For Splurge Purchase

  • No need to wake up & shut it off, thanks to the sleep timer
  • Clean & maintain it effortlessly as it has no blades or grills
  • Fit the remote control neatly on top of the blade as it has a discreet design
  • No toasty air smells lurking in the room thanks to the heat regulation
9 De'Longhi Bend Line on white background

De'Longhi Bend Line

Tip-Over Safety Switch
4.4 /5

Top Pick for Ceramic Heater

  • Let it work unsupervised as it has a self-regulating cut-off power function
  • Select the mode to your preference from the 2 heat options
  • Change the settings from the comfort of your bed with the remote
  • Enjoy even heat distribution with the oscillating feature
Ideal Gift Ribbon
10 Stadler Form Fan Heater on white background

Stadler Form Fan Heater

Overheating Protection
4.3 /5

Ideal For Office Use

  • Leave your pets & kids in the room worry-free with the anti-tilt protection
  • Ensure it stays below a set temperature thanks to the PCT ceramic heating
  • Install it in stiff crevices due to the slimline housing design
  • Choose your desired heat output via the 2 settings

Stay Warm In Winter With The Best Electric Heaters

Are you looking for ways to stay warm? Yes, your home already has a central heating system in place, but have you thought about supplementing it? It's much better than relying on your hand warmers. Sometimes, it is more than necessary to have a secondary heater. Think of how much energy you waste when you heat all the rooms in your home when you only need to warm up one room? Wouldn’t you love to get to spend that extra money on something else instead?

Luckily, electric heating gadgets are at your service, whether you need something for your living room, home office or even a portable solution when heading out to the cabin. There are endless options out there, from electric blankets to infrared or gas heaters; you name it! However, knowing what to look for gives you an upper hand when shopping for one. 

For instance, do you want oil-filled electric radiators or an oil-free electric one? Is a fan or a convector heater the best option for you? What are the running costs for these heaters, or will the power company slap you with an inflated bill later? 

Whatever decisions you need to make, we have a comprehensive list to make it easier for you! Have a look at our buying guide and select the one that makes the most sense for your home’s needs.

What are electric heaters?

Keeping your home warm is no longer a hassle, especially when you have to heat a small area and not the entire house. This is where a heater comes in. 

These are heating devices that convert electric energy to heat energy. These gadgets use an electrical heating element or resistor. All you need to do is plug your heater into a power outlet, and you can start enjoying some warmth. Many people prefer these over their central heating because they offer portability and can help lower your energy bills.

How do electric heaters work?

The resistor inside the heater will heat up when you power it. In return, it converts the electric current using the Joule principle into heat energy. The distribution of the heat will depend on the type of heater you are using. 

For example, a fan heater draws in cold air, passes it on to the resistor, which pushes it out into the room when heated. If the heater doesn’t have a fan, cold air enters from the bottom, is heated and passed out through the top of the heater. The mechanisms are different from one type to the other, but we go further in-depth about this below.  

Why should you give electric heaters a chance?

Buying one of these might seem like a splurge to you, especially if you have a heating system for your home. But, they can provide you with some benefits that make them a worthy investment. Let’s have a look at the most advantageous reasons that we recommend these devices for your home. 

1. They have excellent mobility.

One of the best things about these heaters is their portability. They are smaller than whole system heaters, allowing you to carry them from one room to the next. In fact, you can even bring it with you when travelling and need something to keep you warm in the cabin or your RV. You can find sitting or wall-mounted options if you’re tight on space too. Many come with wheels or a carrying handle that lessens your manual strain and makes their transport a breeze. All you really need is an outlet nearby, and you’re set!

2. They are energy-efficient. 

How much energy do you waste when you heat rooms that you are not using or don’t need to heat up in the first place? Too much, we suppose. These heaters will save you from all of this since you will only be heating spaces you need warmth in. Some even come with a timer function that will automatically power them off when the space is warm enough, thus saving you a few extra pounds.

3. You can adjust the heat to your liking.

Many heaters come with a variable thermostat for better temperature control. This allows you to choose your desired temperature at any time. Some even have a digital thermostat that adjusts the heating automatically depending on the room’s temperature. If you want to have the most comfortable temperature in your living space, this can make altering the heat output much easier. Not to mention that you also have a panel to make personal customisations to your preference.

What to look for in an electric heater

Are you overwhelmed with the options that are available out there? Do you want to learn more about the key features to consider before purchasing your own heating device? These models come in all sorts of types and designs. Knowing what to look for ensures you get one that suits your particular situation and needs. So, look for these features, and you’ll be confident with your purchase.

1. Type

There are 4 types of electric heaters to consider, each with its pros and cons. The best pick will depend on what you are looking for. 

  • Fan Heater

An excellent choice for a small home or when you need to heat small spaces. It works by blowing air through the heat element and integrated fan. This allows them to heat the air around you rapidly. It also makes it possible to direct the heat to a specific area, like where you are sitting. But, unfortunately, its working mechanism can be noisy. It also doesn’t keep the room warm for extended periods since the heater keeps kicking in if temperatures fluctuate. 

  • Convection Heater

These are slow to heat your spaces but can keep you warm for longer. They work by warming chilly air getting in. In return, the air rises inside the room, a process that takes more time but keeps more of the concentrated warm air inside the room. Unlike fan heaters with both a heating element and a fan, convection heaters only operate with a heat element. This makes them less noisy than fan heaters. 

  • Radiators 

They work by heating liquids, usually oil or water. Like convector heaters, a radiator will keep your spaces warm for a longer time. In fact, these will keep your room warm long after you switch it off, unlike convection or an electric heater. On the downside, it also takes longer to heat any spaces. Plus, you will have to keep a budget for purchasing the required heating liquid. If you are using an oil-filled radiator, you will incur more running costs to buy the fuel. 

  • Halogen Heater

If you are looking for an electric heater to keep you warm in close proximity, these might be your best option. They are ideal for warming up smaller spaces with the direct heating mechanism, usually one or three people at most who are close to each other. Apart from limiting how much space you can keep warm, the light from a halogen heater could also be straining on the eye. 

2. Safety Features 

Your safety is paramount when operating any electric equipment. As such, pay close attention to the integrated features that provide protection when using the heater. For starters, overheating protection is very important. First, it ensures that the heater turns off automatically if it gets too hot, preventing it from causing a fire. Second, a tip-over feature will turn the heater off in case you trip or lift it. Unfortunately, this is not available in all heaters. Still, it is a nice feature to have, especially if you have children around or are clumsy. 

3. Control Mechanisms 

How easy would your life be if you did not have to get up every time you needed to change any setting on the heater? Such bliss, right? This is where the control system of the heater matters. Consider getting a remote-controlled heater that allows you to make any changes right from your comfort zone. Better still, get one with smart controls, like an app, if you want extra comfort in the control mechanisms. But, these may be costlier than the other models.

Some heaters will have a timer, making it pretty easy to set when you want to heat the space. So if you want to come home to a warm area, a heater with a timer will come in handy. They allow unsupervised scheduling so that when you’re at work, the heater turns on, heats the space, and you return to a lukewarm and welcoming home.

4. Thermostat 

This might not sound like an important feature, but you will need a heater with an inbuilt thermostat if your goal is to use energy efficiently. It helps regulate heating, where the heater can switch on or off depending on the temperatures in the room. This way, when it gets too hot, the heater will switch off automatically, reducing the wastage of energy

5. Wattage

The power settings matter when it comes to saving money and configuring the heat mode to your liking. Many heaters come with at least two options, low and high mode. The wattage will help you understand how efficient and powerful the heat source is as options range from 1000W to over 2000W. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the heat output will be.

Are electric heaters safe to operate? 

Yes, these heaters are generally safe to use. Nevertheless, it is safer if you get one with safety features, like the anti-tilt and overheat protection. The anti-tilting ensures that if you accidentally bump on the device, it doesn’t land on the floor, thus damaging its protective casing. Overheat protection is also critical as it has an automatic cut-out if it goes above a specific temperature. 

In addition, some heaters will have an integrated handle, making it safer for you to carry it without injuring yourself. For extra peace of mind, you also need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to use the heater. You should also keep any flammable items away from the heater. If you are using a fan heater, ensure there’s sufficient room where the air can blow freely. 

Are electric heaters affordable to run?

While they are efficient for heating needs, there is still some expense with them as with any other heating element. In reality, experts estimate that running one could drive your costs up three-and-a-half more than using a standard radiator or a boiler. Should you forgo one because of this? Absolutely not. If you aim to keep a specific area in your home warm and not heat the whole room, then using one of these as a space heater will be more than efficient for you. 

Some types of heaters are more affordable to run. So, ensure you know your budget before making any purchases. For example, halogen heaters are more affordable but can only heat a specific object. Fan heaters are also inexpensive but are ideal for small rooms or areas. The choice is yours, and it depends on your home’s wants and needs.

How much do electric heaters cost?

Are you still on the fence about purchasing your heater because you think it may be over what your pocket can handle? Don’t worry! Depending on your budget, you can get affordable models or high-end heaters. What matters is what functions you are looking for. You can start with a low-cost option and if you are satisfied with its output, upgrade to a more premium choice when your budget can afford it. 


If you are working on a budget, you can easily get a reliable heater from £20 to £100. Depending on the manufacturer, you will get at least two or three heating options. Others will double as a cooler for cooling hot air in summer. These will work very well in any small to medium-sized room, giving you enough warmth to enjoy sitting indoors for hours on end. 


These are on the upper side of the pricing scale, with some going as high as £800. Many prefer these due to their increased efficiency in large rooms. The advanced models will have more than the heating feature, including a cooling fan and humidifier. They may also come with high-tech features, including smart remote controls, WiFi connectivity, a spacious LCD screen and more. However, you can still get an advanced heater with a high-end budget of £100 to £200


You can finally rest easy, knowing the cold season will never find you unprepared! All you need is to invest in an electric heater, and your heating problems are over. Our handpicked list has the best heaters, from space heaters to high-end modern heaters that take your home’s aesthetics a notch higher. 

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you better understand these handy devices so that you can select the best option for your home. Take a look at our guide, and you can stay ahead of market-speak. Know what to look for in a heater and align it with your budget! Are you ready to stay balmy & snug indoors?

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