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Best 10 Ear Thermometers

As Of July 2022

Feeling ill? A bit hot, maybe? You can’t know for sure if you have a fever unless you use a proper thermometer! Taking one’s temperature with an ear thermometer is one of the most accurate methods of telling if your body’s functions are normal. While it is mostly recommended for newborns and young children, it’s also ideal for adults. There’s no home without one. Find yours today!

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1 Braun ThermoScan 3 Ear Thermometer

Braun ThermoScan 3 Ear Thermometer

Age Precision Feature
4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Forgot to turn it off? No worries, it auto shuts off after 60 seconds
  • No need to wait for results- get precise measurements in just 1 second
  • User-friendly & easy to read even for the elderly with its bright LCD display
  • Hygienic & clean thanks to its disposable probe covers and lens filters
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2 KKmier Ear Thermometer

KKmier Ear Thermometer

Precise Position
4.7 /5

Top Infrared Pick

  • Ideal for everyone- babies, children & adults due to its 3 different modes
  • Versatile as it’s not just for people but also for metals & furniture
  • Measure accurately the temperature with its three-step calibration algorithm
  • Read it effortlessly thanks to its 4 colour LCD display
3 Kinetik Wellbeing Inner Ear Thermometer

Kinetik Wellbeing Inner Ear Thermometer

4.6 /5

Best Inner Ear Option

  • It won’t disturb your sleeping baby due to its soft keys
  • No need to keep track of your baby’s temperature as it has 10 memory settings
  • Know exactly when to call the doc with its high fever alarm
  • The transition to a digital thermometer was never easier with its detailed guide
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4 Braun IRT6020 ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer

Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer

Fast Display Speed
4.6 /5

Top Choice for Newborns

  • It won’t harm your little one’s ear with its precise position function
  • Use it comfortably thanks to its pre-warmed tip
  • Avoid ear infections as it comes with 21 disposable probe covers
  • Safe to use for everyone, even for infants due to its non-toxic materials
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5 Braun Healthcare ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

Braun Healthcare ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer

Large Memory Storage
4.6 /5

Best Pick for Professional Accuracy

  • From newborns to grandparents- Ideal for everyone with its age precision feature
  • Use it even in the dark thanks to its large LCD display
  • Store it safely after use as it comes with a storage case
  • Your whole family is using it? It remains clean due to its 21 disposable probe covers
6 Kinetik Wellbeing Non-Contact Ear Thermomete

Kinetik Wellbeing Non-Contact Ear Thermometer

Speaking Mode
4.5 /5

Top Contactless Option

  • See clearly the results even in a pitch-black room with its traffic light system
  • Get your measurements in a flash as it’s extremely fast
  • Save battery and use it for years to come due to its 30-sec auto shut off
  • Control it effortlessly thanks to its soft operation keys
7 Anthsania Forhead & Ear Thermometer

Anthsania Forehead & Ear Thermometer

Silent Mode Feature
4.4 /5

Best Choice for Adults

  • Great for frequent use due to its 40 temperatures memory recall
  • Ideal for families thanks to its baby and adult modes
  • Not just a plain thermometer as it can also measure surface & object temperature
  • No need for physical contact- get accurate readings from a distance
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8 Salter Jumbo Display Ear Thermometer

Salter Jumbo Display Ear Thermometer

Pre Warmed Tip
4.4 /5

Top Pick for Crystal-Clear LCD

  • Always have 100% accurate measurements with its infrared technology
  • Compare your temperature results due to its 10 memory recall
  • No need to look constantly the screen thanks to its fever alarm setting
  • Save battery when not in use as it conveniently switches off
9 Beurer11 Express Ear Thermometer

Beurer11 Express Ear Thermometer

Dual Measuring Points
4.4 /5

Best Option for Fast Results

  • Store it in a fully loaded drawer worry-free as it has no breakable parts
  • Know exactly when to take it off due to its fever alarm
  • Extra fast measurements for a quick check-up in just 10 seconds
  • Don’t worry about sweat thanks to its waterproof design
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10 Danz Non Contact Ear Thermometer

Danz Non-Contact Ear Thermometer

High Fever Alert
4.3 /5

Top Choice for No-Touch Design

  • Avoid cross infection thanks to its brilliant no-touch design
  • Late-night fever? See all the readings clearly with its bright LCD display
  • Enjoy a safe use due to its glass and mercury-free design
  • Versatile since it can be used in both ear and forehead

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Ear Thermometer Shopping Made Easy

Keeping track of your hourly, or daily temperature needs a reliable method. Why? Because of a little misread, you will be running all over in panic mode. While it could be a normal fever or none, the first thought in mind could be the worst-case scenario.

And we all know panicking only worsens the situation. This is why we are here to help you get the best reliable ear thermometer for your family. There are many thermometers in the market, like digital thermometers or infrared ones; just like them, an ear thermometer is an absolute necessity for your home medical kit.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for an ear thermometer.

  • Pre-warmed probe tip: This helps in enhancing the accuracy of the results. A cold tip can be quite uncomfortable for the baby and you as an adult. Also, the coldness tends to skew the results of the temperature. Consider getting an ear thermometer with a pre-warmable probe tip for a win-win situation.
  • Memory Settings: The memory storage level determines how much past data you can keep in the thermometer. Some will only show you the last temperature, while others store 30+ temperatures. The larger the thermometer's memory capacity, the easier and time saving it is for you, rather than relying on manual entry.
  • Disposable pieces: If the ear thermometer uses disposable probe covers or lens filters. It helps determine the hygiene levels of the thermometer, where one with the disposable ones is more hygienic than the one with a washable probe. This way, you can always change the lens filter or the probe cover when using the thermometer on a different person. This also helps in increasing the accuracy of the results. If the probe does not use disposable covers or lens filters, ensure that the thermometer is waterproof. It enhances its durability from constant washing.
  • Accessories. Finally, consider any accessories that come with the thermometer. The more the accessories, the cheaper it is for you. Some of the accessories to consider are the batteries, probe covers, lens filters, and a storage compartment. The storage compartments make storing the thermometer safe and keep it away from children.

Now you know everything there is about the best ear thermometers. Time to find the one that suits you best, according to your need and your family’s. Health is always our number one priority, and ear thermometers are here to make our lives easier than ever! Find yours today!

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