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Best 10 Double Bed Frames

As Of July 2022

Do you get robbed of your beautiful night's rest because of an uncomfortable bed? You may not know this, but your ageing bed is the reason for your sleep deprivation. Invest in double bed frames to feel more comfortable when sleeping and give your bedroom a fresh look. We have some fantabulous options for you, in beautiful materials: wood, fabric, metal; you name it! Want to find out more?
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1 Home Treats Upholstered Bed Double in elegant bedroom

Home Treats Upholstered Bed

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Blends beautifully with any decor as it has a grey linen design
  • Save space by tucking items in the handy storage compartment
  • Enjoy sleeping in comfort & support with the wooden slats & padded headboard
  • Keep your valuables dust-free with its fabric base at the bottom
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2 Life Carver Bed Wooden Frame White Solid Pine in minimalist bedroom

Life Carver White Solid Pine

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Children

  • Toss & turn worry-free due to its extra middle leg for stability
  • Catch Z’s for years to come thanks to its thick & durable slats
  • Fit it neatly in any bedroom style thanks to its minimalist design
  • Practise your green thumb as it’s made with eco-friendly white paint
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3 Aspire Beds Upholstered Storage Ottoman Bed in elegant bedroom

Aspire Beds Upholstered Bed

4.6 /5

Ideal for Linen

  • Sleep stress-free as it has excellent stability due to the sprung slats
  • Match it to your bedroom by picking between grey, black or natural linen finishes
  • Reach for the storage conveniently with its gas lift pistons
  • Read your book comfortably by resting on the headboard
4 The Verity Bed Frame in classic bedroom decor

The Verity

4.5 /5

Ideal for Buttoned Cushioning

  • Make your own zen space with its luxurious upholstered fabrics
  • Built to last thanks to its carved wood legs & high-quality frame
  • Stay in bed all day with its soft pillowed headboard
  • Sit back & relax as it comes with professional assembly
5 Panana Double Bed Solid Wood Bed Frame in modern bedroom

Panana Solid Wood Frame

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Teenagers

  • Perfect for the eco-conscious due to its sustainable wood materials
  • Add a rustic touch with its natural pattern effect
  • Tuck bags conveniently underneath as it has enough space to fit items below
  • Have peace of mind of its durability thanks to the extra leg in the middle
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6 Home Treats Double Bed Frame Grey in contemporary bedroom

Home Treats Double Frame

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Spacious Headboard

  • Combine it with any bedroom interior with its elegant cream or grey colours
  • Enjoy a restful night’s sleep thanks to the padded base & sides
  • Unwind in bed securely as it has 4 firm middle legs
  • Set it up hassle-free with the included tools & instructions
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7 Home Treats Crushed Velvet Bed Frame in luxurious bedroom

Home Treats Crushed Velvet

4.5 /5

Most Luxurious Look

  • Feel like royalty with its high shine jewel & embossed diamonds finish
  • Have extra body support with its padding on the base, headboard & sides
  • Bring breakfast in bed as it has a mark & water-resistant fabric
  • Suitable for adults & children alike as it’s over 2m long
8 Coavas Double Bed Frame in minimalist bedroom

Coavas Double Frame

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Metal

  • Ensure you’re safe by tightening the frame on 1 of 8 strengthening points
  • Upgrade it to a more premium look as it has headboard brackets on the sides
  • Replace your box spring with its sleek black metal finish
  • Save space as you can set it upright when you’re not using it
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9 Happy Beds Ottoman Bed in modern bedroom

Happy Beds Ottoman Bed

4.5 /5

Ideal for Under Bed Storage

  • Polish your master bedroom look thanks to its buttoned bedhead
  • Install any mattress you want as it comes with a solid slatted base
  • Free up closet space by adding items in its large storage box
  • Get creative with your interior design thanks to its neutral oatmeal finish
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10 GFW Black Metal Frame Urban Design Platform Bed in industrial bedroom decor

GFW Metal Frame Platform Bed

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Industrial Design

  • Modernise any space with its contemporary metallic finish
  • Assemble it in just a few minutes with the 12-bolt system
  • Versatile to compliment the rest of the space with its simplistic design
  • Move it around comfortably with your partner as it’s lightweight

Enjoy A Great Night’s Sleep With The Best Double Bed Frames

Are you tired of the creaky sounds you hear every time you move on your bed? Or, do you want to upgrade your bed frame to enhance the aesthetics of your room and get a good night's sleep? Whether you are moving into a new apartment and upgrading all your bedroom furniture or you find it difficult to sleep due to your old bed, a new bed will always be a great idea. 

Looking to make your bedroom look like a 5-star hotel? Switching up your mattress, duvet and upgrading from regular pillows to silk ones can be the first steps. But, the overall feeling of your room can completely change with a new frame! If you like a wider and more comfortable bed, a double frame is the way to go! With our buying guide, you’ll be able to learn all the must-haves to look for and make the best purchase possible. Keep reading below to find out more! 

What is a double bed frame?

It is a type of mattress support made from materials such as wood or metal and features a bed head, footer, legs, wooden support, and side rails. It holds a full-size mattress, which can comfortably accommodate two adults or a single person looking to sleep in luxe. Your mattress, mattress topper, and bedding influence your night's rest more than bed furniture would; but, what are they without the best bed frame? A small double frame has a 120 x 190cm dimension, while a standard frame, 135 x 190cm.

Why should you buy one?

There is always a 'why' question for any product you want to buy, and this isn't any different. There are many benefits to upgrading from a single to a double frame, even if you’re living and sleeping alone. So, here are some reasons why you should invest in one.

1. To improve the outlook of your room.

Bed frames are always a great idea because they can entirely change your space’s look and feel with little effort. Let's imagine a room where the mattress is on the bare floor; once a bed gets in the picture, there will be a visually pleasing upgrade in the space. Also, it will help create extra space in your room and make it look more organised and less shabby. 

It’s wonderful to create vibrant and stunning decor in your bedroom, and the addition of a frame will elevate your room. You can decorate any kid, teenager or adult room by selecting the appropriate frame for that age group.  

2. To have better support and stability. 

Investing in the best mattress is a great idea because it will help improve the quality of your sleep (coupled with the right bedding). Nonetheless, you may defeat this purpose if you use the mattress on the bare floor. This is because your body weight constantly pressing it against the hard floor can cause the mattress to sag fast. The right bed will act as protective housing to prevent this from happening while providing the adequate support you need to get a comfortable rest.

And, let's not forget that a bare mattress on your smooth floor will barely remain stable each time you move, which can even scratch the floor. A frame is just the solution you need to keep your mattress stable all day and night long. That way, you can toss and turn in peace, knowing that you have a firm base while sleeping.

3. To prevent mould build-up and keep insects off your bed.

The fact that your mattress has close contact with the cold and bare floor all day long means that there is no room for ventilation underneath, thus leading to mould growth. Also, the sweat, dirt, oils, etc., that it absorbs from your body when you sleep can also make it mouldy if there is no proper air circulating through it. Not only will this deter the quality of the mattress over time, but your health is also at risk. Therefore, a frame uplifts the mattress, which in turn allows the proper circulation of air.

Also, creeping and crawling insects will find your mattress comfy enough to make their home once it is on their way (the floor). With a frame, you can prevent this from happening. It’s an elevated platform that keeps you above ground level and away from lingering pests.

4. To have extra storage space.

The space you made available underneath your bed can go a long way to store extra suitcases, boxes of books, duvet, beddings, and pillows, among others. Adding some under bed storage containers can give you a less cluttered space in no time. However, ensure that whatever you store underneath it is neatly placed in airtight containers to prevent mould or insects from infesting them as well.

Some frames even come with their own storage box built-in so that you can organise and add items within the base. You can raise the mattress conveniently via the gas pistons that help you lift and view the frame’s storage box in seconds.

What to look for in a bed frame

Now that you understand the benefits you can get from owning a frame let's check out some of the features you should look out for before swiping your card.

1. Dimensions

As mentioned earlier, a standard frame has a dimension of 135 x 190 cm. So, measure your mattress if you don't already know the size. Also, adjustable frames provide flexible options to use any size of mattress you desire (king size bed, super king size, or queen-size). So, if you are thinking of a size upgrade for your mattress, you don't have to buy a different frame for it. Also, if there is a possibility that you need the space underneath for storage, make sure to get a frame that sits high enough or buy one with storage drawers instead.

2. Material

All or maybe most of the frames you've ever come across are made from wood, metal, or fabric. Wooden bed frames are the most popular ones and never go out of style. The different types of solid woods used in bed frames include mahogany, pine, solid oak, ash, and walnut. Metal bed frames are highly durable and supportive, and their versatile designs have made them popular. And, because of the extra support it provides for more weight, you can use a hybrid mattress or memory foam mattress on it without the fear of the frames becoming weak any time soon. A fabric or upholstery bed frame is what you should opt for if you need a decorative option to add some soft or warm feel to your space. These come in exotic colours and provide more comfort than metal or wood.

3. Headboard

While this is not compulsory, if you work with your computer while on your bed or indulge in bedtime reading, you should get a frame with a bedhead (freestanding or attaching). Also, the material of the frame you settle for is mostly the same as the board (unless you want a custom-made frame). So, be sure that you are most comfortable with it, especially if you intend to use it often and not just for decoration. Most frames that come with a bedhead include padded cushioning and buttoned or patterned designs that combine comfort and style to the bed.

4. Footboard

If you are a tall person, this isn't necessary because your legs need to be stretched for adequate blood flow when you sleep. Additionally, you may want to skip it out of your features if you are going for modern or minimal bed furniture. Otherwise, it gives your bed a conventional look and keeps the bedding in place (even though it makes the bed-making process a little difficult).

5. Base & Frame Finish

Bedstead and Divan bed are the two available types of bed base. Bedstead has removable wooden slats that support the weight of any mattress, while Divan base is a wood frame covered in fabric and is found mostly in beds with storage drawers. Whether wooden or metal frame, you want to ensure that no rough edges, nuts, and nails are stuck out. 

What bed frame types are available?

A frame isn't something you buy every time, so it is only ideal that you choose one that suits your personal preference, style, and needs. Read on to learn about the options you can choose from.

  • Platform beds 

Platform beds have a levelled base with wooden slats (bedstead base) that eliminate the need for an additional foundation and allow air to circulate through the mattress. They add an elegant touch to your bedroom, and there’s a wide selection available in the market. 

  • Panel 

A panel bed frame requires a foundation in addition to its wooden slats for your mattress to sit on stably. In addition, it has two side panels, a headboard, and a footboard.

  • Storage beds 

Keeping your space organised and free from clutter can help you sleep better. A bed with storage can either come with drawers on the railings or side cabinets to help keep your items tucked away, especially if you have a small space.

  • Ottoman bed frame

An ottoman bed frame is like a storage bed but with more storage capacity because you can lift the base either from the foot or side of the bed (thanks to the gas-lift hydraulics system) and get a space as wide as the bed itself for storage.

Should your bed frame match your mattress size?

There is a reason why bed frames, just like mattresses, also have sizes and why manufacturers do not specify their dimensions. It is to ensure that you do not get the wrong size, which might defeat the purpose of buying a bed frame in the first place.

So, the answer is YES; your frame should match your mattress size. Some frames may be slightly larger than the mattress with a few centimetres, and that's okay because you can use it that way or roll up an old and clean t-shirt or towel to fill up the extra space, or even buy foam gap fillers.

How much do these frame types cost?

Whether you are on a budget or not, you can always get a quality and durable bed frame that will serve its purpose for a while before an upgrade is required. So, depending on your style and the features you are looking for, there are various affordable and high-end options on the market. 


With a price range from £50 to £250, you can get a metal bed frame or a wooden platform bed with slats and an upholstered fabric headboard. You can also get a double ottoman bed or one with allocated storage drawers. These options are ideal for minimalists or anyone on a tight budget.


If you are looking to spend some cash for optimum durability and high quality or get a named brand, your budget range should be from £500 to £2500 and more for Victorian bed frames (it all depends on your choice). With this price range, you can get stylish and luxurious wooden and metal bed frames with upholstered bed heads and superior finishing.


Investing in a frame might seem like an extra expense to people who prefer to throw their mattress on the floor and live that way. The benefits, however, cannot be over-emphasized because the price you pay does not only cover the bedroom furniture but your health, aesthetic charm, storage space, and stability.

Are you interested in getting the best bed frame to give your bedroom the modern upgrade it requires?

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