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Best 10 Door Handles

As Of June 2022

Do you want your home to make a good first impression? Do you want to upgrade the look of your doors, interior or exterior? A new door handle is all you need! When choosing the right one, you need to take security, privacy and style into consideration. But don’t fret, as we have you covered! Find here everything you need to know before settling on one.
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1 Urfic Geneva 2 Lever Handles on white background

Urfic Geneva 2 Lever Handles

4.8 /5

Best Door Handle Overall

  • Versatile use for interior & exterior doors in your home
  • Forget when you last bought them as they’re durable with a 25 years guarantee
  • Perfect for any home as they’re both left & right door handles
  • Worry-free purchase as they fit in various doors with a 33-44mm thickness
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2 DISCOUNT HARDWARE UK 2 Scroll Door Handles on white background

DISCOUNT HARDWARE UK 2 Scroll Door Handles

4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Stylish pair handles for adding style & character with its shaped blackplate
  • Made of polished chrome - a popular material for extended use
  • Ready to get installed right away as it comes with fixings & spindle
  • Suitable for any door as it’s a standard latch set
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3 Fab & Fix Door Handle Set on white background

Fab & Fix Door Handle Set

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Universal

  • Reversible handing so you can use them at doors left or right
  • Replace the old ones as soon as they arrive as it comes with spindle & screws
  • Ideal for extra thick doors of 60-70mm
  • Pick the style that goes best in your home from 3 colours: chrome, silver & white
4 XFORT® Door Handle Set on white background

XFORT® Door Handle Set

4.5 /5

Ideal for Bathroom Door Handles

  • Waste no time to install it as it comes with everything you need to get started
  • Ideal for your home or office - this is the ultimate door handle for your bathroom
  • A contemporary look to complement any decor made by polished chrome
  • Peace of mind backed by a 2-year warranty
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5 XFORT® Entrance Knob Set Polished Brass on white background

XFORT® Door Knob Set

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Entrance Doors

  • Got a black antique door? Its brass finish complements it perfectly
  • Added security with its small turn snib for locking
  • Long-lasting use for years to come - use it without worrying
  • Not only for your home but also great for your office, porch doors or bedroom
6 Schlosser Technik Door Handle Set on white background

Schlosser Technik Door Handle Set

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Durability

  • Sleek design that fits in any modern home that aims at minimalism
  • One for every style with 3 colour options: black, gold & white
  • Multi-purpose as you can use it on both left & right-handed doors
  • Made to stand the test of time corrosion-free
7 Dale Hardware Lever Door Handle on white background

Dale Hardware Lever Door Handle

4.5 /5

Ideal Choice for Stylish Design

  • Beautify your home with a pair of designer handles of black nickel finish
  • Durable build with bolt-through fixings for added security
  • No waiting time as you can install it yourself as soon as it arrives
  • Comfortable handgrip with its curved shape
8 Onarway Door Handle Pull on white background

Onarway Door Handle Pull

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Sliding Doors

  • Your sliding door at its finest - for home & commercial use
  • Install it even on your closet door as a fashionable touch
  • All you need to have is a drill & you can install it yourself hassle-free
  • Slide your doors easier than ever with this convenient handle
9 Handlestore® Scroll Door Handle on white background

Handlestore® Scroll Door Handle

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Premium Quality

  • Sleek satin chrome design that looks good in all contemporary homes
  • Save time as it comes ready to use with colour matching screws & a spindle
  • Ideal for long-lasting use made of a high-quality material
  • Simple DIY fix without the help of a professional
10 DISCOUNT HARDWARE UK Door Handle on white background


4.5 /5

Top Choice for Privacy

  • Safety comes first with this set of handles that have locks & keys
  • Adds a vintage flair to the room with its victorian style & brass finish
  • Open & close your door without effort as they’re comfy to use
  • Install & use instantly all by yourself - easy peasy

Stylish Door Handles For Interiors and Exteriors

Do you want to buy a new door or need an upgrade for the door grips and handles in your home? Your door knobs may seem like some simple piece of door hardware that does not require much effort to select. Well, you will be surprised at the number of factors you need to consider before making a choice. Nonetheless, we have done our research and put together this buying guide to simplify your choice-making process.

Why do you need door handles?

No house is complete without a door, no door is complete without door hardware. Door grips are an important element that cannot be ignored, irrespective of the size or worth of your house. So, here are some reasons why you should get them: 

  • For security reasons

Most handles feature locks to prevent unauthorised access to strayed animals, thieves, and others. The ideal handle has a durable lock that cannot be easily picked or broken into. So, if you want to maintain your privacy and secure your home as well, a solid one will do the trick. Most manufacturers put this functionality into consideration by producing durable metal-based handles with a clean finishing touch.

  • For easy access

Imagine that your room has a door without a handle or knob; Your mind is trying to process the difficulty that you would experience going in and out of that room, right? Well, one of the main functions is to create easy access for opening and closing a door. For instance, lever door handles provide a better grip for people with disabilities and are easy to open from a latched position using your elbow in case you have your hands full.

  • Aesthetic purposes

Both exterior and interior door handles add some stylish vibes to your décor with little effort. While they may look insignificant, Their aesthetic functionality cannot be missed because they can add some complementary feel to the interior look of your room. Investing in a good door grip can also change the entire outlook of your door, which in turn can spice the look of your space as well. From the Victorian to Georgian, Antique, and other available styles, you get to choose from different options that will flow with your door design and whatever interior style you have in your space.

What to look for when buying door handles

Choosing a door grip can be challenging because of the array of options available to select from. So, we have made the process easy for you by listing out a few features below, which you should look out for.

1. Style & design

Don't be fooled into thinking that it is just that- a handle for your door. You might not have taken note of the way your previous knob integrated into your room décor (or not). But, you can't miss how unattractive it starts to look when dented. So, consider the style and design to know if it will complement your interior design and create an elegant statement as well. The different styles include:

Lever on rose door handles: These door grips are more modern and contemporary, and they can be used on any door inside your home. It has its lever fixed to a round rose, or square rose backplate. Its style is minimal, making it an ideal choice for spaces with modern and minimal décor.

Lever on backplate door handles: These are for both traditional and contemporary interior design schemes. It has a vertical panel on which the lever is fixed and works great for both interior and exterior doors in homes with traditional designs. If you are buying one for your external door furniture, ensure that it has a keyhole feature.

Bathroom door handles: The door to your bathroom should also have one that can enhance the style and privacy in the loo. These handles usually have a deadbolt system built into the vertical backplate so that you can lock the door for extra privacy.

Door pull handles: These handles are designed to help spread the door weight across a larger area when opening the door using the pull action. Its simple design requires less effort or skill to use. This makes them ideal for use in public and commercial places

Mortice door knobs: These handles operate with a heavy-duty spring mechanism. They feature a latch or a lock that opens and closes the door effortlessly. It is a versatile style of door grip that can fit with modern finishes and fittings while effortlessly bridging the gap between contemporary aesthetics and a period-style decor.

Rim door knobs are mostly found on traditional furniture and feature a latch or lock mechanism. They are designed to integrate with rim locks that attach to the surface of the door rather than inside the door itself.

The overall style of your house should be a determinant for your final choice. Don't forget that the door hinges should match the handles as well. The available designs cut across traditional, modern and victorian. So, what is your home’s design?

2. Construction material & finishing touches 

The material used is important because it isn't something that you will change frequently. Both exterior and interior door handles take a lot of battering because of their frequent usage. So, don't compromise on the quality and durability of the product regardless of the room you are buying a handle for. Take a look at the main materials used for constructing door grips.

Stainless steel is durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for both external and internal door handles. They also provide an extra level of security and integrate seamlessly into any décor.

Chrome door handles usually have a polished chrome finish, which gives them a versatile style that blends into any room design. They do better with internal door handles than external ones.

Antique brass and Carlisle Brass door handles have traditional designs that add warmth and luxury to any room. Also, don't forget that brass has a natural property that sterilises bacteria.

Aluminium handles have a brushed or polished finish, are sturdy, and give off this engineered style that adds a soft feel to any design.

Black door handles are suitable for monochrome spaces as they add a rustic charm you can't ignore. They mostly have matt black finishing, which makes them suitable for traditional designs with doors made from solid wood.

Nickel door handles with satin nickel finishes come off real good in modern homes. Their properties are almost similar to that of stainless steel door handles as they add a homey feel to any design.

3. Door thickness

If you have a weighty and extra thick door, you need a sturdy handle to handle frequent use. There are different door dimensions. So, if you are not sure of the one to buy, make enquiries to the manufacturer.

4. Types of door locks

While there are various types and styles of door grips, you need to consider their door locks as well for security purposes. Take a look at the following types of locks.

Euro Cylinder, which includes a single cylinder and double cylinder. These feature spring-loaded pins that require a key for locking and unlocking them. The single-cylinder single-cylinder is ideal for use in places where you want to prevent anyone from being able to lock the door from inside without the key. A double cylinder can be operated with keys on both sides.

Mortice lock is one of the most secure forms of locks in residential hardware that requires a pocket to be cut on the edge of the door to fit it. Its locking system is inside the door, making it secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Thumbturns are the common bathroom locks because of their privacy locking mechanism, which cannot be opened from another end without the key. In case of emergency, a coin release can be used to open it from the side without the key.

Deadbolts are commonly paired with door knobs and are ideal for external doors because they have extra strength, thus preventing unwanted entry. They have a unique locking device built into the bolt that can't be forced back into the door, making it difficult to open without a key.

Door latch keeps the door in place when closed by connecting it to a pre-cut hole that fits the latch itself. It is designed to be closed without hassle one way by simply pushing on the door.

Multi-point lock requires you to lift them before turning the key, and they lock at multiple points just with a single turn of the key— typically the top, middle and bottom. Its extra bolts bring additional security because it takes more force to break through a door that is locked at three different points.

Sash lock has a deadbolt that locks when the key is turned and a latch that does not require locking. This means you can keep your door closed even without locking it with a key.

5. Safety features

Part of why you are buying door grip is for privacy and safety reasons. So, ensure that you get door grip that provides the level of protection you need, whether it is against the primary or secondary methods of attack. Whichever style or type you choose should be highly secured and safe, especially for the exterior doors

Can you install a handle for your door by yourself?

Yes, as the installation is simple if you are into DIY and you have the right tools. You can easily follow the instructions on the installation guide that comes with the package. It is as simple as changing the locks yourself! But, if you are not so much of a handyman, you can always get a professional locksmith to get it done for you.

Door knobs VS door levers: Which one is better?

Choosing between door knobs and door levers depends on your style or preference, as each of them comes with a variety of options to select from.

Door knobs add an attractive ambience to your home, giving it some traditional and antique vibes. But, they are not the easiest to use because they require strength and are tricky to operate. On the other hand, door levers are easy to operate by anyone because it provides a better grip for different levels of dexterity and strength. So, if you have kids or someone with a weak grip in your home or the space where you want to install one, this will make a better option. Whether you opt for a door knob or lever, ensure that it’s convenient for your household.

How much should you spend on door handles?

Door furniture is an investment and should be treated as such since you will use them often. Check out the price range below for both affordable and high-end options before you make a budget.

  • Affordable 

Most of the affordable options do not feature escutcheons and are not lockable. Nonetheless, you can get sturdy contemporary handles in satin nickel, matt black, satin chrome, stainless steel or satin chrome from £5 to £30.

  • High-end

With the price ranging from £30 to £100, you can get high-quality and luxury handles and knobs in various styles and finishing.


Buying a handle can be tricky because of the many options you have. But you can narrow down your choice by selecting the features and functions that are most important to you. With our complete buying guide, you get the necessary information to pick the best door handle for your home! So, are you ready to upgrade your doors’ look? Nothing can freshen up the place better than a stylish new handle and a doormat

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