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Best 10 Digital Thermometers

As Of July 2022

During these mysterious times, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Scary as it is, it’s ideal that we all keep watch of our health, including keeping an eye on our fever levels. This, of course, requires us to have a reliable tool. A digital thermometer will help you do this. Not only for the difficult times that we’re going through but for your general health as well.
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1 Femometer Non-Contact digital thermometer on a white background

Femometer Non-Contact

Colour Change And Alarm
4.9 /5

Non-Contact Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Forehead, 35.5℃- 42℃ (95.9℉- 107.6℉)

  • Get super fast results just in a second that are always reliable
  • A memory recall feature that will keep the last 10 readings
  • Fever alert feature that shows different temperature rates
  • Simple design makes it perfect for everyone
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3 LPOW HTD8813 digital thermometer on a white background


Fast Reading Time
4.8 /5

Non-Contact Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Forehead, 34℃ - 42.9℃ (93.2°F - 109.2°F)

  • Fast reading time of 1 second with different colours depending on temperature
  • One of the safest options as it needs no contact at all
  • Memory function that stores up to 50 past readings for better tracking
  • The big LCD display makes it easy for you to read
4 Femometer digital thermometer on a white background


Auto Display
4.7 /5

Probe, ℃ and ℉, Oral, Rectal and Axillary, 32℃- 42.9℃ (90℉- 109.9℉)

  • Auto display function shows the previous temperature after turning it on
  • Wide usage range on people of all ages and on your pets
  • A quick-release time of the temperature reading in 20 seconds
  • Waterproof design for easier and better cleaning after use
5 TPZ digital thermometer on a white background


Up to 5 cm Gap
4.7 /5

Non-Contact Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Forehead, 32℃ - 43℃ (89.6°F - 109.4°F)

  • It stores your last 50 measurements to compare body temperature
  • Colour coded screen display with a nightlight for better reading when it’s dark
  • An auto-shutoff function saves your battery
  • Has a fever notification alert that informs you right away
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6 Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Digital Thermometer on white background

Braun No Touch Plus Forehead Digital Thermometer

4.7 /5

Non-Contact Infrared, ℃, Forehead, 32℃- 42.9℃

  • Super easy for you to use thanks to the user-friendly design
  • Don't spend time wondering as it shows results in 2 seconds
  • Check your baby's temperature even while it's sleeping as it's no-touch
  • Stay alert about fevers with its colour-coded guide system
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2 KKmier Infrared Digital Ear & Forehead Thermometer on white background

KKmier Infrared Digital Ear & Forehead Thermometer

Auto Power
4.8 /5

Non-Contact, ℃ and ℉, Forehead, Ear 32℃ - 42.9℃ (89.6°F - 109.2°F)

  • Keep your last 40 readings and monitor your temperature
  • Fever alarm colours will alert you in case the temperatures are at a high level
  • You can also take the temperature of objects like water and food
  • Get accurate and reliable results in seconds
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7 Femometer DMT-102 digital thermometer on a white background

Femometer DMT-102

Perfect For All Ages
4.6 /5

Probe, ℃ and ℉, Oral, Rectal and Axillary, 32℃- 42.9℃ (89.6℉- 109.2℉)

  • Very accurate results with high precision
  • Takes about a minute to show you the results
  • Perfect for all ages, from babies to adults
  • Last memory recall helps you keep track of the fever
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8 AGM Thermometer digital on a white background

AGM Thermometer

Large Data Storage Memory
4.6 /5

Non-Contact Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Forehead, 32℃ - 42.9℃ (89.6°F - 109.2°F)

  • Large data storage memory of the last temperatures tests of up to 32
  • An LED screen and light for effective testing and reading in the dark
  • An effective measuring distance of 1 to 5 cm for effective results
  • Fast reading time of up to 1 second
8 LPOW Thermometer on white background

LPOW Thermometer

Large Data Storage Memory
4.6 /5

Non-Contact Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Forehead, 32℃ - 42.9℃ (89.6°F - 109.2°F)

  • Store up to 35 data sets & return to the last measurement conveniently
  • Know your temperature faster with the green, yellow & red colours
  • Take readings even when your little one is asleep with the mute mode
  • Conserve its battery life with the automatic shutoff
8 PIVOT Thermometer on white background

PIVOT Thermometer

Large Data Storage Memory
4.6 /5

Non-Contact Infrared, ℃ and ℉, Forehead, 32℃ - 42.9℃ (89.6°F - 109.2°F)

  • Check temperatures instantly as it has a 1 second reading
  • Use it for body temperature, food, room & surface checks
  • Get results faster with the colour-coded backlit LED
  • Keep the baby asleep as it has a mute mode

May we Take your Temperature?

One way to keep track of your health is by tracking your body temperature. What better way to do it than with a digital thermometer? Long gone are the days when we had to rely on the old traditional ones that were too hard to read. Having a home thermometer simplifies the matters and lets you be always aware of your health.

With it, you can keep daily tabs on your temperature readings. Most digital thermometers in the market currently have a memory function and will keep the last 9 to 50 readings, depending on the model. Isn’t that way easier than manual recording?

Why give Digital Thermometers a Chance?

A home thermometer is what you need to keep paranoia away during these times. And even after this, it will still be useful when it comes to tracking your hourly or daily temperatures whether you are healthy or sick. Others are even built for fertility purposes.

If you want to keep track of your fertility, your family’s body temperatures, your pet’s health or even the temperatures of objects like baby food and bathing water, the more reasons for you to buy a digital thermometer. It’s a great tool that every household and family should have. Don’t risk it!

What Should You Look for When Buying a Digital Thermometer?

There are numerous digital thermometers you can buy online. So many features to consider! Where do you start? How will you know the kind of digital thermometer that will suit you, your baby, or other family members? As usual, shopping for any product is not an easy feat, but we’re here to walk the journey with you. The most important feature to think about is the point of measurement.

Forehead thermometer and infrared and has no contact. These are the most hygienic options since you can use them on many people at once without worrying whether you cleaned them right. They are also the quickest to read, usually displaying the results in a second or so. The downside is that the results are not as accurate as when you take the temperature orally.

Oral thermometers go under the tongue. While they are easy to use, the results are not always precise. You will need to clean the thermometer thoroughly for hygiene concerns. 

Ear thermometers go through the ear canal and mostly come with disposable probe covers. It ensures the probe is clean and does not contain wax from previous readings. It’s an easy and fast way to take temperature, and also reliable. One also needs to be extremely careful, especially if you are dealing with an individual with sensitive ears.

Axillary thermometers are also easy to use. These go under the armpit. It’s not the most reliable method, especially when used on adults. And we know that this doesn’t sound very appealing but the armpits have a little bit of hair, this tends to distort the temperature.

Always Think About...

  • The measurement point of the thermometer. You can measure temperature orally, by pointing at someone's forehead, by ear, or axillary (under the arm). Depending on the type of thermometer, one point of measurement will be applicable to the others. Some thermometers, however, have multiple measurement points.
  • Type of the thermometer, which will also determine the point of measurement. There are two types of thermometers, an electronic or digital model and an analogue glass model. The digital model can either be a non-contact, infrared thermometer, or probe. Probe thermometers have points of measurement like in-ear, axillary, and oral, while non-contact thermometers have the forehead as a point of measurement. 
  • The display speed determines how fast the thermometer reads one's temperature. Digital thermometers have a faster speed than the analogue ones. Digital thermometers have a display speed of 1 second to a few minutes depending on the model. The infrared models have a faster speed of 1-5 seconds, while the probe thermometers take longer, up to 3 minutes.

Now more than ever there is a need for everyone to have a working and reliable thermometer at home. It is the safest way to keep tabs of your own and your family's temperature rather than rushing to the ER every time you “feel” that you have a fever. Go over the major features, consider your preferred measurement point and any hygiene concerns you may have. After that, you can consider our recommendations and get yourself the perfect digital thermometer.

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