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Best 10 Digital Bathroom Scales

As Of June 2022

How do you expect to achieve your optimal health goals if you do not track your progress? After all, health is the most valuable good. Whether you’re a technology enthusiast or an old-time classic kind of person, you can find a variety of digital bathroom scales here. Let us help you pick the best one for you. Start your health journey & achieve your weight goals today!

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1 RENPHO Body Fat Scale on white background

RENPHO Body Fat Scale

Progress on your phone
4.9 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Keep a detailed view of your fitness regimen as it syncs with other apps too
  • Know yourself better with the 13 body measurement features
  • Save money as it can hold an unlimited number of user data
  • No unpleasant decor in your bathroom with the sleek black colour
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2 RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scales on white background

RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale

Safety Design
4.8 /5

Ideal for Minimalist Design

  • Achieve your weight goals & get healthier by tracking your progress with precision
  • Save energy & money with the auto on/off function
  • Easy to read anytime from any angle thanks to its LED display
  • Stay safe & stable due to its round corners & anti-slip padding
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3 Eono Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale on white background

Eono Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Comfortable large platform
4.7 /5

Top Pick for Tempered Glass

  • Trust the body-weighing results as it delivers a 0.1kg accuracy level
  • Conserve battery life thanks to the automatic shut-off
  • Keep it for years to come as it’s made of durable & resistant materials
  • Have peace of mind of its quality with the 15-year warranty
4 Vitafit Digital Scale on white background

Vitafit Digital Scale

Private Individual Stats
4.7 /5

Ideal for Hard Floors

  • Step up your health game thanks to its high precision weighing sensors
  • Read clearly the indications thanks to its large LCD display
  • Save energy as it shuts off automatically seconds after showing your weight
  • Share it with others comfortably thanks to the spacious platform
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5 Salter Eco Power Digital Bathroom Scale on white background

Salter Eco Power Digital Bathroom Scale

Works with Alexa
4.6 /5

Best Eco-Friendly Choice

  • Declutter your drawers from batteries as it works without any
  • Fit it neatly under cabinets or behind the door with the compact design
  • Too confused by kg & prefer st or lbs instead? It has a simple toggle switch
  • Stress-free to cover repair needs with its 15-year warranty
9 HomeFashion Electronic Bathroom Scale on white background

HomeFashion Digital Electronic Bathroom Scale

Old-Style Digital Scale
4.3 /5

Top Pick for Dark Environments

  • Simple with the old-style tap on, ideal for anyone looking to buy a scale
  • No-fuss, no muss, keep track of your weight & aim for a healthier version of you
  • Kickstart your fitness journey thanks to the 180kg capacity
  • See clearly in the night with the blue backlit LCD
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6 Active Era® Smart Body Fat Scale on white background

Active Era® Smart Body Fat Scale

Connects to Fitbit App
4.5 /5

Best Choice for Weight Loss

  • Chart your progress hassle-free with the smartphone app
  • Understand your body better thanks to the 15 measuring metrics
  • Have friends staying overnight? It even has a guest mode
  • Perfect for fitness studios thanks to the unlimited user accounts with up to 24 profiles each
Smart scale product ribbon
8 Salter Compact Digital Bathroom Scale on white background

Salter Compact Digital Bathroom Scale

Unlimited User Profiles
4.4 /5

Ieal for Non-Slip

  • Receive your readings in a heartbeat without waiting for calibration
  • Switch from metric to imperial units to your liking via the toggle underneath
  • Store it out of plain sight when not in use as it’s small yet robust
  • Prevent injuries with its non-slip toughened glass material
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7 Withings Wi-Fi Body Composition Smart Scale on white background

Withings Wi-Fi Body Composition Smart Scale

Compatibility with multiple Apps
4.4 /5

Top Pick for Families

  • Log & access your personal info effortlessly as it holds up to 8 users’ data at once
  • Use it even to weigh your newborn thanks to the baby mode
  • Get a detailed health overview via the app on body fat, muscle mass & BMI
  • Sync it to your smartwatch & phone with the Bluetooth & WiFi
10 FitTrack Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale on white background

FitTrack Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Easy switch between metric & imperial
4.3 /5

Best Choice for Athletes

  • Stay fit with its 17 health factors including protein rate, metabolic age & more
  • Make better choices as its 4 sensors give you a full analysis
  • Plan effective workouts too with the app’s personalised programmes
  • Blends well with the rest of the room thanks to the subtle white
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Hello, Slim You! Your Healthy Life Starts With A Digital Bathroom Scale

Are you looking for a reliable scale to be your partner in your fitness journey? Is your weight loss adventure starting soon, and you’re searching for one of the best digital bathroom scales in the market? Whether you want a backlit LCD scale or a more high-tech smart scale, we’ve rounded up the best picks available out there. Now’s the time to say goodbye to persistent belly fat and reintroduce your slim self to the world in confidence!

After all, when thinking of bathroom essentials, besides a shower head, toilet seat, bath mat and bathroom extractor fan, a scale is a must-have accessory that you use daily. Want to learn more about the features to consider in a digital bathroom scale? We’ve got you covered below!

  • Type: The two most common types of digital bathroom scales are the ones with electronic values and the smart models. Being digital doesn’t necessarily mean smart, so be aware. Also, check the scale’s body measurements. Choose the one that uses the measurements you are most comfortable with. Pounds or kilograms? Most have a converter that is easy to use, though it is important to check this feature before setting your heart on the one.
  • Functionality: Analyser scales are typically the smart ones. They are the most accurate ones, so check on the sensitivity and number of sensors. The more sensors with high sensitivity, the more accurate results. This way, you know how accurate the metrics are and on what level. Analyser scales have a wireless connection to smartphones and can analyse various body measurements, such as BMI, body fat, BMR (basal metabolic rate) and more.
  • Connectivity: One thing you might want to check regarding your scale is connectivity. Some connect with Bluetooth and others over WiFi with your smartphone or smartwatch. This way, you can sync your data and keep track of your progress. If you want one scale for all, another great feature is the multiple users with private profiles. Τhus, you can all keep your data synced and privately. Lastly, check about compatibility. Many are compatible with both iOS and Android software. Moreover, they allow you to have access and use multiple apps, such as Google Fit, Fitbit, Apple Health, Myfitnesspal, and more to monitor your fitness & diet progress.
  • Design: Most have a minimalist design, making them a stylish addition to your bathroom. Check for the platform size so it can be comfortable for all family members to use but also easy to carry around and store. One more thing to look for is the round edges. This way, you will put an end to all those toe accidents that turned a scale moment into a cry for help. 
  • Battery Life: Check the type of battery the scale requires and their number. Some scales might ask for three or more AAA batteries but can last up to 18 months without change. It is essential to look at how long the batteries last and how easy it is to get these batteries. Also, to save energy and battery life, look for options with an automatic on/off operation.

Choosing the best digital bathroom scale for you was challenging up to this point. Being healthy is important, so the more indications we can measure, the better. Put your fitness and health back on track with weekly weigh-ins and accurate body composition measurements. Get better, feel better and make weight loss a piece of cake. Change your game to change your life! It’s in your hand. Get yours now!

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