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Best 10 Desk Fans

As Of July 2022

Do you want to stay indoors in the summer without breaking a sweat? Fans are a must-have household cooler. And there are many types with different speeds. They are an energy-efficient & popular portable fan. People prefer these because they can carry them across locations.Another cool feature is that they oscillate too. If you want to get one for yourself this summer, we’ve got the best ones here!
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1 Honeywell HT900EV1 Turbo Fan on white background

Honeywell Turbo Fan

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Compact & space-saving as it has a wall mount feature
  • Adjust the flow to your preference with the three-speed powerful motor
  • Quiet functioning even when you’re sleeping with its noiseless fan
  • Convenient full-angled coverage with a 90-degree pivot
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2 Dyson AM06 Desk Fan on white background


4.7 /5

Top Pick for Bladeless

  • Powerful airflow thanks to the air multiplier technology
  • Safe & easy to clean as it does not have blades
  • Use it when sleeping as it’s backed by night & sleep mode
  • Effortless operation without standing up thanks to the included remote control
3 VersionTECH. Hand Held Fan on white background


4.6 /5

Top Foldable Pick

  • Versatile to charge on your laptop or power bank with the USB port
  • Reduces energy loss thanks to the conversion circuitry
  • Enhanced durability backed by the brushless motor
  • Effortless three-speed angle adjustment thanks to the metal hook
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4 Meaco Desk Fan on top of a side table in a home office


4.5 /5

Ideal for Remote Control Operation

  • Adjust the speed through the convenient touch control
  • Circulates air around the room due to its multi-directional oscillation
  • Lightweight & portable thanks to the faux leather carry handle
  • Hassle-free automatic power-off as it has a timer
5 HONEYWELL HT904 Turbo Fan on white background

HONEYWELL Turbo Fan White

4.5 /5

Ideal Fan for Improved Air Circulation

  • Compact & adaptable to use as a table fan or wall-mounted fan
  • Sleep like a baby as it has a close-to-no-noise operation
  • Comfortable to cool off in any season with the custom speeds
  • Keep everyone in the room cool as it has a 90-degree tilting head
6 Pro Breeze Clip Desk Fan on white background

Pro Breeze™ Mini Desk Fan

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Maximum Tilt Angle

  • Easy to change direction backed by 360° rotatable hinge
  • Safe to keep around kids with advanced protection thanks to the mesh grill
  • Mount it on any surface as it has a strong clip attachment
  • No-strain transportation due to its compact & small size
7 Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan on white background

Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Aesthetics

  • Match to all your cooling needs from the highest speed to low-speed operation
  • No disturbance while sleeping due to its whisper-quiet technology
  • Large-scale cooling supported by 35° oscillation angle
  • User-friendly control thanks to touch buttons
8 Igenix Portable Desk Fan on top of a desk beside decorative office supplies


4.5 /5

Top Choice for Safe Operation

  • Use it while working in the office as it is super quiet
  • Target specific body areas with the adjustable tilt head
  • Ensures utmost safety and accident-free usage thanks to the mesh grill
  • Adjust the speed as per your need with its three-speed settings
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9 TAECCL Stroller Fan on white background

TAECCL Stroller Fan

4.5 /5

Ideal for Tripod

  • Adjust it to your liking as it comes with 3-speed settings
  • Forget it's even on thanks to its low-noise operation
  • Bring it to the office worry-free with its 8-hour battery runtime
  • Add a quirky touch to your desk space with the jellyfish design
popular choice ribbon
10 TAECCL Desk Fan on white background


4.5 /5

Ideal Fan for Camping

  • Hang it anywhere thanks to the unique hook design
  • No extra batteries required as you can charge it with a USB cable
  • Perfect to use at night with its shimmering LED light
  • Superior air in the room as it has a 360-degree rotating design

Have a Peaceful Sleep At Night With the Best Desk Fans

What keeps us comfy in the summers? It’s the cool air coming from the tower fans and air conditioners. Using an air conditioning unit every time can add up your electricity bills. To avoid hefty bills, you can use desk fans because they use less energy. They also provide enough cooling for a comfortable lounge. These fans might be small in size like their little siblings the hand fans, but they can work well to give you a solid breeze in the hot summer months.

Investing in a good-quality fan provides you with the assurance that your purchase is top-notch. Although you will find multiple brands offering their products online, the ones that come with an assured warranty should be on your checklist. Besides a warranty, there are other factors that you should look up too. Here we will guide you in the best way to choose an excellent model that cools your whole room.

What is a Desk Fan?

It is typically small in size, and you can carry or place it anywhere. The best part about them is that you can place them on the top of a desk without even taking too much space. You will find the quietest models in schools and offices during the hot months as they provide a cost-effective cooling solution compared to air conditioning.

Some are stationary, while others come with a rotating grille or swivelling head that creates an oscillation effect. This effect is quite similar to most of the larger floor fans but comes in a much smaller size. Several variations in size, function and power source make them an ideal solution for most schools or workspaces.

How do they work?

The cooling mechanism used in a fan is straightforward yet innovative. The spinning blades move the air to channel it in a particular direction. Unlike air conditioners that remove humidity and warm air, the desktop fan achieves a wind-chill effect. It makes you feel cooler with evaporative cooling.

Fans cool the human body rather than the entire room itself with multiple flow settings. So, using them in situations where you might feel hot even if the room is technically cold would be the right thing to do. They are basically useful in spaces where people prefer different temperature settings, such as offices or large households. The operation differs between the various types. There are three types with varying rotations.

Axial Fans

Most of the fan’s cooling power comes from the blades in it. Factors such as the number of blades, length of blades, angle of orientation and number of revolutions per minute are important. These help in deciding the effectiveness of the air’s circulation in the room.

The majority of the residential, water damage restoration and industrial fans use the axial blade configuration. This means that the blades face the same direction as the flow they create.

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal cooling fan design is the opposite of the axial configuration. In this, the blades face 90 degrees in the direction of the airflow they create. The centrifugal fans create higher pressure than the fans with axial configuration, so these are best to use for drying purposes.

Bladeless Fans

You might think that bladeless fans do not have blades, but they are placed in the unit’s base where they do not appear. Moreover, the air intake valve is also in the base of the fan. Once the air sucks up into the fan’s hollow circular part, it exits through the slit in the circular tube.

The extra air surrounding the device draws inside and creates a strong breeze to multiply the air. The conventional fans chop the air because the blades do not have regular coverage over airflow. The cooling quality of this type is comparatively higher because of their smooth air movement.

Why do you need a Desk Fan?

There are multiple reasons that investing in this fan type can add value to your space. Here are some of the major benefits for which you should purchase one if you're looking for an alternative to pedestal fans.

Improves Air Circulation

Sometimes working on a desk can be suffocating as your fan cannot circulate the entire room’s air. Thus, adding a fan on the desk would be better. These fans also work as air purifiers for you, so you’ll be relieved to breathe in good quality air.

Versatile Use

One of the best things about using this fan type is that it serves multiple purposes. It will work for almost every location of your house. Be it the kitchen, drawing room, home office or bedroom. You can use this handy small fan to refrigerate hot food such as handmade pasta. The use is not only limited to food, but it can also dry the wet paint on your accessories.

Uses Less Space

The portable, oscillating fans are smaller than many other fans that are available in the market. You can keep it on the edge of the table or nightstand and use the table at the same time. Sometimes it doesn’t even require the table corner as you can fix it to the table’s side with a stand.

What to look for when buying a Desk Fan

A good quality desk fan has multiple features that you should not overlook when making a decision. That’s because ignoring them would make you purchase a product that may not be worth the cost or fit your needs. For that reason, we have compiled a list of features that you should look for when purchasing your own.

1. Fan Power

The power with which your fan rotates matters to provide you with a sigh of relief and cold air. The power is usually determined by two factors that are the size of the fan and fan speed. Generally, these handy fans have 3-speeds that allow you to adjust the fan’s speed at your convenience. Those speeds are low, medium and high.

Some fans might have more speeds, and this may depend on the manufacturer. So, make up your mind about what fan power would work best for you.

2. Operation Type

Most of the desktop fans are battery-operated, but some of them are cable operated as well. Therefore, you should look for the one that suits your needs.

If you want to carry it outside your house, then consider purchasing the battery-operated or a cordless one as it has a rechargeable battery, and you can charge it even with a power bank. Also, the battery-operated fans’ noise levels are lower than the ones operated through a cable or direct power. A corded will be best if you want to use it indoors.

3. Safety

Safety should be your utmost priority, and you should not compromise with it. When possible, purchase the personal fan that comes with a safety mesh grill. It covers the fans, and you would not have to worry about them dropping on your face while sleeping. Other than this, you can go for the bladeless one because it will provide you with exceptional cooling without even keeping your safety at stake. Bladeless is a great option if you have kids in the house too.

4. Material

Unlike tower fans that take up too much space, tabletop fans are practical and compact. You can purchase a plastic fan to use without any worry as they last long. You can choose to buy fans made from other materials such as aluminium, steel and brass. But, they may rust or dull with time. However, the metal fans are better in terms of strength. Pick according to your budget and wants. Plastic is more affordable, but aluminium is more elegant.

5. Price

You can’t overlook the price tag of the product as it is the most important factor. Picking a budget-friendly option will save your costs on energy bills. You should better know about the different price ranges before making your final call.

The estimated price range for a good-quality quiet fan is between £15 to £250. This price range can exceed the mentioned number depending on the features and brands.

6. Customisation Factors

Your go-to checklist is not complete with just these factors. Keeping an eye on additional factors will help you get a better deal. Here are some of the customisable factors you should look for when purchasing one.

  • Timer: Sometimes, you don’t need a fan over the entire night; you might want it for a few hours only. Waking up again to turn the fan off can be a bit of a hassle. So, look for an option with features such as a sleep timer that switches off the fan after a specific time period.
  • LED Lights: During the night, we all want a bit of light to sleep. Many have LED lights on the base that light up when using the fan for cooling.
  • Remote Control: Having a remote-controlled fan brings in a lot of comfort and convenience. You can chill on the bed and control the fan at a distance without having to stand up.
  • Rotatable Fan Head: It would be better to purchase a fan that has a rotating head. It can help you enjoy the cool air from different angles and improve circulation too. Oscillation is important to avoid catching a cold too from constant air hitting your back or face.

What is the quietest model?

One of the reasons these fans are in demand is their low noise. Most of them have low or minimal noise that does not bother anyone. If you are looking for the most silent choices, go for the ones that come with turbo fan mode.

It helps you in cooling your whole room without creating a fussy noise. Some fans use whisper-quiet technology that prevents them from making noise. The motor, blade design and technology used plays an important role in the noise factor. From the above list, the Honeywell fans are known to be as close to noiseless as possible.

How long do they last?

The lifetime varies from brand to brand and model to model. Also, its use and other factors play an important role in deciding its lifetime. The average lifespan is around three years if you handle them with care. But, this time can increase or decrease depending on the fan’s wear and tear.

A proper care routine should include cleaning the blades. Maintaining the motor and power source in good shape is also critical. The electric-powered fans tend to last longer than the normal ones as they do not need regular charging to prevent the heatwave from obstructing your sleep.

Tips on how to maintain a desk fan

Desk fans need low maintenance in comparison to other electric-powered devices. But this does not mean you can ignore their maintenance. To ensure that your fan lasts for years, you need to take proper care following the tips below.


The dust particles accumulate over the surface of the fan body and its blades over time. So, you need to clean them using a soft cloth gently. Do not apply too much force on the fan blades as they are sensitive. Applying too much force can bend them, which will surely affect your air circulator’s functionality. So, try to use a soft cloth with gentle hands for cleaning.


In terms of portability, you can carry them anytime by packing them in a bag. If you want to use them for a long period, you should assemble their parts in the right manner. Also, make sure you are handling the assembly process with care, as a small mistake can damage the fan for the rest of its life. It is better to look for help from someone experienced before you try your hands on it.


The best way to increase the lifespan is to keep it away from the reach of children and pets. That's because they are more likely to drop your fan on the floor, resulting in damage. Also, you need to use it carefully while sleeping and keep it at a safe distance so that you don’t push it down the table. The best way to avoid this is using wall mounted fans as they will provide better cooling and functionality.

How much do they cost?

There is a vast price range with a good-quality choice to match all pockets. The price can increase depending on your personal choice. You should spend according to your budget and ensure that you are purchasing the most reliable product.

Affordable Choice

For an affordable price, you can find decent models that will have the basic features everyone needs. For as little as £15-40, there are many mini and portable options available. You will find the standard three modes of low, medium and high for speed settings and some oscillating features. Their one drawback is that they might produce more noise than higher-end options.

High-End Choice

A more expensive option will give you more features to pick from and better air ventilation in the room. There are choices that range from £50-200 that have multiple speed settings. They also have low-noise operation blades and larger oscillation angles. Within this price range, you will also find neat bladeless choices that brands consider a high-end alternative to the standard bladed one.

Compromising on the quality of the product over the price is something that we don’t recommend. But, with a bit of research, you can purchase the best desk fan for you.


Getting yourself ready for the summers isn’t complete without a desk fan on your list. You should look for the best quality products that are available out there. We are positive that our buying guide can give you the top choices. We have compiled a detailed list of products that you can consider purchasing.

Take some time to review the options available. Always have a soft breeze on the comfort of your tabletop. Pack your desk fan up and take it with you to the office or on your next trip. No hot and humid weather is going to stand in the way of your plans. Ready to make a choice? Let’s get shopping!

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