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Best 10 Cross Trainers

As Of July 2022

Do you want to get fit? Time to add some cardio workout in your daily routine! All you need to do is find the right exercise equipment. And guess what? The best cross trainers are here for you! No matter your fitness level, motivation is all you’re going to need. Your body, your pace! Take it one step at a time and you’re going to enjoy this.
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XS Sports Luna Pro

Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike
4.8 /5

Best Overall Cross Trainer

  • 2-in-1 for both cross trainer and exercise bike workouts
  • Adjustable resistance suits your fitness level and helps track your progress
  • Great design with extra-wide pedals enhances safety
  • 2 front wheels make it super easy to move it around as you like
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2 JLL CT300 cross trainer on a white background


Extremely Quiet
4.7 /5

#2 Best Cross Trainer

  • Silent magnetic resistance makes workouts more relaxing and easy
  • LCD display monitors all your progress and metrics and keeps you posted
  • You can move it around pretty easily thanks to its wheels
  • Pedal forwards and backwards and have a full-body workout
3 JLL CT200 cross trainer on a white background


Lightweight Yet Stable
4.7 /5

Best For Beginners

  • A lightweight yet very stable construction that you can move easily
  • 8 different levels of resistance will be ideal to suit your needs
  • A great choice for beginners that haven’t used one in the past
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty so you can rest assured
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4 Dripex Cross Trainer on a white background

Dripex Cross Trainer

Easily Stored
4.6 /5

Easy Storage & Transport

  • Anti-slip pedals and heavy-duty construction make it extra safe
  • Comfortable workouts with smooth movements that stay challenging
  • Extremely easy to move around & store with a compact design
  • A great option if you want to have full-body workouts in one go
5 JTX Strider-X7 cross trainer on a white background

JTX Strider-X7

Extremely Good Touch Screen
4.6 /5

Best For All Fitness Levels

  • The large colour touch screen console gives you total control over your training
  • Perfect option for entry-level & experienced users with many resistance options
  • Quiet and smooth flywheel movement with amazing results
  • Comes with a 5-year frame warranty
6 XS Sports CT700 cross trainer on a white background

XS Sports CT700

Great Results With Comfort
4.6 /5

Safe & Sturdy Construction

  • Great full-body workout results no matter your fitness level
  • Made from high-quality materials that make it sturdy and safe
  • Check all your metrics on the LCD display and track your progress
  • Ergonomic wide arm support with heavy padding for comfort
7 Reebok GX40 cross trainer on a white background

Reebok GX40

Built-in Fitness Programs
4.5 /5

Best For Experienced Users

  • Built-in workout programs help you challenge yourself
  • Many levels of magnetic resistance help you improve at your own pace
  • Cushioned footplates & sweat-resistant handlebars for total comfort
  • Light enough for moving it around whenever you want
8 XS Sports Pro cross trainer on a white background

XS Sports Pro

Build To Last
4.5 /5

Best Budget Cross Trainer

  • You can use it both as a cross trainer and as an exercise bike
  • Great for both beginners and experienced users of different fitness levels
  • Strong construction that’s made to last for a lifetime
  • Train your legs, hips, arms and shoulders simultaneously
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9 ProForm Trainer 7.0 cross trainer on a white background

ProForm Trainer 7.0

Extra Large LCD Monitor
4.5 /5

Most Stable & Sturdy

  • With a large LCD display where you can see all your metrics like your heart rate
  • Super stable and sturdy design makes it extremely safe to use
  • Perfect for beginners that target on their cardio
  • Multiple handlebars for total comfort while training
10 Sportstech CX625 cross trainer on a white background

Sportstech CX625

Comes With A Lot Of Great Extras
4.4 /5

App & Extras For Optimum Results

  • Motivation comes easily with the 22 pre-installed programs
  • Event video and coaching through the app for optimum results
  • Great for all fitness levels and all kinds of users
  • Super easy to move around and store thanks to its compact design

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We will...we will… Work out!

Have you had enough of sitting all day and not having the energy to do all the things you love? Have you ever thought that our way of living affects our stamina and our mood in general? The thing is that if we don’t work out a couple of times every week, our bodies learn that they need less energy. Add unhealthy eating habits in the equation and there you have it. Someone who can’t do a thing without feeling tired.

So if you want to see the best version of yourself, all you need to do is make the first step. If you’re looking for a way to train your body and don’t know how to start, then this guide will take you there. The only thing you need is one of the best cross trainers in the market. You might have heard about them as elliptical trainers, elliptical machines or even elliptical cross trainers. One thing’s for sure! They are the ultimate way to have some cardio and train both your upper body and lower body at the same time. Want more of a challenge? How about aerobic steppers or weighted vests?

Home workouts have become more popular these past years because they have a lot of benefits. First of all, you don’t have to get out of the comfort of your home and drive to a gym. That way you can jump in the shower straight after your training. Cool, right? Also, you don’t need an expensive gym membership. You invest once and that’s it! Gym equipment for home use, like treadmills, steppers or punching bags, is something that you could get easily nowadays. Time to improve your cardiovascular activity, strengthen those muscle groups, enjoy weight loss and build your stamina.

If you’re a gym owner then you surely know the benefits of cardio. You probably find yourself among a couple of exercise machines every day. The best treadmills! The best rowing machines! The best recumbent exercise bikes! And of course… the best elliptical machines! If you don’t, then it’s time to get them. You might be looking for an upgrade when it comes to your cross trainer, so you can have everyone satisfied. You’re in the right place! Let’s have a look at all those things that you need to know before making a purchase.

Why Do I Need The Best Cross Trainer?

If you’re thinking about turning your place into a home gym then you’re on the right track. You can enjoy a couple of different exercises at your own pace. Just turn on your Bluetooth speaker, put on some good music, and turn a new page. The best elliptical trainers are the way to do it! Get lean, with strong muscles that not only make your look good but also feel good. No more getting tired while climbing up the stairs. Live your life to the fullest!

Sit-ups and push-ups might be good for some, but they’re not enough. You can’t have a complete workout without some cardio exercises. So why don’t you combine it with other muscle groups and see amazing results all over? You can find a million videos that can help you start and get into a nice program. Workouts help you avoid stress and other feelings that might get you down. Even your sleep schedule will improve from day one!

For gym owners out there, one thing is for sure. Wanting the best exercise machines and gym equipment for your clients is what makes you a professional. And you might feel a little overwhelmed with all these choices that pass before your eyes every day. So how can you be sure that you’d choose the best elliptical there is? If you take into consideration everything you see in this buying guide then you can’t go wrong. So stick with us!

What Benefits Does The Best Cross Trainer Have?

Elliptical machines have a lot of benefits. That’s why starting your home gym with the best elliptical should be your first move. Don’t believe it? Have a look!

  • As it’s mentioned above, one thing that everyone wants is weight loss. Reduce your body fat naturally and easily while toning up your muscles. That way you will see the best results. Add a healthy diet in the mix and there you have it.
  • The obvious muscle groups that you’re going to train is your lower body’s. Pedalling is an amazing way to tone your legs, hips and other parts. It’s a fact though that cross trainers help you tone your upper body as well and at the same time. Grab those handlebars and move them against the resistance to achieve all your fitness goals.
  • Afraid of injuries? Hardcore workouts and interval training are the kryptonite of the knees. With an elliptical machine, there’s no need to worry anymore. They provide low-impact training so you won’t strain any sensitive area at all.
  • Now… (insert “under pressure” from Queen) are you feeling a little bit stressed? Maybe anxious about your job? Then a great workout can help you release all this tension. Free your mind! By loosening up your mind, you’ll loosen up your body as well. Leave back and neck pain in the past!
  • Tripping over all the time? Feeling a little bit unstable while walking? Poor balance is common among people. The best elliptical machine will help you achieve a new level of balance. Place both your soles on the ground and seize the day!

What Type Of Elliptical Cross Trainer Suits You?

Elliptical trainers can be found in different forms and with different features. Not every type is good enough for everyone. So, take a look and see which type suits you best!

Manual Cross Trainer

As you can imagine, a manual elliptical trainer is powered only by your movements. That being said, the resistance can’t be adjusted on an LCD, which is quite a luxury sometimes! There’s a dial that you can turn around manually and find the best magnetic resistance based on your needs. They don’t have all the latest features, and they’re pretty basic, that’s why you can find them on a low price tag.

Electric Cross Trainer

Electric elliptical machines have a big advantage compared to manual ones. There’s a display right in front of you that helps you adjust your workout however you like pretty easily. You press a button and voila! No need to lose your flow if you’re in the zone!

Front-Drive Cross Trainer

Elliptical trainers with a front-drive setup, have their flywheel at the front of the machine. Just ahead of the pedals. Their design is quite compact, which makes them a great option for those who want to have home workouts quite often. Their construction helps them have better balance than rear-drive ones, and beginners tend to buy them more because of their safety. When it comes to how you feel while training? Let’s say that it’s like climbing stairs!

Rear-Drive Cross Trainer

The exact opposite of front-drive cross trainers. Rear-drive elliptical machines have their flywheel behind the pedals. For some reason, they tend to be more expensive even though they are bigger and not so easily used in small homes. You have the ability to adjust the stride length to suit your height for the best user experience, which is great. It feels like jogging or walking!

2-In-1 Cross Trainer/Exercise Bike

Let’s talk about the “transformer” among them! A 2-in-1 cross trainer can turn into…(drum roll please) an exercise bike! Say what? Now you can have both! All you need to do is lower the height of the seat and done. Simple, right? Imagine all the home workouts you can have. And also, think about all the money you’ll save by buying two different exercise machines at the same time.

What Makes The Best Cross Trainer?

So, what are the key features of the best elliptical trainer out there? They’re quite a lot! But fortunately, you can find them all here so you won’t miss an important one. Let’s have a look!

  • Levels Of Resistance

Just like most exercise machines, elliptical trainers have also different levels of resistance. The higher you set it, the harder it gets to move the pedals. Depending on the price range, you’re going to see a couple of choices out there. High-end cross trainers usually have more levels than cheap ones. A home elliptical doesn’t have to have an extreme amount of levels, but when it comes to gym equipment it’s good to have everyone covered.

  • Motion Handles & Safety Handles

Cross trainers come with two sets of handles. The first pair, known as safety handles, are stable and don’t move. They offer you stability when using your elliptical machine at higher speeds. Heart rate monitors are placed on them so you can check your pulse rate while working out while staying safe. 

The second pair of handles, known as motion handles, are the ones that move along with the pedals. If you hold on to them while training, your upper body will get in the game as well. Tone your arm and leg muscles at the same time.

  • Stride Lenght

The best elliptical cross trainers will often mention their stride length. And that’s because it plays a major role in your home workouts. Longer stride length means tougher workouts. More experienced users find it very important because it affects their progress. Choose one that has an adjustable stride so you can suit your fitness level as you progress.

  • Information Console

Another feature that you might have seen on other exercise machines as well. Elliptical trainers have LCD displays of different kinds, where all the information appears. That means, feedback on time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate monitor. Some of them (the high-end ones) let you adjust the magnetic resistance or start a pre-set program. Take it one step ahead and get one with a large touchscreen. How cool is that? Some of them have also a tablet holder next to the console so you can watch your favourite series and movies while working out.

  • Heart Rate Monitor & Chest Strap

Grabbing the safety handlebars can paint you a clear picture of your pulse in real-time while having a workout. But if you want to have more detail without errors, you could always get a chest strap. What’s that? Exactly that! It’s a strap that you wrap around your chest while training. It monitors your pulse via electrical signals and sends all the data to a connected device like your smartphone. Via Bluetooth most of the time. Your vitals are essential for your well-being, so always keep track of them.

  • Warranty

Not a key feature exactly, but very important no matter what, is the warranty. There are many products out there that aren’t build to last. Unfortunately, for someone with no experience when it comes to gym equipment, it’s easy to fall in that trap. Make sure that you choose a high-quality elliptical machine with a warranty that could make you feel safe about your purchase.

How Much Do The Best Elliptical Cross Trainer Cost?

Price range is something that always plays a big role when buying something. Cheap is not always good! So, the first thing you need to do is narrowing down the features that you would like. Let’s see what are your options!

Cheap Cross Trainers

The most affordable products in the market will come with basic features. Most of them don’t have an information console or incline support. Plus, if you want to connect it to your smartphone you won’t be able to. You can find them for a hundred pounds which seems like a great price. Always have in mind that they tend to be unstable at high speeds.

Mid-Range Cross Trainers

For a couple of hundred pounds, you can get a more than decent home elliptical. Check your information console for your metrics. Speed, time, duration and burnt calories are always available for you to monitor. They are far more stable and their construction is of high-quality. That’s why they are a great investment. Also, they have an electronic resistance and not a manual one.

High-End Cross Trainers

Take it all the way and get a premium elliptical cross trainer that will leave you speechless. If you get one of those, your home gym will have nothing to be jealous of. Large information console, a wide variety of pre-set programs, many levels of resistance and many more. Imagine having a touch screen! It can’t get any better than this! To get one of those, you might reach a price range among a couple of thousand pounds.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Cross Trainer?

So, space! Think about how much space a treadmill would need. An average cross trainer needs about the same. Make sure that you don’t place it next to a wall of things that might be dangerous in case of an accident. Clear some space around it to be extra sure. Leaving double the width of your cross trainer and at least one meter behind you is good enough. Make sure that you don’t have a low ceiling or things that hung from it that might hurt you, once you step on the pedals (which will lift you higher). 

When it comes to storage, have in mind that most of them are foldable so you won’t have any trouble. If you live in a small or medium-sized home, check for a foldable option and it will suit you perfectly.

Always Have In Mind…

It’s never too late to have a new beginning. It’s never too late to become the best version of yourself. Now with the best elliptical cross trainers, it’s super easy. Low impact workout is a great way to start and build your muscles at your own pace. Put on some music and get motivated! Your stamina, your mood, your sleeping habits and generally everything will improve from day one.

The perfect one is surely among these options and is waiting for you to jump on it and start your home workouts. Don’t waste any time. Living a healthy life was never easier. And always remember to stay hydrated! Your water bottle holder will make sure to remind you every day! Lace-up your trainers and check our guide!

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