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As Of July 2022

Winter is the most beautiful season for some people. Why? Because… snow! Simple as that! And as great as snow can be, cold and ice can also be dangerous. No need to risk it! Just add an extra layer of security and decrease your chances of slipping or falling to a minimum. With the best crampons, it’s like a walk in the park! Want to find out more?
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1 WinterWise Crampons


4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • You’ll barely notice them as they’re lightweight & elastic
  • Ideal for daily use during winter on icy trails since they’re super comfy
  • No need to buy climbing boots since they fit in every kind of shoe
  • Stay safe in both ice & snow due to the stretch-on traction and perfect grip
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2 VGEBY Crampons

VGEBY Crampons

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Ease-Of-Use

  • They’ll last for winters to come thanks to the anti-ageing materials
  • It takes only a couple of seconds to wear them on & off
  • Never again slip on icy steps with their stainless steel springs on the sole
  • Fit your shoes no matter the size as they’re stretchy
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4.6 /5

Top Choice for Full-Foot Coverage

  • Covers you even in icy terrain thanks to the heat-treated cleats
  • Flexible design that fits on sneakers, boots & casual shoes
  • Have extra security in deeper snow conditions with the removable powder strap
  • All in one; not just for ice but also snow, mud & wet grass
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Lixada Crampons

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Safety

  • No more slippages on ice thanks to their 12 high-strength steel teeth
  • Take them on & off in a flash as they come with a strap
  • Have ultimate traction even on extreme icy conditions with their chain system
  • When not in use, store them in their carry bag & in the drawer
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5 Grivel Monte Rosa Crampons

Grivel Monte Rosa Crampons

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Snow & Mud

  • Secure a firm grip on ice & rocks thanks to their 10 steel points
  • Extra safe as they prevent snow buildup with the removable bottom shields
  • Fold them & hang them in your backpack effortlessly as they’re foldable
  • Designed to stay flexible even in extreme temperatures as low as -40℃
6 Phoetya Crampons

Phoetya Crampons

4.5 /5

Top Unisex Choice

  • Wear them like a pair of socks even with cold hands
  • Enjoy excellent traction thanks to the 19 stainless steel spikes
  • They fit every shoe size as they’re extremely flexible
  • Get good stability even downhill, thanks to the safety straps on the shoe top
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7 Salewa Crampons

Salewa Crampons

4.5 /5

Top Pick for High-Quality Materials

  • Feel extra safe as the heel bail gives you a precision fit
  • Get a secure grip on snow, ice & rock edges due to the horizontal front points
  • They’ll last for a lifetime as they’re made of aluminium
  • Enjoy fantastic performance without feeling tired, as they’re lightweight
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8 VGEBY Ice Crampons

VGEBY Ice Crampons

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Traction & Stability

  • Stay safe with the firm ground grip that the spikes provide
  • Enjoy a perfect fit to every foot type thanks to their quality straps
  • Robust & solid even in extreme temperatures due to their strong steel construction
  • Ideal for walking on icy terrain & snow up to 2000m altitude
9 Black Diamond Crampons

Black Diamond Crampons

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Heavy Work On Snow

  • Perfect for pros as they’re designed for heavy-duty jobs on snow & ice
  • No more feet fatigue as their aluminium frame is really lightweight
  • Never slip again on ice with their 10 solid aluminium spikes
  • Climb even stiff hills worry-free thanks to their heel lever
Pros choice product ribbon
10 Docooler Crampons

Docooler Crampons

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Beginners

  • Eliminate the risk of falling with their high-quality, robust aluminium steel
  • Ideal for trail running thanks to their easy-to-use traction splint
  • Perfect fit with every kind of shoe from size EU 36 to 45
  • Climb vertical glaciers with no-fuss due to their 2 horizontal frontier points

No More Slippages On Ice! The Best Crampons Are Here!

Even though ice and snow have some kind of beauty, they tend to make your everyday life a little complicated. That's where the right equipment like an ice scraper and more accessories come in handy! From simple tasks like walking around town and situations where you need to climb stiff hills or just icy stairs. But there’s no need to worry anymore! You can’t go wrong with the best crampons! They are of top-quality and super easy to use.

When looking for the best crampon, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

  • Spikes: It depends on the nature of the outdoor activity you want your crampons for. If you’re planning to go mountaineering or trekking, then you should opt for large stainless steel or aluminium spikes that secure a firm grip and eliminate traction. That way, you’ll be as safe as possible, even in extreme icy conditions.
  • Ease-of-Use: If you want a daily pair of crampons to wear during snowy winter days, then you want something easy to take on and off. Go for crampons that are easily attached to your shoes without hassle. Most products fit everyday shoes, not just climbing boots.
  • Material: Aluminium and stainless steel are the best options for the spikes and frame, while thermoplastic is excellent for the upper side, which is attached to the shoe. Highly elastic rubber is also great as it covers your running shoes or boots just the right way and gives you the peace of mind you’re looking for—no need to worry anymore about them slipping off your feet.
  • Storage: Many crampons come with a carry bag that can come in handy when you’re in the mountains and have no space to store them. 

Narrow down your options and make sure that you know what kind of features you want your pair of crampons to have. What kind of tasks would you like to do? Are you the running type or maybe the hiking type? One thing’s for sure! There is something for everyone here! Have a look at this top 10 list, and you’ll surely find the ideal pair for your needs

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