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Best 10 Clothes Rails

As Of June 2022

Tight on storage space? These clothes rails offer extra storage for small living spaces. From free-standing to wall-mounted rails, we’ve got you covered with the best of the best on the market.
Here, you’ll find the perfect replacements for the looming wardrobe. Our rails will give you a beautiful display for a comfy and welcoming home. Let’s see which one will revamp your home.
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1 The Shopfitting Shop clothes rail on white background

The Shopfitting Shop

4.8 /5

Best Clothes Rail Overall

  • It’s able to hold all your clothes - suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Store it & transport it without hassle as it’s packed flat
  • Waste zero minutes installing it as it needs no tools, nuts or bolts to build
  • Move it around the house when needed thanks to its wheels
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2 SONGMICS clothes rail in the entryway


4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Hang even your heavier clothes without worrying as it’s super sturdy
  • Made to stand the test of time without rusting or bending
  • Use its wheels for effortless movability around your home
  • Use it to hang from suits to dresses & coats thanks to its adjustable height
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
3 JURMERRY clothes rail in the bedroom


4.6 /5

Top Pick for Versatility

  • Not just for your clothes but also shoe storage with its bottom shelves
  • Durable for years of use made of top quality metal
  • Perfect for coats or dressing thanks to its 1.57cm height
  • Worry-free purchase backed by a one year warranty
A blue ribbon about Amazon's best seller product
4 SONGMICS clothes rail in the entryway


4.5 /5

Top Pick for Minimal Design

  • The ultimate open wardrobe so you can give your closet some rest
  • Looks good in any room with its minimalistic built
  • Prep your outfit from head to toe with the help of its bottom mesh shelf
  • Mobile yet stable with wheels & brakes to keep it in place at any time
5 GISSAR clothes rail in the bedroom


4.5 /5

Top Choice for Easy Installation

  • Don’t have a closet? This double garment rail can cover all your needs
  • Long-lasting & sturdy to hold from jackets to shirts & shoes
  • Set it up in no time with all the tools needed in the package
  • Blends well in any room thanks to its simple design
6 Vivo clothes rail at home


4.5 /5

Ideal for Durability

  • Multi-purpose rack to store all your clothes & shoes
  • Excellent for hanging your coats or dresses with its 1.60m height
  • Super stable with its storage shelf at the bottom
  • Strong metal construction that will last you for years of usage
7 GISSAR clothes rail in the bedroom


4.5 /5

Top Choice for Hats

  • Highly versatile with hangers & shelves to store from hats to shoes
  • Sturdy construction without falling thanks to its high load capacity
  • Put your closet in order with this practical yet stylish rack
  • A no-fuss assembly as it comes with all the necessary tools
8 Finnhomy bamboo clothes rail in the bedroom


4.5 /5

Top Choice for Bamboo Rack

  • For more than clothes as you can even use it to display your plants
  • Ideal for the eco-conscious household as it’s made of bamboo wood
  • Stylish look that goes well in the entryway, bedroom or even the garden
  • Super stable with shelves for extra space for storage
eco-friendly choice ribbon
9 ‎Racking Solutions clothes rail on white background

‎Racking Solutions

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Adjustable

  • The perfect open wardrobe for your guest room with 5 shelves & 2 rails
  • Assemble it in a jiffy by yourself - no need to be a handyman
  • Use it even as your main closet thanks to its super high weight capacity
  • Personalise it to fit your need with its 6 adjustable feet levelers
10 LANGRIA clothes rail by the sofa in the living room


4.5 /5

Ideal for Rack with Tree Stand

  • Keep it in your hallway for our coats, jackets & shoes
  • An elegant wooden rack that looks good anywhere in the house
  • Eco-friendly made of 100% natural bamboo wood
  • Stays stable no matter the surface, so you can use it worry-free

Your Rack for an Organized Home

Do your clothes tend to end up on the floor, stepped on, and kicked around? There's a better way to organize than kicking them back in an overflowing closet or stuffing them under the bed in storage boxes and canvas wardrobes. A clothes rail is the chic way to have a walk-in wardrobe without trying. This piece of furniture is practical and can be a stylish and beautiful item to complement any room.

If you're struggling to find extra storage space, this guide presents the best clothes rails that are the perfect alternative to the traditional wardrobe. But first.. 

Why Do You Need To Invest In A Clothes Rail?

No one likes the morning struggle of trying to find clothes that match. It's something you can relate to when living out of a suitcase or an overflowing wardrobe. But with a clothes rack, you go from unorganized to a time-keeper overnight. 

Here's why you need to invest in a garment rack.

  • You Have Limited Space for storage.

The number one reason for purchasing a clothes rack is short on space. If you live in a small room or your current storage isn't cutting it, this is a fantastic way to use any available space in the hallway, attic, living room, etc. 

  • You're a Minimalist.

There's no denying that a rail is pretty small. For those who keep a minimal wardrobe, you will love the convenience of a clothing rail. And it looks good when it's not overloaded.

  • You Want To Be On Top Of Tidy.

When all your clothes are out on display, you have to keep them organized. No more piles on the floor and sofa when they come out of the wash. Clothes will go straight to their designated places. Plus, you can invest in storage hangers for different items like coats and shirts. 

  • You Like Light & Airy.

The big, boxy wardrobe can block windows and doorways. In the quest for a light and airy feel, a clothes rail is the perfect solution to creating a visual line and the illusion of depth that connects the room to the outdoors. 

  • You're Always On The Move.

Are you currently renting? Or are you always moving places? The best feature of a clothing rack is that they are mobile. These units are transportable from one place to another, making them the perfect choice for anyone who's always on the move. You should also consider a clothes rail if you're always overpacking. It helps because you can see what's on the hanging rail if you forget what's in the suitcase already. 

  • It Makes It Easy To Coordinate Outfits. 

Your clothes are right in front of you. It makes getting ready quicker since you are picking from stuff that's already organized. Not to mention you can coordinate clothes beforehand. So it's a matter of picking your outfit and being out of the door in minutes. 

  • You Want To Stick On Essentials. 

A clothes rack allows you to focus on only what you need. There’s no room for accumulating stuff that you never use. With minimal space and clothes exposed, you will enter the minimalist movement without going crazy about what to keep and throw out. 

What To Look For When Buying A Clothes Rail

There are different clothing rails ranging from freestanding to wall-mounted, heavy-duty clothes rail, single and two-tier designs. Before deciding if any of these types is for you, let's look at the defining features that will help you narrow down to the best.

1. Style 

A clothes rack is a remarkable piece of furniture. Before you pick one, it's best to ensure that it fits in with your style. There are different clothing rack styles, including vintage, industrial, Scandi-inspired, and mid-century. 

While it's not easy to find a vintage clothes rack, the effort pays if you want to match a vintage-styled home. On the other hand, many clothes rails come in an industrial design. They are robust and often spot galvanized steel with distinct details from the scaffolding materials. They are also hard-wearing, meaning; they will last long in decent condition. 

As for Scandi-Inspired rails, these are designed to create warmth and comfort. Some of the bestsellers are made of wood to create a welcoming atmosphere

Mid-century clothes rails are another trendy option. They create a modern look by including both metal and wood in their designs. We like that a mid-century style never goes out of fashion. 

2. Build Material 

Perhaps the second-most important feature to consider is the build quality of a particular clothes rail. These units come in different materials, including steel, copper, and wood. Those made of steel have to be powder-coated or painted to prevent rust.

As for wood, you'll want to buy a clothes rail made of sustainable wood like bamboo and oak that is FSC certified and eco-friendly. You wouldn't want to jeopardize efforts towards curbing climate change by buying from retailers that source wood from unsustainable forests. 

3. Design & Aesthetics

Its greatest asset is fitting well in a nifty space. That's why you don't want to go overboard with lots of extra features, especially if you are going for a minimalist look. Also, it's nice when you buy a unit that matches your furniture. Most people prefer a contemporary finish, often in black or white. A modern finish is usually offered in painted metals. Wood, on the other hand, matches different room styles. 

4. Load Capacity

The thing about clothing racks is that they have a limited weight capacity. Freestanding models have a greater weight capacity than other types, such as wall-mounted rails. Their weight capacity starts at 15kgs to 200kgs. You'll want to think about a unit that fits in with your load size. 

5. Dimensions & Versatility 

A garment rail should be the right dimensions for different spaces and clothes sizes. If you are going for a space-saving clothes rail, you are looking at a model that's at least 60cm in width and 150cm in height

But, if you don't want your long dresses to brush the floor, you'll need a garment rack that offers a minimum of 180cm in height

It's best to invest in a clothes rail that can fit well with the living room, the guest room, hallway, small bedroom and attic. It should also be easy to decorate. Like, you could place trailing house plants to boost your home's beauty. 

6. Clothing Rail

Some racks use a metallic hanging rail, while others use plastic rods. Metallic clothes rails are strong and durable, while plastic rods tend to sag because they are relatively thin. Garment racks that use plastic rails are typically used for light clothes, so you may have to invest in a coat rack because they can't handle the weight. 

7. Functionality

Are you looking for a model to store all your stuff like jewellery, shoes, and accessories? Then, you'll need more than a conventional clothes rack with a hanging rail only.

Some models may come with a bottom shelf, top shelf, storage boxes, shoe rack, coat stand, or drawers below. Such units are handy for folded items such as jeans and jumpers. You'll also find models that have hooks that cleverly cover the frame's screws. The hooks are ideal for jewellery and accessories. 

8. Floor Support 

It's easy to overlook the floor support of a clothes stand. But it contributes to its sturdiness. We like models with heavy-duty floor-to-ceiling tension points or a continuous frame that does not have joints. 

You may also want to consider a stand with casters or wheels for mobility. 

9. Locking Style 

Your rail is sturdy, but it needs a locking system to secure it. You are looking at either the click-lock system or nuts and bolts. The click-lock system makes assembly easy, and multiple assemblies do not compromise it. The nuts and bolts system is effective at securing any rail, especially heavy-duty units. But the system needs the use of tools during setup, and the components tend to show wear with each assembly. 

10. Extra Features

Finally, you may want to consider an adjustable clothes rail. Such a unit allows you to change the metal frame configurations making it more versatile than fixed rails. They can also be height-adjustable, so you can store seasonal dresses when needed.

A clothes rail can also be a sculptural affair. If you want to add elegance, you can go for a unit that includes a full-length mirror or additional hanging space for coats.

Types Of Clothes Rails

The uses of a clothes rail are endless. It can create extra space in a walk-in wardrobe or be the sole storage solution for a small living space. Here are some of the types you can expect when shopping for the best clothes rack.

  • Freestanding Clothes Rails

This type of rack can replace a wardrobe in a minimalist's home. It's usually designed for the contemporary home with additional shelves and drawers. It also features casters to help reposition it, and it can be taken down and reassembled somewhere else. A typical free-standing clothes stand can hold a load of 160kgs

  • Wall-Mounted Rails

An asset in a home with lots of furniture, a wall-mounted clothes rail does not require any floor space. It creates the illusion of spaciousness while offering extra clothes storage. It requires being handy since you'll mount it. Other than that, you can expect it to accommodate up to 60kgs of clothes weight. 

Clothes Rail Vs. Wardrobe - Which Is Better?

A wardrobe tends to be the space-saving solution for a large room with no inbuilt closet. Unlike built-in closets, wardrobes can be moved to a different room to change the bedroom’s layout. They are also easy to match to existing furniture and are perfect for storing seasonal clothes. 

But, wardrobes are imposing and tend to have a looming presence in the small modern home. Not to mention the fact that they come in only three sizes. I.e. one-door, two-door, or three-door. They waste space since they don’t utilize the full height of a standard bedroom’s height. 

Because small spaces tend to be dark, clothes hanging rail is the ideal choice to maintain the airy feel and the illusion of space. They are practical for everyday life since they let you focus on the essential stuff instead of swarming the closet. Clothes rails come in a variety of styles that fit every budget

Nevertheless, clothes racks have a limited weight capacity. You can’t depend on them for holding everything unless you are going for a capsule wardrobe. And, they force you to be organized, so there’s that. 

How Much Should You Spend on Clothes Rails?

Clothing racks range in price depending on their build material and features. Here's what you can expect to pay:

  • Affordable

Affordable racks come at prices below £50. These racks only have the hanging rail and the frame. No extra features like shelving are offered. Such units rarely have a weight capacity above 100kg. Most of these racks are usually imported, so they are not ideal for long-term use because of the cheap materials used to make them. 

  • Budget-Friendly

On a bigger budget between £50-£100, you can expect a few more features like clothes hangers, hooks, baskets, shelves, and drawers in this price range. These racks can accommodate more weight, upwards of 110kgs. Most homeowners prefer these kinds of racks. They offer long-term storage thanks to the use of durable materials, plus they are in a variety of sizes and styles to match the decor in a home. 

  • High-End

Sophisticated and heavy-duty clothes rails cost above £100. Here, you will find models with multiple tiers, shelves, shoe racks, baskets, etc. They are also uniquely detailed with mirrors and coat racks, features you'll not find in cheaper options. 

If you want rolling rails, adjustable shelves, hideaway drawers, and sizable units that can replace a closet in a small space, you are looking at high-end clothes rails that cost a bit more. 


Are you ready to choose the best clothes rail for you? This guide is all you need for stylish and practical storage. We've covered hands-on tips that will help you make a superb choice. Whether you want a model that fits the entryway or a multifunctional unit complete with shelves and a shoe rack, we’ve got something for everyone.  So, what are you waiting for? The ball's now in your court.

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