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Best 10 Ceiling Spotlights

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for lights to highlight particular areas of your home? Ceiling spotlights are the go-to light source for any interior design accents! So, whether you need more light for your kitchen's countertop, your reading nook in the bedroom or a ceiling lamp that ensures your visitors get the best views of your art collection, a set of ceiling lights will do just that! Interested?
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4 Knightsbridge Triple Spotlight on white background

Knightsbridge Triple Spotlight

4.5 /5

Best Ceiling Spotlight Overall

  • Multipurpose lights for use in your commercial & residential areas
  • Mount anywhere you want, from ceilings to walls
  • Cosy & warm white light for relaxing in the living room or bedroom
  • Use a dimmer switch and adjust the brightness to your liking
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5 Langree LED Ceiling Light illuminated

Langree LED Ceiling Light

4.5 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Illuminate your small rooms comfortably as it has a 2-way design
  • Adjust it for better visibility in all angles with its 360-degree rotation
  • Assemble it in no time with the handy illustrated instructions
  • Save on electricity bills with its low-consumption bulbs
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5 MiniSun 3 Way Bar Spotlight on white ceiling with blue wall

MiniSun 3 Way Bar Spotlight

4.5 /5

Available in Multiple Modern Colours

  • Shine the lights where needed with the adjustable heads
  • Get a modern look with the polished white & chrome finish or pick another colour like red, grey or gold
  • Working on a budget? Lights use incandescent bulbs with a low initial cost
  • Save money when purchasing thanks to free delivery
6 Philips Hue Argenta White on white background

Philips Hue Argenta 2 White Lights

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Smart Operation

  • Seamless smart lighting in 2 colours & digital control with app & voice control
  • Create different moods for all occasions with the available 16 million colours
  • Set the mood with dimmable & 50-shades
  • Save costs thanks to the low voltage & high energy rating
7 Aiboo 4 Way Ceiling Light on grey ceiling in the living room

Aiboo 4 Way Ceiling Light

4.5 /5

Ideal For High Ceilings

  • Adjust the brightness for different task lighting needs
  • Use incandescent or LED bulbs with the universal fitting
  • Looking to accent cornered places? It doubles as wall lights in minimal black colour
  • Swivel & swing the LED spot for maximum illumination
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8 Defurhome LED Ceiling Light on grey ceiling

Defurhome 4 LED Ceiling Lights

4.5 /5

Top Energy Saving Option

  • Illuminate working areas with its super-bright LED lighting
  • No worrying about decor with the matt nickel finish complementing any design
  • Enjoy long use with the rust-proof material & non-chipping paint
  • Conserve power with the low consumption LED bulbs
9 Creyer 3 Way Round Plate on grey ceiling

Creyer 3 Way Round Plate

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Adjustable

  • See what you want clearly by adjusting spotlights to any position
  • Never run out of lamp options; use LED or halogen lamps
  • No incurring extra costs with the included 4 bulbs
  • Long-lasting & worry-free lighting with durable LED lamps & 18-month warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
10 Unicozin 2 Way LED Ceiling Light on grey ceiling

Unicozin 2 Way LED Ceiling Light

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Small Rooms

  • Rotate lights head to face your preferred illuminating direction
  • Light up small areas effortlessly with the 2 LED spotlights
  • Save energy & money with the added 2 bulbs
  • Sturdy, rust-resistant and durable material for long years of use
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10 Harper Living Caged Bar Ceiling Light in decorated bedroom

Harper Living Caged Bar Ceiling Light

4.5 /5

Most Aesthetic Choice

  • Add a vintage look to your room with its stylish metal cage finish
  • Set it up in under 5 minutes as it comes with all the fixings
  • Upgrade your lighting with its energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Blends well with the rest of your decor as it's in a sleek metal black colour
10 Uchrolls LED Ceiling Light installed on black wall

Uchrolls LED Ceiling Light

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Kitchen Lighting

  • Adjust the angle of lights to cover particular spaces
  • Hassle-free light fitting with the included screws & guide
  • Practise your green thumb with the low-maintenance & eco-conscious bulbs
  • Enjoy them for years to come thanks to the rust-resistant matte nickel design

Accent Your Spaces With The Best Spotlights For Your Ceiling

Are you looking for ceiling lights that do more than illuminate your home? Maybe you are redecorating or building that dream home, and you want it as dreamy as possible. Spotlights for ceilings and strip lights are becoming a top pick for many modern designers. And there is a reason why you shouldn't miss out! 

For years, flush ceiling lights have been the highlight of commercial spaces and high-end real estate. But with the affordable prices, LED technology and the need for a contemporary look, they are available for just about anyone. 

Wouldn't you want to highlight some good looking decor items in your home, like a painting or an ornament? Or do you want to work comfortably and safely without squinting your eyes? Then, find the very best options for you and enjoy all these benefits and many more! 

What are Ceiling Spotlights?

Spotlights, or downlights, are very common, especially in commercial spaces like theatres and art exhibitions. When you are watching something at any of these spaces, have you noticed any light beaming at a particular object or individual? Yes, that's a spotlight at play!

Like any other form of light, downlights help illuminate a specific area of the room. The illumination is usually through cones, with each cone having its own volume. So when you point out your downlights at a particular object, it will illuminate within that specific volume or surface area. They are also very popular amongst homeowners that want to highlight art objects or ornaments around the house, or a particular area like the home bar. They create a unique ambience that is sought after in modern and minimal homes.

Why do you need Spotlights for Your Ceiling?

Just because you are used to seeing spotlights in spaces doesn’t mean you can’t get a piece of that action for your home. In fact, there are many options nowadays, with many people adding these lights to their homes for many reasons. You should, too:

  • To Brighten Your Work Areas

Are you constantly struggling when working, especially when it is dark? You can now add spotlights in your kitchen, garage, office, or any other working area that needs an extra beam of light. With a direct light beam illuminating your working space, you can be sure any errors and accidents will be lower than you ever dreamt of.   

  • Accent Your Spaces 

Nothing comes close to accenting any spaces other than lights! They can change the whole atmosphere. Any type of light will do more than illuminate your areas, from the design of the light to its colour and installation. Your rooms will never be the same again!

What should you look for when buying Spotlights for your Ceiling?

There are essential features you need to consider before deciding on downlights for your home. Here is our list: 

1. LED vs Halogen

Most of the options you will come across will be LED lights. Still, some non-LED ones are ideal if your initial budget is low. Unfortunately, these lights are not as superior as LED downlights, even though they will save you many pounds at the beginning. LED downlights could be more expensive when you look at the initial cost, but when you consider other factors like energy efficiency and lifespan, you realise you will save more money in the end.  

2. Type & Size 

LED spotlights come in different types, including MR, PAR, and BR, each accompanied by a two-digit number. These numbers help you identify the diameter of the bulb in an eighth of an inch. Pay close attention to this as it could determine how much light you will get and the fitting of the bulb. For instance, MR16 is the smallest with a two-inch diameter. These are ideal for areas where you do not need a lot of bright light. The mounting will also depend on the design at the bottom. The first type is GU 5.3, where the bottom is not rounded and has two-pin connectors. Such lights have a low voltage of about 12V. The other type is the GU10, whose two-prong connectors are broader than their counterpart and have a rounded bottom. 

3. The Brightness

What looks and feel are you after? The colour is not the only factor that will affect the feel and look of your spaces when you mount the spotlights. While wattage matters, it is not necessarily telling you how bright the lights will be. Wattage only shows how much power is going into the bulbs. Instead, you need to look at the lumens (lm), which measures the brightness of bulbs. 

4. The Colour

Halogen lights mostly have the same colour. Now, you have a variety of options with LED light bulbs. The colour temperature is shown in Kelvins (K), and it shows you how blue or yellow the light is. For LED downlights, the most preferred colour temperature is 3000K. While the choice is your personal preference, you should start here and work your way around colours close to this to find one that suits your particular needs. Other options include the 2700K, usually the same colour as that emitted by bulbs without the LED technology. 3000K will be a little bluer but with a warm, alluring shade of yellow. 4000K is more neutral white, while 5000K is more bluish and is not ideal for residential use. 

That said, if you are looking for spotlights for your bedrooms and living rooms, a warm white is better due to its relaxing mood. But, for other busy areas like bathrooms and kitchens, go with cool white as it's clearer and stimulating

5. The Beam Angle

As mentioned, spotlights lighten up a particular spot or object, but how far the beam of light travels will depend on the light's beam angle. Of course, the larger the lights angle, the broader its coverage area. Narrow beam angles range from 20° to 40° and will be perfect for highlighting particular objects in your home, like art and other decorative objectives. But, if you are after general lighting of spaces, like working tops, get lights with a broader beam, above 40°. 

6. Fitting 

Spotlights for ceilings have different fitting styles. As easy as it may seem to fit any ceiling lights you see, look at the fitting styles. Some, like downlights, will require the help of an electrician. For instance, recessed downlights are installed into the ceiling, making it look like the light is coming from a hole in the ceiling. These recessed downlights are great for creating ambient lighting in a room, improving its looks. However, some models are mountable. Other mountable models will either be placed on a bar and others on a plate-like base. Another option for ceiling lights are chandeliers and are excellent for accenting dining areas, living rooms and entertainment rooms. Fortunately, sellers will usually include fixtures for fitting, like screws. But, if you are not good at DIY projects or don't want to risk handling electrical items, you might have to incur an extra cost to hire a professional. 

What is the correct number of lumens needed for Ceiling Spotlights?

There are no specific lumens that are ideal for everyone. It all depends on what you want. But, some ranges are considered the best for particular areas. For ambience, lumens of 300 to 400 per square metre are outstanding and can work best in spaces like hallways and kitchens. On the other hand, lumens of 700 to 800 per square metre are best for working areas, like kitchen tops, because they are brighter.

Think of the area you want to install them and how much brightness you want, and we are confident that you’ll make the right choice. 

How much should you spend on Ceiling Spotlights?

While flush ceiling lights are generally affordable, with prices as low as £10, you can always get high-end ones if you want to splurge. 

  • Affordable

Most ceiling lights are pretty affordable. A budget of £10 to £30 will get you the best flush ceiling lights. Despite the low price point, you will rarely get one light, with many coming as a set of or more. These will also have the necessities, like rotating and swinging features for wide coverage and the option to choose your preferred bulb type. 

  • High-End

But, if you are willing to pay a steeper price, you could spend more than £100, with some going as high as £150. What's different? Well, these are the lights you go for if you already have a smart home and would like to incorporate smart ceiling lighting. These models will have all the digital control there is, and then some. Think of app and voice control, dimmable, colour options and a wide array of brightness levels to suit your every mood! 


Switch off the lights! Pick up your ladder! Maybe call a professional? But it is time to transform your home with the best flush lights for ceilings. Work in comfort with all the lights you could need right above you. Never miss a sigh of your most treasured decor items.

The best spotlights for ceilings are all here to brighten up your home. It is time to find what matches your needs and, of course, your budget. Thi buying guide will also provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision. Ready to transform your home?

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