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Best 10 Cat Repellents

As Of July 2022

Keeping cats away from certain places can go two ways. Either you’re a cat owner and want to prevent it from approaching a dangerous place… or unwanted cats need to stay away from your beautiful garden. The solution is simple! With the best cat repellents, you can set the boundaries however you like and stop cats without causing any damage and without using harmful options. It’s a win-win situation!
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1 Zonpor Ultrasonic Cat Repellent on a white background

Zonpor Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

4.9 /5

Best Overall Cat Repellent

  • Cat scarer with infrared PIR motion sensor that spots movement from afar
  • Protect your flower beds with its high-frequency sounds
  • Don’t worry about heavy rain thanks to its waterproof design
  • Solar energy & rechargeable batteries for a better experience
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2 Pestbye Battery Operated Set of 2 cat repellent in a garden

Pestbye Battery Operated Set of 2

4.8 /5

#2 Best Cat Repeller Option

  • Wide range animal repeller that works on feral cats, raccoons, foxes, etc.
  • Set it up just in a couple of seconds without tools
  • Waterproof motion detector keeps you safe all the time
  • You only need 4 AA batteries & leave the rest to the ultrasonic sound
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3 Pestbye Battery Operated cat repellent attached to a wall

Pestbye Battery Operated

4.8 /5

Best Budget Cat Deterrent

  • Forget about cat poo and fouling odours around your garden
  • A value-for-money ultrasonic device for everyone
  • Small and almost invisible to keep your decor at its finest
  • Suitable for large gardens as well thanks to its coverage
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4 PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated cat repellent in a garden

PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated

4.7 /5

Most Popular Sprinkler

  • Saves water as it only sprays if the sensor is triggered by deterring cats
  • Resets itself after every activation so you don’t have to worry
  • Adjust it to your hose & cover even the largest of gardens
  • With a range of sensitivity levels to suit your needs
5 Pestbye Twinpack Solar Cat Repellent in a garden

Pestbye Twinpack Solar Cat Repellent

4.7 /5

Best Pick For Large Coverage

  • Adjusts to stay effective so critters can’t get used to its noise
  • Save money on batteries and let the solar energy take care of it
  • Easy to place them due to the ground spikes
  • Perfect for medium and smaller gardens or even patios and balconies
6 VOLADOR Animal Repellent in a garden

VOLADOR Animal Repellent

4.7 /5

High-Quality Waterproof Design

  • Great coverage makes it a top choice for farms as well
  • With a strobe light that makes cats and other animals get off immediately
  • No need to worry with IP68 certification - pest repeller for all seasons
  • Dual charging mode through the sun and a USB cable
7 RECTEY Cat Repellent on white background

RECTEY Cat Repellent

4.6 /5

Top Choice For Different Animals

  • Choose between 5 modes the one that works best for your problem
  • Works both on solar energy & batteries via USB charging
  • Highly effective deterrent with double horns for better results
  • Set the frequency according to your preference and suit your needs
8 Pestbye Solar Cat Repellent in a garden

Pestbye Solar Cat Repellent

4.6 /5

Top Pick For Smaller Spaces

  • Protect your garden from becoming a litter tray right away
  • Easily placed on your space without the need for tools or equipment
  • Works on a high-frequency that is very effective on many species
  • Solar power protects you from paying a fortune
9 LONGCHANGWEN Animal Repellent on a white background

LONGCHANGWEN Animal Repellent

4.6 /5

High-End Option

  • Top-quality infrared sensor that is triggered even from afar
  • Petsafe & eco-friendly solution that won’t affect your health
  • Place it on the ground or hang it on a wall to suit your needs
  • Looks a little like a scarecrow that makes it more effective
10 VOLADOR Animal Repellent 2020 on a white background

VOLADOR Animal Repellent 2020

4.5 /5

Top Pick Farms & Warehouses

  • Works both with batteries & solar energy to have coverage all the time
  • Protects you from a huge variety of animals and birds
  • Cover large spaces without a problem and see results from day one
  • The flashlight works amazingly and keeps everything away

Save Your Garden From Becoming A Big Litter Tray

If you’re one of those people that are proud of their beautiful garden, their clean patio or their well-decorated balcony then one thing’s for sure. It’s super annoying when your own cat or your or even a random feral cat on the street, decides to visit the bathroom AKA your garden, patio or balcony! And it’s a fact that many people really like cats. But they can do their business somewhere else, right?

 The funny thing is that cats have a reputation for cleaning themselves all the time. You surely have seen it yourself. But when it comes to other creatures' things, they can be a little messy. So you end up watering your flowers when your sense of smell is under attack! Who likes that? No one!

The best cat repellents for outdoor use can save the day! They can keep all the felines away without causing any harm so you can find your inner peace once again. Forget about looking around for their little presents that destroy your space. This guide will show you how to do it!

Why Do You Need A Cat Repellent?

Cats might be cute and funny with all those strange things that they do now and then, but they can also have some behaviours that most people don’t really like. For example, scratching your furniture or throwing your stuff off the table. But even then feline owners show their love to their little pets. So if you’re a cat parent yourself and you want to protect your garden from your little four-legged friend what can you do? Use a cat repellent of course!

If you’re not a cat owner, on the other hand, all those things seem more frustrating. Finding holes, seeing your flower beds turned into toilets and having all those smells around can’t be fun at all. But they’re some natural actions that feral cats have and you can’t stop them. The only thing you can do is to protect your territory! An outdoor repellent is everything you need to keep both your garden and those little creatures safe. And it’s not only about cats. Most of them work for other animals as well which is a big plus.

What Types Of Cat Repellents Are Available?

There are different types of cat repellents that you can find on the market. Some of them are for outdoor and some others for indoor use as well. In this guide, you will find products that are made for outdoors but it’s essential to know everything about them so you can make the right choice for your needs.

  • Repellent Sprays
  • Motion Activated
  • Granules Or Powder
  • Sound Devices
  • Cat Mats

On our top 10 products, you can find motion activated and sound devices that will take care of your space right away.

A Closer Look On Specific Types

Sound Devices

It’s by far one of the safest ways to protect your garden and to repel unwanted felines and other animals that seem to like your space a little too much. They use ultrasonic sounds that humans can’t hear to project high-pitched noises that make cats uncomfortable. That makes them stay away from your property without getting harmed in any way. They use infra-red sensors to detect any movements and if they get triggered they start producing this sound. Some of them are battery operated and some others use solar power. You can also find options that work both ways.

Motion Activated

In locations with a lot of animal activity, a motion-activated device will really save you. Most of them act like water sprinklers that once they’re triggered they start spraying water all over the place which is really frightening for cats. And no need to worry about your water consumption. The only time they spray water is when an animal is nearby and only for a couple of minutes.

What To Look For When Buying A Cat Repellent?

When it comes to outdoor usage, cat repellents should have some specific features so they can cover your needs and provide you with the results that you want. Take a look and narrow down your options.


If you live in a really big location and there are many square meters to cover, then you need to make sure that the product that you choose can provide you with the protection that you need. Some of them are made for smaller spaces, but if you combine two of them you can achieve your goals.


Repellents that are made for outdoors need to be durable and tough, especially if the weather isn’t on your side. Heavy rain and wind can cause problems in cheap products and even damage them. Make sure that you go for an option of top-quality materials that has some kind of waterproof certification.


There are various models that work with batteries so you need to make sure to change them every once in a while. Some others can be recharged via USB so you won’t have to spend your money on new batteries again and again. The most money-saving option would be to get a product that is both operated with batteries and can also use solar power. Or if you live in a sunny place, go for one that’s basically working on solar power alone.

Petsafe Function

There are some options out there that use chemicals or toxic ingredients and can be harmful both for animals and humans. Our top picks are totally petsafe and eco-friendly without being any less efficient.

Final Thoughts

As much as we love cats and other animals, their behaviour can be a huge problem for our homes. That’s why you should take things into your own hands and do something to protect your beautiful garden or yard once and for all. And you’ll see how much more you’ll enjoy it when you won’t come face to face with unwanted smells!

The best cat repellents are here to help you achieve the results that you want without causing any harm. Not to animals, the planet and of course yourself. So there’s no need to worry about feeling guilty. This guide has all the information you need to find an amazing product that will take care of you. Trust us on this! Have a look at our top 10 picks and you’ll surely find the ideal one for you.

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