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Best 10 Carpet Shampoos

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a carpet cleaner? One that lifts off all the mud, food stains, pet dirt and grime? Carpet cleaner solutions are the best investment for all your cleaning carpet cleaning troubles. Clean up all the stubborn stains! Get rid of all the foul odours! You don't even need a professional carpet cleaner. And they are pretty affordable! Ready to learn more?
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1 Vax Ultra Plus on white background

Vax Ultra Plus

4.8 /5

Best Carpet Cleaner Overall

  • Get rid of all the nasty odours with the rosy burst fragrance
  • Clean your carpets, rugs and other upholstery safely with this solution
  • Strong cleaner for deep cleaning high traffic areas
  • No re-soiling of carpet thanks to the Ultra Plus formula
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2 Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover on white background

Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Spot Cleaner

  • Rub stains off items for deep clean with the inbuilt cleaning brush
  • Spilt a drink? Clean up all red wine, coffee & fruit juice spillages effortlessly
  • Strong shampoo formula to clean your carpets & furniture
  • Deodorizes your home for a freshly scented environment
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3 Vax Original Solution on white background

Vax Original Solution

4.6 /5

Best For Small Areas

  • Wool safe approved for worry-free cleaning of delicate carpets
  • Carpet washer that lifts all specks of dirt from the depth of your carpets
  • Leave your home smelling like a garden of fresh roses
  • Super reliable cleaner that leaves no sticky residues
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4 Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent on white background

Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent

4.5 /5

Ideal For All Carpet Types

  • Let your pets playing safely after every cleaning round
  • Shield carpet from future stains with its SpotBlok repellent feature
  • Strong enzymes to rejuvenate your carpet’s colour
  • A multi-purpose cleaner for your upholstery & carpets
5 Dyson Zorb Powder on white background

Dyson Zorb Powder

4.5 /5

Best Cleaning Powder for Carpet

  • Use it safely with Dyson & other vacuuming cleaners
  • Remove all tough stains without having to wet clean the carpet
  • Alleviate allergens with the dermatologically balanced formula
  • Non-sticky detergent so you don’t deal with dirt buildup
6 Dr. Beckmann Pet Stain and Odour Remover on white background

Dr. Beckmann Pet Stain and Odour Remover

4.5 /5

Top Pet Owners Choice

  • Painless deep cleaning with the inbuilt 2-in-1 brush
  • Neutralise pet smells effortlessly with the odour elimination formula
  • Stain removal solution to get rid of new & dried-in
  • No worrying about carpet’s fibres & colour with the gentle formula
7 Vanish Foam Shampoo on white background

Vanish Foam Shampoo

4.5 /5

Top for Foaming Carpet Detergent

  • Ready to use, no dilution needed with an easy to use bottle
  • Enjoy a fresh-smelling home with incorporated perfume scent
  • Lift all up pet hair from carpets & furniture without a hassle
  • Fast-acting cleaner for carpet & fabrics with instant results
8 Pro-Kleen Pro+ on white background

Pro-Kleen Pro+

4.5 /5

Most Versatile Choice

  • No need for specific vac as it works safely with all cleaners
  • Clean all types of carpets, rugs & fabrics worry-free
  • Safe cleaner for removing germs & smells from your pet carpet
  • Perfumed floor cleaner for a spring scented home
9 1001 3 in 1 Machine on white background

1001 3 in 1 Machine

4.5 /5

Best For Large Areas

  • Clean big areas easily as its compatible with all carpet cleaning machines
  • Gentle as it protects the colours & fibres of carpets
  • Lift light dirt & stubborn stains with the active ingredients
  • No worrying about foams in the machine with its defoaming agent
10 Ultima-Plus XP on white background

Ultima-Plus XP

4.5 /5

Most Economical Choice

  • Keep carpet safe from future stains with the anti-resoling agent
  • Safe to wash up any carpet with any vacuum cleaner
  • Removes all pet stains and odours for a sweet-smelling home
  • Save money with the large capacity for extended usage

Clean More Than Just Your Carpets At Home With The Best Carpet Shampoo

Are you looking for a detergent that cleans any dirt from your carpet? Is your carpet finally losing its unique and soft touch? Vacuum and steam cleaners are excellent for thorough cleaning. But, carpet cleaners do a better job lifting grimes, grease, spillages, and foul odours when cleaning carpets as opposed to just vacuuming

But, picking a carpet cleaner from the wide selection of cleaning detergents is not an easy job. There are several types of carpet cleaners, with some being compatible with all carpet cleaning machines. Are you looking for a solution for deep cleaning or spot cleaning? What about your price point?

Our buying guide is here for- to provide all the details you need to make an informed decision. Ready to learn more?

What is a Carpet Shampoo?

These are cleaning solutions and detergents explicitly formulated for rugs and carpets. The special formulation enables one to lift off food stains, mud, pet stains, and odours better than steaming or regular cleaning powders and solutions can do.  

Why do you need a Carpet Shampoo?

Are carpet cleaning solutions worth investing in? Yes, and here is why you need to get one;

  • For Squeaky Clean Carpets

Carpet cleaning, especially when its thick fibres are caked in dirt and all sorts of stains is pretty strenuous. But a vacuum cleaner alone is not enough to lift this kind of dirt from the thick carpet fibres. Carpet cleaning products are the best solution for squeaky clean carpets.  

  • Remove Stains and Bad Odours 

Pets make a home happier, but the hair, stains and odours can make your home’s environment a mess. With a carpet cleaner, you can sort all these stains and odours effortlessly. 

  • Restore Your Carpet’s Colour 

Carpet cleaners are not only great for cleaning and removing the worst specks of dirt but also for restoring the colours and glamorous look of your rugs.  

  • Clean More Than Your Carpet

Some cleaning solutions can be multipurpose. With these, you can clean other items, including fabrics, upholstery, and furniture and save extra pounds that would otherwise go into a different cleaning detergent. 

What to look for when buying a Shampoo for Your Carpets

Shampoo cleaners come in various forms, from the concentration of ingredients to application methods. To ensure you make the right decision, here is everything you need to keep in mind;

1. Ingredients 

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the ingredients in the carpet cleaner. First, think about the concentration, which could mean the solution needs diluting or not. It is also common for ready-made solutions to have elements that produce minimal froth. With such shampoos, you do not have to endure deep rinses that saturate the carpet and increase the amount of time it takes to dry. 

Others have surfactants that reduce the solution surface tension and increase its wetness for penetration on the carpet's fibres. If you have pets, pay attention to the enzymatic formula of the shampoo. Is it strong enough to break down the protein components in stains from pets? 

Lastly, for sustainable users, the good news is that there are plant-based solutions that do an excellent job at cleaning carpets. Pay close attention to the product description to ensure all the listed ingredients conform to your eco-user and cruelty-free beliefs. 

2. Compatibility With Machine 

While some brands make carpet cleaners for specific carpet cleaning machines, it is best to know that you don't have to buy brand-specific shampoo for your carpets. Instead, if there is a shampoo from another brand that meets your budgetary needs and cleaning needs, you can go for it. Usually, if the cleaning solution is made to use with water-based carpet cleaning equipment, it is safe to use with your machine. Nevertheless, ensure the cleaning formula you choose is compatible with your current device. 

3. Budget 

How much are you willing to spend? Are you looking to be economical with a large capacity bottle? Perhaps a smaller quantity for cleaning spots? Luckily, carpet cleaners are affordable, depending on your price point, ranging from £4 to £30. Spot and foam cleaners are cheaper as they come in smaller containers. On the other hand, super-concentrated cleaners and other liquid carpet cleaners are more expensive. Ultimately, the decision lies in your personal preferences and overall cleaning needs. 

Types of Carpet Shampoos

As you shop around, keep in mind there are different types of shampoos for carpets, which include:

  • Liquid Carpet Cleaners

These can handle any dirt, from dust to spot stains. Some liquid cleaners are meant for cleaning machines, while others are applied by hand. With the latter, all you have to do is apply the cleaner where you want to clean. Then, let it sit for the specified period and run the vacuum cleaner

  • Powder Carpet Cleaners

These are great for daily cleaning needs or spot cleaning. Powder cleaners do not need deep cleaners where you have to leave the carpet out to dry. Just pour the powder where you need to clean, let it rest and run your vacuum. 

  • Spray Carpet Cleaners 

Like its powder counterpart, spray cleaners are also great for cleaning spots with spills. These usually come in a spraying bottle and do not require any dilution. Spray the solution on the dirty spot, wipe it and wait for it to dry before running the vacuum. 

  • Foam Carpet Cleaners 

These work like spray cleaners for spot and quick cleaning but they come as foam, not liquid. If you want a mess-free and easy application, you could pick this form of a shampoo. 

  • Specialised Carpet Cleaners 

These cleaners are made to clean particular types of dirt or stains, like wine stains or sticky dirt. If you need to tackle such a stain, make sure to get a specialised solution for your problem.

How often should you use your carpet shampoo?

Experts recommend shampooing your carpet at least every 12 months. We know, it is not easy living with a dirty carpet. But that doesn't mean you have to deep clean it every other week. At the end of the day, the frequency by which you will shampoo your carpet is more of a personal preference. Some people might need to shampoo their carpets regularly, especially if one has allergies, children, or pets.

Should you do spot testing before using your carpet shampoo?

Cleaning a spot ensures you do not damage your carpet by causing further staining or fading. That said, it is recommended that you run a spot test with every shampoo, especially if you are trying out a new one. When spot testing, use the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous spot of the carpet. Then, follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer and keep an eye on whether it affects your carpet. 


Time to get rid of all that cooked up dirt in your carpet! Get back your rug's colour and fabulous look with the best carpet cleaners. You can alleviate allergens, foul odours, pet hairs and even clean your upholstery

And, thanks to our top picks, you are one step closer to getting the best carpet cleaner in the market. Our extensive buying guide is here to offer you all the guidance you need to get the best cleaner for your carpets. Ready to make them shine & smell wonderful, like a garden? All by yourself, at the comfort of your home!

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