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Best 10 Canvas Wardrobes

As Of June 2022

Are you tired of wasting time looking for your clothing? Is your current wardrobe full, with clothes shoved to the back that you even forgot they exist? Maybe your suitcases are all over the place, and you are cramped for space. You no longer have to worry about this with canvas wardrobes. They give you the necessary storage space and a facelift for your decor! Want to learn more?
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1 Songmics Modern Bedroom Furniture Cupboard on white background

Songmics Modern Bedroom Furniture Cupboard

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Hang your clothes neatly on the two hanging rails
  • Keep your items dust-free by closing the wardrobe with the handy zipper
  • Protect your valuables from moisture thanks to the waterproof fabric
  • Fast & easy to assemble with plastic connectors to attach rods
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2 Songmics Modern Bedroom Furniture Cupboard with clothes, bags & pillows

Yayi Clothes Storage

4.7 /5

Ideal For Exterior Storage Compartments

  • Reach your personal items faster on the outside pockets
  • Share it with your partner as it has ample space for all your clothes, shoes & bags
  • Say goodbye to creased shirts with the sizable clothes rail
  • Enjoy it for years to come with its high-quality & sturdy steel tubes
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3 Accstore Portable Wardrobe with shirts, bags & bedding items

Accstore Portable Wardrobe

4.6 /5

Best For Any Decor

  • Protect your items from wear & tear with the rollable dustproof cover
  • Clean your floors effortlessly as it comes with raised feet
  • Tuck your books, keys & other small objects in the 4 side pockets
  • Spruce up your room’s decor with the elegant black colour
4 Songmics Contemporary Foldable Closet with shirts & accessories

Songmics Contemporary Foldable Closet

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Large Storage

  • Organise items like a pro on the multi-layered shelves
  • Hold the closet cover in place for better view & access with the loop fasteners
  • Add dress shirts worry-free on the robust hanging rail
  • Match your decor with a touch of its sleek & fancy design
popular choice ribbon
5 Organzy Free Standing Wardrobe with coats, dresses & bags

Organzy Free Standing Wardrobe

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Custom Layout

  • Play around with the DIY and construct the wardrobe to your liking
  • Display your accessories in the drawer for ease of access
  • Attach your heavier clothes to the strong metallic frame clothes rack
  • Protect your items from dust & water with the non-woven fabric cover
6 Hododou Portable Wardrobe with dress shirts, shoes & bags

Hododou Portable Wardrobe

4.5 /5

Ideal for Singles

  • Put it neatly in tight nooks & crannies with its space-saving design
  • Maintain it hassle-free with a damp cloth thanks to the waterproof fabric
  • Keep mites, dust & moisture away by using the zipper
  • Assemble it in no time with the simple instruction video for guidance
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7 Meerveil Plastic Wardrobe with shirts and other objects in piles

Meerveil Plastic Wardrobe

4.5 /5

Best For Storage Cubes

  • Model the wardrobe to your preference with the adjustable design
  • Sweat-free assembly thanks to the multi-angled connectors & hammer
  • Stack the storage shelves to use them as organisers in any room
  • Block out headache-inducing mildew & bacteria with the waterproof material
Ideal Gift Ribbon
8 Songmics Beige Double Wardrobe with clothes on shelfs and hanging rail

Songmics Beige Double Wardrobe

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Hanging Clothes

  • Hang your dresses effortlessly & safely on the solid steel tubes
  • Install it tool-free by using the added plastic connectors
  • Cover your clothes & steer away dust & moisture with the convenient zip
  • Make cleanups mess-free with the waterproof fabric
9 Organzy Single Grey Clothes Closet on white background

Organzy Single Grey Clothes Closet

4.5 /5

Ideal For Small Areas

  • Built to last & withstand heavy loads thanks to the durable metal frame
  • Declutter your apartment worry-free with the single storage closet design
  • Hang your clothes unfolded or folded on the hanging rods & shelves
  • Assemble it in just a few minutes with the included guide
10 Funflowers Closet Organizer on white background

Funflowers Closet Organiser

4.5 /5

Best Splurge

  • Reach in for items conveniently via the robust zipper
  • Attach the curtain cover effortlessly for a better view with the AB buckles
  • Hang your everyday valuables on the side pockets for a quick pick-up
  • Place your bulky coats without stress thanks to the heavy-duty steel pipe
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Store Your Valuables Dust-Free In The Best Canvas Wardrobes

Are you looking for extra bedroom furniture? More storage solutions for your clothes? Portable wardrobe clothes closets have become famous over the years and could be the answer to your storage problem. They are affordable, compact and suit any space. While you could try and make your own built-in wardrobe, it can be a strenuous and lengthy project that will add up the costs. Instead, why not go for one that you can move around in any room effortlessly? 

Getting the best fabric canvas wardrobes requires a lot of attention, from the size of the product to its capacity and how much space you need. But, fear not; with our buying guide, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks that will guarantee you a fantastic product. You’ll be able to declutter your home while also storing your valuables in a neat and organised fashion. So, keep reading below to find out more!

What Are Canvas Wardrobes?

These are portable wardrobe storage solutions, usually made with steel rails for hanging and a woven cover. Other models are designed like stackable storage boxes. But, what each of these has in common is the use of a fabric cover. With such designs, you can arrange your clothes by whatever criteria you choose and keep the wardrobe protected. They are versatile to use in your bedroom, living room or hallway as a storage unit for purses, shoes, bags; you name it!

Why Should You Buy One?

Are fabric canvas wardrobes worth having, especially if you already have some inbuilt wardrobes in place? Yes, there are many benefits to investing in one of these, including;

1. You can get extra storage space. 

There are times we run out of space, even without realising it. Are your clothes organised in heaps that are so close to tilting over? Perhaps the spacing in your current wardrobe or cabinet is too tight. Imagine what an extra wardrobe would do. You will have more storage for your clothes, making it easier for you to reach what you want in time. Also, the open wardrobe concept is very trendy, and many homes opt for this decor type for a more minimalist look.

2. You can organise your clothes better. 

Apart from the extra storage space, a canvas fabric wardrobe enables you to organise your clothes meticulously. In addition, most models will have shelving, making it easier to separate clothes for faster access. Popular compartments include a hanging rail for dress shirts and shelf wardrobe parts for sweaters, shoes and bags. That way, you can freshen them up with a clothes steamer and simply tuck them away worry-free.

3. You can take advantage of all tight spaces.

Do you have bare spaces in your bedrooms or living room? Then, all those empty spaces and areas littered with heaps of clothes, suitcases and cardboard boxes will have a facelift courtesy of fabric wardrobes. Some models are suitable for small piles of clothes, whereas others have large capacities best used for families. You can even get a canvas colour that matches your decor! It’s much easier than having to paint your wardrobes on your own, and there’s a wide colour selection available already in the market. 

What To Look For When Buying a Canvas Wardrobe

Are you interested in learning a bit more about the top features to consider so that you can purchase the best model for your needs? Stay with us as we've added a list of the most important things to look for in a portable wardrobe closet.

1. Capacity 

Capacity is the most important feature, and it is not just about the size. A wardrobe might look spacious, but its weight capacity might not be enough to accommodate heavy clothing, like coats, shoes and bags. When looking around, ensure you pay attention to the measurements and the weight capacity of the wardrobe. Most hanging rails have a load capacity of up to 25kg, while the shelf units can handle up to 5kg per shelf. Size-wise many manufacturers distinguish them as single, doubles or triples, depending on how many compartment areas they have.

2. Sturdiness & Durability 

The last thing you want is a wardrobe closet that collapses on you, even when it is not overloaded. We know how hard it can be to determine how sturdy or durable a product is, especially by just looking at its design and picture. What you can do is look at the structural design of the wardrobe. The best cabinets have rails made from steel or metal rods. Between the two, steel is the most durable and sturdy option to go, although it could be pricier. Also, non-woven fabric is an excellent choice for robustness, and it’s also waterproof. Some low-budget options come in a plastic form which is also hard-wearing and inexpensive.

3. Usability 

The designs for clothes storage are not all the same. Some will have more room for hangers, while others will have several cubbies for storing small items, like belts and underpants. Ensure you take your time to think about your storage and your organisation needs. You may have many dress shirts that you don’t want to crease; if that’s the case, a wardrobe with a clothes rail is a must for you. If you own a lot of sweaters, T-shirts or bulky bedding and duvets, then shelved wardrobe storage is better. Also, check if the wardrobe closet comes with a zipper or a foldable cover to open and close it effortlessly.

Is a Portable Wardrobe Better Than a Fitted Wardrobe?

It all boils down to your needs. Are you looking for something you can move around when you need to decorate your house? Maybe an affordable option? Fabric wardrobes are much better for all of these than fitted wardrobes. Also, another advantage to them is that they are super easy to assemble with the included instructions. Some even have the required tools within their packaging. 

However, if you are looking for something more permanent that utilises all the space on the wall, fitted wardrobes are an excellent choice. That means they can also provide you with more storage space. 

How Much Should You Spend On a Canvas Wardrobe?

Portable wardrobes are relatively affordable. With at least £20, you can get the most affordable models, with higher-end models costing as high as £60. The prices vary depending on how much storage space the portable closet has and the construction design.  Let’s have a look at what each price point can offer you. 


The most inexpensive options will cost from £20 to £30. These are more likely to be single or double wardrobes with enough shelves for one or two people’s clothes. They may also have a small hanging rack for longer coats, dresses and formalwear. Their materials will either be plastic or fabric, and their front cover will roll down to keep the items dust-free.


You will find more premium options for a slightly upped price. There are high-quality, breathable options from £30 to £60 with more space and larger construction. You can also expect to find single, double or even triple wardrobes. They may have one or even two clothes rails, making them better suitable for larger households. Also, their versatility lets you store anything from duvets to shoes and bags comfortably, and they could have side pockets on the exterior for additional storage space.


Say goodbye to all your storage troubles with the best canvas wardrobes. They are inexpensive, portable, and provide the necessary storage space for any household’s needs. With our selection of the top picks, you now have a less complicated pool of options to choose from. Better still, use our buying guide to know what to look for to ensure you select the best wardrobe for your needs.  Are you ready to declutter your home and gain valuable shelving space?

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