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Best 10 Cantilever Parasols

As Of May 2022

The warm summer days are here, and the heat might make you want to stay close to the cool breeze of your air conditioner. But, if you prefer to enjoy a chilled drink while sitting outdoors, a garden umbrella or a cantilever parasol is the perfect companion. It is one of the most ideal garden furniture for you always to stay shaded. Want to learn more?

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7 CHRISTOW Large Banana Parasol 3m Hanging Cantilever Umbrella With Crank Handle on patio

CHRISTOW Square Cantilever Parasol

4.5 /5

Best Overall

  • Stay sun-safe thanks to the 30+ UPF protection
  • Adjust the canopy as the sun moves with the 360-degree rotatable design
  • Reduce the heat from piling up under the umbrella thanks to the air vents
  • Fits in any corner with the unique square shape
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4 VOUNOT 3m Cantilever Garden Parasol by the pool

VOUNOT 3m Cantilever Garden Parasol

4.5 /5

Top Pick for High-Quality Materials

  • Perfect for tall people to sit below as it is 2.7m high
  • Withstands any bad weather with its quality aluminium-steel construction
  • Open and close it with ease by using the crank handle mechanism
  • Protect yourself from water and UV rays thanks to the polyester fabric
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1 Grand patio Garden Parasol Umbrella with sun loungers by the pool

Grand Patio Cantilever Umbrella

4.8 /5

Best Option for Speedy Assembly

  • Stay away from the sun in any garden spot with the super wide parasol
  • Shift the shaded area with the adjustable tilt mechanism
  • Keep it for years as it’s made with fade-proof polyester & PVC coating
  • Assemble it in minutes thanks to the included instructions
10 GardenCo 3m Cantilever Banana Parasol

GardenCo Banana Cantilever Parasol

4.5 /5

Ideal Wind Resistant

  • Cover a large patio table due to its massive 3m diameter
  • Pack it up to store in seconds with the convenient crank mechanism
  • Use it for years thanks to its robust alloy steel structure
  • Get shade all day with the 360-degree rotatable design
breathable design ribbon
4 Greenbay Garden Banana Parasol on grass covering garden sofa set

Greenbay Garden Banana Parasol

4.5 /5

Best Water Resistant Parasol

  • Adjust when tall people sit below as it is 2.5m high
  • Withstands any bad weather with its excellent durable metal frame
  • Open and close it with ease by using the crank mechanism
  • Protect yourself from water and UV rays thanks to the polyester fabric
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4.5 /5

Top Choice for Elegant Design

  • Absolutely weatherproof as it’s made from woven polyester
  • Sit outside for hours protected from the sun by its UV50+ coating
  • Have peace of mind in case of damage with a 2-year warranty
  • Tilt to any position of your liking with the integrated tilt system
Warranty Safety Ribbon
9 Harrier 3m Cantilever Overhanging Parasol

Harrier 3m Cantilever Overhanging Parasol

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Solar Power Lights

  • Enjoy your late evening under this parasol with the solar led lights
  • Sit outside for hours protected from the sun by its UV30+ coating
  • Absolutely waterproof - made to las without tearing
  • Tilt to any position of your liking with the integrated tilt system
5 Norfolk Leisure Wall Mounted Cantilever Parasol mounted on deck wall

Norfolk Leisure

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Wall Mounted Parasol

  • Don't worry about it toppling as it has 14 strong & stable ribs
  • Perfect for small gardens or balconies with its space-saving wall mounting
  • Put up and take down with the simple crank handle
  • Never rusts as it’s made from durable & powerful aluminium
lightweight choice ribbon
6 Outsunny Garden Patio Parasol SunShade on deck covering garden table and garden chairs

Outsunny Garden Patio Parasol SunShade

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Stable Patio Umbrella

  • Ideal for large gardens as it shades a wide area with its 3m diameter
  • Resists any weather conditions thanks to the sturdy build quality
  • Stands stable in the patio due to the heavy-duty steel cross base
  • Wrap it up in seconds with the crank mechanism
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8 TecTake Garden Cantilever Parasol on white background


4.5 /5

Widest Garden Parasol

  • Get coverage over all your guests thanks to the 3.5m wide diameter
  • Adjusts for tall people with its height of up to 2.9m
  • Holds its ground with stability backed by a coated aluminium pole and frame
  • Blends well with your patio as it has a pleasant colour

Bask in the Glory of the Sun with the Best Cantilever Parasols

The summer season is the ideal time to give your body the best relaxation. Unlike winters, you can sit in your backyard or garden comfortably and have a good time with your family in the summer. You can enjoy the sunshine by having a BBQ with friends and napping on a sun lounger, hammock, or garden swing chair.  Or, you could also go to the beach and engage in various fun activities. If you are more of a home lover, you can stay at home and still enjoy the season’s treats. How?

For that, you have to invest in gears like a cantilever parasol. A cantilever garden parasol is an excellent accessory that you can install in your home garden or backyard. They are a great way to protect your outdoor living space from the sun while still having an open-air feel. At the same time, you stay in the shade without blocking out the beautiful view and can enjoy chit-chatting with your friends or reading a book. They are similar to standard parasols, but their added benefit is that they have more adjustability to tilt and rotate them.

Our buying guide will give you all the information you need so that you can make the best purchase for your home. Our round-up of the top picks out there will have you ready to purchase in no time! Want to find out more? Keep reading below!

What is a Cantilever Parasol?

A cantilever parasol, also known as a banana umbrella or hanging umbrella, is a garden accessory that you can place over any garden area for shade. Usually, the regular shade umbrellas used in gardens require a hole in the middle of the table to provide better support.

They are totally different as they do not need any central support. You can easily screw them to the deck or attach them to the wall as they have their own weighted base. The best thing about them is that they hang over the furniture without blocking your view, as is the case with traditional parasols. They protect you from dust, rain and even UV radiations.

Why Do You Need a Cantilever Parasol?

In case you’re still on the fence about whether or not this is a worthy investment, we want to ease off some of that dilemma for you. Naturally, you might want to go for a regular parasol, but you will see that the benefits make cantilever ones a valuable upgrade. Here are some of the benefits that will surely make you want it more!

1. Easy to set up and takedown

The key benefit of this parasol is that it is straightforward to set up and take down. How? Well, unlike traditional parasols, cantilever ones can be effortlessly put up with the help of a smooth cranking mechanism. Plus, as they do not need any central support, you can install them anywhere in your outdoor space.

2. The flexibility of placing furniture

Another reason worth considering a large parasol is the ability to place your desired furniture below. As it does not have any central pole for support, you get a lot of unobstructed space to adjust your furniture under it. You can place a dining table, a garden table or any garden sofa set as per your needs.

3. Ease of movement

The issue with traditional parasols is that you cannot move them easily once you install them. On the other hand, you can move the cantilever ones without a hassle from one place to another, as long as you haven’t fixed them permanently to the decking or the wall. For that reason, they are more convenient to have as you can put them away in the winter or even pack them up and take them on a trip. Many include a base and cover so that you can keep them dust-free and stable at all times.

What to Look For When Buying A Cantilever Parasol?

There are some essential considerations before you reach your final pick that will influence your decision. As there are many products online, anyone can get overwhelmed while shortlisting one. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind to get your hands on the best garden parasol!

1. Size

When it comes to the size of a parasol, height and width are the major factors you need to consider. And for choosing the ideal product, check how much space your garden or patio has. Most of the best ones have heights varying between 2-3 meters and width between 2-3.5 meters. So, check the size of your garden and pick accordingly.

2. Setup mechanism

If you are buying a parasol, check what kind of setup mechanism it has. There are three types of setup mechanisms that it uses:

  • Pulley: This setup requires you to pull a rope to open the parasol. You will need some muscle if the parasol is large.
  • Crank: This mechanism requires you to rotate a gear that locks the parasol into position. This method is the easiest one as it needs minimal strength.
  • Slide up: It involves a ring that you need to push up for locking the ribs into position. This is best for small parasols as they can be stiff to operate.

Most of the cantilever ones come with a crank setup mechanism as it is smooth and easy.

3. Adjustability

The parasol’s shade is not going to stay in one place for long. After some time, you will start feeling the heat. To avoid sunburn, you will need to change the parasol’s position, which is much easier if you get an adjustable one.

The adjustability means that you can change and rotate the preferred angle. Most of the above products are angle-adjustable, so if the sun starts to heat your legs, you can shift the angle to move the shade away from your legs. The maximum up to which you can adjust the parasol vertically is 45 degrees.

You can also rotate the parasol to move the shade to another side entirely or by some angle. Just twist the polyester canopy of the parasol, and you are done. The adjustability angle, in this case, is 360 degrees.

4. Durability

It is the factor that affects the longevity of the product. And in the case of a cantilever one, it depends on the frame, pole and canopy material. Some of the best choices out there come with powder-coated aluminium or steel poles and a polyester canopy. These materials are among the best for outdoor use. So, we recommend going for these when buying your own parasol.

5. Additional features

Some other features will make the product more useful, long-lasting and safe. When possible, look for these to have a premium product.

  • Water repellent and waterproof: As you are going to use the parasol for protecting outdoor furniture, it is necessary to pick the one that is water repellent as well as waterproof. That will also block water from landing on you, thus keeping you dry.  
  • Rust-resistant: To ensure long term use and less damage, check if the parasol is rust-resistant.
  • UV resistant: UV rays can lead to various skin issues. So, it is necessary to ensure that the parasol you buy is UV resistant
  • Accessories: Apart from all the functional features, check if you are getting any accessories too. Some of the best accessories that you can get in a parasol set are a parasol base, parasol cover, base weights and more. If your budget can afford these, it’s a money-saving way of buying them.

What is the best size of parasol for your garden?

As per industry standards, a 2.4-meter wide parasol shall be best for your garden. But, since not everyone has an equally sized garden, one size may not fit all. Most are available in the width range of 2 to 3.5m.

So, if you have a larger garden, you can opt for a wider parasol. Be aware that the wider the parasol, the more base weight you will need to make it stand with stability. The biggest advantage is that you will get the maximum shaded area.

Are Cantilever Parasols any good for British weather?

British weather is quite temperamental, and you need to be aware of it all the time. As far as the performance of the parasol is concerned, it will not go anywhere as long as there is light rain and a gentle breeze outside.

But, if the wind speed increases, it is best to take it down to prevent damage. Also, to be on the safe side, ensure that you have fixed the base firmly to the surface. In case of rough weather, it will stay intact.

Another thing that you can do is consider buying an aluminium parasol. It is lightweight and can cope up with the British weather with ease. It is also light to carry without strain.

How much should you spend on a Cantilever Parasol?

The pricing varies based on many factors and features. We have divided the best ones into three categories based on the pricing, from affordable to high-end options.


These parasols are the ones that have a maximum price of £100 or £150. They have all the basic features like high-quality material such as steel or iron frame and pole, a canopy of polyester with air vents, a wide diameter, UV protection and water resistance. 

You can easily open & close these parasols with the help of a crank handle. Most of these parasols have a cross base too, but they do not come with supporting weights.

Mid Range

The second category has a price range of £150 to £250. These are the products that have all the basic features, just like the affordable category. Along with this, they have some add-on features too. They come with a base, parasol cover, and an installation manual. Moreover, they are angle-adjustable and have a denser polyester canopy with PVC coating that ensures waterproofing.

High End

The high-end category includes products that will cost you over £250. Yes, it is costly, but it will rope in the top pick for you. The products in this category have an aluminium frame and pole. As it is lightweight, you can easily carry it anywhere. Moreover, you can rotate them by 360 degrees to change the shaded area. They also have angle adjustability in both vertical as well as horizontal direction.

The UV protection of these parasols is also high, typically over 50. Plus, they come with a warranty period. Other than that, you will get all the features of the affordable and mid-range category products.


Everyone loves to chill in the summers sipping cold beverages while basking in the sun. If you want to make your summer more enjoyable and memorable, you should consider buying a garden parasol. As there are countless products to choose from, you should prioritise your needs first. Based on that, you will be able to make an informed decision.

With our buying guide, we have added up a list of the best cantilever parasols for you. We want to give you the most knowledge possible by elaborating on some crucial points you need to check while buying a cantilever one. Take some time and review our guide to end up with the best product. Buy your own today!

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