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As Of June 2022

Are you looking for office supplies as school classes resume, or you’re getting back to work? Math can be tricky, but not with the right tools! Whether you are a teacher, a student or an office worker, you’re going to need a reliable calculator! Let us help you find the helper you’ve been searching for to get your math done right and fast! Interested to learn more?
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1 Casio fx-83GTX on white background

Casio fx-83GTX

4.8 /5

Best Calculator Overall

  • Carry it in your pocket & keep it scratch-free in the included case
  • Calculate accurately with the UK’s best-selling scientific calculator
  • View the readings clearly without hassle in its display
  • Super quick calculations to finish your projects in no time
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2 Casio fx-85GTX on white background

Casio fx-85GTX

Many Functions
4.7 /5

#2 Best Choice

  • Oldie but goodie, a reliable calculator so you’ll pass your exams with flying colours
  • No glares for clear readings due to its large natural textbook display
  • Versatile with 14 functions for mathematical expressions like roots & fractions
  • Save money on batteries as it’s also solar powered
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3 CASIO FX-991EX on white background


Tax And % Calculation
4.7 /5

Top Choice for Versatile

  • Perfect for office workers with 552 functions, including spreadsheets
  • Precise readings thanks to its LCD display with high resolution
  • Top-quality built with a fast processor to get the job done quickly
  • Affordable operation as it’s solar-powered with 1 CR123A battery backup
4 KAPEK Maths Set on white background

KAPEK Maths Set

Large Display
4.6 /5

Top Choice for Students

  • A must-have tool for your school classes with a calculator & geometry set
  • Worry-free deleting as it has easy access to memory that recalls your last steps
  • See more than one solution at once with the 2 line LCD screen
  • For boys & girls as it comes in 2 colours: blue & red
5 Casio FX-83GTX on white background

Casio FX-83GTX

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Easy Menu

  • Multi-purpose with 276 functions to help you through math class
  • Navigating the menu is a piece of cake for stress-free calculations
  • Never run out of power as the 3 AAA batteries required can be found anywhere
  • Peace of mind using with its protective hard case & 3 years warranty
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6 Helect 2-Line on white background


Many Functions
4.6 /5

Top Choice for Ease of Use

  • Calculate hassle-free anything you want with its ergonomic keyboard
  • Comfortable viewing inputs & results in its 2 line display
  • Put it in your pocket & bring it anywhere with you due to its compact size
  • Forget about scratched calculators because this one can handle it
7 Sharp SH-EL531 on white background

Sharp SH-EL531

4.5 /5

Ideal for Quality

  • Solve your equations without trouble thanks to its 2-line display
  • Multi-functional as it has 273 scientific functions
  • Use it without fearing scratches with its hard protective case
  • Use it in classes like general math, algebra, geometry and trigonometry
8 RENUS 2-Line on white background


Digital Time Display
4.5 /5

Top Choice for Robust Built

  • Are you a student or teacher? This scientific calculator is what you need
  • Operate it by using 2 AAA batteries that come with the tool
  • Sturdy construction to help with all your math problems
  • Slide on or off the hard case to protect it during transport from scratches
9 Casio FX-85GTPLUSPK on white background


Basic Level Functions
4.4 /5

Ideal for Energy-Efficient

  • View everything like in your textbooks & finish your math quicker
  • Bring it to class or work scratch-free thanks to its protective case
  • Energy-efficient as it has an auto power-off
  • Never run out of battery during an exam as it opens using solar power or battery
10 HANPURE HP-fc-82MS on white background


Large LCD Display
4.4 /5

Top Pick for Accuracy

  • Fastest and most precise calculator for your office or school
  • Solve any math problem at school with a total of 240 functions
  • A set ideal for architecture students to make error-free drawings & calculations
  • Read the results clearly even under stress with its 2 line display

A, B, C as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Numbers never lie. That’s what we are all told, but calculating these numbers can be one uphill task. Especially when you are doing complicated calculations for statistics, engineering, or even finance and accounting lessons. No matter how easy these may seem even to others, the multiple steps and entries can be overwhelming.

But, with the right equipment, you can easily ace any complicated formula that comes your way during work or this coming school year. All you need is a calculator that handles the kind of functions you need for your level. Get ready to handle basic to the complicated arithmetics. 

Why give Calculators a Chance?

Unlike art and craft lessons where your imagination runs wild and creates beautiful pieces that can earn you high grades, mathematics and science lessons require more than just imagination. You need to remember formulas and steps to solving solutions.

Even for the most basic calculations, the brain can get overwhelmed when doing manual calculations. With a calculator, all you need to do is feed the numbers and you will have the results within a split second. You can easily fish your tests and assignments on time. And, they are so versatile that they've become office essentials along with other items such as label makers, desk lamps, paper shredders and extension leads.

What Types of Calculator Suit You?

A scientific calculator that can handle hundreds of functions is the best calculator to go for when you are in advanced classes. These are ideal for high school, college, or professional level, for doing scientific, engineering, statistical, and even accounting calculations.

A basic level calculator with only the basic functions like multiplications and additions is ideal for a lower level that does not do complicated addition and multiplications.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Calculator?

Buying a calculator can be confusing, especially if you will not be using it yourself. What should you look for? What features suit your class level or your child’s school level? Knowing this will actually make it easy for you to pick the ideal calculator for this coming school semester.

If you are buying a calculator for your young child, it would be best if you went through their curriculum. With this, you can tell what they will be covering in the maths and science classes. And, if you are buying for yourself, a quick grasp at your upcoming maths levels or office work will help you understand the level of functions you need.

An easy to use calculator, is also what one needs. The keypads need to be light and easy to press through when on high speed. Consider the powering of the calculator to ensure it never goes off when in the middle of calculations. Some have dual powering modes, solar, and batteries for backup.

The final decision should lead you to a calculator that makes doing arithmetic calculations easier than you could have ever imagined. Whether you are sitting in an advanced physics lecture or your child is starting to grasp the basic mathematics calculations. The easier it is to run the numbers, the more fun the arithmetics will be. And, nothing makes it better for anyone to grasp the world of numbers than when the calculations roll right out of the fingers like words.

Always Think About...

  • The number of functions, where some calculators have less than 10 functions and others have over 100 functions. The more complicated the calculations you will be doing in school, the more functions you need from a calculator. 
  • The display screen, lines of display, and the number of digits on display. The numbers should be large and clear enough for you to read easily. The more the lines of display and digits available on display, the better for you to follow on calculations. Usually, a minimum of 2 lines of display is ideal since it shows you the formulas you entered on the first line and the results on the second line. 
  • Auto shut off function where the calculator shuts off automatically after minutes of inactivity. When you are busy with assignments or tests, you might forget to shut the calculator off. When it is on, it will be consuming power. An auto-shut off function will ensure the battery lasts long.
  • You can also think about additional accessories that come with the calculators. Accessories lower your budget and reduce the time you’d spend searching for these extra items on their own. Some will have pens and pencils, and multiple instruments like a protractor, eraser, and square set.   

Whether you want a calculator for you or your little one then don't waste another minute. Make mathematics fun and easy for everyone. There's no need troubling your mind with all those calculations when you can have your answer just in a couple of seconds. Check our guide and find the perfect one for you!

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