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Best 10 Bunk Beds For Kids

As Of July 2022

Do you have only one room to fit the beds of your little ones? Do you want your kids to spend some quality time together and bond? We’ve got you covered! It’s time for you to invest in the best bunk beds for kids! They’re incredibly safe, fun and save tons of living space so that your kids have plenty of room to play with their toys. Come check our list!

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1 Comfy Living Bunk Bed

Comfy Living Bunk Bed

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Ideal for siblings or sleepovers- turn sleep into a fun activity
  • Safety always comes first, thanks to its solid frame & side rails
  • Keep your kids’ room neat as you can store their toys in its storage space underneath
  • Blends seamlessly with every bedroom style due to its white colour
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2 Strictly Beds Everest Classic Bunk Bed

Strictly Beds Everest Classic Bunk Bed

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Quality Materials

  • Made in the most eco-friendly way, 100% from sustainable pine
  • Not just for kids but also teens as it’s extremely robust & solid
  • Avoid any slippages thanks to its extra-wide ladder steps
  • Paint it effortlessly to match every interior decor
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3 Comfy Living Christopher Pine Bunk Bed

Comfy Living Christopher Pine Bunk Bed

4.6 /5

Best Option for Mattresses Included

  • Assemble it in a flash- you’ll only need a screwdriver
  • Makes your children rush to bed as it’s as playful as a toy
  • Safe thanks to its sturdy construction & supportive side rails
  • No need to buy mattresses as they’re included in the pack
4 Noa and Nani Midsleeper Bunk Bed

Noa and Nani Midsleeper Bunk Bed

4.5 /5

Most Playful Choice

  • Bedtime couldn’t be more fun; all thanks to this mini castle
  • Bored to come off using the ladder? There’s a slide for comfort
  • Keep your toys & games tidy as it has a massive storage space underneath
  • Safety guaranteed since it’s made of the finest wood & solid materials
5 Heartlands Furnitures Milano Bunk Bed

Heartlands Furnitures Milano Bunk Bed

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Sleek Design

  • Ensure the utmost safety with its head & foot frames plus the sturdy side rails
  • Use it as your kids get older, thanks to its 201cm length
  • Elevate your child’s bedroom decor due to its antique finish
  • Assemble it hassle-free as it comes with crystal-clear instructions
6 happybeds Domino Bunk Bed

Happybeds Domino Bunk Bed

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Storage Options

  • Climb the ladder even with the lights off as the stairs are glowing
  • Ideal for toddlers since the bottom bed is placed lower to the ground
  • Let your kids keep their toys, thanks to its built-in shelves
  • Match it with every style of the room as it comes in 4 colours
Best Quality Ribbon
7 Happy Beds American Bunk Bed

Happy Beds American Bunk Bed

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Versatility

  • Customisable as you can split it into 2 beds according to your kids’ needs
  • Solid frame that’s also good for adults as it’s made of quality pine wood
  • Avoid accidents caused by the ladder since it’s fixed in one place
  • Choose between 2 different colours to find the perfect match
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8 Noa and Nani Hilda Bunk Bed

Noa and Nani Hilda Bunk Bed

4.5 /5

Best Option for Safety Features

  • From sleeping spot to play area; turn the bottom bed into a chill-out zone
  • Sturdy as a rock thanks to its 100% wooden frame
  • Ideal for younger toddlers since the bottom bunk is close to the ground
  • Adjust the ladder according to your needs as you can place it left or right
9 Julian Bowen London Bunk Bed

Julian Bowen London Bunk Bed

4.5 /5

Great Choice for Longevity

  • All-in-one; let your kids play for hours & then take a nap
  • It’ll last for years to come since it’s made of solid metal
  • Double-decker design to mimic London’s iconic buses
  • Top-notch safety as the side rails are part of the metal frame
10 Julian Bowen Campervan Bunk Bed

Julian Bowen Campervan Bunk Bed

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Vintage Design

  • Let your little ones go for a road trip before taking a nap
  • Climbing on the upper bunk is more fun than ever due to the surfboard style ladder
  • Create the most playful child’s bedroom thanks to its unique design
  • Have peace of mind of its quality as it comes with 12 months warranty

Bedtime Is Now A Funtime!

Are you looking for ways to make your little ones willing to go to bed? Do you want to save as much living space as possible in your kids’ bedroom? Luckily for you, we know the right solution! The answer to your prayers goes by the name bunk beds. They are great in terms of space-saving as well as super fun. Your little ones will spend hours playing and chilling out before taking a nap. The best thing is that they’re really safe—no more accidents or slippages. The best bunk beds for kids are here!

When it comes to your child’s needs, you’ll always seek the best. To make things easier for you, we narrowed down a small list of things you should consider before making a purchase.

  • Size: You’re probably looking for a bunk bed to save some space in your kids’ room. So the actual size of the product should be crucial for you. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the dimensions. Make sure to calculate the available space before buying a bunk bed. On average, the dimensions of a bunk bed are H149cm x W95cm x L197cm.
  • Safety: When it comes to kids, safety is the most important factor. Always go for a bunk bed made of quality materials, preferably pine wood or metal. Also, look if the product has supportive side rails on the upper bunk. You don’t want your little one to fall off the bed in the middle of the night.
  • Design: That’s entirely up to you. If you want something to last for years to come, even if your kids get older, go for something sleek and contemporary. Colours like white and grey are always good choices. If you want something more playful, you can choose a vehicle-style bunk bed, like a double-decker bus or a campervan. 
  • Mattress: Not all bunk beds include mattresses. Make sure that you’ve read the manufacturer’s instructions clearly. There you’ll find the exact dimensions of the mattress. Now, if you want something high-quality like a memory foam mattress or simply a plain one, it is up to you.

This is all you need to know about bunk beds for kids. This list offers you the best choices currently available on the market. It’s time to make your kids happier than ever! It’s time to make them crave a good night’s sleep. Time to find the best bunk bed!

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