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Best 10 Budget Electric Toothbrushes

As Of June 2022

Do you think that oral care costs a fortune? Do you want to update your old toothbrush with an electric one, but you have a tight budget? That’s awesome! We have picked the best electric toothbrushes for under £50 for you. No more extra money spent on dentists! Are you ready to smile in pride? It’s your time to shine! Want to find out more?
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1 Oral-B Vitality CrossAction Electric Toothbrush on white background

Oral-B Vitality CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

4.8 /5

Best Budget Electric Toothbrush Overall

  • Removes more plaque than a manual brush due to its 2D action
  • After 2 minutes of brushing, it’ll vibrate to let you know that it’s time to stop
  • Clean teeth in no time as it oscillates & rotates for better results
  • Enjoy 7 days of brushing thanks to its long battery life
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2 DrDent Premium Sonic Electric Toothbrush on white background

DrDent Premium Sonic Electric Toothbrush

4.7 /5

Most Compact Pick

  • No need to spend extra on brush heads as it comes with 7 heads
  • Pack it in your bag & go for a trip as it comes with a travel case
  • No need to take the charger with you as the battery lasts for up to 8 months
  • Keep your oral health in tip-top shape thanks to its 5 cleaning modes
3 Oral-B Pro 3 Electric Toothbrush on white background

Oral-B Pro 3 Electric Toothbrush

4.6 /5

Top Option for Teeth Whitening

  • Choose amongst 3 modes: every day clean, whitening and sensitive
  • Great for those suffering from gum disease with its 360 ̊ gum pressure control sensor
  • Forget when was the last time you charged it as its battery lasts for 2 weeks
  • Ideal gift set for a loved one that wishes to have a bright smile
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4 Oral-B Pro 2 Electric Toothbrush on white background

Oral-B Pro 2 Electric Toothbrush

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Gum Health

  • 100% more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush due to its 3D technology
  • Protect your gums thanks to its visible gum pressure sensor
  • Never lose any accessories as it comes with a travel case
  • Have peace of mind with its 30 days money back warranty
5 Oral-B Pro 600 Electric Toothbrush on white background

Oral-B Pro 600 Electric Toothbrush

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Round Brush Head

  • Have extra gentle cleaning thanks to its ultra-thin bristles
  • Say goodbye to the plaque with its daily clean mode
  • Cleans even in-between teeth due to its angled design
  • Follow dentists’ brushing recommendations thanks to its two-minute timer
6 Mitimi Electric Toothbrush on white background

Mitimi Electric Toothbrush

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Powerful Motor

  • Pearly white teeth as it removes 300% more stains than a manual brush
  • Customise your brushing experience with its 5 brushing modes
  • Lost or misplaced the charger? USB charging comes to the rescue
  • Get a thorough & detailed cleaning as it has a powerful maglev motor
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7 Colgate ProClinical Electric Toothbrush on white background

Colgate ProClinical Electric Toothbrush

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Lightweight

  • Feels as light as a regular toothbrush, except it’s 5x more effective
  • Minimise damage to the soft tissue of your gums as it has soft bristles
  • Smile with more confidence as it’s designed to polish them
  • No more oral care issues thanks to its high-quality plaque removal
8 Oral-B Junior Electric Toothbrush on white background

Oral-B Junior Electric Toothbrush

4.5 /5

Best Option for 6+Year-Old Kids

  • Take it to the next slumber party without worrying as its battery lasts for 7 days
  • Start the healthy habits young with the automatic timer that buzzes when you’re done
  • For boys and girls as it comes in 2 colours, green & purple
  • Protect your little one’s teeth & gums with the super-sensitive bristles
Ideal Gift Ribbon
9 Philips Sonic Electric Toothbrush on white background

Philips Sonic Electric Toothbrush

4.5 /5

Ideal Choice for Sensitive Teeth

  • Protect your teeth & gums with its built-in pressure sensor
  • A unique brushing experience with the SmartTimer & QuadPacer
  • Comfortable handling thanks to its ergonomic design & silicone handle
  • Brush your teeth faster than ever due to the vibrating sonic brush head
10 Aicoreray Sonic Electric Toothbrush on white background

Aicoreray Sonic Electric Toothbrush

4.5 /5

Ideal Choice for The Whole Family

  • Remove 100% plaque with its 44.000 strokes per minute sonic action
  • The most effortless experience as it lasts for 30 days & you charge it wirelessly
  • Use it worry-free on your steaming hot bathroom as it’s waterproof
  • A four-in-one brush as it has a clean, milder, white & massage mode
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How To Choose The Best Electric Toothbrush Under £50

Looking everywhere for an affordable solution to update your mouthcare? Have a hard time finding a quality budget electric toothbrush? Maintaining proper oral hygiene should be one of your top priorities and a habit that could only benefit you. From reducing the chances to get Alzheimer’s disease to simply having a good-smelling breath, mouth health is of utmost importance. Nowadays, the majority of dentists agree that electric toothbrushes are much more effective and efficient than manual ones. They help you improve your brushing technique and make deep cleans to your teeth without the need to use more pressure. They also better protect your sensitive gum line. And we need to stress that: gum care is vital as it’s proven that it slows down mental decline. All and all, there’s no excuse for not buying an electric toothbrush. 

Well, there is one counter-argument; electric toothbrushes cost you an arm and a leg just to brush your teeth! That is true, as many models cost over £100, some of them even reaching the price tag of £250! But keep calm; we’ve got you covered! Not all electric brushes are that expensive. You can find the ideal one that suits your needs even under £50! We handpicked the best cheap electric toothbrushes so that you don’t have to hassle at all. We also provide you with a detailed buying guide to know exactly what you’re buying.

4 reasons to buy an electric toothbrush, even on a tight budget?

As it comes with most modern electric devices, why should you elbow grease when you can have something to do all the nasty job for you? The same goes for electric brushes. Other than stating again how important is mouth health, let’s focus on a few things that an electric toothbrush is superior to a manual one.

1. It’s much more reliable and effective than a regular toothbrush.

For starters, an electric toothbrush does a much more detailed job. It cleans your teeth even in the parts you couldn’t possibly imagine a brush can go. It rotates steadily in a controlled manner making the cleaning process more detailed and efficient. When you use a manual brush, usually you start brushing your front teeth with more pressure than the back. That happens because you get tired of doing the same movements over and over again. In the case of an electric toothbrush, the only thing you have to do is hold it steadily and aim your teeth. 

2. It helps you minimise your dentist appointments and save money. 

If you’re well into mouth care, you should know that just brushing your teeth is not the only way to keep proper oral health. Besides a basic daily clean mode, you can also use an electric one for flossing, teeth massaging, or protecting your sensitive teeth and gums so that you no longer feel any irritating pain. Some smart toothbrushes also include app connectivity and help you improve your brushing technique. All these capabilities help you save money by minimising dentist appointments.

3. It can help with gum disease.

Having an electric toothbrush doesn’t mean that you will not have gum disease. It can help, though, reducing the chances of getting it. That’s because electric toothbrushes remove much more plaque than the standard ones. And by much, we mean a lot more; 300% more. In the long term, that’s crucial to improve your gum health, and it could also help you minimise the chances of getting more severe diseases like periodontitis

What types of budget electric toothbrushes are there?

When it comes to electric toothbrushes under £50, there is a plethora of options and different types to choose from. Here you won’t find any ultrasonic brushes, but you’ll undoubtedly find something equivalent and able to deliver outstanding results.

  • Rotating

It is probably the most affordable and simple type of electric toothbrush and the most common one. It has a set of bristles that rotate. It’ll make your brushing experience more effortless than an ordinary toothbrush. 

  • Rotating-Oscillating

Now, this is where the serious business starts. That’s a patent from the Oral-B brand, and you’ll find it in all Oral-B brushes. Oscillating means that the brush has a small round head that oscillates and rotates in both directions (one each time) around a tooth. That’s the best procedure for removing build-up plaque. These brushes are probably the most popular since their price is quite reasonable, and they’re far better than the rotating ones. An affordable and popular model is the Oral-B Pro 2 2500 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush, and we have a detailed review to help you decide.

  • Sonic

These use a completely different technology than the previous ones. They have a diamond-shaped head that vibrates in really high frequencies, up to 40.000 strokes per minute, buffing the tooth surface, dislodging plaque and pushing the toothpaste through gaps between your teeth. They’re effective against plaque and tartar, but their brute force might not be ideal for those with sensitive gums and teeth.

What Should You Look For When Buying An Electric Toothbrush?

In the case of manual toothbrushes, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying one, like softness, colour and material. That is not the case in the electric toothbrush field. There are many key features that you should know about before purchasing one. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of some of the most common features you’ll find on an electric toothbrush.

1. Brushing timer

Professional dentists and hygienists recommend brushing your teeth for up to 2 minutes each time, twice a day. When you wake up in the morning, it’s pretty hard to keep the time, isn’t it? Brands have already thought about that. That’s why electric toothbrushes feature a built-in timer that alerts you when it’s time to stop brushing. 

2. Quad Pacer

Also, some of them vibrate every 30 seconds to let you know when to change sides. For instance, when you brush the upper teeth row, it’ll alert you by buzzing or vibrating in real-time; that is time to switch to the bottom. If you are a daydreamer or don’t know what you are doing in the mornings, this clever feature will help you, and it’ll change your brushing habits. 

3. Stiffness

You should always check the toothbrush packaging to see whether it has a soft, medium texture or extra soft bristles. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, you should opt for a soft one, and to kids, go for an extra soft one. It all depends on how delicate your teeth are.

4. Gum pressure sensor

That’s a pretty cool and helpful feature, and you should look for it, especially if you have gum sensitivity. The sensor will alert you if you’re putting more pressure on a particular area. Say goodbye once and for all to bleeding gum lines! Gum pressure sensors can also prevent or reduce the chance of gum issues, even periodontitis. Putting the right amount of pressure can only benefit you in the long run.

5. Battery life

Battery life is, of course, important as you don’t want to wake up in the morning to suddenly realise there’s no battery in your toothbrush. That’s no way to start your day, now, is it? You should look for a toothbrush that combines fast charging time and long battery life. Most models usually last for 7 days, while others can even last for an entire month! Charging time usually varies between a few hours and a whole day. Most rechargeable electric toothbrushes use a USB wire. A few rechargeable ones, though, have wireless charging to make things even more convenient for you. 

6. Modes

The general rule of thumb here is, the more, the merrier. Look for models with many different modes so that there’s at least one to match your needs. Other than a basic clean mode, other modes massage your teeth, polish them, and remove plaque and stains more intensively. These modes will make you smile in pride!

7. Extra accessories and gadgets 

Some toothbrushes come with extra toothbrush heads in several shapes and sizes to match precisely your teeth and never run out. Generally, you should change heads every few months, so it’s better to find a model that comes with many additional heads. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a few more pounds every time you want a replacement brush head! It is noteworthy that many brands offer an inexpensive subscription and provide you with head brush refills and mouthwash from time to time.

8. Bluetooth connection

Now you’ll say, what is the use of Bluetooth in a toothbrush? Well, even though it’s not a necessity, some smart brushes connect with an app and give real-time feedback via your mobile phone. That way, you can keep track of your brushing habits and enjoy clean teeth on a daily basis!

9. Case

Electric models come with many accessories that you can quickly lose. Especially when you are travelling it is good to have a place to store them safely. Many brands provide a travel case along with their product for convenience when travelling. If you’re making regular road trips go for one that has a USB cable charger so that you can charge it even when you’re driving. 

Will electric toothbrushes whiten your teeth?

Yes and no. They’re like shavers. Even if you shave every day, you need genetics to grow that Viking beard you always wanted. The same goes for electric toothbrushes. They help clean your teeth and, to some degree, make them more white, but if you have bad genetics or simply you’re following an unhealthy lifestyle (like eating junk food or smoking cigarettes), don’t expect any life-changing results. The use of an electric toothbrush boosts your oral health if you are consistent with it. It’ll undoubtedly make you pay fewer visits to your -rather expensive- dentist, and combining with a healthy lifestyle can also make your teeth more shiny and white., 

Can electric toothbrushes damage your teeth?

Yes, if you put too much pressure on them or if you choose the wrong texture. If your teeth are sensitive, you should go with toothbrushes with a soft or extra-soft brush head. Also, look for a brush that features a gum pressure sensor for some extra safety.

Additionally, it is advisable not to brush your teeth immediately after you have had some sweet treats. Better to wait for at least 45 minutes before brushing. The same goes for food rich in acids like fruits, as they can soften the outer surface of your teeth and gums.

Do you need to buy an expensive toothbrush to get the job done?

No, you don’t need a costly toothbrush. You don’t have to buy a premium model over £50 when you have the same results as a cheaper one. Having said that, there are people that have serious gum issues or even periodontitis and require more delicate teeth care. For those, more high-end electric toothbrushes might be a better choice. If you’re not one of these people, our list with the top 10 budget electric toothbrushes will be more than enough for you, and if you have little ones running around your home and eating every single piece of chocolate, take a look at our best electric toothbrushes for kids.

How long will an electric toothbrush last?

An electric toothbrush usually lasts for 3 to 5 years of daily use. Even if you use it twice per day, as the dentists recommend it, it’ll last more than 3 years. Spending under £50 for a product that’ll make your smile beautiful and will also last for quite some time seems like a good investment. Also, bear in mind that most models come with a 1 to 2-year warranty and 30 days money back warranty. If you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can give it back with no money loss. And if it breaks while you’re using it, you’ll get a replacement instantly.

How much should you spend on an electric toothbrush?

There are so many inexpensive options that deliver outstanding results. These models start from £20 and go up to £50. They are an excellent choice and a good investment. If you care about your mouth hygiene and want the best for your teeth, you should purchase one quality budget electric toothbrush! Their functionality is impeccable, and you simply cannot compare them with a manual toothbrush. The pros overwhelm the cons, which is only the price. And to be honest, paying up to £50 for your health sounds like a bargain!


To sum everything up, we outlined all the pros of using an electric toothbrush, and we made it clear that you don’t have to spend a fortune on them or use different brushes all the time. There are great deals out there under £50! Our top 10 list is full of bargains that deliver incredible results! You can choose between sonic or rotating models, with round heads or diamond-shaped and ones with five modes or more. The ultimate decision is entirely up to you! Remember, maintaining good mouth health is really important for your overall health! Being in the mouthcare field, you might also want to upgrade your oral hygiene by using a water flosser. It’s your time to unleash your beautiful and shiny smile in the world!

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