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Best 10 Bread Makers

As Of June 2022

Who doesn't want a freshly baked loaf of bread ready in a couple of minutes? Now it's easier than ever to prepare your own with the best bread makers of the year. All it takes is the right equipment! An ideal machine can facilitate you in ways you would not even have imagined! Not only can you prepare a homemade scrumptious meal, but you can also do it much more efficiently! Do you want to find out more?

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2 Morphy Richards 48281 bread maker next to some bread

Morphy Richards 48281

Budget Choice
4.8 /5

Best Bread Maker Overall

  • Save your money with this great option that offers you everything
  • Comes with free recipes to start your baking adventures
  • Choose from 3 different bread sizes & crust types to suit your mood
  • Program everything & check the information on the LCD display
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5 Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker on a white background

Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker

4.7 /5

Ideal for Crust Colour

  • You can choose between light, medium and dark crust
  • LCD screen with a viewing window to keep you posted
  • Digital interface with many options to suit your taste
  • Amazing taste full of flavour every time without the need for recipes
7 Tower T11003 bread maker next to some loafs

Tower T11003

Touch Control Panel
4.7 /5

Top Choice For Small Kitchens

  • Choose one of the 12 programmes to make your ideal bread
  • Non-stick kneading blade and pan for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable crust control with amazing results
  • Viewing window lets you know your bread's condition
3 Panasonic SD Automatic Breadmaker

Panasonic SD Automatic Breadmaker

Gluten-Free Bread
4.8 /5

Ideal for Space-Saving Design

  • Make any dough to your liking as it comes with manual timer modes
  • Enjoy a variety of loaves thanks to the 31 automatic programmes
  • Get started with all your baking needs as it has a cup, measuring spoon & more
  • Remove the bread comfortably with its lift away handle
7 Panasonic SD-R2530

Panasonic SD-R2530

Touch Control Panel
4.7 /5

Ideal for Nut Dispenser

  • Lessen the clutter on your kitchen counterspace thanks to its horizontal design
  • Try your hands at various recipes by using the manual setting mode
  • Customise to your liking from 30 automatic programmes
  • Add a mixture of raisins & nuts via the built-in dispenser
4 Russell Hobbs 23620 bread maker next to some bread

Russell Hobbs 23620

Power Cut-off Memory
4.7 /5

Top-Pick For Gluten-Free Bread

  • With a versatile 1-hour keep warm function to enjoy your loaves
  • Cleaning is easy thanks to its dishwasher safe & non-stick parts
  • Choose between 12 different functions and try new types of bread
  • With a 13-hour delay timer for great scheduling
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10 Panasonic SD-2511KXC bread maker next to some loaves

Panasonic Automated Bread Maker

27 Bake modes
4.6 /5

Best Fully Automated Bread Maker

  • Try a huge variety of loaves with 33 different bakes and dough modes
  • Enjoy the versatile raisin and nut dispenser for next-level results
  • Great quality parts with non-stick and scratch-proof features
  • Try jams and compotes apart from 17 types of bread
1 Morphy Richards Homebake Breadmaker on a wooden table

Morphy Richards Homebake Breadmaker

Easy Storage
4.9 /5

Best Budget Bread Maker

  • Choose between 3 different crust settings and enjoy your loaf
  • It’s very easy to use right from the start & makes storage easy
  • No need for a large space as thanks to its compact design it fits almost everywhere
  • Check your loaf's progress at any time from its top window
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6 EONBON Bread Machine on a white background

EONBON Bread Machine

Modes For Jam
4.7 /5

Best Delay-Timer

  • Have fresh bread whenever you want with the 15-hour delay timer
  • Check everything on the bright display and have a look through its top window
  • Your bread will be baked evenly every single time
  • Beautiful stainless steel finish to upgrade your decor
8 Panasonic SD-2500WXC bread maker on a table

Panasonic SD-2500WXC

Tasteful Bread
4.6 /5

Best Choice For Jams

  • Enjoy your favourite jams and compotes easily without making a mess
  • Try 100% gluten-free homemade bread exactly how you like it
  • No worries about cleaning thanks to its non-stick kneading pan & blade
  • Perfect for kitchens with limited space and small homes
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Make Your Own Loaf of Bread Like A Boss!

Are you tired of having to go out to get bread before meals? Do you wish you could have fresh bread in your bread bin every time you want it just in a couple of hours without hassles? Do you want bread in different forms ready to be eaten with snacks as well without having to locate a breadman for it? From different loaf sizes to gluten-free bread. There’s a kitchen appliance that takes bread making into a whole new level.

There is one answer to all these problems. Get the best bread machine! This could be the beginning of you making loaves at home that would make you feel like a fantastic home baker! Whether someone is diet conscious or just likes baking bread, a bread maker is something that is extremely useful to all. Bake bread like a pro!

The choices are unlimited! Basic bread, white bread, wheat bread, sweet bread and even french bread, sourdough or multigrain! No need for bread recipes or a recipe book in general! Choose your favourite crust setting and crust colour and enjoy your delicious bread.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the different options? No need to worry anymore! This guide has all the best bread makers and all the information that you need to make the right choice. Have a look at our insights and be sure that you can’t go wrong!

Why give Bread Makers a Chance?

A bread maker is something that you would initially think of as luxury equipment on your countertop but can quickly turn into one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. And if you lack creativity then you can have a look at different recipes (or gluten-free recipes) and experiment with various tastes. The only thing that’s for sure, is that the baking process is super fun!

Getting a bread maker is not only about convenience. But it is also pocket-friendly as you would make the investment just once and then be able to skip buying expensive loaves of bread as part of your groceries. At the same time, you would feel satisfied eating that bread as you would know exactly what ingredients have been used. No need to worry about your health either as you yourself can take care of it. Want to learn more through one of our in-depth reviews? Check out our Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake bread maker review. It's a classic option!

How Long Does It Take To Bake Bread With A Bread Maker?

There’s not a simple answer to that. The time you need to bake your bread varies depending on the kind and the programme that you choose. If your bread maker has a quick baking mode then you can do it just in a couple of minutes. But have in mind that homemade bread that is made like that are less tasty than the ones that spend hours in there. It all comes down to the baking round. The range of time for achieving perfect taste is wide and can reach up to six hours. Which is a lot! But check the manufacturer’s details just to be extra sure about your purchase. And don’t forget that you can always wake up and find a delicious loaf ready for you if you spend a little time the previous day to add all the ingredients in the bread pan.

What Types Of Bread Machines Suit You?

Vertical Bread Makers

In the very beginning, the first bread makers produced tall and rectangular loaves of bread that seem a little funny. Their bread pans were square but for some reason, the loaf tended to become too tall. This strange shape might give you trouble while making your favourite sandwich in the toaster

Fun fact, they are still popular because even though the shape is strange, some of them give you amazing results. There’s got to be something more than this! Well, the truth is that they don’t need much space which is ideal for people with small homes. Plus, they are less expensive and they remain a great option. Keep in mind though, that the heating element is located at the bottom of the machine so they can bake a little unevenly. 

Horizontal Bread Makers

If you can’t stand the tall and funny shape, then you should go for a bread maker that has a horizontal outcome. Loaves look a lot like the ones that you get from the baker’s thanks to the better-designed baking pans which are longer. They also tend to have more capacity and help you bake larger loaves but they also need a larger space in your kitchen. So be clever! 

There’s a chance that they are less efficient because of their design and their single kneading paddle, but if you go for a good product that has two kneading blades, you won’t face any problems. Try to avoid cheap products because the dough can get stuck on one end of the pan and then turn out uneven. It’s not hard to imagine that they are pricier but they are totally worth that extra money.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Bread Maker?

Load Capacity

If you have a big family or you want to treat a big number of guests, then you should consider the amount of bread that you can get in every baking cycle. Most products have settings for multiple loaf sizes. The maximum size though varies. For 1-2 people, you can get a mini bread maker and you’ll be more than pleased.

Size & Weight

The larger the machine, the larger the loaves. But make sure that you have the space to place it on your countertop because ending up with no space isn’t fun! Plus, smaller makers are easier to store and transport once you’re done. Keep in mind though that they probably have fewer settings than big ones.

Kneading Paddles

The cheaper models come with one kneading paddle most of the time which is decent but depending on the quality you might face some troubles. If you try a high-end bread maker with more than one paddle you’ll see the difference right away. Better kneaded bread that isn’t unevenly shaped.

Pre-Programmed Settings

There are so many features and settings to choose from. That makes the whole baking experience better and more fun even for beginners. So if you’re interested in trying different styles of bread and getting past that whole-wheat type that you’re used to, then make sure you aim for one that can do it. Depending on the type of bread that you want, the bread maker will adjust the baking time and the procedure to give you the best outcome. For the more experienced users, the cherry on top comes with the automatic fruit and nut dispensers.

Crust Control

Which is the desired darkness of your crust? Light, medium or dark? Maybe it’s not an essential feature, but it’s cool to have that option too, don’t you think? Don’t stay on a simple custom loaf bread maker. Go beyond that! It’s a personal preference that for some might seem unimportant. But a true bread lover knows that every single thing plays a part for that perfect bite.

Gluten-Free Options

Gluten-free bread needs a different approach than traditional bread. And if you’ve tried it in the past then you know what we’re talking about. Plus, the dough has a different behaviour! It’s good to go for an automatic bread maker with gluten-free settings because that will save you from a lot of trouble. The results always depend on the type of flour you’re using so it’s best to have a look at the variety of gluten-free recipes that are available. 

Delayed Start

Delicious bread needs a couple of hours to get ready. So why don’t you try the delayed start feature and schedule it whenever you want? Don’t use the quick-bake option all the time. Give it some time and you’ll see that you can do so much more. A delayed start option lets you add the ingredients beforehand and choose the time that the baking cycle will start. Some models have a 13-hour delay timer for example! That way you can enjoy your fresh bread once you wake up or you get back from work. Just wait for the beep to know it’s ready!

Automatic ingredient dispenser

A small cup or basket that you can add all the ingredients that you need to use for your loaf makes the whole process much easier. No need for stopping the process in the middle to add something manually. You throw them all in and you’re good!

Viewing window

Some people tend to get impatient or really curious about their baking goods. A viewing window can solve their problems once and for all. Now, you don’t have to open the lid to check the process of your baking. Just take a look and get all the information you need.

What Else Can You Make With A Bread Maker?

The fun part about bread makers is that you can create other things as well. If you’re interested in something like this, make sure that you go for a product that can cover your taste buds and your needs.

  • Yoghurt

Some programmable bread makers have settings that ferment and incubate at the right temperatures that are needed to make delicious yoghurt. All you need to do is choose the right mode from the control panel and add the ingredients.

  • Pasta Dough

Making your own pasta can be troublesome and messy but there’s a solution for that. Choose the right setting and you’ll see the ingredients get kneaded together. All you have to do is take the dough to the fridge to get it chilled.

  • Pizza Dough

If you’re more of a pizza person then you should know that pizza dough can be messy as well. Why? Because it tends to be wetter. There’s the right program for that as well. Just add the ingredients and your bread maker will knead them perfectly so you will only have to bake it.

  • Jam

Add the sugar and the fruits using a measuring cup to get the right amount. Choose the right setting and let it work its magic!

How Much Do Bread Makers Cost?

Bread makers come in a wide range of prices. They start at around £40 but as you can imagine they don’t have premium modes and settings. If you want something high-end with amazing features then you might find yourself almost at £250. It’s not only their size that changes! Pricier models can produce more types of bread, different crusts, different colouring etc.

How do you clean a bread machine?

It’s necessary to clean your bread maker after every use to keep it sanitized and looking as good as new. Once you finish your baking process, unplug it and let it cool down completely before cleaning.

You can remove the bread pan and wash it. Some products come with dishwasher safe parts to make your life easier. Just check before going ahead and putting it in the dishwasher machine. The rest of the bread maker can’t be cleaned with water as it has electrical parts that need to stay dry. You can wipe the exterior though, with a damp cloth to remove any flour or any other ingredients that may drip. Let it air dry and it’s good to go again!

Some Extra Tips For Bread Making

How about some tips for a better bread-making experience? Have a look!

  • Measure carefully and follow the instructions of the machine. Add the ingredients to the pan in the right order. Why? Bread makers are calibrated in a certain way and if you start adding more of some ingredients or add them in a wrong order, the recipe will be bad.
  • Use the right type of flour for each type of bread. Don’t do your own stuff!
  • Make sure that yeast and salt are separated. Most of the time salt is added first and yeast is near the end. Never add them together because salt kills the yeast and your bread will stay flat.
  • Place your freshly baked loaf on a rack to cool down and prevent getting it soggy.

To keep your bread fresh for a couple of days, make sure that you put it in a large plastic bag and squeeze out the air. Close it tightly and you’re done!

Always Think About...

Are you ready to get the best bread maker for your needs? Are you ready to enjoy your homemade bread every time you want it? We hope you are! This guide has all the information and insights that you’re going to need. Check our top picks and find the ideal one for you! No need for worrying anymore! Take a walk to the bread-making side! You’re going to love it!

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