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Best 10 Bread Bins

As Of July 2022

Our beloved baked goods deserve some looking after. If you've been looking for how to store your bread loaves, it may well be time to consider a bread bin. It protects your freshly baked foods from nasty germs and bacteria and keeps them crisp and fresh. There are several bread bins in the market for every taste and budget. Want to find out more?
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1 Brabantia Rectangular Fall Front Bread Bin on white background

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Bin

4.8 /5

Best Overall

  • Tuck up to 2 loaves within thanks to its spacious design
  • Store other kitchen countertop items on the convenient flat top
  • Enjoy it for years to come thanks to its robust & corrosion-resistant steel
  • Have peace of mind as it comes with a 10-year warranty
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2 Cooler Kitchen Bread Bin on white background

Cooler Kitchen Bread Bin

4.7 /5

Ideal for Bamboo

  • Built to withstand wear & tear with its durable metal construction
  • Slice the bread effortlessly with the included cutting board lid
  • Maintain your baked goods’ freshness for up to 7 days with its tight seal
  • Match it to your kitchen decor as it comes in black, cream & red
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3 LARS NYSØM Bread Box on white background


4.6 /5

Top Pick with Linen Bread Bag

  • Preserve your bread fresh & mould-free thanks to the ventilation holes on the sides
  • Cut your foods conveniently with the bamboo board lid
  • Bring pastries with you to a picnic in the handy linen bag
  • Add a minimalist touch to your kitchen with its contemporary design
eco-friendly choice ribbon
4 Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin on white background

Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin

4.5 /5

Ideal for Bagels

  • Put away leftovers as it fits more than 2 items within
  • Open it worry-free even when everyone’s sleeping as the mechanism has a hushed plastic stop
  • Prevent moisture build-up thanks to the knobbly patterned base for ventilation
  • Select 1 of 14 colour options to suit your style
5 Morphy Richards Roll Top Bread Bin on white background

Morphy Richards Roll Top Bread Bin

4.5 /5

Top Stainless Steel Choice

  • Bring a unique & stylish touch to your kitchen with its textured mirror finish
  • Maintain your loaf’s shape intact as it has a roll-top design
  • Lift the lid conveniently via the steel bar handle
  • Stays wobble-free on your counter thanks to the non-slip feet for stability
Best Quality Ribbon
6 Joseph Joseph Bread Bin on white background

Joseph Joseph Bread Bin

4.5 /5

Ideal for Cutting Board Lid

  • No crumb trail left behind thanks to the grooves on the board side
  • Seal it shut firmly in place with the easy-lift handle
  • Preserve your counters scratch-free with its non-slip base
  • Put your childrens’ snacks inside worry-free as it’s made of BPA-free materials
7 Brabantia Rectangular Fall Front Bread Bin on white background

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Bin

4.5 /5

Most Aesthetic Choice

  • Add a pop of colour with its eye-catching passion red design
  • Free up counter space by storing spices & more on its flat top
  • Enjoy tasty bread every day with its magnetic seal for freshness
  • Built to last & resist deterioration with the plastic rims on the edges
popular choice ribbon
8 BODUM Bistro Small Bread Box on white background

BODUM Bistro Small Bread Box

4.5 /5

Best Compact Pick

  • Say goodbye to mouldy loaves thanks to its temperature & air circulation control
  • Elevate your kitchen’s look with 1 of its 7 vibrant colour options
  • Flip the lid & cut the bread to keep your counter crumb-free
  • Fit many pastries at once by picking 1 of 3 sizes - small to large
A yellow ribbon about best value for money product
9 Lock & Lock Rectangular Storage Container on white background

Lock & Lock Rectangular Storage Container

4.5 /5

Ideal for Airtight Seal

  • Pack your little one’s lunch in it thanks to the BPA-free materials
  • No chance of leaks with its 100% tight 4-hinge locking system
  • Save bread for another day as it’s freezer-safe & microwave-safe
  • Clean it up mess-free by simply adding it to the dishwasher
10 KitchenCraft Stay Fresh Expanding Bread Keeper on white background

KitchenCraft Stay Fresh Expanding Bread Keeper

4.5 /5

Top Pick with Bread Slicer

  • Save money with fewer supermarket runs by keeping your bread fresh longer
  • Versatile to fit any bread size with the expanding design
  • Make the perfect toastie with the helpful slicing guide & slicer
  • Prevent your bread from dampening thanks to the adjustable vents

Keep Your Loaves Fresher With The Best Bread Bins

Do you need the ideal kitchen bread storage container to preserve your fresh loaves of bread for some days? Are you looking to save some money on purchasing bread from the bakery or supermarket daily? If you are into baking and even have your own bread maker, ensuring that your loaf’s taste and freshness stay intact is super important. What’s the point of trying your hands out at baking if the bread will only last a couple of days? A bread bin can be a fantastic storage box for your kitchen counter or cupboards to avoid throwing it out or letting it go stale.

Aren’t sure what to look for and need a bit of guidance before purchasing your own? Don’t worry; you’ll gain valuable information on all the must-haves that a bread bin should have with our buying guide. Stay with us as we show you the benefits of owning one, features to consider and which type of bin may be best for you. Keep reading below!

What is a bread bin?

Every fresh or dried food item deserves a proper storage container to prevent it from going bad and preserve its taste and quality, including bread, bagels, and other goods. Even if you have enough time on your hands to bake fresh bread every day, it is still important to invest in a bread box for preservation purposes.

In simple terms, a bread box or bread bin, as it is also commonly known, is a box for storing and preserving fresh bread or pastries at room temperature instead of drying or freezing it. This storage container comes in different shapes, sizes, materials, and designs to fit your needs and space restrictions.

Why do you need a bread bin?

If you grew up in the UK, a bread box is not a strange item to find in the kitchen. And although the name signifies that it's a storage canister for bread, who says you can't be creative and use it for other baked foods as well? Just in case you are still unsure about why you should invest in such an item, check out some of the reasons we recommend them, and let's see if your mind remains unchanged afterwards.

1. For preservation purposes.

Most store-bought bread is loaded with preservatives and may remain undegraded in their plastic or paper storage bags for a while. But with homemade baked products, you should look for ways to create healthier food habits. As we mentioned earlier, a bread bin as a retro carbohydrate storage unit will keep the taste, texture, and overall quality of your sourdough or pastries unaltered for days. And it does so by maintaining a room temperature level that will prevent the moisture in the bread from reducing or increasing (condensation), thus keeping the bread crustier and fresher even after some days.

2. To keep things healthy.

Your health should always be a priority when storing food items because an inadequate storage container or technique can do more harm than good. Heat and humidity cause mould, a serious enemy for bread, which is unavoidable in inadequate storage situations, even with freshly baked goods. With a bread storage solution, your bread remains mould-free, preventing the build-up of bacteria, fungi, and other organisms found in the air. So, unlike with plastic or paper storage bags, this option makes your bread safer to consume even after days of storage.

3. To keep things tidy.

Who wouldn't appreciate a storage unit that helps to free up some space on the kitchen counter? With a large bread bin, say goodbye to multiple plastic food storage bags cluttering your kitchen worktop because it can hold large loaves, cookies, and bagels, among others. There are various size options available so that you don’t compromise precious space even if you’re kitchen is too small. That way, keeping your other kitchen gadgets like a sandwich toaster on the counter won’t be an issue.

4. It adds some aesthetics to your kitchen.

Have you seen the styles and designs of bread bins these days? You will want one in your kitchen even if you don't plan on storing baked items in them. As long as you can create space on your countertop for it, a bread bin, whether Nordic, retro, wooden, plastic, or stainless steel, will add some beautiful and eye-catching views to your kitchen or storage space. Also, the colour choices available are so broad that you can match the rest of your kitchen decor to the tee. 

5. It is cost-effective.

Rather than buying plastic or storage paper bags every time you need to store freshly baked homemade bread, a bread box, which we consider a long-term investment, will save you stress and money. And with the fact that you can get a high-quality product at a friendly price, the pros of getting one outweigh the cons (if there are any). Think about how much you spend weekly getting fresh bread from a store just because you may leave it exposed to moisture which dampens it. Have one less headache by simply tucking your leftovers in a tightly sealed storage unit that’s specially designed for baked items.

6. It is environmentally friendly.

If you are big on practising your green thumb, a bread bin is for you, and here is why. While paper storage bags might be easy to dispose of, plastic bags are not the same. Their production and destruction take a toll on the environment, especially because they are not biodegradable or recyclable, and you may need a new one for storage every time you bake. However, a bread bin is a one-time investment; once you have it, it stays functional for a very long time unless you desire an upgrade. Not to mention that its materials are not harmful to the environment as they’re mostly non-plastic. Some manufacturers even use climate-friendly bamboo and other BPA-free materials.

What to look for when buying a bread bin

There are various types and styles of bread bins on the market, which might make your selection process a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, like any other storage container or canister, there are certain features that the best bread bin should have, and we have highlighted them in this guide. Read on to find out more.

1. Size

The size of the bread box you opt for may be influenced by the storage space you have for it. In other words, if you have a small kitchen space, then it will be best to invest in something that won't swallow up whatever limited space you have. But if you have a big kitchen with enough free-standing worktops, don't be economical with the size of the bread bin you buy because a large size means more storage space for your pastries

In addition, since there are different sizes, another thing to consider before picking a size is the quantity of bread or baked foods you want to store or preserve. You can choose a suitable size to accommodate this and more. Manufacturers will state in the product description the number of food items the bin can hold.

2. Material

Bread boxes come in various materials, with the most common ones being wood and metal. Selecting a material may not seem important, but it impacts the durability and functionality of the bin. So here are some materials you can find on the market.

  • Wood

Wooden bread bins come mainly in traditional or rustic designs and have better ventilation but are heavier in weight and require more upkeep on your end. Beechwood and bamboo bread bins are the most common ones you can find in this category.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic bread bins usually have a simple design but are more fragile materials. So, you have to be careful when handling it on a hard surface. They don't have vents like plastic bread bins, making them ideal for use in areas with dry climate conditions.

  • Plastic

Most of these are made from BPA-free plastic, making them healthy to use, lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, but because they lack ventilation holes, they draw in moisture, which can lead to mould formation on the bread after some time. So, if you intend to store foods only for a day or two, a plastic bread bin will be ideal.

  • Metal

The stainless steel bread bins are durable and stylish, especially in different finishes like rose gold, copper, and others. This type of bread bin is durable and easy to clean but absorbs moisture quickly. Other types of metal bread bins include carbon steel, which has a matte finish and stylish design.

3. Design

If you are looking for a bread bin that will complement the decor in your kitchen, dining room, or storage area, you'll find a range of options to choose from- whether matte, rustic, traditional, modern, or retro bread bin. Some classic combinations include platinum, black, white, cream, while there are also vibrant choices in pastel colours such as mint, pink, blue, green and yellow.

4. Ventilation Holes

Many bread bins have air vents to allow proper circulation within the container. These vents allow air to circulate at optimal levels to keep your bread plush, soft, and mould-free for up to a week. If you live in a humid environment with a high moisture level, opt for a bread bin with vent holes. But, it will be better to invest in one without vents to lock in the bread moisture and prevent condensation in a dry environment.

5. Lid Type

Unless you have a chopping board assigned for slicing your bread or pastries, you can always invest in what we call the 2-in-1 bread bin. This type mostly comes with an eco-friendly bamboo lid that helps prevent condensation and keep the bread crusty and fresh for longer. This lid has a smooth and flat top that serves as a cutting board. Brands like Swan Nordic, Morphy Richards, John Lewis, and Bodum Bistro bread box provide this function.

Other than a bread keeper with a bamboo lid or one that comes with an integrated chopping board, there are various other lid options. A flip-top or flip-forward lid is ideal for storing rounder loaves and rolls. Removable lids have a tight seal to keep pests out and leave the contents fresh and crisp.

A roll-top lid allows creative use of the interior storage because the lid has a retractable design that goes into the bin when opened, helping to save space and provides an adequate seal for storage. Furthermore, you can also get a fall-front bread bin lid with a pull-down design and magnetic strip for tight sealing.

6. Ease of Cleaning

Some bread bins are dishwasher safe, while others may require you to hand wash with a clean and soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap. So, it's your choice to select the type with the cleaning option you are most comfortable with. Generally, steel is much easier to clean than plastic, but the choice is a matter of personal preference.

7. Cost

It's always a good idea to have a budget down when investing in kitchenware such as this. Since there are many options on the market, you can get a durable and functional bread bin at a reasonable price range from £10 to £50. However, note that the price range varies with material, sizes, designs, and brands.

How long can bread bins keep bread fresh?

Unlike supermarket bread which has loads of preservatives to improve the shelf life, homemade bread does not have these preservatives and cannot stay fresh as long as the former would. Fear not, as this is where a bread bin comes in handy. 

Depending on the type and material of the bread bin, you can successfully store and preserve your freshly baked bread for three to five days and, in some situations, a week. But, if you want to enjoy the best flavour with your taste buds, we recommend that you eat your bread as soon as possible if you don't want it to lose its freshness after a few days.

What bread bin type is best for you?

Are you starting to feel swamped because of the varieties and number of brands available to select from? Remember that before you pick the best bread bin for your needs, you must consider your storage area, the climate condition of your environment, and the quantity of bread or pastry you intend to store.

Once you have a solid answer to these, you won't find any difficulty choosing what is best for you. Also, the type of goods you intend on storing will help ease your decision as some containers are better suitable for, say, round loaves rather than rectangular or long ones and vice versa.


Bread bins are a must-have for home bread makers because they will keep the product healthy, fresh, and tasty, preventing the need to bake every day, especially in homes that consume bread regularly. In addition, they are space-saving and will keep your kitchen counter area free from pests drawn to bread and other pastries. 

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you better understand these neat kitchen accessories. Take some time to review our top 10 picks and purchase the best one for your needs. So, are you ready to make a one-time investment to keep your baked foods fresh for a while?

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