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Best 10 Book Lights

As Of July 2022

Do you love reading at night in bed but you disturb your partner? Then, book lights are the gadget you need! Regardless of what you read, from ebooks to paperback books, book lights will cater to all your reading needs. Most importantly, their compactness allows for portability, so you never have to miss a page when on the road. Ready to find out more?
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1 happy man reading book in bed wearing the Glocusent Round Neck Reading Light

Glocusent Round Neck Reading Light

4.8 /5

Best Book Lights Overall

  • Read, knit, crochet & sew with the hands free round neck design
  • Pick the right light for bedtime reading from the 3 colour settings
  • No flickering & blue light, so you can read without straining eyes
  • Enjoy up to 80 uninterrupted hours with a single charge
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2 Lencent LED Clip on white background

Lencent LED Clip

4.7 /5

Top Book Light For Reading in Bed

  • Choose the perfect brightness levels from the 9 modes
  • Say goodbye to strained neck & eyes with the light’s flexible neck
  • Place on your work table to use as a desk lamp when working
  • Charge easily via USB cable from your computer or power bank
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3 blue Flexilight Xtra LED Book Light clipped on book

Flexilight Xtra LED Book Light

4.6 /5

Ideal For Portability

  • Don’t want to disturb your partner? Snuggle with a book on your side of the bed
  • Super compact for storing in your bag or pocket when travelling
  • Use light straight from the box; no need for setups
  • Adjust its body for fewer neck strains
4 Gritin Clip-On Light on white background

Gritin Clip-On Light

4.5 /5

Best For Functionality

  • Don’t be caught off guard! Track battery life with the power indicator
  • Dimmable light with 9 brightness levels to meet all your needs
  • Clip-on the book & use flexible gooseneck for right lighting position
  • Enjoy up to 48 hours of use & fast-charging battery
5 LUXJET Book Light on white background

LUXJET Book Light

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Bookworms

  • Read all night, thanks to the long battery life of up to 80 hours
  • Continue reading comfortably by simply putting it around your neck
  • Keep your eyes relaxed when reading at night with the soft light
  • USB rechargeable provides ease of charging anywhere, anytime
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6 Dewenwils Amber Reading Light on white background

Dewenwils Amber Reading Light

4.5 /5

Top Pick For Kids

  • Reduce eye strain with the eye care amber glow light colour
  • Recharge your book light anywhere with a USB port
  • Save preferred brightness level with the memory function
  • It folds flat to use as a bookmark & pick up where you left off
7 Opard Reading Lamp clipped on book

Opard Reading Lamp

4.5 /5

Best For E-Readers

  • Attach to your Kindle for an extra layer of safe reading light
  • Get back to your good book ASAP with the fast-charging battery
  • Choose reading light from 4 levels that won’t disturb others
  • Ultra-portable with flexible rubber body for folding as a bookmark
8 Derlights Clip On Reading Light by the PC

Derlights Clip On Reading Light

4.5 /5

Best Multi-Purpose Choice

  • Bend & twist the neck to get the perfect illuminating position
  • Study clip for maximum securing of light on books & other surfaces
  • Durable & high-quality inbuilt lithium battery to use for years
  • Enjoy long years of usage backed by a 5-year warranty
9 Vont Clip On Book Light on white background

Vont Clip On Book Light

4.5 /5

Best For Versatility

  • Attach reading light to anything, thanks to the wide clamp
  • Glare-free eye protection so you never have to strain your eyes
  • Rotate light’s neck up to 360° to suit any reading position
  • High-quality book light with a lifetime warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
10 Mighty Bright Rechargeable Book Light in various colours on white background

Mighty Bright Rechargeable Book Light

4.5 /5

Top Choice For Paperback Books

  • Keep reading when the battery is low with the micro USB charger
  • Start off from your previous light setting with the dimmer memory function
  • Lightweight & foldable for carrying around effortlessly
  • Choose LED reading light by just toggling the start button

Burn The Midnight Oil With The Best Book Lights!

Are you constantly straining your eyes and neck as you try to get a better glimpse of your book at night? Is your partner finding it hard to fall asleep from the bright light as you read in bed at night? Well, we know how book lovers can get lost in their books. And we get that! 

Book lights provide the perfect solution to all your problems, so you don’t need to keep the ceiling lights on or holding a torch. You can now create your own tranquil reading space on the side of your bed. Read all night long and never worry about blue lights. Better still, most book reading lights are as versatile as they need to be, allowing you to use them for several purposes.  Keep reading to learn how to pick the best one to cover all your needs. 

What Are Book Lights?

These are little light miracles you never knew you needed as a reader. Yes, there are endless choices of floor, bedside and desk lights. With these, you can just as easily grind through the night with page-turners. But they are not book lights

These are compact and portable. Some are tiny enough to fit on the palm of your hands! Some of them you can clip on whatever you are reading or other surfaces like desks, headboards, and music stands. The great thing about them is that you will not annoy your partner, so you can say goodbye to phrases like “Please, turn off the lights!” and stay as late as you want to read in bed! 

Why Do I Need Book Lights?

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a book light. Here are some of these reasons: 

  • No Getting Up To Switch Lights Off

Book lights will save you from having to get up from your warm bed or your comfort position after reading to switch off lights. 

  • Complement Your Other Lights

Are you having a hard time reading with the light from your existing reading lights? Unfortunately, it is more common than you think. But, book lights are the best and intensify the light you need to see the pages clearly.   

  • Let Your Partner Sleep in Peace 

On those days you want to spend extra minutes or hours in bed reading, you certainly do not want to keep all lights blazing for your partner's sake. Here is where a book light comes in handy for both of you. You can read peacefully, as long as you want, and your partners can sleep like a baby without bright lights disturbing their eyes.

  • Never Leave Your Books Behind

Do you have less time to read when travelling at night? With a book light, you can stay up late, whether you are travelling by bus, train or plane, reading peacefully without struggling. 

What Should You Look For When Buying Book Lights?

Purchasing a book light looks like a pretty straightforward transaction. And it should be, especially if you know what to look for

1. Light and Brightness Settings 

Light and brightness levels are among the most important factors when looking for reading lights. First, you need a light that is not too bright that it hurts your eyes but still enough for you to read without squinting your eyes. 

Reading lights with adjustable levels are the best, allowing you to choose the best level for you. For lamps with no brightness settings, the warm colour temperature is usually recommended for nighttime reading. It is less strenuous for the eyes and will not get in between you and your precious sleep. 

2. Style & Features 

Book lights come in all sorts of styles, from clipping designs to stand-alone models. Others can go around your neck. While most book reading lights have LED lights, there are other different features to look at. 

Think about usability and what the light offers that set your reading apart. Some will double as a bookmark, especially those with a clipping style. Does the light bend and to what degree to accommodate your sitting or sleeping position. Another feature to consider is the timer, which allows you to set reading time. With these, the book light will shut down automatically. This is an excellent feature if you are one of those people that fall asleep while reading. 

3. Power Source

Luckily, book lights are portable and wireless, meaning you can pack yours when travelling. These lights usually use rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. What matters is the battery life for both. Of course, the longer you can use it without recharging or replacing a new set of batteries, the better. 

4. Price 

Price points will always come up, even if you buy something small that changes your reading experience. Fortunately, they are not as quite cash intensive as one would think. With a budget of £8 to £30, you can easily get a book reading light. Ensure that you know what features you are looking for, battery durability and the available light. 

What Colour of Light Should You Choose Best For Reading?

Book lights have different colour temperatures, from 1600K (Amber Light) to 5000K. But, with adjustable brightness settings, you can always settle for the colour temperatures within this range that match the time of day you are using your book light

That said, there are three different colour temperatures to choose from, and it all depends on your preferences. Warm light has 2000K to 3000K and is the safest for night reading. Its shade of yellow is comfortable for the eyes, makes you feel relaxed for a better-rested when it is finally time to tuck in. Cool light temperatures range from 3000K to 4100K, with a balance of day and night light. This is best for semi-dark areas, especially if you are reading during the day. Daylight white or cold light is over 6500K. It is brighter than the rest, which helps improve your concentration. 


All bibliophiles unite! It's time to start un-piling your long stack of To Be Read books! The best book lights are here to ensure you keep turning the pages of your favourite reads all night long. And with most book reading lights using LED technology and adjustable brightness, you can always choose whatever type of white light suits your reading environment. 

Wondering what to look for when shopping? Our buying guide is here to cater to all your concerns. And, with our list of the best book lights, you certainly have an excellent head start! Finish that chapter in bed without worrying about lighting starting tonight! Found your favourite yet?

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