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Best 10 Body Groomers

As Of June 2022

Do you want to get rid of your chest hair? Are you looking for a body trimmer that will give you everything you need in your grooming routine? With the best body groomers, you can remove any underarm fuzz, ear hair or back hair effortlessly! No need for waxing or spa treatment; just do it at home! Want to find out more?
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1 Braun 10-in-1 All-in-one Trimmer on white background

Braun 10-in-1 All-in-one Trimmer

4.8 /5

Best Overall Body Groomer

  • Use it in the shower or over the sink as it’s a wet & dry trimmer
  • Ideal for manscaping with 10-in-1 attachments for the body, nose & ears
  • Get sharp edges on your beard with 13 length settings
  • Cut your hair by using the short & long hair combs
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2 Philips Body Groomer on white background

Philips Body Groomer

4.7 /5

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

  • No outlet needed nearby as it’s battery-operated
  • Clip body hair that grows in any direction thanks to the bi-directional head
  • Shave even in the shower as it’s fully waterproof
  • Perfect for your sensitive areas with its skin protector guard
3 Philips Showerproof Body Groomer on white background

Philips Showerproof Body Groomer

4.6 /5

Top Hypoallergenic Choice

  • Safe to use for fully body grooming from armpits to legs
  • Use it multiple times in the week thanks to its 50-minute runtime
  • Hassle-free rinsing under water as it’s water-resistant
  • Never have irritated skin with its foil shaver on the head
A blue hypo-allergenic ribbon
4 Philips Body Groomer with Skin Comfort System on white background

Philips Body Groomer with Skin Comfort System

4.5 /5

Most Popular Choice

  • Comfortable to use even in hard to reach areas
  • Prevent skin irritation with its rounded pearl tips
  • Bring it with you to your trip on the compact & lightweight charging stand
  • Trim all body hair precisely by using the included comb
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5 The Trimmer by Meridian on white background

The Trimmer by Meridian

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Groin Trimming

  • Ideal gift for your partner’s grooming routine
  • Avoid hair snags with the anti-nick shaving guard
  • Safe to use when showering as it’s shock-resistant & water-proof
  • Perfect for close shaves with the 2 adjustable trim-guards
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6 Braun Beard Trimmer on white background

Braun Beard Trimmer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Beard Trimming

  • Charge it for 1 hour and shave non-stop for up to 100 minutes
  • A match for any beard with an auto-sensing motor
  • Comes as a full grooming kit with a Gillette ProGlide razor
  • Trim different lengths from shorter to longer hairs thanks to the precision dial
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7 Philips Showerproof Body Groomer and Trimmer on white background

Philips Showerproof Groomer and Trimmer

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Thick Hair

  • No upkeep as the stainless steel blades are self-sharpening
  • Smoothly shave coarse hair as the head adapts in 4 directions
  • Switch from shave to trim with ease thanks to a unique dual-sided design
  • No hand strain thanks to the ergonomic non-slip grip
Best Quality Ribbon
8 Philips OneBlade Hybrid on white background

Philips OneBlade Hybrid

4.5 /5

Top Travel Pick

  • Create sharp lines with its contour-following technology
  • Store it safely in the included travel pouch when not in use
  • Save money as the blade lasts for up to 4 months
  • Excellent for continuous use as the battery life runs for 1 hour
9 Remington Cordless Trimmer on white background

Remington Cordless Trimmer

4.5 /5

Ideal for Nose & Ears

  • Clean up your stubble’s styling by using the mini foil shaver
  • Cost-effective & versatile as it comes in a multi-grooming kit
  • Put your best self forward by using the head to toe trimmer attachments
  • Perfect hair removal every time as the blade self-sharpens
10 Braun 9-in-1 All-in-One Trimmer on white background

Braun 9-in-1 All-in-One Trimmer

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Head Trimming

  • Nail the best beard with no tugging thanks to the auto-sensing motor
  • Superb for men’s grooming with a 9-in-1 kit
  • Out of battery but in a rush to trim your facial hair? It has a 5-min one-time quick charge
  • Safely use under water as it’s 100% waterproof

Boost Your Confidence By Manscaping Daily with a Body Groomer!

Are you sporting a hairy chest and want to get the look of an Olympic swimmer? Do you want to trim down your beard to a stylish stubble? Whether you’re rocking a five o’clock shadow or a long full-grown beard, trimming can be part of your grooming routine. With traditional razors, replacing blades can add up the costs. Why not go for an electric shaver that can last for many years? Sure, you’ll still need to replace the blades from time to time, but it’s a cost-effective way to groom yourself.

With the best body groomers, you can tackle any hard to reach areas from head to toe. Yes, you could use a beard trimmer, but this is a money-saving solution too! Our buying guide has added up the best products out there that will have you looking fresh and clean in no time! Not to mention that many manscape shavers come in complete kits so that you can cut any hairs with precision from nose to ears, eyebrows to chest. Your partner will thank you!

What is a body groomer?

It is a detail trimmer that you can use on many different body parts. With summer fast approaching, everyone loves to keep tidy and fresh in their private areas. A good trimming is part of anyone’s self-care routine, and it has you feeling rejuvenated. With attachments from head to toe, these tools are multi-functional to cut, trim and shave any hair length thanks to the adjustable length. Many like to use them to maintain their head hair’s length, their beard’s edges or even their full-body hair from back to legs.

Using a razor can be a good alternative, but you risk more cuts and burns in unwanted areas. Also, in-grown hairs are the worst nightmare! But, an electric trimmer cuts through the hairs more precisely, giving a finer result. And, it’s a more hygienic solution because the parts detach for cleaning between shaves.

Most electric trimmers run on lithium-ion batteries, which makes them a very portable and long-lasting solution. They have quick charging times from 4-10 hours and can shave non-stop for at least 1 hour. That way, you can bring them with you on a trip, and their rechargeable batteries will take care of the rest. Body hair trimmers have safe guards on the head that make them much safer than regular razors and easier to store when not in use.

What features should you look for in a body trimmer?

Do you want to get a clean cut and look as if you just left the barber? You can remove any body hair from peach fuzz to a thick bushy back with a body trimmer. But, the best ones have some key features that everyone likes to look for when buying. These features make your life easier and give you consistent and smooth results time and time again.

1. Length Settings

Most products come with adjustable lengths so that you can cut through many different hair types. Generally, when grooming yourself, it’s best to start from the highest setting and make your way down to the lowest setting towards the end. The most affordable electric groomers have at least a few settings down to 3mm, but the higher-end ones have multiple settings from 21mm down to as little as 0.5mm.

Depending on the body area you want to shave, you should pick between the many lengths as the result will be cleaner and better. For beards, for example, a 3-5mm trimmer is a good option.

2. Different Guards

You should try and find one with various guards for a more polished look that’s stylish and clean-cut. The more guards, the better. You will have a full kit for all the different body areas. Some manufacturers make a fully-covering grooming product with different guards for stubbles, medium to large beards, chest hair, clipping hair, trimming ears, noses and eyebrows.

That way, you can keep every body area looking fresh and maintained from your armpits to your back and groin area without running the risk of cutting yourself.

3. Waterproof

While some people prefer to shave on dry skin, others prefer to do so under running water. If you want to shave while showering, make sure that your electric groomer is water-resistant and shock-proof. It’s not guaranteed that all are waterproof. So, to be safe, check the product description. We recommend going for a waterproof one. Even if you plan on dry shaving, it’s nice to have the option if you ever want to shave in the shower.

4. Charging Time & Battery Life

The charging time matters because it lets you use the trimmer faster. Most available choices have quick charging times, so you can place it overnight and wake up to a fully charged product. Others are fast enough to charge within a few hours, from 1 to 4 hours. Generally, those are pricier too. Some even come with their own charging stand that you can take with you on the go, making them ideal for travelling.

Now, there’s nothing more annoying than rushing to get ready for work only to find out that you need to recharge your shaver’s batteries. A long-lasting battery can save you time and effort for non-stop shaving at all times. Some affordable choices have a runtime of up to 1 hour, but the more expensive ones can last up to 100 minutes at a time.

Some of them even have a quick 5-minute one-time charge so that you can use them once and then put them back to recharge. Another neat feature is a LED indicator that flashes when the battery is too low. So, you can always know your battery’s limits.

Can you use a beard trimmer as a body shaver?

You could use a beard type of trimmer in other body areas if you want, but it’s more hygienic to at least switch between attachments. Many trimmers come with multiple attachments, from nose hair trimmers to ear trimmers, so you can pick the right end piece to attach to the shaver. For best and cleaner results, finish with one area and then move onto the next so that you don’t use the same tip on different body parts.

Also, body hair trimmers have a smaller blade length so that you can reach as close as possible without nicks and tugs. Many electric shavers have hair clippers, too, making it easier to trim off hair from body areas. Most manufacturers like to include a fully-covering solution not to have to spend a fortune on separate body parts. So, you can use your trimmer as a back shaver, beard type and body groomer!

Should you use the same trimmer for your pubic hair and facial hair?

Like we said above, it’s best and more hygienic to use separate attachments for facial hair and the body. A body kind of groomer has a unique design with hypoallergenic shavers of foil that you can bring close to your skin for shaving sensitive areas. It’s a precise trimmer that keeps the groin area manscaped safely without cuts.

Thankfully, most full-body types have different lengths for beards, body and sensitive parts so that you can achieve a smooth and clean shave anywhere you want. For best results, look for a grooming product with long and short clippers, at least one or two different thickness blades and a protective guard to avoid accidents. Also, an ergonomic non-slip grip will give you steadier control, which you will need for accuracy and safety.

Where’s the best place to shave with a grooming tool?

The biggest headache when shaving is where to shave because of the leftover hair piling up. From a light stubble trim to a full back shave, hair can be messy to clean up. So, to get the least amount of hair everywhere, we recommend body grooming in a shower. Whether the water is running or not, any excess hair will land in the drain when you rinse off. And with a shower drain hair catcher, it’s convenient and easy to clean up without clogging the pipes. Not to mention that you won’t have hair sticking on your body as it automatically washes off while you’re shaving.

Many of them are safe to use when you’re wet, so even if water is running, you don’t risk a shock as there are many waterproof ones. But, if you prefer to keep the hair out of the house, you could even trim fully dry outdoors. Some are good to use when you’re dry without causing skin irritation.

Whatever the location you shave in may be, we want to share some pro tips to avoid burns and unpleasant skin tugs.

  • Go slow and steady on sensitive spots like your groin, ears and nose
  • Use shaving cream for optimal results
  • Always moisturise after you shave for longer-lasting results and less irritation
  • Rinse off the blades by removing them, if possible, between each use
  • When shaving your underarms, wear deodorant for a fresher result

How much do the best body groomers cost?

Grooming is an important part of your self-care routine. Some prefer a full beard, but some maintenance like trimming is essential for a nice and clean look. There are many options available to match any pocket because body shavers are an everyday essential item.


You can find the most budget-friendly price for an electric shaver is anywhere between £20 to £40. The affordable options will either be a single electric razor with one blade or a full-body type with a few attachments. These take a bit longer to recharge than the pricier ones (up to 10 hours) but have a solid battery life from 50 minutes to 1 hour. Some even come with a traditional non-electric razor so that you can touch up the final clean shave.


For a bit of a higher price, you can find some multi-purpose full kits. From £50 to £300, there are premium choices with multiple attachments for different body areas. You can adjust from 0.5mm to more than 20mm for precision and accuracy on any hair type. Some even have a charging stand that delivers quick charging times in as little as an hour. Their runtime is also bigger, with some lasting up to 100 minutes.


Taking the time to show yourself some extra TLC will always give you the confidence boost you need. With the best body groomers, you’ll be looking as handsome as ever! From sharp and clean cuts to hairless chests, whatever your personal preference is, you’ll enjoy the smooth touch after. Everything you need for hair removal comes with this multi-grooming kit. Remove ear hair, nose hair, and longer hair if you have sensitive skin with no irritation!

Perfect your hair styling and trim off any unwanted locks with the proper attachment. The best out there are multi-functional and versatile to be part of any men’s grooming routine. Who’s ready to do some body grooming?

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