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Best 10 Board Games

As Of July 2022

Stuck at home? Are you looking for a way to pass the time? Feeling like Netflix isn’t enough anymore? No need to worry! We’re going to take you back to the basics! Gather the ones you love because it’s game night! From classic to modern board games, one thing is for sure. Unlimited hours of entertainment! Gather the whole family and share beautiful moments. See it as a workout for your mind!
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1 Orchard Toys Match and Spell Game & Shopping List Extras Pack board game on a white background

Orchard Toys Match and Spell Game & Shopping List Extras Pack

4.8 /5

Best Educational Game For Kids

  • A great game for your little ones to sharpen their reading and spelling skills
  • Spend time together as a family and find yourself encouraging your memory skills
  • Get your kids to eat a little healthier - the playing cards bring up healthy food items
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2 Z-Man Games Pandemic board game on a white background

Z-Man Games Pandemic

4.7 /5

Most Picked By Experienced Gamers

  • Gain victory points and save the world by working together as a team
  • Adjust the difficulty level to suit your experience and enjoy 45 minutes of playtime
  • Save the world from an epidemic and choose one of the two mysterious scenarios for non-stop fun
3 Thames & Kosmos EXIT - The Game | The Dead Man on the Orient Express board game on a white background

Thames & Kosmos EXIT - The Game The Dead Man on the Orient Express

4.6 /5

Best Horror Game

  • One of the best games when it comes to intensity and team spirit
  • Try to escape before the end of the game by solving all the riddles and puzzles
  • If you’re hosting game nights then this one is the perfect party game to keep everyone entertained
4 Drumond Park LOGO Best of Sport and Leisure on white background

Drumond Park LOGO Best of Sport and Leisure

4.5 /5

Ideal for Trivia

  • Learn new information with its 252 question cards
  • Perfect for couples as it comes with two playing pieces
  • Pick it up effortlessly thanks to the simple instructions
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4 Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic board game on a white background

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic

4.5 /5

All-Time Classic Family Game

  • An old but gold choice that can offer unlimited hours of fun games
  • For all the family - trade your property, buy, sell and build houses and hotels like a boss
  • Every dice roll gives you a feeling of suspense, try to be the last one standing
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5 Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride New York board game on a white background

Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride New York

4.5 /5

Popular Choice With Many Expansion Packs

  • Race through the city of New York or choose another city from the variety of expansions
  • A super easy game that needs only 10-15 minutes per round to play once or play for hours
  • Top choice from families to friends & from beginners to experienced players
6 Orchard Toys Animal Families board game on a white background

Orchard Toys Animal Families

4.5 /5

Top Memory Game For Little Kids

  • A top-quality card game to sharpen your kid’s matching and memory skills
  • It’s a small and compact game that you can take with you if your kid wants some playtime
  • Top pick if you’re a teacher and want to bring some fun times into the classroom
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7 Catan Board Game on a white background

Catan Board Game

4.5 /5

Most Iconic Strategy Game

  • A renewed version of Settlers of Catan that multiplies the entertainment for the family
  • Enjoy a fresh game every time with the variable board & face new challenges
  • Perfect choice if you want a game that lasts up to an hour & needs a strategy
8 Space Cowboys Jaipur 2nd Edition board game on a white background

Space Cowboys Jaipur 2nd Edition

4.5 /5

Best Two-Player Game Overall

  • Find someone who can challenge you in trading and enjoy hours of laughter
  • It’s simple so you can learn how to play in no time - fun for the whole family
  • Arrange larger sales than your opponent and become Maharaja’s personal trader
9 Betrayal At House On The Hill board game on a white background

Betrayal At House On The Hill

4.5 /5

With 50 Different Gameplay Scenarios

  • It’s like role-playing in a horror movie - face your fears, uncover the secrets and score points
  • Explore a creepy place where the scenario changes every time you start again
  • Hours of fun for the whole family or groups of friends that want suspense

Bored At Home VS Board Games At Home!

Spending your day or night at home is a perfect opportunity for relaxing. There are these days that you just want to sit on your couch, make some popcorn on your popcorn maker and watch some Disney movies, listen to a podcast or maybe play some video games on your Xbox. And then there are these other days that you want to share your time with someone. A family member, a group of friends or your significant other. And sharing is caring! Do it over one of the best board games and you’ll have the time of your life!

If you’re of a certain age -and don’t take this the wrong way- then you might feel a little nostalgic. If you remember your young self gathering with your friends and playing those old school games like Scrabble and Dungeons & Dragons, which are still two of the most famous ones, then you’re in the right place. You’ve got the spark in you! All you need is a new game to make this flame burn bright again.

With all choices that are out there, it might be a little hard to find the perfect game to pass your time. That’s why in this guide you’re going to find some of the best picks! Don’t spend your money on something that might not be that good. Get one of these and you won’t be disappointed.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Board Games?

When you first think about it, board games seem like a really nice way to entertain yourself. But in reality, there are so many benefits to playing. Have a look!

Brings People Together

Strengthen your relationships with family and friends while playing together. Cooperation is a skill that is very important for many aspects of life. Plus, you could always meet new people that love the same games as you. Communication, teamwork and new connections! It’s a win-win situation.

Sharpen Your Mind

Playing board games is like solving exercises with your brain… but more fun than maths or physics, right? There are some brain areas that get stimulated during a round. These areas are strongly connected to memory formation and complex thought processes. And this applies to everyone and not just kids. These games help you practise your decision making, your strategic thinking and your problem solving all at once. 

Have A Goal And Be Patient

People that play these games like to win. That’s a fact! You just have to know how to lose as well though! Create a strategy in your mind. Set your goal and then patiently build it up. You’ll see how you can adapt this in real life as well and it will help you go places.

Reduce Your Stress And Laugh

When you spend your time with people you love while doing entertaining things and playing games, it is a fact that you’ll end up laughing. It’s one of the most important things when you share moments with other people. Laughter increases your creativity and decreases your stress levels. And who doesn’t want that? And don’t forget about all the “happy hormones” that will fill your brain, leaving you feeling cheered up.

Play Anywhere

Board games give you the opportunity to play anywhere and anytime. You just have to take them with you and find a surface to place your board. From the beach to a mountain trip, the possibilities are so many that you’ll never find yourself getting bored.

What Is The Best Board Game For You?

If you’re not a game collector and this is the beginning of your journey, then you need to make sure that you get one that suits your mood. And don’t forget to have in mind the people you’re going to share it with! Have a look and narrow down your options!

Simple Or Complex

There are some people that love the idea of playing complicated games that last many hours and need some serious strategies. If you love the whole suspense build-up, then you should go for games like that. If you’re into simpler stuff and want to have a quick round that lasts a few minutes, then you’ll be happy to know that there are many games that suit you too. Plus, fast games give you an adrenaline boost as well.

Team Player Or Competitive Type

Some games create scenarios where every player is part of a team. They all work together to achieve a common goal and score some points. Contrary to that, you’ll find all those games that are based on competition and have every player trying to beat the other. Both types are super fun depending on your mood and the people you’re with.

Direct Or Indirect Competition

Let’s say that you’re the competitive type and you want to get a game so you can have a match with your friends. The question is, what’s the type of competition that you want? Some games are based on direct competition where you try to beat your opponents while “attacking” them directly. The indirect type, on the other hand, has everyone trying to win the others but while playing against someone else. Like a clock, or a bank that wants to take all their money!

How To Host An Amazing Play Night?

Let’s start from the beginning! If you want to host a play night, then you should start with the game itself. Find something that you love and make sure that your friends and family are fond of it as well. There’s no point in having a play night that your guests won’t enjoy as well. Once you make your choice let’s talk about who you’re going to invite.

Some might think that this part is really simple. Sometimes it is! Sometimes it’s not! If you’re about to play a game for 6 people, make sure that you don’t invite 10! That is if you don’t want to have people standing over your head doing nothing because they can’t play with you. Another thing that you need to take into consideration is the ages of your guests. If you’re going to have kids in your company as well then you have to choose a game that it’s age-appropriate for them as well.

Now, let’s talk about timing! Timing is EVERYTHING! If the bell rings and your friends arrive, don’t start the game right away. Have a little chat first! Pour them a drink and serve some type of snack. If you’re feeling fancy you can try some finger food! Oh… don’t forget to have your gaming area ready beforehand! Cleaning your table at that moment can’t be fun! 

The last tip that you need is to have a backup plan in case the first game doesn’t go well! Don’t forget to have fun no matter what. Win or lose! The point is to spend time with people that you love and share wonderful memories.

How Much Does A Good Board Game Cost?

Lucky for you, there are some amazing games out there that cost nothing compared to the hours of entertainment that they’re going to give you. Just for around 20 pounds, you can get some exceptional products or some all-time classics. Of course, there are games out there that are pricier depending on their design and their type. Your budget… your rules! There’s a great opportunity for everyone.

To Sum Up

Spending time with your friends and family is a beautiful way to pass your time. Especially if you find yourself stuck at home and looking for something to entertain you. Gather them all and place one of the top board games in the middle! It’s a great bonding method that makes everyone happy. Lots of laughter and happiness in a box! This guide has all the information you need to make the right choice! Check our top 10 picks and you won’t be disappointed! From kids to adults, everyone will be happy to play!

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