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Best 10 Blue Light Glasses

As Of July 2022

Do you spend a lot of hours on your computer screen, smartphone or tablet? Do you suffer from dry eyes? Well, if you want to fight this eye fatigue, we have just the solution for you! The blue light blocking glasses! These days, digital eye strain is so common, but this eyewear comes to the rescue! Find here a variety of high-quality, affordable & non-prescription eyeglasses & fight the harmful blue light like a champion! For more? Check our guide!

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1 COOLOO Blue Light Blocking Glasses on white background

COOLOO Glasses

4.9 /5

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses Overall

  • Perfect for long time blue light exposure thanks to its coated lenses
  • Care-free usage as it has a top-quality, strong frame
  • Add a retro spin to your office work outfits with its vintage design
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2 Riccardo Materossi Blue Light Blocking Glasses on white background

Riccardo Materossi Glasses

4.8 /5

Best Budget Option

  • Sleep like a baby as you’ll no longer damage your sleep hormone -melatonin from blue light exposure
  • Fight eye strain with its anti-reflective & no magnification lenses
  • An excellent unisex choice of a high-quality pair of blue light eyewear
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3 Opulize Met Blue Light Blocking Glasses on white background

Opulize Met Glasses

4.8 /5

Ideal for Durability

  • Great for gamers as it blocks the harmful blue light & light rays
  • Avoiding eye tiredness even when exposed to LED or fluorescent lighting
  • Made to last with a durable round frame & scratch-resistant lenses
4 VJK Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses

VJK Premium Blue Light Blocking Glasses

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Computer Glasses

  • No more discomfort while gaming with 100% blue light protection
  • Made to last the test of time thanks to their quality materials & flexibility
  • Rest assured of their performance as they come with 3 months warranty
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5 Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses on white background

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses

4.7 /5

Ideal for Digital Screens

  • Sleep better from now on as you’ll protect your eyes daily from blue light & UV rays
  • Enjoy more your screen time without headaches with their lenses
  • Built for Europeans with improved nose pad for extra comfort
6 Riccardo Materossi Blue Light Blocking Glasses on white background

Riccardo Materossi Blue Light Blocking Glasses

4.6 /5

Ideal for Gifting

  • Lightweight eyewear made of a stylish gold frame
  • Ultimate blue light protection for no more dry eye thanks to their anti-glare coating lenses
  • Fewer headaches & better sleep thanks to the zero magnification
Ideal Gift Ribbon
7 Ziffs Vision Blue Light Blocking Glasses on white background

Ziffs Vision Blue Light Blocking Glasses

4.5 /5

Top Unisex Choice

  • Share it with others as it's one-size for men & women
  • No more sleepless nights because of exposure to harmful blue light
  • Comfortable to wear during day & night on your screen time
8 Foxmans Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses on white background

Foxmans Computer Glasses

4.4 /5

Top Choice for Stylish Design

  • No more migraines due to its lenses that block HEV light
  • Get a good night’s sleep from here on as they protect your eyes from the digital screens
  • Stylish frames that go well with any outfit
9 GAMMA RAY FLEXLITE Computer Glasses on white background


4.4 /5

Top Choice for Lightweight Design

  • Less eye strain as the lenses have an amber tint
  • Light as a feather to wear them all day long
  • Carry them anywhere you go in their pouch for protection
10 ATTCL Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses on white background

ATTCL Blue Light Glasses

4.2 /5

Top Pick for Tinted Lenses

  • A fantastic choice for office workers that have a lot of screen time
  • Wear them when you’re watching your favourite TV shows & view clearly
  • Relief yourself from headaches caused by digital eye tiredness

No more Eye Strain With The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Lately, there is a hype going around about blue light glasses. Our eyes have always been exposed to blue light as even the sun produces blue light naturally. So, why protect our eyes now? Well, blue light can actually cause eye fatigue, headaches and deprive you of that good night’s sleep. So, optometrists and sleep experts suggest that wearing them will minimize the chances of getting migraines, headaches and sleep deprivation from staring at a screen all day. Yet, blue-light blocking glasses don’t work wonders!

Still, there are many techies and office workers claiming that wearing them has changed their daily routine for the better. Not only has their screen hours improved, but they also fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night. Indeed, these types of lenses are designed to help reduce digital ey tiredness and avoid circadian rhythm cycle disorder as they also help you produce your sleep hormone - melatonin, affecting your sleep and your overall well-being! Who knew?

These affordable and non-prescription glasses really caught our attention, and we think they are worth the try. Are you with us? Keep reading to find out more…

What are Blue Light Glasses?

These glasses, also known as computer glasses, help with the tiredness of the eyes caused by long hours of blue light subjection in a computer, tablet or smartphone. Their non-prescription lenses have the ability to block blue light from screens and protect your retina from blue light subjection. Office workers, techies or people who spend hours in front of the screen may benefit from wearing blue light blocking glasses to improve their sleep and overall health.

What should you look for when buying blue light glasses?

There is a wide variety of blue light blocking glasses so you can choose the best pair for you! Here is our list of features you need to keep an eye for when shopping for a pair of these glasses.


Okay, they don’t need a prescription, but still, you need to check for a few features that can make a difference. One is anti-glare and anti-reflective lenses that give you a sharper and clearer vision as they allow more light to pass through your lenses to your eyes. Also, look for tinted lenses. For example, orange shade lenses, as the stronger the orange tint, the less blue light gets through. Lastly, check about protection from UV rays to make sure you have your eyes fully protected.

Scratch-resistant lenses are always a plus, as you want to be able to use them without worrying too much about it. Some pairs come with their carrying pouch so that you can take them anywhere with you.


A sturdy frame that will not bend, break or scratch easily is essential so you can wear your glasses worry-free. Lightweight frames are also super convenient to wear, especially if you need to wear them all day long or for an extended period. To add more to comfort, some even have cushioned temples and nose pad, so you don’t even know you are wearing them.


Most pairs of blue light glasses are great for both men & women use, so both you and your friend or your other half can use them. Another good thing about one size glasses is that they make a nice, thoughtful gift to someone you care about, mainly if this someone spends hours in front of a computer, tablet or scrolling down their smartphone.


Nowadays, a pair of these glasses is stylish with a pinch of retro to fit anyone. Plus, they go well with all outfits, so you don’t have to worry about it, too! If you want to upgrade your fashion style, but you don’t have a near-sightedness eye condition, you can still enjoy this fashionable option with a pair of blue light glasses! They are timeless and so pretty!


There is no rule on how much you should spend on blue light glasses. Especially today, that there are top-quality pairs at really affordable prices. When you are looking to buy blue light glasses, you should expect to spend anywhere between 15 to 50 pounds for a good and stylish pair of glasses. More high-end models can cost more, up to 100 to 200 pounds, depending on the manufacturer.

Who needs blue-light-blocking glasses?

Basically, anyone who spends significant amounts of time in front of screens. They are a top choice for office workers or people that play games. You can also wear them when watching TV or scrolling down your social pages for hours to avoid dried eyes and eye tiredness. In any case, it is best to schedule an eye exam with your ophthalmologist or optometrist for the best treatment option.

Always keep in mind…

No matter your final choice, make sure to advise your eye-provider, too. The good thing is that once you know you need them, then the choice is easy! We made sure we would save you all the trouble of searching and reading unnecessary information and strain yourself in the process.

Find here the best blue light glasses and enjoy your screen hours more without eye tiredness or dried eyes. Enjoy your sleep more, too and live a healthier life overall. Pair them with a SAD lamp and say goodbye to eye fatigue once and for all! Pick yours today and feel the difference! Ready?

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