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Best 10 Blenders

As Of July 2022

Blending fruits and vegetables has become a way of life. Whether you need a breakfast boost, lunchtime smoothie, or salad dressing for dinner, the best blenders of the year are here for you! Do you need a handy helper to support a healthy eating lifestyle? A blender will juice, crush, pulp your nutrients all in one container. Do you want to find out more?
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1 Ninja HB150UK blender on a kitchen aisle

Ninja Blender & Soup Maker

Heating Element
4.9 /5

Best Blender Overall

  • Create all your favourite smoothies with its 10 different Auto-IQ programmes
  • Prepare special dishes with the built-in heating element
  • Perfect your juice recipes thanks to its measuring cup
  • Make your life easier with the splash-free lid & dedicated cleaning programme
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2 Morphy Richards jug blender on white background

Morphy Richards Jug Blender

4.7 /5

Ideal for Ice Crushing

  • Refresh your entire family at once as it has a spacious glass capacity for all
  • Chop through large & bulky ice cubes like a pro with its robust blades
  • Select 1 of 5 speeds to nail your recipes to the tee
  • Pour your mixture without creating a mess thanks to its jug build
3 Philips HR3652/01 ProBlend blender with some fruit next to it

Philips Avance Collection Blender

Smoothie Programme
4.7 /5

Top Energy-Conserving Choice

  • Mess-free cleanups thanks to the detachable blades
  • Enjoy flavour like no other juicer with its pre-set smoothing programme
  • Chop thoroughly any ingredient with its ProBlend 6 3D Blending Technology
  • Save on electricity bills as it has an automatic shut-off function
4 Breville VBL062 blender on a white background

Breville Blend Active

Smoothie on the go
4.6 /5

Best Portable Pick

  • Make cleaning a breeze as its accessories are dishwasher-safe
  • Blend, chop, purée & grind ingredients efficiently in seconds
  • Take your smoothie to the gym as it's compact & lightweight for better mobility
  • Get perfect results with the touch of just one button
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5 NUTRiBULLET 600 blender with some fruit around it


Powerful Blades
4.6 /5

Top Heavy-Duty Choice

  • Complete tough tasks like a pro with its high torque power base
  • Free yourself from washing up as it has a dishwasher-safe cup
  • Chop through any frozen fruit with its powerful extractor blades
  • Save money & share it with others as it includes 2 cups & resealable lids
8 NUTRiBULLET Magic Bullet Deluxe blender

NUTRiBULLET Magic Bullet Deluxe

Stainless Steel Material
4.4 /5

Best for Smoothies

  • Make an acai bowl in seconds as it blends nuts & seeds hassle-free
  • Avoid time-consuming cleanups with its dishwasher-safe materials
  • Take it with you when travelling thanks to the added cup
  • Keep it for years to come due to the hard-wearing stainless steel blades
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6 NutriBullet 900W blender


4.5 /5

Ideal for Versatility

  • Maintain a neat kitchen thanks to its space-saving design
  • Let your little ones handle it worry-free as it comes with a safe one-touch button
  • Built to last through many trials with top-quality blades
  • Load up the dishwasher with its parts & let them clean overnight
7 Magimix 11610 Le Blender on a kitchen aisle with fruit around it

Magimix 11610 Le Blender

Quiet Mark
4.5 /5

Ideal for Heat-Resistant

  • Get smooth blends by selecting 1 of 8 speeds
  • Prepare desserts, ice, soup & smoothies with its pre-set programmes
  • Wake up comfortably in the morning even when someone's using it as it has a silent operation
  • Keep your beverages cool with the cold mix technology
9 NUTRiBULLET RX blender with fruits and soups around it


Interval Blending
4.4 /5

Ideal for Soups

  • Host friends for cocktails as it comes with a pitcher with a lid
  • Nothing stands in your way thanks to the mighty power
  • Protect its longevity with the start & stop interval blending
  • Feed your hunger with a delicious & warm soup as it has a 7-minute heating cycle
10 Tefal Blendeo BL2A3142 blender next to a smoothie

Tefal Blendeo

Removable Choppers
4.3 /5

Top Choice with Variable Speed

  • Choose between 2 speed controls to get the perfect texture
  • Ensure there's correct air circulation through the machine with the double ventilating system
  • Clean it in seconds as it has 2 removable choppers
  • Pour your drinks without causing a mess thanks to the comfortable handle

Blending! Too Easy… Super Healthy!

Blenders have come into our lives and households and made our lives easier. Whether you are a gym enthusiast in need of protein shakes, a vegan who prefers blended meals, or a mum that needs a smooth soup for dinner, a blender will meet all your needs.

Whether you live alone or have a family, you need a versatile blender that will meet all your day to day kitchen needs. Are you ready to come with us on the journey of finding the best blenders? Either you want to crush some fruitspuree food, or even prepare a breakfast pancake batter, the solution is simple! Why waste another minute?

Why Give Blenders A Chance?

While there are many appliances in your kitchen, very few will give you multiple uses. Think about it, which appliance can save the day if you need to pulp fruit, blend vegetables for your baby, or whip up a protein shake post-workout? A blender does all that and so much more.

Today’s blenders are very versatile and that means you can make the same great tasting smoothie at home or on the go. Some blenders come with a ready-to-mix in a bottle so you can throw in all your ingredients, press a button to blend, and take the bottle with you once it is ready. What a great convenience!

What Should You Look For When Buying A Blender?

Choosing the right blender for you can be quite a task considering all the options in the market. What has worked well for one consumer may not be the right choice for you. Well, with a little research you can narrow down the one that best fits your needs.

Did you know that blenders have been around since the 1920s? That tells you how long ago man realized the need for an appliance in the kitchen to break down food. Whether for home or commercial use like restaurants, this is one great appliance that you need to save your time while preparing meals.

Do you want to throw a party with drinks without a lot of effort? Well, a blender that can crush ice, make a smoothie, and mix your drinks and fruit is what you need. Some blenders are large enough to make a round of drinks so you don’t keep your guests waiting. Wouldn’t you want a great appliance that does all these right on your kitchen countertop?

If you need a reliable kitchen helper, that will cut down your time to make thick liquids so you can do other things, then a blender is what you need. While there are many options out there that might confuse you, there's no need to worry! We can help you narrow down the choices and make the decision that is right for you. There is a blender for everyone, every budget, and every kitchen space.

Always Think About...

  • Capacity: How much you need to blend may differ from day-to-day. On days when you need an individual smoothie then the 16 oz is the ideal blender bottle. On other days, you may be serving drinks for a small group of friends then you need a 72 oz blender. There are blenders for a single-serve and up to 6 cups to meet all your demands.
  • Pitcher material: Pitchers are either made of glass or plastic. While a pitcher made of glass means there is no risk of toxins, it is easy to break. That means that plastic is a better choice as it is shatter-proof, more durable, and safer as long as it is BPA free.
  • Motor: If you love to work out and need a post-workout smoothie then you need a motor with enough horsepower that works fast and gives you a finely blended smoothie. If you're one of those types who work out multiple times a week, then you need a motor that will survive heavy usage and not break down after several months of use.

The perfect blender for you is somewhere out there and waits for you to find it! Read our guide and find the one that meets all your demands from performance and size, to quietness during usage and ease of cleaning. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, a blender should be the hallmark appliance of any kitchen.

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