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As Of July 2022

Whether you are a professional carpenter or a casual DIYer, a belt sander is a must-have tool for your woodwork. You can use it for sanding off excess wood from the surface to make it fit for painting and varnishing. It not only reduces manual effort but also saves a lot of your time. Want to find the best belt sander out there?

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1 Bosch Home and Garden Belt Sander

Bosch Home and Garden Belt Sander

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Handle it seamlessly thanks to the ergonomic design
  • Enjoy high stability due to the lightweight aluminium components
  • Extract dust efficiently & quickly with the microfilter system
  • Doesn’t need manual belt alignment as it has an automatic alignment feature
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2 Makita Belt Sander

Makita Belt Sander

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Quiet Operation

  • Effectively collect the dust with the removable dust bag
  • Work on your projects without disturbing your family as it’s silent
  • No-fuss on belt adjustments thanks to the auto-tracking belt system
  • Remove stock effortlessly backed by its powerful motor
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9 Jellas Belt Sander

Jellas Belt Sander

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Mobility

  • Ideal for derusting and stripping paint thanks to the variable speed adjustment
  • Work with enhanced safety as it has a self-locking switch
  • Stable & solid due to its large worktop
  • Use it worry-free of any mess with its removable dust bag
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3 Jellas Speed Control Belt Sander

Jellas Speed Control Belt Sander

4.6 /5

Top Option for Flat Sanding

  • Change the belt effortlessly by using the included clamping lever
  • Durable belt-drive thanks to the high-quality rubber material
  • Comfortable & compact as it allows freehand movement due to its lock-on button
  • Conserve tons of energy with its 7A motor with copper winding
5 Lumberjack Belt Sander

Lumberjack Belt Sander

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Powerful Motor

  • Extremely stable during use due to its heavy-duty cast iron base
  • Ideal for every DIY project you can think of as it’s fully adjustable
  • Operate it hassle-free without confusion thanks to its large knobs
  • Put a new belt on without breaking a sweat since it requires no tools
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8 Einhell Belt Sander

Einhell Belt Sander

4.5 /5

Ideal for Speed Control

  • Use it with high precision thanks to the exact belt-positioning
  • Keep the room mess-free as it has a dust bag & extraction system
  • Feels light as a feather as it's only 3.5 kg
  • Change belts effortlessly with a simple lever movement
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6 Clarke Belt Sander

Clarke Belt Sander

4.5 /5

Great Pick for Heavy-Duty Jobs

  • Save money as it lasts for years thanks to the solid & robust metal
  • Carry it to a friend’s house for their DIY projects with its own big case
  • Blast gloss off wood quickly with the coarse grit belt on
  • Perfect for every type of sanding thanks to its powerful motor
7 Black+Decker Belt Sander

Black+Decker Belt Sander

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Adjoining Surfaces

  • Avoid any misplacements of the belt with its automatic belt tracking
  • Allow 2x close edge sanding thanks to the angled belt design
  • Effortless use as it has a front handle profile design
  • Quicker belt changing with its fast change lever mechanism
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10 Makita Multicolour Belt Sander

Makita Multicolour Belt Sander

4.5 /5

Best Ergonomic Option

  • Move it around freely while sanding as it has a long power cable
  • Ideal for removing both rust & paint thanks to its multiple speed options
  • Use it as an inverted sander with its flat-top design
  • Fits your hand perfectly due to its rubberised soft-grip handle
10 Ryobi Belt Sander

Ryobi Belt Sander

4.5 /5

Best Cordless Option

  • Work without strain as it has a multi-position top handle
  • Remove stock trouble-free in a flash due to its top belt speed
  • Control it comfortably thanks to tool-free belt tracking
  • Ideal for longer hours of sanding as it has sturdy lithium-ion batteries

Make Your Furniture Smooth For Painting With The Best Belt Sander!

Wooden furniture offers a graceful look, whether it is a table, chair or something else. Anyone who has wooden stuff in their house knows that it wears out with use over time. Thus, getting them refurbished is necessary to maintain their elegance. Sanding can do wonders for you, but simple sandpaper can be tedious for a big job. It will take you hours to finish the job and will make your arm ache for days.

So, to make it easier, it would be best to rely on a belt sander or disc sander. It is one of the most amazing tools to add to your toolbox that can speed up the sanding process with no strain. Belt sanders are handy tools for professional woodworkers or low profile DIY sanding jobs. Don’t know how to pick the best model? Here are some things you should consider before buying one. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Weight: No one would like to trouble their arms by picking up a heavy machine to do a sanding task. If you are a carpenter and want to use it on fixed surfaces, purchasing a lightweight belt sander would be best. The ones without a cord are lightweight compared to the mains-run ones. Their usual weight range is between 1kg to 5kgs. Go for these if you have a field job.
  • Power Source: Belt sanders operate either on electricity or on batteries. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks. Electricity-run belt sanders have a limited range, and you always need access to a continuous electricity supply when using them. This is not the case with cordless sanders, as they can are easier to carry anywhere. You only need to have their batteries recharged on time. Choose according to your needs!
  • Power: Using a belt sander is great, but considering the power or watts consumed by it while sanding is also important. This will affect your house's energy efficiency. But, worrying about the energy bills is not the case with battery-operated sanders. If you are purchasing an electric sander with a cord, consider the wattage capacity of the power tool. The standard wattage capacity of these machines lies between 240 watts to 1010 watts. More wattage means more power and more energy bills.
  • Variable Speed Control: A belt sander would help you get almost any type of work done by adjusting the speed. If you are working on the workpiece’s tight corners, you can adjust speed and get the job done faster. Speed control is critical when dealing with flush sanding applications on a wall or vertical surface. Most of the belt sanders have a 6-speed adjustment setting to provide ease in sanding or refurbishing.

Choosing the right sander for yourself can be tough if you are unaware of the types of sanders and their functionalities. Hence, this small guide will act as a yardstick for you. Before you pick one, keep in mind how intense of a project you want to tackle. We are confident that you'll make the best decision now that you've learned all there is to know. Improve your woodworking further! Happy shopping!

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