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Best 10 Bathroom Extractor Fans

As Of July 2022

Do you hate the feeling of a moist and damp bathroom? A high-quality bathroom extractor fan is a powerful and energy-saving solution! They run on the quietest operation possible on your bathroom wall or ceiling to suck out wetness and humidity. No more mould and mildew build-up in your shower rooms! Lower the humidity levels and enjoy the crisp, fresh air! Want to find out more?
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1 Envirovent Axial Silent Extractor Fan on white background

Envirovent Axial Silent Extractor Fan

4.8 /5

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan Overall

  • No annoying humming while sleeping with its low-noise blades
  • Mount conveniently on the wall for a space-saving solution
  • Protect your bathroom without adding bulky equipment as it’s compact
  • Remove particles fast with its superb extraction rate
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2 Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan on white background

Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan

4.7 /5

Ideal for Wall Mounting

  • Excellent humidity absorber that eliminates moisture quick
  • Versatile to install on the wall or ceiling so that it’s not visible
  • Lasts for years with its durable & premium thermoplastics materials
  • Control when the fan is on with the overrun timer
3 Xpelair Bathroom Ventilation Wall on white background

Xpelair Bathroom Ventilation Wall

4.6 /5

Top Corrosion-Resistant Pick

  • Leave it unsupervised to work in the background with a run-on timer
  • Choose how long you want it to run between 30 seconds to 30 minutes
  • Blends well with any bathroom thanks to the white finish
  • Stress-free use as it comes with a 2-year warranty
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4 Airflow iCON ECO on white background

Airflow iCON ECO

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Small Bathrooms

  • Have improved ventilation even in small spaces thanks to its slim design
  • No more frizzy hair after the shower - just turn the remote switch on
  • Hassle-free blade cleanup with a removable faceplate
  • Keep it dust-free as it has an iris shutter when not in use
5 Manrose Extractor Fan on white background

Manrose Extractor Fan

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Speed Settings

  • Tuck it away neatly as it’s an inline extractor fan
  • Toggle between 3 speed settings to remove moist air faster
  • Forget you’ve even installed it with its super powerful yet low noise levels
  • Only use as much as needed with the energy-efficient run on timer
6 Xpelair Suction Fan on white background

Xpelair Suction Fan

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Quiet Operation

  • Spot any humidity levels in your bathroom with the humidistat
  • Prevent mould build-up thanks to the high-quality extraction rate
  • Mess-free & effortless to clean up the fascia whenever you want
  • Simple to install even on your own in just a few minutes
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7 Knightsbridge LED Backlit Extractor Fan on white background

Knightsbridge LED Backlit Extractor Fan

4.5 /5

Ideal for Airborne Pollutants

  • Unique & aesthetic design with its LED lights
  • Set the timer function from 2 to 30 minutes to improve the airflow rate
  • Step out of the shower with no background noise thanks to the low sound output
  • Keep it for years with its stainless steel construction
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8 Vents Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan on white background

Vents Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Warranty

  • Block cold air from the back thanks to a backdraught shutter
  • Safe to use in apartments as it follows building regulations
  • Simple to set up alone with your tools by following the instructions
  • Have peace of mind about its durability with the 5-year warranty
Warranty Safety Ribbon
9 Vent-Axia Silent Fan on white background

Vent-Axia Silent Fan

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Adjustable Timer

  • Adjust the timer to your liking between 5 to 30 minutes
  • Perfect for en-suite use while your partner’s sleeping with its low decibels
  • Don’t compromise on style thanks to its elegant gloss white tile grille
  • Fits well in any bathroom due to the small size
10 FANTRONIX Bathroom Extractor Fan on white background

FANTRONIX Bathroom Extractor Fan

4.5 /5

Ideal for Anti-Back Draft Shutter

  • Doesn’t stand out in the bath with its sleek & compact design
  • Install it to the wall or ceiling so that it’s unobstructive
  • Never wake up others thanks to the low-noise exhaust air straitening gators
  • Save on bills with its low energy power consumption

No More Mould with the Best Bathroom Extractor Fans!

Are you battling with moisture and mildew in your bathroom? Any ventilation fan in your bathroom is a must-have to eliminate mould, humidity and improve your well-being while you’re in the shower. If you’re someone who likes to take hot showers, you’ve probably had times where you jump out of the shower, and the whole bathroom is steamy. Unless there’s a way to improve the airflow in your bathroom quickly. That’s where bathroom extractor fans come in! 

The best bathroom extractor fans give you an all-year-round solution to move air outside your home. Rather than using your window in the wintertime, which can be chilly for extended periods, just switch the fan on for a few minutes. You’ll return to fresh and crisp air in your bathroom so that the next person won’t feel stuffy within.

Our buying guide has all the answers to any questions you might have about extractor fans. Check the most important features to consider, the different types available and what to expect cost-wise. Want to learn more? Keep reading below!

What Is a Bathroom Extractor Fan? 

Bathroom extractor fans are best for moving moist air that accumulates in the bathroom out of the house. It’s a handy installation that replaces open windows, making them perfect for winter use too. Other solutions include air purifiers and dehumidifiers, but you have better control and proper ventilation with an exhaust fan. A window doesn’t cost anything as it’s already part of your home, but some house or apartment bathrooms don’t have windows, so it’s a great alternative. 

Many new rentals or homes by law should have extractor fans because they move air in a far superior and quicker way than a window. You can pick between three installation types, window fans, ceiling fans or wall-mounted fans. The most affordable of the three are window fans, but the most common are wall fans. If you want an integration that doesn’t stand out too much, ceiling fans are excellent options too, but they are less powerful due to their vertical setup. 

How does a bathroom extractor fan work? 

A bathroom extractor fan is a very simple and straightforward ventilation system. They run on an impeller that moves fast to circulate the air from your bathroom outwards. The impeller connects to your home’s main power supply and spins thanks to an internal motor

When you power on the extractor fan, the air moves towards the outside without re-entering your bath. So, any humidity escapes, giving you fresh and breathable air even as soon as you finish showering. 

Why should you buy a bathroom extractor fan? 

You will find many benefits to a bathroom extractor fan that you might not have even considered. There are some obvious ones and some more specific ones that we are here to share with you. Let’s have a look at these benefits. 

1. They are excellent for bathrooms with no windows.

You may have come across small apartments or secondary bathrooms in homes that don’t have a window. It’s very common in studios because these homes don’t have too much space overall. In those cases, an extractor fan can be a valuable addition because it will give you a ventilation system that you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

2. They reduce mould buildup.

Are you showering with hot water daily? Steaming hot water can have long-lasting effects on your bathroom if it just lands as humidity on the walls and surfaces. Mould buildup is a real problem that many households face because their ventilation system is not adequate. The growth of fungi and other bacteria can be harmful to your health, too, leading to allergies for those with sensitive skin. To avoid all this, investing in an extractor fan will be highly beneficial.

3. They lower the chances of wall damage.

What’s a natural progression to mould buildup? Damaged walls! Nobody likes repairing chipped walls or, even worse, having to replace their bathtubs where mould piles up. The costs can be significant and will hurt your pocket severely. Why not save money and hassle by installing a bathroom extractor fan?

4. They remove smelly odours.

Besides humidity from showers, there are other uses of a bathroom for which a ventilation system will be handy. Taking a visit to the toilet can end up giving your bathroom an unpleasant smell. Instead of looking for an air freshener, you can change up the bathroom air to a fresh and odourless smell thanks to extractor fans with a switch of a button.

What to look for in a bathroom extractor fan

Do you want to end up with the best purchase possible? Then, have a look at the top features and considerations that will make you a pro buyer in no time! 

1. Dimensions & Design

Check your bathroom’s dimensions and ensure that the extractor fan you pick can fit before purchasing it. There are many different sizes available but, in general, they are not too big overall. The average length of an extractor fan is between 10-16cm, 15-20cm wide and 10-25cm in height.

There are also various designs to match any bathroom that are sleek and modern with a gloss finish. The most common extractor fan colour is white as it blends well with all bathrooms.

2. Noise Level

For the best operation possible that is not disturbing while others are sleeping or in the next room, find an extractor fan with low noise levels. The best ones are far lower than any conversation you might have with others ranging from as little as 14 decibels to 30 decibels. That’s a great average level to know that the fan will be working without you even noticing it. 

3. Extraction Rate

An essential factor to consider is how quickly the extractor fan moves air from the bathroom outwards. The extraction rate can range from 20 litres per second for small fans up to 60 litres per second for bulkier ones. It’s better to opt for something closer to 20 litres because the larger ones that extract more air will also make more noise. 

4. Material

Depending on your budget, you will have to decide which material type you will go for too. The most popular options are plastic extractor fans because they are affordable. But, there are metal options, too, including aluminium or stainless steel. These are pricier but more durable and long-lasting.

5. Operating Type

There are two main ways of turning on an extractor fan, either with a pull cord system or a switch. The pull cord turns on and off the fan by, you guessed it, pulling the cord. The switch looks just like a light switch and is very convenient within arm’s reach.  Also, some extractor fans include a humidity sensor that automatically powers on the fan when it detects moisture.

6. Timer

An extractor fan with timer settings allows you to power it on with no supervision. You can adjust the settings to enable it from 2 minutes up to 30 minutes, depending on your personal preference. It’s an energy-efficient way to save on bills and have more control over your extractor fan even remotely.

What are the different bathroom extractor fan types available?

There are three different types of extractor fans, each with its own blade rotation and ventilation process. Depending on your budget and bathroom size, you will find a match that makes the most sense for you. All have excellent functionality and durability regardless, but check out their differences below.

Axial Fans

Axial fans pull air parallel to the blade’s rotation and are smaller in size than the other two types, around 10-15cm. Blades rotating on an axis force the air parallel to that rotation so that it’s all moving towards the same direction. These have the least power of the three types and are best for 2-3m long ducting.

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans use an angled position to extract air in your bathroom and are an upgrade to axial fans in terms of power. For that reason, you can use them with longer ducting too. Considering they are an upgrade to axial fans, their price is slightly higher too. 

Inline Fans

The most subtle and unobstructive fans are inline ones. They are also very powerful and the best ones for larger bathrooms. With this type, you can get away with even longer ducting than the previous two types. Inline fans are within the ceiling’s ductwork offering improved airflow at quicker rates.

Is a kitchen extractor fan the same as a bathroom extractor fan? 

If you are a bit confused about the difference between kitchen and bathroom extractor fans, don’t worry, we’ll solve the mystery! Kitchen fans work to remove odours from high heat areas such as ovens and stovetops. They absorb moisture, grease and food particles, whereas bathroom fans extract humidity, bad odours and moisture from bathroom areas.

Their one common goal is to suck in air to create a breathable and fresh environment.

How much do bathroom extractor fans cost? 

Bathroom extractors are affordable because they are a long-term investment. Their cost is well worth the job they can accomplish, plus there is an option for any tight budget. From affordable to higher-end types, you can find one for any bathroom size. 


Most affordable options start at £15 to £35. Within this range, you can expect a smaller sized extractor fan with an average noise level between 25-30db. These will have fewer adjustability settings, including speed and timers. Also, most, if not all, will be plastic because metal is a pricier material. 


On the other hand, the more premium extractor fans start at £40 to £80. These will have as close to a noiseless operation as possible with 14-20db. There are also more market options in different materials, and they come with multiple adjustment capabilities. Also, for an upped price, bundle choices come with timers, humidity sensors, humidistats, and pull cords.


Enjoy a comfortable and moisture-free bathroom environment every day without the need to open a window for better airflow. The best bathroom extractor fans are high-quality ventilation systems that remove odours, reduce mould buildup and offer excellent airflow control. 

We are optimistic that our buying guide has given you enough information to make the most beneficial decision. Take some time to look through the options to find one within your budget. Now’s the time for fresh air in your bathrooms!

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