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Best 10 Bath Pillows

As Of July 2022

What’s better than a relaxing bath time after a long and stressful day? Just soak in your bathtub and let the bubble bath wash the stress away. Well, that's a solid plan, but one accessory is missing that can transform your bath experience into a magical one! All you need is to invest in a bath pillow and save your neck, back and muscles from further strains.
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1 Relux Premium Bathtub Cushion in white bathtub

Relux Premium Bathtub Cushion

4.8 /5

Best Bath Pillow Overall

  • Take it with you even to a hotel thanks to its detachable design
  • Maximum comfort with the extra cushioning paddings
  • Stays steadily in place with the 7 ergonomic suction cups
  • Made to last for years & maintained without hassle as its waterproof
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2 Essort Spa Bathtub Pillow in white bathtub

Essort Spa Bathtub Pillow

4.7 /5

Most Versatile Choice

  • Perfect for use in all hot tubs, spas, jacuzzis for kids & adults
  • Stays stable without slipping with its 4 powerful suction cups
  • Quick-drying & no moulds with the air mesh feature
  • Ergonomic design offers perfect relaxing bath space to relieve stress
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3 woman in in white bathtub with TranquilBeauty Bath Pillow

TranquilBeauty Bath Pillow

4.6 /5

Ideal for Non-Slippery

  • No more slippery towels thanks to its 7 strong suction cups with gorilla grip
  • Fits in any bathtub due to its two-panel design
  • Comes in a fancy storage box ready for gifting
  • Worry-free use as it’s made by high-quality materials & has a money-back guarantee
Ideal Gift Ribbon
4 woman in white bathtub with Spirity Ergonomic Bath Pillow

Spirity Ergonomic Bath Pillow

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Comfortable

  • Headrest contours to your shape for unparalleled head & neck support
  • Ultimate shoulder support due to its shoulder pads
  • Breathable & comfy pillow with 3D air mesh technology
  • Quick-drying, simply hang it by a hook in the bathroom
5 Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow in bathtub

Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow

4.5 /5

Ideal for Spinal Support

  • Hassle-free use with its fast-drying, no mould buildup
  • Fits perfectly in any bathtub for full support
  • Stays put with the non-slip suction cups on any smooth surface
  • Throw it in the washer for effortless cleaning
6 Yitriden Bathtub Pillow in white bathtub

Yitriden Bathtub Pillow

4.5 /5

Most Affordable Choice

  • Thick & permeable design to contour to your head & shoulders
  • 6 strong suction cups with built-in release tabs for quick removal
  • Waterproof bath pillow; doesn’t get wet & damp in every bath time
  • Air dry anywhere using the inbuilt hanging hook
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7 AmazeFan Luxury Spa Bath Pillow in white bathtub with candles in relaxing mood

AmazeFan Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Allergies

  • Anti-microbial, non-toxic, mould & moisture-proof to alleviate your allergies
  • Durable with seamless outlines & two-panel design
  • Quick-drying & highly ventilated 4D air mesh technology
  • Soft, comfy & elastic material for de-stressing bath moments
8 Kandoona Bathtub Pillow in white bathtub with candles around

Kandoona Bathtub Pillow

4.5 /5

Best for Ease of Maintenance

  • Give your neck support with the ergonomic & elevated sides
  • No slipping in the tub with the 6 extra-large suction cups
  • Extra thick padding provides a cosy spa-like experience
  • Machine washable & includes a laundry bag for ease of cleaning
9 Coastacloud Spa Pillow in white bathtub with candles around

Coastacloud Spa Pillow

4.5 /5

Ideal for Small Bathtubs

  • Orthopaedic bath pillow to offer utmost support to your head & neck
  • Hygienic with air mesh material for excellent airflow & no bacterial or mould buildup
  • 2 large suction cups to hold it in place
  • Compact size for your small tub or limited storage space
10 woman relaxing in the tub with the ComfyCozy Luxury Bath Pillow

ComfyCozy Luxury Bath Pillow Gift Set

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Exfoliation

  • Relax in comfort with its 4D mesh design
  • Perfect to use it on any bathtub & by anyone in your home
  • Optimal hygiene thanks to its water & odour proof design
  • Enjoy a thorough cleansing with the bath bombs & loofah

Spruce Up Your Home Spa With The Best Bath Pillows

Taking a shower is relaxing, and soaking in a bathtub is the epitome of relaxation. But, the experience is pretty much different with a bath pillow. It is the ultimate experience of relaxing in your tub with a glass of wine and the latest magazine issue or a book- and we're not kidding. A simple search online will introduce you to all the best of this world that you have been missing. So, why should you keep missing out when there are so many bath pillow options in the market to choose from? 

Not so fast, though! Because of the multitude of options, getting the best bath pillow for you or your loved ones will not be an endeavour. Like the price point, there are many items to consider, the best shape and size, not forgetting what material is best for a durable bath pillow

Our team of experts has done the groundwork and only presents you with a list of the top choices you can get in the UK. Better still, we have an extensive shopping guide for you that gives you insight into what you need to have in mind when looking for a bath pillow. Upgrade the look a feel of your tub time with a cosy bath mat and a foot spa, too, if you'd like. Interested? Keep scrolling through to learn everything! 

What is a Bath Pillow?

If you have no idea what a bath pillow is, it is simply a practical pillow for the bathroom. It is used to support the neck, head, and shoulder to ensure your stay in the tub is super comfortable. With a bath pillow, you can say goodbye to the cricks in your neck after an extended stay in the tub. Many people use towels instead of bath pillows, but they tend to get soaked in water or slip, making the tub time not so relaxing. The bath pillow is specially designed to be waterproof and stay in place so you can enjoy an exhilarating bath. 

Why do you need a Bath Pillow?

Just like you need the best pillow for your bed when you sleep at night, you need a bath pillow for comfortable and de-stressing bath sessions. Create a spa-like experience in your home any time you want without breaking the bank. Let’s have a closer look at the reasons why you do need a bath pillow:

  • They provide extra support.

Truth be told, very few of us last longer than we would love to in the bathtub. It is not so hard to imagine why. Your neck, shoulders and back are leaning on concrete or ceramic, making it uncomfortable. But, with a bath pillow, your body will have all the support it needs to withstand staying under the bubbles for more extended periods.

  • Enjoy bath time comfortably. 

Yes, a tub pillow offers you all the extra support you never knew you needed. Just picture this; laying in the bathtub, all relaxed, with your back and shoulders hunched back on a foamy or cushy pillow and not the cold, hard surface of the tub. It is like bringing your bedroom experience into the bathroom. You might as well doze off while in the tub from all the comfort. 

  • They stay in place without slipping.

Bath pillows are explicitly made for bathtubs. They are waterproof and come with suction cups to stay in place. This way, you can relax without the need to rearrange your towel or pillow behind your neck. All you need to do is grab a glass of wine and your favourite book, light some candles and enjoy

What to look for when buying Bath Pillows

There are some features you need to consider when you are in the market for a bath pillow. Keep them in mind while browsing, and we are confident that you will pick the best bath pillow for you. Here is our list: 

1. Type

Bath pillows come in various types, which depends on the filling. The filling you get will ultimately determine the comfort of the pillow. There are 4 different filling types, which are:

  1. Foam filling - if you aim for luxury and comfort, form-filled pillows are a great choice. These pillows are soft and come with a memory foam option, too. Unfortunately, this type of pillow is not the best choice for you if you are looking for support. 
  2. Microbeads filling - the beads are usually spherical and very flexible. As such, the pillow will always contour to your shape, allowing it to offer you all the necessary support to all the critical points. Unfortunately, microbead pillows are not very durable. With one of these, you might find yourself back in the market quite soon, shopping for a replacement. 
  3. Gel filling - these are a little bit stiff but offer adequate support and comfort. They adapt to different body weights and shapes, and most importantly, you can use them as a cold compressor. If you want to soothe your muscles with some cold treatment, put the pillow in the freezer and when ready, use it as a cold pressure to rejuvenate your sore muscles.  
  4. Inflatable pillows - these are either filled with liquids or air. They are the best option for portability, especially if you are always on the road. They can be more expensive than the other types.  

2. Size

Bath pillows come in various sizes, not just one standard size for everyone. The perfect size for you is all about your comfort and what you see fit. However, you also need to consider the size of your bathtub. On the one hand, if the pillow is too big for your tub, it simply means you will not achieve that perfect fit. On the other hand, if the bath pillow is too small, it will not offer all the necessary support on either side of your body. In the end, investing in the wrong size beats the purpose of owning a bath pillow in the first place. 

3. Shape

Like your bed pillow, you also need to pay attention to the shape of the bath pillow you want to buy. Whatever form you settle on, ensure you first understand its purpose because the shapes of pillows usually determine their usage. For instance, smaller and cylindrical pillows support the neck, while larger pillows with comforters are best for back support

Still, if you settle for a pillow for your back and its shape and size do not allow it to reach the bottom part of your bath, then it causes an imbalance between your lower and upper back. This will ultimately lead to back strain, which we are trying to avoid. But you should also not support your whole back and forget your neck because you will end up with a stiff neck. As such, ensure the size of the bath pillow you want accommodates the maximum comfort of your neck, shoulders, and back you seek. 

4. Material 

For the materials, it all narrows down to durability, comfort, waterproof and anti-bacterial features. Vinyl is a common material for bath towels. It is pretty cosy, dries out fast and will not give you the issue of having to deal with moulds or mildew

You also need a material with waterproofing, which ensures that the pillow stuffing doesn't get wet while you’re soaking in the bathtub. You know how unsettling it is to lie on a damp mattress and how they take forever to dry. Well, bath pillows are no exception. 

We also recommend going for a bath pillow whose material is anti-bacterial. Wet and damp areas are a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of germs. With an anti-bacterial bath pillow, you will be enhancing your hygiene

5. Suction Cups

Imagine having to interrupt your comfort because the pillow keeps slipping or sliding in the tub? This is where suction cups come in handy. They act as a supporting tool by ensuring the bath pillow stays firmly in place. Every bath pillow has suction cups, but how many suction cups it has, determines its firmness and comfort. The more suction cups a tub pillow has, the firmer is it will be in the tub. The recommended number of suction cups is seven, but if you can afford one with at least three suction cups, it is way better than a bath pillow with only one or two suction cups

6. Ease of Maintenance

How easy is it for you to maintain the pillow? Should you wash it, or can you just toss it in your washing machine and let it do all the handiwork for you? It goes without saying, a bath pillow that is launderable will relieve you of engaging in a not-so-loved chore, handwashing. 

7. Fast Drying 

Speaking of maintenance, you also need to confirm whether the bath pillow is drying fast or not. Regardless of the weather, you definitely need a pillow that dries as fast as possible when you wash it or if by any mistake water manages to get inside the fillings. A fast-drying pillow ensures you do not have to deal with damp conditions in the bathroom. It also lowers the chances of the pillow developing moulds and other substances attracted to wet and humid areas. 

As such, we highly recommend buying a tub pillow with wire mesh layers. It increases the breathability of the pillow and makes it easier for it to air dry. Some come with hooks that you can hang to dry.

8. Warranty

Does the tub pillow come with a warranty? There is no better commitment on the manufacturer's side that their product is reliable and durable than with a warranty. So, you can use it worry-free, and you can always return the product if something goes wrong. Also, you can exchange it if the product is faulty or does not deliver as promised.

How do you maintain your bath pillow clean?

First, the key to maintaining your bath pillow is keeping it clean. This also ensures you are always on top of your hygiene - most available bath pillows are both hand and machine washable. But, many manufacturers recommend hand washing your bath pillow to reduce softening of the filling, which might reduce its lifespan. If your bath pillow has stubborn stains or mildew and moulds, ensure you use soda or vinegar mixed with water when cleaning. 

Lastly, after washing your tub pillow, you should air dry it rather than tossing it in a dryer and stuffing it in your wardrobe or storage box until the next time you use it. 

How much should you spend on Bath Pillows?

Luxurious bath pillows sound like an expensive affair but believe us, and they are not. With as little as £15, you could be soaking under your favourite bath bombs, reading a book, sipping a glass of wine and giving your head, neck, shoulders and back all the support they need for a more prolonged soaking. Let’s have a check price together: 

  • Affordable

They are mainly affordable, as from just £15 to about £20, you can get yourself a reliable bathtub pillow for your next bath. While bath pillows are pretty affordable compared to other bath accessories, with this price point, you will get bath pillows that are ideal for small bathtubs or for supporting your head and neck. Also, these affordable bath pillows will have basic features, like breathability and launderable materials.

  • High-End

To better support your whole body, you can expect to spend anywhere from £20 to around £30. Most of these high-end bath pillows will also have an extended head design, offering your head and neck extra support and comfort. 


If you are looking to add luxury, style and comfort into your bathing experience, there is no better bathroom accessory to invest in than a bath pillow. With one of these, you are guaranteeing yourself exhilarating times in the bathtub or jacuzzi whenever you need some alone and relaxing time. Just ensure you understand the different types of bathtub pillows available and all the necessary features to ensure you bag the best bath pillow in the market! Ready to take your bathing to the next level?

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