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Best 10 Baby Walkers

As Of July 2022

Your baby is finally crossing that standing and walking stage milestone. But what can you do to encourage them, besides standing behind or holding their hands to encourage them? A baby walker is what you need. It gives your baby the support they need to stand and walk without holding onto any objects that might harm them. And, they get an array of playing toys to keep them busy, entertained and learning.
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1 Vtech Multi-Coloured Baby Walker on white background

Vtech Multi-Coloured

4.8 /5

Best baby walker overall

  • 2-in-1 with the detachable activity centre for playing when not using the walker
  • Baby will enjoy music as they move thanks to the motion-sensing features
  • Safe & easy to use handles and textured wheels
  • Several play toys for hours of fun & learning time
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2 Fisher-Price Me Zebra Walker on white background

Fisher-Price Me Zebra Walker

4.7 /5

Best affordable walker

  • Perfect support on hard floors with its 4 sturdy wheels & excellent grip
  • Stimulate baby’s senses with bright colours, lights & music
  • Protected use with its sturdy design of 4 wheels & steering wheel
  • Teach your baby the ABCs & 123’s in a fun way
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3 Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist Walker on white background

Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist Walker

4.6 /5

Top choice for sit-in walker

  • Rocker design & deeply padded seat for great back support
  • Adjustable height to suit little one’s height as they grow
  • Removable activity table with baby toys to play on outside the walker
  • Baby’s feet can stand safely & comfortably on the footpad
4 Red Kite Baby Go Round Jive Peppermint Trail in the living room

Red Kite Baby Go Round Jive Peppermint Trail

4.5 /5

Best for adjustable height

  • Stop & go base enhances baby’s safety when the walker is in use
  • 3 adaptable height options to choose from as the baby grows
  • Activity tray with music sounds to keep baby entertained
  • Removable tray gives you independent use
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5 Mychild 2-in-1 Car Walker on white background

Mychild 2-in-1 Car Walker

4.5 /5

Top choice for safety features

  • 4-in-1 baby gear with a spinning design for manoeuvrability & fun
  • Sturdy footpad with a rocker mode to soothe the baby
  • Versatility, as it can turn simply from walker to rocker
  • Cute car design & a rearview mirror to keep baby amused
6 Mychild Roundabout 4-in-1 Car Walker on white background

Mychild Roundabout 4-in-1 Car Walker

4.5 /5

Best for gifting

  • Slow-moving with speed restricting wheels so kids can move at their own pace
  • No-tip safety pads lower the chances of the walker tipping
  • Baby can rotate fully to enjoy the variety of toys
  • Develops fine motor skills with the push grab & sliding toys
Ideal Gift Ribbon
7 Vtech Activity Walker on white background

Vtech Activity Walker

4.5 /5

Best push walker

  • Introduces baby to numbers & colours with the versatile activity centre
  • Independent playtime with the removable & portable play centre
  • Large handles with an ergonomic design for safe holding
  • Enjoy role-playing conversations with the toy mobile phone
8 Vtech First Steps Baby Walker on white background

Vtech First Steps

4.5 /5

Ideal for younger babies

  • Perfect for kids 6 months to 3 years old for their first steps
  • Textures wheels hold it steadily on carpets and hard floors
  • Your baby will enjoy its sound & music system when using the walker
  • Motion sensors lighten up walker with lights & music
9 Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Discovery Center on kids room

Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Discovery Center

4.5 /5

Best for versatility

  • 3 height settings & 12kg weight limit to meet the baby’s growth
  • Works in 4 different modes developing physical & sensory skills
  • Cushioned seat with 360° rotation for comfort & better mobility
  • Small & compact, requires little space to use and store
10 Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker with lights on floor

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

4.5 /5

Best for small spaces

  • Foldable design for floor playing & use of less space
  • Encourages baby to walk with the motion-sensing lighting
  • Over 70 activities, sounds & songs for learning & keep the baby entertained
  • Lockable front wheel, so walker doesn’t move when playing

The Top Baby Walkers For Your Baby’s Walking & Learning Skills

With a wide variety of baby walkers to choose from, the shopping experience will be more than overwhelming for you. And we get that. We always want the best baby gear, like bouncers, high chairs, strollers and more, for your babies, which can make it hard for you to decide on the best practical choice.

Especially when it comes to the item that helps your baby to learn how to stand and walk on their own, an exciting milestone every parent cannot wait to see. To ensure your excitement does not cloud your judgement, we have rounded up the best options you can get, from the most affordable options to versatile options that offer several playing toys that keep the baby entertained.

What is a baby walker?

Just because your babies cannot walk on their own, yet, does not mean you cannot assist them with the process. That’s where a baby walker comes in. It is a mobile device that helps babies move on their own feet while getting the needed support and stability. Babies at around 6 months old love to be upright and to be mobile. At this age, they want to explore and a walker can provide that with an entertaining twist.

What are the benefits of using a baby walker?

A baby walker might not get your baby to start walking immediately, but it can go a long way in encouraging their walking trials. Your little one will have the walker to hold as they attempt to make their tiny step, especially if there is no furniture or other objects to hold on to. 

You can count on it to keep your child engaged and happy. Apart from moving around at their own pace and slowly learning to control their emotions, the baby will also have a fun time playing. Most modern options have an activity table with several baby toys. This can keep them engaged for a while, reducing crying or other emotional distress moments. 

Do baby walkers help with your baby’s development?

There is no concrete evidence so far that a walker enhances the development of the baby’s walking stage. Experts recommend using a walker less often and let the baby learn to stand and walk on their own, holding on to other objects. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to develop other skills.

Those walkers for your baby not only support it as they learn to take their first steps; it can also contribute significantly to their overall brain growth. The toys included, which come in different shapes and colours, can help grow their cognitive development. Other walkers will include music, numerical and alphabetical toys, which introduces your baby to words and numbers from an early age.

What age can babies go into a walker?

Wondering what age is best to introduce your baby to a walker? The good news is that you can start as early as 6 months. At this age, your little one is transitioning to a sitting position and could use a seated walker.

Since some manufacturers are making multi-functional ones, this model would save you from the option of buying a second baby walker when the baby is transitioning from sitting to standing or walking on their own. But if you want to wait until the baby is already in the standing stage, you can introduce the walker at the age of 9 months or so.

But, check the manufacturer’s recommended age to ensure your baby has hit the right age to use a walker. Another option is to check whether the baby’s feet touch the floor when on the walker. If they are only reaching the floor on just their toes, it would be best to wait until they are at that stage.

Are baby walkers safe?

Many experts are against the usage of baby walkers, while others recommend minimal and supervised usage. There have been cases of babies falling over the stairs, bumping into items, walls, falling into pools or tripping. Other minor accidents include the baby catching their fingers in between the parts. Also, as you adjust the walker's height upwards, it could give the baby access to dangerous items, like power sockets and sharp objects.

The NHS recommends using it for about 20 minutes at any given time. You should also keep an eye on the baby when they are in the walker to reduce the chances of an accident.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Baby Walker

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when you are in the market for a walker for your little one. Here is our list to help you with that decision:

1. Type

There are 3 different types to choose from, seated, walking frame, jumper and a sit and stride baby walker. If your baby is just learning how to sit, the seated one would be the ideal suit. Walking frame walkers are suited for babies who are still learning to walk but have the ability to stand on their own.

On the other hand, sit and stride baby walkers incorporate both the seated and the walking frame walker features. It gives the baby the option to sit on the walker and ride it like a bike. For an immobile option, where the baby does not have to move around but can practice moving or cycle their legs, the jumper walker will do. This is an excellent option if you want to prepare your baby for the walking frame. It will also help them develop their leg muscles, giving them enough strength to stand and walk independently.

2. Size

You need to consider its size, depending on the available space in your house. If you are in short of storage space, a smaller one would be the best choice. It will require little storage, whether it is in use or not. There are foldable options, which could solve your storage problem.

3. Weight

Does your baby meet the weight limits to use the walker you want to buy? Rare as it is, some might not suit your baby's weight, which poses a great danger. The baby could fall from the walker if it gives in, a traumatizing experience that is best to be avoided. Right? Plus, your little one will not be comfortable in a walker that does not support their weight and will sooner or later leave it aside.

4. Height

The weight limit is not the only feature to consider. Does your baby's height match that of the baby walker? When using the walker, the baby's feet need to touch the ground. Anything less or more than this will be uncomfortable for the baby. Fortunately, there are models with adjustable height, allowing you to adjust the walker's height as the baby grows. This way your little walker can enjoy it for a long time.

Safety tips to maximise your baby’s walking experience

There are a few safety measures that you can take to ensure your baby is protected when using the walker. This included:

  • The first step is to check the safety standards of the baby walker. All are required to have the BSEN 1273:2005 safety standards.
  • Keeping an eye on the baby while using the walker at all times. When using it, babies can move at a faster speed than you can anticipate. Keeping close supervision ensures you can prevent accidents, like bumping into items or falling.
  • The baby should not be in a walker for too long. Twenty minutes on the walker will do. As much as you want to train your child to transition to standing and walking independently, have them practice on their own while holding furniture and other items.
  • Even if you have babyproofed the room, the measures you took might only be taking care of the areas within their sitting or sleeping position. The baby walker will heighten the baby, giving them a higher ground to access any items on some high surfaces. Baby proof all the sinks, counters and power sockets. You should also consider removing all items from tables or areas they can reach, like bottles and other sharp objects.

Which is the best baby walker for using on carpet?

The new models are different from the old ones since they are made using the latest European Standard. The standard requires the seated walkers to have slightly rigid wheels that are hard to move to slow down the baby's movement on the walker. While this helps reduce the speed of the walker and possible accidents, it also reduces its ability to move smoothly on the carpet.

Always keep in mind...

It's time to encourage your baby to develop their walking skills while keeping them busy and entertained with toys. How to do that? By investing in a good quality baby walker. With our guide, you can get all of these, whether you want a ride-on, sit-in or push walkerWhile narrowing it down to one option is not an easy decision to make, you will have an easy time choosing the perfect walker for your baby when you know what to look for. So, now that you know all you need to, are you ready to buy one? Happy shopping!

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