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Best 10 Baby Dolls

As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a fun toy for your child? We’ve searched for the most interesting, adorable, and cuddly dolls that will be the heart of your child’s playtime. Find super soft and snuggly baby dolls looking for their forever home - don’t keep them waiting. Choose one that will provide your kid with comfort and enjoyment. Want to learn more?
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1 boy playing with the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jordan baby doll

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jordan

4.8 /5

Best Baby Doll Overall

  • Imaginative play gets real thanks to its life-like size
  • Your toddler will enjoy interactive role-playing as it comes with tons of accessories
  • Good for snuggles thanks to the soft body
  • Get your little one ready for baby brother as it also comes in a boy doll
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2 girl playing with the Nice2You Baby Girl Doll

Nice2You Baby Girl Doll

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Culturally Unique Design

  • Increase your doll options as it comes with traditional & beautiful clothes
  • Dress-up will be more fun since she has free-moving arms and legs
  • Safe for kids to use worry-free as it’s made of vinyl PVC
  • Your child will never put her down as she has realistic features
3 mom and baby playing with the Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Sweetie

Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Sweetie

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Infants

  • Emphasises empathy as she looks like an actual child
  • The soft, cuddly body is perfect for babies from 0-12 months
  • Small hands will find her comfortable thanks to her petite body
  • No worries about the safety of your child since everything is sewn in
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4 The Magic Toy Shop Bibi Doll on white background

The Magic Toy Shop Bibi Doll

4.5 /5

Best for Toddlers

  • Bring out your toddler’s trendy side as she comes in a luxury outfit
  • Feels like a feather due to its lifelike features and only weighs 1kg
  • Changing her clothes is easy since she comes with a velcro strap
  • Endless play thanks to the extra available outfits
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5 girl playing with the The New York Doll Collection Soft Body Doll on white background

The New York Doll Collection Soft Body Doll

4.5 /5

Best High-Quality Option

  • Easy for small kids to hold as it’s only 28cm in size
  • Open up your child’s imagination thanks to the doll’s unique personality
  • Your baby will love cuddling on his soft body and onesie
  • Play a parenting game by putting the pacifier on to calm it down
6 girl playing with the Cabbage Patch Kids Parker the Puppy

Cabbage Patch Kids Parker the Puppy

4.5 /5

Best Collectible

  • Adds fun during playtime as it can suck its thumb and clap hands
  • Perfect for holding comfortably thanks to its tiny body
  • Toddlers can take it everywhere since it’s lightweight
  • Snuggle it in bed as it has a plush, soft body
Ideal Gift Ribbon
7 girls playing with bubbles and the Kindi Kids Bonnie Bubbles baby doll

Kindi Kids Bonnie Bubbles

4.5 /5

Ideal for Outdoors

  • Playing outside just got more fun since she will blow ice cream-scented bubbles
  • Excites your child as she sings and giggles adorable tunes
  • Your kid can also blow bubbles as it includes a larger-sized bubble wand
  • Safely play indoors, too, with the mess-free mode
8 girl playing with the Baby Born Bathtub Surprise

Baby Born Bathtub Surprise

4.5 /5

Ideal for Bath Time

  • Your child will love the 20 fun surprises based on the tasks you play-act
  • Bring it with you to play in the shower as it’s waterproof
  • Bathe it conveniently as part of its routine as it comes with a bathtub
  • Enjoy creative play as she can open and close her eyes
9 Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella on white background

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella

4.5 /5

Best for Nurturing

  • Ready for cuddling since she comes dressed in a soft onesie
  • Worry-free for toddlers to use as the features are embroidered
  • Perfect for sweet hugs that release a soothing lavender scent
  • Let your child foster it since she comes with a pacifier and feeding bottle
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10 Molly Dolly Sweet Sounds Lil’ Baby on white background

Molly Dolly Sweet Sounds Lil’ Baby

4.5 /5

Best with Accessories

  • Practise your social skills through play as she can laugh, cry, and talk
  • Looks and feels realistic as it has a soft vinyl construction
  • Keep your little one entertained thanks to its additional accessories
  • Easy for little hands as she has a sensitive touch plate

Have Fun Playtime With The Best Baby Dolls

Children learn by seeing and doing. It’s no wonder why dolls remain the most popular toys in helping children connect to the world around them. If you’re unsure what to purchase for your little one, there are endless options out there to bring a smile to their face. From robot toys to train sets, kitchen sets and play food sets, you name it! 

Playing with dolls is a natural process for kids. Dolls are available for all ages, from newborns to toddlers, kindergarten kids, and older children. As a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle (you get it), it comes down to knowing what your child likes so that you can choose the best baby doll for them. And, why not take it a step further with a high-quality doll house?

Don’t worry if you can’t nail it down. Today’s post gives you the top options to let your child enjoy play, bath, and nap time.

Why Should You Buy a Baby Doll?

As we’ve mentioned, dolls are a great way for children to play and pretend. Both boys and girls will appreciate dolls as they grow up. It allows them to engage their imaginations and can help them develop communication and social skills

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in baby dolls for your kid.

Developing Nurturing Skills

Playing with dolls helps kids mimic what they see their parents doing—for example, feeding the baby, changing a nappy, cuddling, swaddling, and rocking their baby. This kind of play indicates that the child understands taking care of a loved one. It also helps them develop empathy by getting the perspective of being a “mom” or “dad”.

Developing Social Skills

Playing with dolls allows a child to solidify their social skills. They can draw from what they learn from their caregivers. It helps them to communicate with other kids because they learn by interacting with the doll.

Improve Kids Imagination

Dolls that come with accessories help children create different scenarios. They become more creative as they try to replicate real-life situations such as washing the baby, carrying them to a park, nursing them when sick, and other everyday tasks.

Develop Language Skills

When children engage in pretend play, it gives room for verbal communication when a parent is involved. Things like, “Oh, I hear your baby crying” provides the child with a chance to respond. It extends the play into, “Oh, rock your baby to stop crying,” and things like, “will you take him outside for fresh air?” Such offerings are an opportunity for a baby's growth.

Develop Motor Skills

Babies in their first year are still learning to hold and grab onto stuff. Dolls that are easy to hold help a baby engage their fingers. It helps them learn how to grasp something without dropping it.

When they grow older, dressing dolls becomes an opportunity for toddlers to improve their strength and precision. It helps to tone their fine motor skills as well as learn the sequence of dressing.

What to Look for When Buying a Baby Doll

The market has a wide array of baby dolls available. The best thought out dolls fit within a particular age group and fulfil a specific purpose.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for your child’s doll.

1. Appeal

Your child will be spending lots of time with their plaything. It helps to make sure it’s appealing to look at. Remember that some dolls might not be a sight for sore eyes. Some are overly bright and ornamented, while others can have an ever-smiling face. We find that dolls with mild facial expressions help the child decide what the doll is feeling. It’s important to buy an aesthetically pleasing one.

2. Age Recommended

You’ll want to spend money on a doll that your child will like. And this goes hand in hand with their age.

  • Newborns Up To 1 Year

Infants and young babies like unstuffed toys that are easy to hold. To this end, it’s best to choose toys with a soft, squeezable body. It also helps if they have defined, high-contrast features. Knotted hands are better for squeezing since they provide an excellent teething opportunity.

  • Toddlers 1-3 Years

Kids in this age group start to show widely varied interest in their dolls. Some will want something they can manipulate, while others want a doll to carry everywhere they go. That’s why a doll that allows movement is suitable. You may wish to consider dolls with semi-jointed limbs instead of those that are fully jointed.

  • Kindergarten 4-6 Years

Kids in kindergarten appreciate fully formed dolls that they can care for. They want more room for pretend play like feeding, dressing, putting to sleep, tea parties, or being part of a dollhouse. Accessories are also valuable for their playtime as they allow them to express themselves in different ways creatively.

3. Safety and Quality

Dolls must be made from kid-safe materials. Vinyl PVC is a good example since kids will put the dolls in their mouths. They should also be easy to clean by wiping down or throwing them in the washer.

Kids tend to do all sorts of stuff with dolls, so you’ll want a doll that can withstand vigorous handling. Still, look out for the available accessories since some come with removable parts that kids can swallow. It helps to steer away from dolls with small parts and accessories until the age of four when they understand things that should not go in the mouth.

4. Price

Dolls start from under £10 to above £50. Affordable options don’t have many features like eyes that open and close or a change of outfit. From above £20, you can expect lifelike dolls that are also weighted to feel real. These dolls have interactive features and include other accessories.


Whether you’re looking for an adorable first doll or an interactive doll for a toddler, there’s an option for you in our best baby dolls list. These dolls are the perfect companion since they are soft and snuggly. So, are you ready to give your child something to be a part of their special moments?

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