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Best 10 Baby Bouncers

As Of July 2022

How often do you get to put your baby down to just relax, take a shower or make a quick meal? Not often, we presume, which is normal as every new parent gets to learn. But with a baby bouncer, you get to do all that & then some while your baby stays soothed, snug & entertained. Learn all you need to know on how to pick the right one here.
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1 Maxi-Cosi Kori 2-in-1 Bouncer on white background

Maxi-Cosi Kori 2-in-1 Bouncer

4.8 /5

Best Baby Bouncer Overall

  • Use as a bouncer or rocker with a soft & comfy inlay fabric
  • Adjust recline positions effortlessly for better comfort
  • Fold to a smaller size for movability & little storage space
  • Simple maintenance with machine washable covers
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2 BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss on white background

BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss

4.7 /5

#2 Best Bouncer Chair Option

  • Turn the fabric around and use it as a chair when baby is old to sit
  • Long-serving bouncer to use from newborn to 2 years of age
  • No extra costs for batteries or power; it uses baby’s movements to rock
  • Safe & comfortable materials with locking buttons
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3 Ingenuity Cradling Bouncer with happy baby in the living room floor

Ingenuity Cradling Bouncer

4.6 /5

Best For Melodies

  • Extra safe with slip-resistant feet & a 3-point harness system
  • Overhead bar with unicorns & butterfly toys to keep the baby busy
  • Maximum comfort thanks to the plush fabrics & support pillows
  • Keep baby entertained with the soothing vibrations & 8 melodies
4 Fisher Price Infant Baby Bouncer with smiling baby on living room floor

Fisher Price Infant Baby Bouncer

4.5 /5

Best Bouncer-Toddler Rocker

  • Convert to a still seat with the fold-out kickstand
  • Detachable toy bar for fun play away from the rocker
  • Reach button for adjusting vibration settings without a hassle
  • Choose preferred comfort zone with the two reclining positions
5 Graco All Ways Soother on white background

Graco All Ways Soother

4.5 /5

Most Stylish Option

  • Hands-free operation with the included power plug & 16 soothing motions
  • Keep your munchkin by your side at all times by converting it into a rocking chair
  • 5-point safety harness point to provide utmost security
  • Grows with your baby up to 9 months of age
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6 happy baby in the BabaBing Float Baby Bouncer on the living room floor

BabaBing Float Baby Bouncer

4.5 /5

Top Budget-Friendly Option

  • Soft toys provide the baby with safe & comfortable playtime
  • Sturdy non-slip base & three positions harness to keep baby safe
  • Removable toy bar for easy storage & mobility
  • Remove the machine-washable fabric in no time for effortless cleaning
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7 Graco Baby Delight on white background

Graco Baby Delight

4.5 /5

Best for Small Spaces

  • Adjustable recline position to meet different needs
  • Stimulate baby’s visuals with the two soft rotating and hanging toys
  • 2 different speeds for swinging provide more soothing options
  • No need for ample storage space; it folds into a compact design
8 East Coast Nursery Silver Cloud on white background

East Coast Nursery Silver Cloud

4.5 /5

Ideal For Different Baby’s Sizes

  • Maximum comfort & safety thanks to the adjusting waist strap
  • Put baby in the comfiest position with the 2-position reclining seat
  • Maximum entertainment with the soothing vibration & music
  • Head cushion provides new baby’s neck with needed support
9 Babylo Gravity Baby Bouncer on white background

Babylo Gravity Baby Bouncer

4.5 /5

Ideal Battery-Free Bouncer

  • Three-position recliner for comfy positions in different needs
  • Enhance baby’s motor skills with included soft toys
  • It folds into a flat design for easy storage & movability
  • Battery-free so baby enjoys most natural soothing
10 Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing on white background

Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing

4.5 /5

Top Secure Pick

  • No worrying about safety with the 5-point harness & integrated rocking lock
  • Has a horseshoe head cushion for newborn’s head support
  • Adjust height position for your comfort & baby’s view of surroundings
  • Inbuilt carrying handles for maximum portability
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Keep Your Little One Entertained & Cozy With The Best Baby Bouncers

You could do so much if you just had a minute or two of free time when your baby is awake. The baby bouncer is here to help! If you don’t know what to look for, we are here to clear the air. Are you looking for one that is just a bouncer or a combo that doubles as another baby gadget? How much are you willing to spend? Whether you want to give your baby the soothing or the playtime feature, we got them all! 

Go through our detailed buying guide, and we are certain you’ll pick the most suitable baby bouncer for your little one in no time. Don’t waste another minute and make both you and your baby happy! Keep scrolling through!

What is a Baby Bouncer?

The baby bouncer, also referred to as bouncy swings, bouncy seats, or bouncy chairs, are baby chairs with a fabric and harness design that helps keep the baby safely strapped. Bouncers also help in soothing the baby, especially when it moves around in a calming motion. You can give it a nudge with your foot or hand, while some can rock your baby by themselves. Many come with toys to keep your baby engaged and entertained while strapped in the bouncer, offering you some moments to do other chores around the house without worrying. If you want, you can keep an eye on your baby through a baby monitor just to be extra safe! 

Why Do You Need a Baby Bouncer

Of all the baby products you need to buy, is a baby bouncer really necessary? Yes, it is! Many parents add it to their registry as a last-minute product or just because they want to try it along with the baby walkers. But soon, everyone realises the benefits of having one, and here's why:

  • You can take a break worry-free.

Newborns can be a handful. Of course, you love your little bundle of joy and wish you could stare at them all day long. But it would help if you also caught a breath, take a shower, grab a meal or get some house chores done. Whatever the case, you can't always get all things done with a baby strapped on your back. So on these occasions, you will be happy to have a bouncer by your side. All you need to do is place it where you can keep an eye on your baby, strap them on, and you can go about your business, and the baby enjoys the view. 

  • It is great for soothing your baby.

Baby bouncers are an excellent soothing option for all babies. There are days, no matter how much you hold the baby or rock them, they will not stop crying. A bouncer can come in handy. The rocking, vibrations, added sounds, or a toy bar that some models include can help provide the baby's right soothing mood to relax.  

  • It helps improve the baby’s motor skills.

Especially if you are using a bouncer that uses the baby's movements to get the rocking motions, to keep rocking, your baby will have to move their arms and legs around, keeping them engaged. It will help strengthen their muscles and improve their developmental skills.

What To Look For When Buying a Baby Bouncer

Some features to keep an eye on that you’ll love are: 

1. Safety Features 

Even if you keep an eye on the baby when strapped on a bouncer, do not forget to pay attention to the available safety features. Look for features like a sturdy frame, stable base, a strap that's not too tight and safety harnesses.

2. Weight Limit 

While baby bouncers are newborns, the age and weight limits matter, babies do not all weigh the same, so it is best to know that yours is within the manufacturer's recommended limits. Also, some bouncers may hold babies up to almost one year old, so it is nice to know that you can use it for this long. 

3. Longevity 

Durable as the baby bouncer you have set eyes on might be, try taking into consideration how long it will serve you. You already know how babies outgrow everything faster than one can keep track of. Within 6 months or so, you could be tossing that baby bouncer in the storage closet when the baby gets into the toddler stage. If you are hoping to use it for longer and limit how many baby products you purchase, go for a bouncer that transforms into a toddler chair. 

4. Power Source

Baby bouncers with extra features like sounds and vibrations require powering, with sources ranging from batteries to direct connections for electricity. While battery-powered models provide movability with the baby bouncer, they can also bring extra maintenance costs. Most of these models run through batteries quickly, leaving you with the cost of constant battery replacements. Plus, you will also be increasing your carbon footprint. 

5. Space 

How much space do you have in your home, both for storage and placement of the baby bouncer? Keep in mind that for your baby's safety, the bouncer should always be on the floor, not on heightened surfaces like coffee tables and kitchen counters. You'd want to look for a size that fits safely in any space without tripping anyone as they make their way around the house. The same applies to baby baths, for instance, as you don't want them to stand in the middle of your bathroom. On storage, go for a model that also doesn't require too much storage space when not in use as you can afford.

6. Portability 

The size, weight and design of the baby bouncer affect its mobility. On days when you need to move with the bouncer around the house or even go out for an outing, you will appreciate having one easy to move around with. 

7. Ease of Maintenance 

Baby bouncers with removable and machine washable fabrics are the best options. But, imagine those times when the baby spits up while strapped on the bouncer? Or when the diaper leaks! You need to be able to clean it in no time and put it back one fresh. 

8. Additional Features 

While the goal is to get a bouncer that soothes the baby and gives you some hand-free time, it doesn't hurt to invest in a gadget that offers other uses. For instance, if it has a toy bar, it will help enhance your baby's visuals and movement skills whenever they reach out to play with the toys. In addition, some models will have music with different sounds, including nature sounds, which helps soothe the baby even more and provide entertainment. 

What Types of Baby Bouncers Are There?

It is pretty easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a baby bouncer. Sometimes, some of these products look the same, but we can assure you that the different types of bouncers make the process a little less time-consuming. That said, there are three types of baby bouncers to consider:

  • Simple or Basic Baby Bouncers

These have a simple design and provide just the necessary experience you need from a bouncy seat. Your baby will have the wiggling motion and enough space for physical exercise by moving their arms and legs. Of course, the motion is also mechanical, either from the baby's movement or you giving it a nudge.  But that's just about it. 

  • Vibrating Baby Bouncers 

Unlike the simple baby bouncers that rely on you or the baby for the movement, these models use a power supply like batteries or electricity for the motion. As a result, they offer unlimited movements and are best to keep the baby in constant motion. 

  • Combo Baby Bouncers 

These are baby bouncers with a combination of another baby device, like a swing or rocker. That means you can convert the bouncer into either a swing or a rocker when need be. While these offer more versatility, ensure that the gadget offers the best of both worlds and meet the necessary safety measures.

Is It Safe For Your Baby To Sleep In The Baby Bouncer?

Cosy as baby bouncers are when you need to relax or soothe your baby; they are not the best place for sleeping. In fact, experts advise that you move your baby to a baby crib when they are drowsy or start falling asleep.

According to studies, baby rockers and other sitting devices, like swings and car seats, increase the risk of babies rolling over or restricting their breathing. So, keep your baby safe and sound by letting them fall asleep but immediately move your little ones to their crib. 

What Should You Buy: a Baby Bouncer & a Baby Swing?

Choosing between these two is not an easy task. For starters, they both have a rocking movement that helps soothe the baby. And, you can use both on newborns. But what's the difference, especially when you do not have a budget or space for both?

Baby bouncers will mostly rely on the baby's movements, or your own, for that rocking movement. This gives it a more natural gentle feeling.  But, if you are hoping for a product that's best for lulling a fussy baby, swings are the best option. They have a more constant motion that requires little effort from the baby or you. The swing motion could be back and forth, side by side or a mix of these two. This, coupled with the vibrations powered by batteries or electricity provide an excellent and uninterrupted soothing environment. 

Baby bouncers are also more lightweight and have a smaller footprint. That means you can easily bring it along when travelling. Some will even fold flat for a more compact size. For the travelling parent and anyone with a shortage of storage space, a baby bouncer is the best option. Also, baby bouncers are more affordable. Even though some models are pricier, probably more expensive than some baby swings, most baby bouncers are more budget-friendly.  

How Much Should You Spend on a Baby Bouncer

Baby bouncers can range from £30 to £250, depending on the design and available features. However, you need to keep in mind that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get the best option out there. What matters is your present needs, from the budget to needed features.  

  • Affordable

If you are looking for the basics, like the soothing motions and a comfortable place for your baby to relax when you need a break, the affordable range will do. You can spend between £30 to £150, with some offering more than the basic needs. Some of these models can double as a second gadget, maybe a swing or a rocker. Others will have additional features, like hanging toys, music sounds and different vibration sets.

  • High-End 

High-end models cost more than £150, with some prices going as high as £270. What's different? Mostly, it is the brand name and extra features. Some of these high-end models will act as a bouncer, rocker or swing, but have a stylish high-chair design with adjustable heights for your back's sake. Others will have digital controls like Bluetooth enabled sounds and motions. If all these matters to you, then it is worth investing in a high-end model.   


Yes, baby bouncers could be the little miracle you never thought you needed. Strap your baby in, set the vibrations in motion, play some soothing sounds, and you can trust your baby will be cosy, safe and entertained while you go about with a few tasks. Use our buying guide and a hand-picked selection of the best baby bouncers to get the best option for your baby. Ready to choose yours?

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