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Best 10 Artificial Christmas Trees

As Of June 2022

Santa Claus is coming to town! But where is he going to put your gifts? Under an eco-friendly reusable Christmas tree, of course! No need to buy a real one every year! It’s costly and harmful to the environment. With the best artificial Christmas trees, you can have a realistically looking tree for years to come! Want to find out more?
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1 Bravich Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

Bravich Artificial Christmas Tree

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Small living room space is not a problem as it’s small & compact
  • Set it up with your family following its clear instructions
  • Move it with ease around your home to find the ideal spot as it’s lightweight
  • No empty space between tips as it’s as fluffy & luxurious
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2 Shatchi Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

Shatchi Artificial Christmas Tree

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Rooms with High Ceiling

  • Decorate it by your fireplace worry-free as it’s made from flame-resistant PVC
  • Perfect fit to spacious homes as it’s 240cm in height
  • Pack it safely for the next Christmas as it comes with a strongbox
  • As bushy as it can get, thanks to its 1100 tips
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3 Abaseen Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

Abaseen Artificial Christmas Tree

4.6 /5

Top Choice for Simple Assembly

  • Customise it the way you want as all branches are fully bendable
  • Can handle all sorts of ornaments & decor thanks to its sturdy metal base
  • Assemble & disassemble in no time as it comes in 3 separate pieces
  • Looks real as a fir thanks to its lively green colour
4 TopVita Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

TopVita Artificial Christmas Tree

4.5 /5

Top Option for Outdoor Use

  • Place it outside even if it’s snowing, as it’s made of 100% weatherproof PVC
  • Assemble it with your little one as it’s really simple; only 3 steps
  • Don’t worry if your pets are messing with it; it won’t fall thanks to its sturdy base
  • Protect your wooden floor from scratches as it has rubber feet
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5 Symons Nordman Fir Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

Symons Nordman Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

4.5 /5

High-End Choice

  • It’ll last for Christmas to come as it’s man-made of quality materials
  • When holidays are over, store it safely in its storage bag
  • Premium aesthetics with a wicker skirt covering its metal base
  • Get the natural tree vibes mined the mess thanks to its ferns & tree trunk
6 AGM Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

AGM Artificial Christmas Tree

4.5 /5

Best Snow-Covered Pick

  • No need for extra decor as it has with snow, pine needles red berries
  • Set it up in a jiffy as it’s divided into 3 sections with a foldable base
  • Save money as you can use it for years to come & it’s eco-friendly
  • Perfect fitting to large rooms due to its 210cm height
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7 Prextex Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

Prextex Artificial Christmas Tree

4.5 /5

Top Pick for People With Allergies

  • Can’t get more fluffy & bushy thanks to its 1200 tips
  • Keep it safe for next Christmas in its storage carton case
  • Have peace of mind when your toddler’s hanging around as its allergy-free
  • Place it next to your radiator care-free as it’s fire-resistant
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8 VeryMerry Claudia Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

VeryMerry Claudia Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

4.5 /5

Best Pre-Lit Pick

  • Save money on extra lights as it’s packed with 400 LEDs
  • Ample branches to hang all your favourite ornaments on its 1115 tips
  • Create the atmosphere you want with its 8 different light modes
  • Buy it once, have it for a lifetime as it’s made of top quality PVC
9 Ousfot Artificial Christmas Tree

Ousfot Artificial Christmas Tree

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Eco-Friendly

  • When Santa leaves the town, pack it safely in its dustproof bag
  • Assemble it with your family in just 30 mins as it’s just a 4-step process
  • Make it look fuller as its branches are fully bendable
  • Sit back & relax while your kids play around as it has a sturdy metal base with screws
10 VeryMerry Ascot Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Tree on white background

VeryMerry Ascot Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

4.5 /5

Top Realistic Looking Pick

  • Save money on extra decor as it comes with an arrangement of pinecones
  • Create beautiful visual effects with its 500 LEDs & 8 light modes
  • Ideal for your lounge or living room as it’s 210cm tall
  • Shape the branches according to your decor ideas as it has a hinged structure

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With The Best Artificial Christmas Trees!

Christmas is probably the most amazing and festive time of the year! Food, drinks, dinner parties and all sorts of fun activities take place around that time. Your house is about to welcome all kinds of guests, so you need to have it appropriately decorated. The centrepiece of your Christmas decor is, of course, no other than your tree. So you need the best one you can find. Bushy, fluffy and adjusted to your room’s height. If you have no clue where to start, we are here to help! Check our buying guide and our top 10 list of the best artificial Christmas trees!

Why should you buy an artificial Christmas tree?

The real question here is, why should you buy a real tree? Not only do they last only for a month, but also they’re harmful to the environment. Also, going in the woods and cutting one by yourself is illegal. Nowadays, where we need our trees the most, it is a shame to cut them just to decorate our homes for Christmas. Artificial trees are better than real ones for many reasons! Take a look at a few.

1. They are the most eco-friendly choice.

Artificial trees are made of high-quality PVC that lasts for years to come. You don’t need to throw them after the holidays season is over. You just pack them safely and keep them for next Christmas. Most people use them for 10 years on average. Real trees only last for a month or so, and next year you will have to buy a new one. Imagine if all people were using real Christmas trees to decorate their homes. That’s an environmental crime!

2. They are really inexpensive.

You buy them once, and you use them every Christmas. That sounds more like an investment, to be honest. Most of them come with a storage bag, so you don’t even have to buy a box to keep them safe and dust-free. Some of them also come already decorated so that you don’t have to buy anything else for decor. That’s sweet!

3. They do not make a mess.

You surely don’t want your living room to be constantly full of needles and branches from your Christmas tree. Cleaning them is a nightmare, isn’t it? Artificial ones do not leave any mess behind. They’re solid, and nothing will come off while you’re assembling them. Additionally, their branches are fully bendable, meaning that you can customise them as you please.

4. They are fire-resistant.

Did you know that branches from fir are one of the most flammable things on earth? Most people prefer setting their trees next to fireplaces to create a cosy and atmospheric Christmas vibe. Artificial trees are made of 100% PVC, which makes them fire and flame-resistant. Also, in case of a short circuit, they won’t catch fire. Leave them with the LEDs open all night long and have peace of mind!

What to look for when buying an artificial Christmas tree?

If you made the right decision to purchase an artificial tree, take a look at a few key features you should always keep in mind.

1. Size

Size does matter when it comes to trees. If you lack free space in your home or live in a small apartment, you should opt for a tree below 180cm in height and 100cm in width. If you have plenty of space and tall ceilings, you should definitely go for a tree over 200cm in height as it will be easily recognisable and elevate your home’s decor. Trees are the centrepiece of our house decor when it’s Christmas, so they should stand out.

2. Tips

The general rule of thumb here is the fluffier, the better. Look for trees with more than 1000 tips and branches. When you fully spread them out, you won’t realise that your tree is an artificial one. Plus, having more tips means that you can put more gingerbread, dough and gnome ornaments and lights and be as creative as you want.

3. Base material

Look for sturdy metal bases. You don’t want your kids to throw it when they’re playing around, or your cat messes with it. A metal base with screws is sturdy enough to hold up to 20kg of weight so that you can decorate it as much as you want. 

4. Storage bag

Although it is not mandatory, look for trees that come with a storage bag or a carton box. As said, you will use them for years to come, so you need something to keep them dust-free till the next holiday season. Bags made from fabric are better since they’re dust-free and waterproof, but strong boxes can also do the trick.


You now know everything there is about artificial trees! You are well informed and prepared to make the best choice. One that fits your needs and will make your family happy! Christmas is the best time of the year. With a beautiful-looking artificial tree as the centrepiece of your home, you’re going to have some amazing times! Decorate your home with the best tree in the market this season. Which one is your favourite? Merry Christmas!

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