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Best 10 Angle Grinders

As Of July 2022

Are you looking to up your DIY game with some powerful tools that get the job done in no time? Want to find an angle grinder that can cut, sand and grind? We’ve found the best angle grinders that will make any project a walk in the park! You don’t have to be a welder to use it. Your next home improvement task will be in perfect shape!

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1 Makita Slide Switch Angle Grinder

Makita Slide Switch Corded Angle Grinder

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Reduce fatigue & work longer by using the lock-on switch
  • Safe use with no false start-up thanks to its anti-restart function
  • Hold with one hand as it has a side grip angle and slide
  • Protection from shock in case it breaks with the double insulation
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3 Makita Body Only Cordless Angle Grinder

Makita Body Only Cordless Angle Grinder

4.6 /5

Top Option for Lightweight

  • Tackle all your DIY projects in no time thanks to its rapid spin
  • Use it for longer periods as it has an improved lithium-ion battery
  • Avoid overloading with its LED warning indicators
  • Store it in a drawer hassle-free due to its compact & slim design
2 Ryobi Drill & Angle Grinder

Ryobi Cordless Drill & Angle Grinder

4.7 /5

Best Choice for 2 Tools In 1 Set

  • Use the grinder conveniently thanks to its 3 position handle
  • No more accidental start ups with its 2-stage non-lockable switch
  • A complete set for all your DIYs as it includes a powerful drill too
  • Store them comfortably & carry them around due to the included travel bag
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2 Black+Decker Angle Grinder

Black+Decker Corded Angle Grinder

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Variety of Included Accessories

  • Safe changes between discs as it has a spindle lock
  • Use it without arms fatigue by choosing from the handle’s 2 positions
  • Injury-free work with a no-volt release switch that stops it from turning on
  • Ultimate control over it as it slowly increases the speed with a soft-start engine
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2 Tilswall Angle Grinder

Tilswall Corded Angle Grinder

4.7 /5

Top Choice for Low Electricity Bills

  • Minimise vibrations & muscle soreness by holding through its robust front grip
  • Switch rapidly between cutting & grinding wheels with the quick-release guard
  • Operate it safely & worry-free thanks to the 2 included protective guards
  • Improve airflow, longevity & performance due to its innovative vent design
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2 Bosch Professional Angle Grinder

Bosch Corded Professional Angle Grinder

4.7 /5

Best Option for Wood Cutting

  • Stay safe while working as it has a protective guard
  • Take on tight spaces comfortably with the flat gear head
  • Less fatigue for hours of use thanks to its extremely comfy grip
  • Versatile for cutting and grinding due to its included 6 wheels
4 Dewalt Brushless XR Angle Grinder

Dewalt Brushless XR Cordless Angle Grinder

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Powerful Motor

  • Tackle tight spaces effectively with its compact gear frame
  • Avoid injuries as it freezes in less than 2 seconds with the electronic brake
  • No debris clogging at the motor thanks to the mesh covers
  • You’ll be able to use it for hours conveniently due to its ergonomic handle
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5 Makita LXT Angle Grinder

Makita LXT Cordless Angle Grinder

4.5 /5

Most Ergonomic Option

  • Use it worry-free of accidents thanks to its electronic brake
  • Change the wheels instantly for no delays due to its spindle lock
  • Adjust it according to your project with its variable speed control
  • Rest assured of its quality as it comes with a 1-year warranty
6 Dewalt Angle Grinder

Dewalt Corded Angle Grinder

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Heavy-Duty Jobs

  • Have access even in confined areas thanks to its low profile gear case
  • Use no extra tools for adjustments due to its new guard design
  • Say goodbye to arms fatigue with its ergonomic small girth
  • Lasts for years to come as it has an abrasion-free dust ejection system
7 Dewalt XR Angle Grinder

Dewalt XR Cordless Angle Grinder

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Safety Features

  • Offers comfort & better control with the two-position side handle
  • Durable & solid for max productivity, thanks to the spiral bevel gears
  • Never powers on without your consent with the lock-off switch
  • Finish your tasks faster than ever thanks to the quick-change wheel release

Be Your Own Welder! Buying an Angle Grinder will do the trick!

Do you enjoy tackling your projects at home? Do you want to be able to tackle bigger projects by using power tools? Then you should buy an angle grinder! A grinder will add versatility to your next task. You will feel like your own contractor who knows how to use any heavy-duty equipment.

An angle grinder is a small handheld tool that has incredible power. It’s a beginner’s alternative to a chainsaw. You can use it for any tough chore around the house, like when you’re cutting up a shelf or want to sand your furniture. Grinders cut through materials with ease. You can grind, sand and cut all through this beast of a machine! Grinders have a comfortable grip, and you can attach many accessories to their end like a sanding wheel, cutting wheel based on your needs. It’s a necessary tool for many job sites but can also become a household item.

Read below on what features you should be looking for when you want to buy a disc grinder.

  • Corded or Cordless: Grinders have different voltage depending on the use. In as easy an explanation as possible, voltage determines how quick electricity runs between two ends of a wire. Grinders for job site use range from 110V to 240V and are cabled. Residential and personal use grinders are cordless and portable, with an average of 18V. You could find some more powerful and small grinders ranging from 35V to 54V. They can still get the job done equally well, though.
  • Speed: There are two types of speeds to choose from with angle grinders. You can either go for a single speed grinder or a variable speed grinder. Variable speed grinders are the most popular choice. They add up to your versatile tool, and you can use them for small or large scale projects. You can pace the speed to your liking so that you work comfortably. You have better control over the speed and can adjust your grinder appropriately. Single-speed grinders have the benefit of maintaining the same speed throughout your entire project. That way, you can predict how much time you will need to finish.
  • Motor Power: Motor wattage is an important part of your grinder. Wattage helps you understand how powerful your tool’s engine is. Generally, a big motor means a better tool. You can find options from as low as 500W and reach even up to mighty 2000W motors. Compact angle grinders for home use range between 500-1000W. Professional angle grinders can have higher wattage of 1000-2000W.
  • Disc Size: Another key feature is the size of your tool’s disc. Larger grinding discs can cut deeper through materials. They also have more power over them. Disc diameter can range anywhere between 100mm to 250mm. The most popular sizes for home use are 115mm and 125mm. You should know that the smaller the size of the disc, the easier it is to handle it. Small disc sizes also rotate faster but cannot cut as deep as their larger counterparts.
  • Brushless Motor: Investing in a brushless motor will be an excellent choice for a bit upped of a price. These motors have more power and fewer parts to maintain than brushed motors. Fewer parts can be a good thing because you are saving money. They also have reduced maintenance care and are more efficient than brushed motors. Moreover, they produce less heat and less noise. If you can afford to go for this high-end option, you will not regret it!

Next time you want to build your own drawer, pick up your angle grinder and sand away to perfection! The best angle grinders are the ones that can combine all work modes in one product. Cut, sand, grind, polish and sharpen with your well-built and strong grinder! 

Any extreme home makeover with a time-saver like a disc grinder will be lightwork. Even beginners love this product because it is an all-around pro player! Read up and buy the one that fits your budget and needs. Our buying guide will help you make the best choice!


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