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Best 10 Air Purifiers

As Of December 2021

Keeping your place fresh and free of dust, allergens and bacteria feels like a walk in the park. No matter how many cleaning products you use there’s still a chance that dust is looming in the air. The best air purifiers are here for you. Why give an air purifier a shot? A healthier environment can help you enjoy your home as well as a good night's sleep.
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Levoit Air Purifier


£ 79.99 £59.49
Save £ 20.50 with Last Minute Christmas Deals

  • Live in a healthier home with 99.97% less pollen, dust & allergy particles
  • Purifies your room in no time thanks to True H13 HEPA Filtration
  • Convenient usage with a timer and a 3-speed settings
  • Sleep like a baby as it is noiseless
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£ 350.00 £ 159.99
Save £ 190.01 with Last Minute Christmas Deals

  • Customise the preference from anywhere with the dedicated phone app
  • Clear bacteria including pet hair, dust & more with the allergen mode
  • No need to lift a finger as it automatically adjusts the purification
  • Sleep uninterrupted with the comfy night mode
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£ 179.99 £ 135.99
Save £ 44 with Last Minute Christmas Deals

  • Control it from the other side of the room thanks to its Alexa & Google Assistant connectivity
  • Comes with a smart air quality sensor & automatically adjusts the mode
  • Remove up to 99% of airborne particles with the 3-layer filtration
  • Choose the speed to your liking from the 3 settings
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1 Levoit Air Purifier on white background

Levoit Air Purifier

4.8 /5

Best Air Purifier Overall

  • Perfect for anyone with allergies as it reduces 99.97% of dust, pet hair & debris
  • Eco-friendly & safe as it’s 100% ozone-free
  • Sleep deep like a baby due to its very low noise
  • Never forget to replace filters with the built-in replacement indicator
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4 Levoit Grey Air Purifier on white background

Levoit Core 300

Timer Function
4.6 /5

Best Pick for Quiet Operation

  • Traps particles such as dust, pollen, smoke & odours with its H13 True HEPA filter
  • Enjoy a restful night’s sleep with a close to noiseless sleep mode
  • Convenient timer auto mode ranging from 2-8 hours of use
  • Ideal for larger rooms up to 40 square meters
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5 TCL Air Purifier on white background

TCL Air Purifier

Change Filter Reminder
4.6 /5

Top Kid-Safe Choice

  • Absorbs smoke odours with the activated carbon filter
  • Long-lasting & durable metal design for years of air purifying at home
  • Multiple light colour modes to adjust to your room’s aesthetic
  • Robust three-part filtering system that traps bacteria & particle
4 RIGOGLIOSO Air Purifier on white background


Timer Function
4.6 /5

Best Pick for Allergies

  • For people with allergies as it traps particles such as dust, pollen, smoke & odours with its True HEPA filter
  • Noiseless operation so you can sleep like a baby
  • Breathe fresh air thanks to its 360° upgraded purification performance
  • Quality built that comes with 1-year warranty
2 Blueair Blue Pure411 Air Purifier on white background

Blueair Blue Pure411 Air Purifier

CADR Rating
4.7 /5

#2 Best Air Purifier

  • Effortless upkeep with its removable & machine-washable pre-filter
  • Ideal for small rooms due to its compact size
  • Always have air that’s free from pollutants with the activated carbon filters
  • Place anywhere in the room as it has a 360° air intake
6 Levoit Air Purifier on white background

Levoit Air Purifier

Colour Coded Indicator
4.6 /5

Ideal for One-Touch Control

  • Simple & straightforward one-touch button to switch speeds
  • Ideal for anyone with hay fever & other allergies
  • Compact & space-saving to fit on any tabletop, desk or tight area
  • A true HEPA air purifier that removes all dust and particles
Warranty Safety Ribbon
7 Dyson Pure Hot And Cool Air Purifier on white background

Dyson Pure Hot And Cool Air Purifier

HEPA Filter
4.5 /5

Ideal for Asthma

  • Smart air purifier that combines to use as a heater and cool air fan too
  • Excellent quality filtering systems that remove 99.95% of airborne particles
  • Multifunctional & cost-effective for all-year round use
  • Monitor airflow through your smartphone app
8 Acekool Portable Air Purifier on white background

Acekool Portable Air Purifier

4.5 /5

Top Choice for USB Chargeable

  • Three-in-one indicator for filter replacement, air quality sensor & temperature
  • Improved indoor air quality for anyone with allergies
  • Perfect to keep in babies’ rooms to eliminate airborne pollutants
  • Never wake up at night as it’s ultra-silent
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9 Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Air Purifier on white background

Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Air Purifier

3-Stage Filtration System
4.5 /5

Best Pick for Oscillating Air Purifier

  • Ideal for large rooms as it has a 70° oscillation
  • Hassle-free & simple filter replacing reminders on the LCD screen
  • Ideal for elders with the handy included remote control
  • Cordless & lightweight for enhanced portability around the house
10 Philips Connected Air Purifier on white background

Philips Connected Air Purifier

Sleep Mode
4.4 /5

Top WiFi Smart Air Purifier

  • Ideal for living rooms as it purifies the air in minutes
  • Automatic air quality sensor that does all the work for you - no need to move a finger
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice command use
  • Excellent air delivery rate that minimises air pollution

The Air Quality of Your Home Will Never Be Better!

Are you trying to create the safest and most welcoming environment for your home? Why wouldn’t you when you spend so much time in it? Just imagine how wonderful it would be for every breath to feel as fresh as the mountain air.

If you want to achieve the best air quality possible for your home, then the solution is pretty simple. All you need to do is give an air purifier a try! Keep your place healthy and fresh, and don’t spend another moment settling down. Your health is a serious issue. If you’re struggling with allergies, especially when flowers are blooming, you will see that an air purifier is a must!

Combine it with a dehumidifier or humidifier, and you will have all year round a crisp and breathable home environment. We wanted to give you all the necessary information to make the best choice for yourself! Want to find out the most important features to consider? Keep reading to find out more!

Why give Air Purifiers a Chance?

Air purifiers are electric devices that can help you make the indoor air quality of your home or workplace fresher than ever. How? They use filter systems that can get rid of dust, allergens, bacteria and other particles that can cause many health problems.

Especially for those of you who find it hard to breathe and can’t even enjoy a good night’s sleep, you’ll feel instantly better with an air purifier in the room. And if you have children, then that’s a great way to keep them protected from all those invisible threats that can make their life difficult daily. A cleaner home is a better home!

When you spend most of your life in the same house, you try and switch things up through many home improvements. Painting walls, for example, is the most common home improvement task. But have you ever thought of the air pollution that builds up from paint over time? Paints release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to you and your family. With an air purifier, you won’t have to worry about anything!

What Types of Air Purifiers Suit You?

There are five most common air purifier types available on the market. The one you pick depends on the use case and your personal preference.

1. Desk Purifier

A desk purifier is small and compact enough to fit it on a tabletop. These are ideal for small homes or office use. Despite their size, they are very effective. You can find many budget-friendly choices within this type that won’t break your bank.

2. Oscillating

An oscillating air purifier rotates in real-time while cleaning the air. It can be small or large. A solid average oscillation can be anywhere between 50 to 70 degrees. That way, the air purifier rotates around the room and captures airborne pollutants to prevent allergic reactions.

3. Tower

With a tower air purifier,  you will get a tall and cylindrical shape. It is best to use this type for larger rooms. They are a bit pricier than desk purifiers but the tall structure helps in capturing air around the room faster.

4. Portable

Portable air purifiers are heavy-duty and larger models that take up a bit of space in the room and are square. They produce a lot of power and are effective air cleaners. Their biggest benefit is that their build allows you to move them around with ease. They are lightweight and make transport a walk in the park.

5. Purifying Fan

A purifying fan is a very effective yet higher-end model that Dyson is most famous for producing. These can cost upwards of £500 and have a very elegant and modern design. Some Dyson fans even blow out cool air to make your room more comfortable and breathable.

How Long Does an Air Purifier Need to Clean a Room?

Each purifier has its own limitations and abilities, so each takes its own time to finish cleaning the air. Also, the room size matters too. A good average is a purifier that within an hour can clean the room up to 5 times. That means that the air filters every 12 minutes for an excellent result. Some purifiers that take on the task to clean large rooms don’t get to go through that many air changes within an hour. But, as a minimum, try to have at least twice per hour clean air filtering.

What Should You Look for When Buying an Air Purifier?

You might get confused with all the choices you can find on the market when choosing the right air purifier. How can you be sure that the one you have your eye on is the perfect one for you? Well, all you need to do is write down the features you’re looking for in an air purifier. And to make things easier, we’ve added up a list of the most important features you should consider.

1. Filtration System

The first feature you should always check is what type of filtering system the purifier has. The different filter types will determine how clear the air will be in your home. The most common to choose between are pre-filters, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, and active carbon filters. Some air purifiers come with a three-in-one system that eliminates dust, debris and pollutants to the effect of 99.7%.

Having a pet is one of the things that can lead you to certain options. If you want to get rid of all the pet dander, choose an air purifier with a filter system that can take care of it. Some of them are made with extra filters, and they have amazing results.

2. Speed Settings

Variable speed will allow you to have the air purifier working in the background as close to noiseless as possible. That way, you can use it while sleeping without hearing the system working. Most come with a minimum of three-speed settings to choose from, low, medium or high.

A low-speed setting will be less noisy but also not as effective as higher speeds. So, to get the most effective and fresh air, you should power it on at high speeds.

3. Space Coverage

Space coverage is essential when it comes to air purifiers. Always take into consideration how your place is designed and how big it is. The performance and results change a lot if you don’t choose the right one for your place. Some purifiers, like desk purifiers, are ideal for small rooms up to 155 square feet (15m²). Larger ones, like tower purifiers, are better for large spaces up to 300 square feet (25m²). Check the product description for square feet coverage.

Picking the right size can be an effortless task if you’re a math geek too. Yes, there’s a way to calculate it with some math calculations. Calculate the space in m³ and compare the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of different purifiers to find one that suits you. Want to find out more about CADR? Keep reading below!

4. Noise Level

A noiseless machine is far better than a noisy one. With a noisy purifier, you might be getting rid of one problem that is poor air quality, but you’re getting another one. Some purifiers come with a low humming noise, but the larger ones could be louder when operating. So, look for one that has low decibels (dB) that make the operation as close to noiseless as possible. A good threshold is anywhere between 20-50 dB.

Remember that you should consider the noise level when the purifier is working at the highest speed. The highest speed is the most effective for cleaning the air. Don’t base your decision on the lowest speed's noise levels.

5. Air Sensors & Automatic Mode

With the automatic mode, the air sensors on the purifier activate automatically to work as they detect airborne particles. It’s an excellent feature to have especially if you live in high-density areas in the city. But, it’s also vital to ensure that at all times you have the highest quality air in your home. After all, we can’t see dust particles in the air that are roaming around freely.

6. Timer

The timer lets your purifier work on auto-pilot without you having to control its every move. If the purifier doesn’t come with air sensors, then a timer will automatically shut off the purifier. It is a hassle-free improvement that saves you money and time as you can activate it to work while you’re not at home. Some models have 30 minutes up to 8 hours of timer settings to make breathable air non-negotiable in the house.

7. Night Mode

Why not combine a night light with better airflow in your child’s room? Some air purifiers come with quiet night modes that allow air purification in the middle of the night without any noise. No more waking up from annoying noises at night; just enjoy a calm and deep sleep!

8. Filter Replacement Indicators

Do you have a forgetful mind? Don’t want to have to write down when you last changed the filter? With a purifier with a replacement indicator, you won’t have to remember all these details! A convenient way to have close to an automatic replacement experience is an indicator on the control panel. This blinks when the filter is close to its end of life so that you can take care of it with ease.

9. Easy Controls

What’s the point of getting a machine that you can’t even operate? Air purifiers with a simple control are far easier to operate than something that’s too confusing. Look for either a remote-controlled purifier or one with a simple one-touch control panel. A touch bar with a few buttons to switch speeds, power on/off and take on other adjustments will be valuable.

10. Smart Technology

Are you tech-savvy? Why not kick it up an extra notch with a smart device? Some air purifiers come with WiFi capabilities and their own smartphone app. This allows you to fully control your purifier from your phone, from powering on to scheduling purification sessions.

What are the different types of filtration systems?

Generally, look for as many filtering systems as possible. That can get you as close to 100% of allergen-free, breathable air in your home. The more filters, the better removal of different particles.

1. Dust Pre-Filter

This type of filter will get the large and obstructive clumps of debris out of the way so that the upcoming filters can do the more refined work. It’s an excellent first layer filter that removes a few air particles.

2. HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter captures the most dust, pet dander, mould, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and smoke just in a couple of minutes. It’s the ideal filtration system for anyone struggling with allergies, hay fever and asthma.

3. Active Carbon Filter

The active carbon filter takes on the heavy-duty task of eliminating smoke from the air and other particles such as traffic fumes and other unpleasant carbon smells. It’s perfect for a home that has smokers as it removes the smell of a cigarette. Also, they are great for removing viruses.

What is the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)?

CADR is a metric that shows how effective your air purifier is against different air pollutants. You should consider this metric according to the type you’re trying to target. Manufacturers provide CADR numbers for many different types, with the most common ones being dust, pollen, smoke and mould.

An important thing to remember is that the higher the number, the larger space your purifier can cover at once. Take some time and review the differences in CADR between models to find the one that makes more sense for your spaces.

Where Should You Place Your Air Purifier?

There is no specific place that you should set up your air purifier. It should, however, be in an area that you spend most of your time in so that it can do its best work. The one thing to remember is that the purifier circulates the room’s air, so you shouldn’t place it too close to the wall or other furniture. For the best flow, aim to have at least 10cm free on all sides.

Generally, most people prefer to keep them in their bedroom because they want those air changes while they’re sleeping. Someone with allergies wants a solution that will eliminate contaminants in the air in the most efficient way. A low-noise sleep mode can guarantee that the air purifier will not disturb you when you’re sleeping at night.

Some people prefer to keep them in the living room or their office because that’s where they spend most of the day. It all depends on your everyday routine and how many people you will buy the purifier for.

How much should you spend on an air purifier?

Whatever your budget is, you can find a price to match your personal preferences. There are many options available in the market, from low-cost to higher-end.


A budget-friendly purifier can cost as little as £30-100. There are even pricier options that are still considered low-cost within the £100-200 range. You can find good filtering systems with up to three layers of air filtering within this price range. Some might even have humidifier functions too.

One of their downsides is that they will not have WiFi capabilities like the higher-end ones. But, still, they can get the job done for small, medium and large rooms. They might not get to 5 times air filtering per hour, but they can still provide enough clear air for you.


The high-end models provide great smart device abilities with programmable air filtering and automated work modes. You can find high-end air purifiers ranging from £400 to £1000. The Dyson purifiers are very high-tech, and you will be able to purchase one within this price range. They provide more precise air cleaning for anyone with allergy symptoms, eliminating all types of particles as thin as 0.3 microns. They are also much better for use in larger spaces.

The one thing to note is that some operational costs come with purifiers too. So, remember that using the purifier could rack up your electricity bills, adding to the overall cost per year. In that case, you might have to adjust your budget accordingly.


The perfect air purifier is somewhere out there and waiting for you to give it a shot. Don’t forget that you’re the only one that can make the right choice, as you’re the only one who knows exactly what features you need. A home with top-quality air can make a difference and help you enjoy your space with your loved ones.

Turning your home into the cleanest space you’ve ever been in isn’t that hard after all. And it takes very little time to turn your air purifier on once a day or even take care of it every now and then. Think about all the advantages it has. Let yourself and your kids enjoy the perfect home!

What’s in it for you? Well, a healthy home with no allergens and bacteria to cause you trouble every day is a good enough reason, don’t you think? Don’t risk it anymore! This guide has all the little details you need to know to make the best decision for your household! No more fine particles in the air! Buy an air purifier today!

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