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Best 10 Air Fresheners

As Of June 2022

Do you want to freshen up your living room? Are you looking for a little fragrance-dropping spray that will make your bedroom smell as if you're in a hotel room? Add one of the best air fresheners to your room or bring back the fresh scent after you shower in the bathroom. Your space will have comforting aromas oozing out! Want to find out more?
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1 Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray on white background

Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray

4.8 /5

Best Air Freshener Overall

  • Practise your green thumb as it’s made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Soothe your anxiety with its stress-relieving tea tree, eucalyptus & peppermint
  • Get an ambrosial home smell with just a few sprays
  • Enjoy breathable air by spraying it directly on your bedsheets
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2 Dettol All-in-One Disinfectant Spray on white background

Dettol All-in-One Disinfectant Spray

4.7 /5

Ideal for Disinfecting

  • Remove funky smells & add a crisp linen fragrance to your house
  • Protect your family from pollutants & allergens too as it kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Versatile to spray it on sofas, sinks, mattresses & more
  • Shake it & watch your space’s air quality shift in seconds
3 AirWick Air Freshener on white background

AirWick Air Freshener

4.6 /5

Best Long-Lasting Choice

  • Carry it from one room to the other as it’s battery-run with excellent portability
  • Tackle unpleasant smells for up to 70 days without a refill
  • Hassle-free to use as it sprays in automatic intervals
  • Eliminate odours for a fresh smell 24/7
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4 Airwick Essential Mist Refills on white background

Airwick Essential Mist Refills

4.5 /5

Ideal for Aromatherapy

  • Add sweet peony & jasmine scents to your living space
  • Feel at peace in your own home by using it with your diffuser
  • Create an alluring mist effect for up to 45 days on a single refill
  • Plug it in while you’re sleeping and it sprays in a loop for 8 hours
5 Airwick Essential Mist Kit on white background

Airwick Essential Mist Kit

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Oil Diffusers

  • Gift a starter kit to your loved ones to show them tranquillity
  • Make a zen space at home with its rich pineapple, peach & mint fragrances
  • Adjust the mist frequency to your liking from the handy control button
  • Place it in any room worry-free as it’s battery-powered
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6 Febreze Air Freshener Spray on white background

Febreze Air Freshener Spray

4.5 /5

Best for Laundry Room

  • Keep stale smells away with its high-quality Odourclear technology
  • Control it conveniently with the trigger-style design
  • Rejuvenate your home daily with just a few mists as it’s highly effective
  • Save money & grocery runs as it comes in a pack of 6
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7 Glade Solid Gel Air Freshener Lily on white background

Glade Solid Gel Air Freshener Lily

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Small Spaces

  • Keep a delicate home fragrance for weeks thanks to its long-lasting formula
  • Place one in each room for a sweet-smelling atmosphere as it’s a package of 8
  • Tackle pungent shoe odours with its lily of the valley aroma
  • Store it even in closets as it has a compact size
8 Glade Solid Gel Air Freshener Pure Clean Linen on white background

Glade Solid Gel Air Freshener Pure Clean Linen

4.5 /5

Ideal for Allergies

  • No sneezing thanks to its neutral pure clean linen aroma
  • Place it close to your clothes rack for a freshly-washed fragrance feel
  • Refresh your space for months on end thanks to the money-saving 8-pack
  • Ideal for apartments with its gel format for small rooms
9 Febreze 2-in-1 Air Freshener on white background

Febreze 2-in-1 Air Freshener

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Bathrooms

  • Say goodbye to lingering smells with its 2-in-1 odour elimination & prevention formula
  • Jump out of the shower to a beautiful floral vanilla scent
  • Add one to your guest bathroom too as it comes in a set
  • Tuck it away neatly thanks to its space-saving design
10 AirWick Air Freshener Freshmatic Pure on white background

AirWick Air Freshener Freshmatic Pure

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Auto-Spray

  • Match it to any home decor thanks to its contemporary & sleek look
  • Select 1 of 3 freshening intensities to your comfort
  • Come home to delicious smells with its soft cotton, spring delight & cherry blossom packs
  • Install it hassle-free in just 4 steps within seconds
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Give Your Home A Fresh Smell With The Best Air Fresheners

Do you want to make your house have a refreshing scent? Are you looking to get rid of damp smells? We often experience odours around our home that can come from our shoes, pets, bathroom or other areas. If you’ve ever asked yourself why your bathroom may smell, even though you have a bathroom extractor fan, then you probably haven’t used one of the best air fresheners! They offer excellent and fresh scents around your living space with just a few sprays or mists. 

Some people like to use other home fragrances, including Yankee candles, reed diffusers, oil diffusers or scented candles to eliminate odours. There are even some neat DIY tricks by making lavender bags or your own aromatherapy oils. 

But, an air freshener is a compact and money-saving solution that can make your living room, bathroom or bedroom like a 5-star hotel. Are you interested in learning more about these room fresheners? Our buying guide goes in-depth to give you a better understanding of the features to look for, the types available and how much these products cost. Keep reading to find out more! 

What is an air freshener

An air freshener is a small odour eliminating device that people use to tackle unpleasant smells around the house. There are various options available, from plug-in air fresheners to room spray aerosols and automatic spray dispensers

Some work by using natural essential oils in mist format, while others come in a spray bottle. There's a wide selection of different scents, from citrusy ones to floral, minty and peachy kinds. If you’re looking for an aromatic scent for your vehicle, there are even mini-sized car air fresheners available that you can place on your car’s mirror or air vents.

How do air fresheners work? 

Air fresheners take on the tough and demanding job of eliminating odours and cleaning up the air quality from musty smells. You most likely have experienced smelly shoes in your shoe storage boxes or shoe racks. The working mechanism varies depending on the freshener type you pick. If you're going to pick a spray air freshener, those work with an aerosol that shoots the pressurised liquid out and turns it into evaporated air. The aerosol types combine with scented smells pleasing to the nose so that once they come out of the bottle, they mask the bad odours with nicer ones. 

Other room fresheners such as the bamboo charcoal air purifier types work without any harmful chemicals to improve the quality and reduce pollutants and allergens from the air. Bamboo charcoal ones are fantastic if you are allergic to flowery scents and want to get rid of smells without adding other heavy ones in the air. Want to make your closet smell amazing? Add one of these air purifying bags, and you’re set!

What to look for in an air freshener 

Are you interested in learning more about the top things to consider? Don’t worry; we’ve added up a list of the must-have features to look for before you purchase your product.

1. Scent  

The first thing to consider is what kind of smell you want the air freshener to have, as there are multiple options out there. The scents can range from exotic ones like Caribbean sandalwood to fruity Mediterranean ones like peach, citrus and orange. If you want something less powerful, you should go for the crisp linen or lilac smell as it is subtle and neutral. If you like floral scents, there are options with cherry blossom, peony, lavender, vanilla, and so much more. For fruity scents, nice choices are honeydew, cucumber, lime and others.

2. Capacity 

Capacity is how big of a container your air freshener is in. Generally, the larger the capacity, the more long-lasting your product will be. Mini ones are starting at just 7.5ml to bigger ones that come in 250-300ml bottles. A large air freshener can last for up to 135 days, depending on the intensity setting. 

3. Manual or Auto-Spray 

The two most common air freshener spray or mist modes are the manual and automatic ones. The manual mode is the standard trigger-style spray, whereas the automatic one has a preset control that you can customise to spray scents over intervals automatically. A common spray pattern is an 8-hour cycle that auto-releases to your liking by picking between a low, medium or large mist. There are also some plug-in air fresheners that you simply plug-in your outlet, and they work on their own.

4. Single or Pack 

There are options that you can pick in either a single or multi-pack, depending on the number of rooms you have in your home. A single air freshener can be small or large in capacity and is more suitable for one person or a couple. Packs can have from a set to three, six or even eight units. These are very handy in case you have a larger home or are a family with multiple members. 

What type of air fresheners are available? 

The four most popular air freshener types are spray, automatic, gel and essential oil mist. The choice is a matter of personal preference, but all are fantastic in eliminating persistent odours from your home. Let's have a look at the four types below! 

  • Spray

The most popular choice is the spray type, as it’s a quick solution with excellent portability. If you catch an unpleasant odour around the house, you can pick up the bottle and spritz a few drops of the freshener to see instant results. They are lightweight and compact without occupying too much space around the house too. Most people prefer to use them as toilet sprays

  • Automatic 

An automatic air freshener is a hassle-free way to have peace of mind that your home will always smell beautiful. They have versatility and customisation settings that allow you to program intervals in which you want the freshening scent to come out. Their design is sleek and eye-catching to match any home decor with elegance. They are a neat way to welcome your guests by placing them close to the entrance. 

  • Gel 

Gel air fresheners are solid in form, and they eliminate odours without spraying a scent in the air. Instead, they absorb the bad smells from the surrounding environment and release a pleasant one to cover over that bad one. People like to use these in their closets to maintain their linens fresh and sweet-smelling.

  • Essential Oils Mist

The mist refills for oil diffusers are one of the latest trends in air fresheners. They work by automatically changing essential oils into a delicate fragrance and create a calming environment. These are battery-run and give you the option to select the intensity. Also, they can last as long as 45 days, depending on the capacity. If you're into reed diffusers and essential oil diffusers, these are the perfect choice for you. 

Are air fresheners safe to use?

Yes, air fresheners are absolutely harmless with proper use. You should follow some safety guidelines, including keeping them further away from your nose if you're sensitive to smells, as they may contain chemicals. But, as long as you keep your distance in a room spray, there's nothing to worry about when using them. If you struggle with allergies or have more serious medical conditions, try to find one that's made with eco-friendly and natural ingredients

How much do air fresheners cost? 

Air fresheners are affordable everyday household cleaning items that anyone can fit in their budget. You don't have to spend a fortune buying a high-tech automated one as even the least manual ones are very cost-effective. 


The inexpensive ones cost less than £10, making them a viable solution. These will most likely be smaller in capacity than the most expensive ones and come in gel or spray format. Some common scents include lavender, vanilla and various flower types. You may see a few in packs of 2, 3 or even 8 (usually gels). Plug-in types are also affordable options.


The premium models cost more than £10 and can reach over £20, depending on the capacity, type and number of fresheners included. You may find automatic or essential oil ones with multiple refills, too, for the upper price. 


Wake up to the beautiful scent of a glorious spring day with the best air fresheners! Give your living space a unique and alluring smell that makes any room a calming sanctuary. Removing odours has never been easier!

We are optimistic that our buying guide has helped you understand everything there is about air fresheners. Now, it's up to you to pick the one that makes the most sense for your home and needs. Are you ready to say goodbye to smelly odours?

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