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Best 10 Air Beds

As Of June 2022

Do you have a large family who likes to gather & sleep together on Christmas or over the weekends? Are you a camper who wants to get the most relaxed sleep? Then you should look into getting an air bed! The best air beds inflate in no time, so you can instantly have a place for your friends & family to sleep in. What to learn more?

We did the

1 Comfort Quest Double Airbed On white background

Comfort Quest Double Airbed

4.8 /5

Best Overall Air Bed

  • Feels like a real mattress due to the coil beam construction
  • Inflates within three minutes with a one-way screw valve
  • Perfect for two adults as it has a large weight capacity of up to 295kg
  • Suitable for camping and everyday use
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7 woman sleeping peacefully on Active Era Premium Single Air Bed on white background

Active Era Premium Single Air Bed

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Quick Inflation

  • Head to toe comfort & support thanks to the air coils
  • Excellent for camping as the built-in pump inflates it in 3 minutes
  • Second to none bed-like experience with the integrated pillow
  • Keep it for years as it’s made from a puncture-resistant material
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6 Denny International® Double Inflatable Air Bed On white background

Denny International® Double Air Bed

4.5 /5

Top Pick for Portability

  • Suitable for quick indoor use as it has a free air pump
  • Secure even for kids to inflate with its super safety valve
  • Stands tough against bad weather thanks to a waterproof & strong coil beam
  • Fold it & take it with you when backpacking
5 Pavillo Airbed on white background

Pavillo Airbed

4.5 /5

Ideal for Couples

  • Enjoy restful nights with the integrated pillow
  • Fix it up in case of damage quickly with the included repair patch
  • Adjust the mattress to your firmness liking with the foot pump
  • Long-lasting with great comfort due to the excellent coil beam build
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4 Bestway Indoor Air Mattress on white background

Bestway Indoor Air Mattress

4.5 /5

Ideal for Sleepovers

  • Share it with your friends as it's a queen-sized bed
  • Always stay on the mattress with its built-in pillow & frame
  • Wait less to put it together as it only takes 5 minutes to be ready
  • Bring it even on holiday by using the included travel bag
3 Trendi Deluxe Inflatable HIGH Raised Double AIR Bed Mattress on white background

Sable Double Size Airbed

4.6 /5

Ideal Pick for Electric Pump

  • Looks good in any place with its neutral colour design
  • Never wake up with a sore back due to the improved internal structure
  • No need for sheets, just lay down and enjoy a good night's sleep as the fabric is breathable
  • Hassle-free deflation with the built-in electric pump
5 Intex Outdoor Queen Deluxe Air Bed On white background

Intex Outdoor Queen Deluxe Air Bed

4.5 /5

Best Choice for Water Repellant

  • Keeps your fitted sheets in place thanks to the indented sides
  • No need for extra pillows as it has a built-in one
  • Adjust the mattress to your firmness liking with the electric pump
  • Long-lasting with great durability due to high-strength polyester fibre
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8 Aerobed Airbed DoubleKing On white background

Aerobed Airbed Double/King

4.5 /5

Ideal for Guest Rooms

  • Comes with a remote control for simple adjustments
  • Maintain proper spinal positioning as it’s a stable double blow up bed
  • Keep it dust-free with the machine-washable mattress cover
  • Fold & store it neatly in the closet without trouble

Active Era Luxury Single Size Air Mattress

4.7 /5

Ideal Pick for Double-Height Air Mattress

  • Portable to bring it anywhere with a free bag
  • Inflate & deflate in no time with the handy electric pump
  • Enjoy a good night’s sleep on the pillow for head & neck support
  • Doesn’t let any water through its durable & thick flocked top layer
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10 Coleman Airbed On white background

Coleman Airbed

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Large Weight Capacity

  • Sleep with your partner but enjoy your own comfort thanks to the two air chambers
  • Fast & full inflation due to the double lock valve
  • Stands the test of time with a puncture-resistant PVC material
  • Wrap and roll like a sleeping bag to carry when travelling

Enjoy a Snooze Fest Indoors and Outdoors with the Best Air Beds!

When it comes to comfort, nobody wants to compromise their sleep quality. A good quality mattress is going to give you restful sleep and no soreness in the morning. Now, imagine how uncomfortable it can be to sleep outdoors when you’re camping. A full camping gear can include a camping tent, camping chairs, camping tables, and a sleeping bag. All these bring comfort to your experience. But, there’s no feeling like a raised mattress that you can put in your tent. The feeling is almost as enjoyable as jumping on your real bed after a long day of work. 

Whether you want it indoors or outdoors, you will find practical use in an air bed for hours of relaxation and snug warmth. Stay protected from bad weather, off the ground and away from insects and dry! Are you keeping it indoors for your next sleepover? Fold it up and store it when not in use. No need to have it as a permanent fixture like normal beds! 

Want to find out more to make the best choice for your needs? We’ve got you covered! We looked at all the top considerations and made up this buying guide for you. You don’t have to worry about anything else, just read the information and purchase the one that suits you best!

What is an air bed

It is an inflatable bed that is handy for use when camping or having friends over for the night. They are more comfortable than a sleeping sack as they are larger. Most can easily fit between 1-2 adults, but there are multiple sizes to hold three people. 

The thing that makes them stand out from regular beds is that they are soft. So, you don’t have to keep it in a fixed position. You can prop them open and close them in minutes. From high-tech materials to simple and small-sized ones, there is a match for any need. Pro camping enthusiasts vouch by them, and parents love the ease of use they allow. No more scrambling around to find space in the kids’ room to set up sleeping areas for their friends!

Why should you buy an air bed?

There are many reasons you should consider buying an air bed. There is a lot of functionality that comes with having them around. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not it’s a worthy investment, stay with us. 

1. Comfortable Camping Sleep

Yes, a camping tent protects you from bad weather and gusty winds. But, you still have to purchase something to sleep on. Otherwise, it will be very uncomfortable to rest directly on the ground of the tent. Many first time campers soon realise that levelling up to a camping air mattress is the way to go. With this mattress, you get superior support for your whole body.

Waking up the next day is not met with groans and cracking spines or necks. It’s as close as you can get to your bedroom. And it also depends on how long of a camping trip you want to take. A one night sleep could get away with other options. Anything more than that will have you wishing you had taken our advice.

2. Good Solution for Friends Sleeping Over

Do you want to lower the chances of an accident happening at your kids’ next friends gathering? We’ve all had friends over when we were young, and then we ended up jumping on beds and throwing pillow fights. Buying an inflating air mattress will provide you peace of mind that no bed frame is going to break in the middle of the night. 

You can leave your kids unsupervised to have fun, tell spooky stories and share beds without causing any trouble. Sure, you could invest in a sofa bed too, but those are pricier and take up more space than this small and affordable option. 

3. Space-Saving & Foldable

Another benefit is that you don’t have to always keep it open. They are very space-saving and compact so that you can store them when not in use. Most come with a carry bag to conveniently pack them up after your sleep. Also, you can deflate them, and they won’t take up too much space after you’ve fully folded them. This makes them an ideal solution for anyone in a tight apartment that struggles to find the space to fit everything in. Air mattresses are so handy because once you take them apart you can even store them in a drawer!

What to look for in an air bed

Are you ready to start digging deeper in your research to find the best air mattress? There are some considerations that you should look into that will give you the right choice. We’ve looked at the market and found the most important features you should seek. 

1. Dimensions

Depending on what use you want out of your air mattress, the dimensions will matter. Are you planning to take it with you on a camping trip? Then you will want the width, height and length to fit inside your camping tent. Most air mattresses have an average length from 1.80m to 2.3m, which is more than enough for any adult. The width ranges from 1.35m to 1.52m, a solid and wide enough surface for any body shape. 

2. Materials

The material matters because you want to have a comfortable sleep with as much head and neck support as possible. Integrated pillows and other handy features improve the overall comfort too. But, it all comes down to the material. A good-quality material makes a difference on insulation too. Nobody likes feeling cold in the middle of the night. 

For the upper surface, look for a soft flocked top. With a flocked top, you have horizontal or vertical beams running through the surface or a coil beam construction. The most common materials are velour, suede or laminated cotton. In some cases, the material is so breathable that you don’t even need sheets below you! Otherwise, if you want something refreshing against your skin, they can handle fitted sheets as fine as a real bed.

3. Height (single-height, double-height)

The air mattress comes in one of two heights. It can either be a single-height air mattress or a double-height air mattress. Single-height are flat on the ground, whereas double-height are raised above the ground. It’s a matter of personal preference, but we recommend double-height if someone with mobility issues will use them. Lifting yourself off a single-height air mattress can be harder. 

4. Weight Capacity

Always read the product description to ensure that your air mattress can hold your body weight. Not all air mattresses have the same weight capacity. Some can hold an average weight of up to 200kg. Others are durable and high-quality, with larger weight capacities up to 46 stone (300kg). 

The size will also give you an understanding of its weight capabilities. A single-person air mattress is less likely to hold heavier people. Look through the many sizes, from twin size to double and queen size or king. The larger the size, the bigger the weight capacity it will have.

5. Inflation Method

Unless you have ample time to spend pumping up the air mattress manually, we recommend buying one with an automatic inflation system. The options for manual blow-ups will be by mouth, hand or foot pumps

For hassle-free and quicker inflating, go for an electric or built-in pump that saves you time. Some air mattresses come with an inflation system, but it’s not a given, so always check if it’s included within the price.

What are the different types available

Do you want to find the best pick for you? There are different types of air mattresses, each with its pros and cons. We’re going to look through the most common types so that you can find one to match your needs.

1. Standard Air Mattress

The standard air mattress is the most popular choice as they are fit for indoor and outdoor use. They offer superior comfort and great value in any guest room or camping trip. Multiple options on the market can make them an affordable investment. 

Its biggest benefit is that you can inflate it much faster than other types, as most come with a pump. They roll up for effortless transport in an included carry bag, and there are many sizes, from twin size to king. One of its cons is that unless they come with the air pump, that’s an added expense that you will need for this air mattress type. Another con is that the insulation might not be enough for a warm sleep in them, but you can easily solve that with extra covers. 

2. Raised Air Mattress

A double-height air mattress doesn’t touch the ground. It’s elevated and looks like a real bed. Many who have difficulty standing up due to health reasons prefer these as they are very comfortable. You don’t have to yank yourself off the ground with too much effort as you would with the other grounded options. 

One of its biggest pros is that it gives you the most authentic and real-bed sleeping experience. There are also many different sizes ideal for single-use or up to 3 people. On the downside, they take longer to set up and occupy more space because of their large size. If they have an electric pump that needs an outlet, they are not fit for camping unless you have an electric hook up. 

How can you inflate or deflate an air mattress?

The one task that might have you veering off this bed choice is that you have to inflate it. That could take up some time, depending on the inflation method you pick. There will either be a self-inflating pump method or a manual blow-up method.


For small camping air mattresses that are thin, you can get away with blowing in the lock valve, and the mattress will be fully blown up. But, that takes up too much of your lung power, and you’ll soon feel exhausted. Another alternative is a foot pump which still requires some manual labour but is not as tiring as blowing. 


The easiest and less tiring way to set up your air mattress is with a pump inflating method. Most inflatables come with a rechargeable or built-in pump. Some even have a remote control that allows you to set up your air mattress quicker. You can also adjust the surface to your liking through the remote

How much does an air bed cost?

The price changes according to the size and usage you want out of the inflatable bed. You can find affordable options for any occasions, indoors or outdoors. 


Are you looking for a low-cost option for a one-time sleep? A simple to set up air mattress can start from as little as £15. There are many options available for single beds that start from £50 to £100. The higher up you go, the more inflating beds you will find that come with built-in pumps. The premium ones also have the advantage of a warranty.


Do you want to be the perfect host with a luxurious looking guest room? Larger beds in queen size or king size can be a great investment. They can cost anywhere from £100-300 and give you as close to a real bed experience as possible. Even if you’re buying one for outdoor use, a pricier one will be the best way to go because it will be more durable for many years to come. 

The inexpensive options can be good for someone on a tight budget, but you’ll realise that they are more likely to deflate overnight when they bear weight. So, to buy a long-lasting product, it’s worth spending a few more pounds upfront. 


Was that a hint of a yawn? Maybe it’s close to bedtime, so it’s fitting that you’re looking for a bed. The best air beds will give you comfort, relaxation and deep sleep as if you’re in your regular bed. With the top features that we’ve listed above, you’ll be sound asleep for hours without feeling tired or groggy in the morning. No more huffing and puffing when someone suggests you go camping. Who needs a hotel anyways?

We’re optimistic that our buying guide has given you all the information you need to make the right decision. Go for a single or multiple ones for the whole family to come over when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve! Bring the fun to your home, and don’t worry about where everyone will sleep at the end of the night. Even the designated drivers can let loose and call it a night at your place. Are you ready to pick one of the best air mattresses?

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