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Best 10 Aerobic Steppers

As Of July 2022

Do you want to set up your gym at home, but you don’t know where to start with all those fitness equipment in the market? Well, we have you covered! Why not start with good workout equipment like the good old-fashioned aerobic stepper? If you wish to burn calories, you should try aerobic exercise! Are you ready to tine some muscles, increase that heart rate & burn some calories?

We did the

1 Reebok Deck Aerobic Stepper on white background

Reebok Deck Aerobic Stepper

4.8 /5

Best Choice Overall

  • Versatile from more than 20 setup combinations due to its reconfigurable design
  • Step, jump or lunge conveniently with its 2 adjustable heights
  • Keep your gym accessories neatly stored inside its storage space
  • Make intensity workouts with resistance bands thanks to its 6 integrated clips
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2 Reebok Unisex Aerobic Stepper on white background

Reebok Unisex Aerobic Stepper

4.7 /5

Top Pick for Mobile Connectivity

  • Get real-time feedback on your steps thanks to its Bluetooth function
  • Tailor the intensity of your workout with its click & lock height adjustments
  • No more slippages & accidents due to its non-slip rubber feet
  • When you’re done store it effortlessly as it’s lightweight & compact
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3 Active Forever Aerobic Stepper on white background

Active Forever Aerobic Stepper

4.7 /5

Best Option for Height Adjustments

  • Add resistance to your cardio with its non-slip padding on the surface
  • Challenge yourself with its additional steps for a better workout
  • Store it neatly thanks to the portable design
  • Keep it for years to come as it has a long-lasting construction
4 We R Fitness Aerobic Stepper on white background

We R Fitness Aerobic Stepper

4.6 /5

Ideal for Versatile Workouts

  • Suitable for all family members with a maximum weight of 150kgs
  • Increase workout intensity from the 2 adjustable levels
  • Lose weight & tone muscles; yoga, pilates & strength sessions; you name it!
  • Enjoy noiseless workouts with rubberised & frictionless feet
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5 Respire Fitness Aerobic Stepper on white background

Respire Fitness Aerobic Stepper

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Safety Features

  • Spruce your yoga practice with any of the 4 colourful choices
  • No injuries as it absorbs shock from your stepping impact
  • Rubber feet & a non-slip placement mat offers extra safety
  • Pack it up & workout when and where you want as it’s super lightweight
6 Songmics Aerobic Stepper on white background

Songmics Aerobic Stepper

4.5 /5

Best Pick for Stability

  • Adjust the intensity as you progress with its 4 risers
  • Strike demanding poses in confidence since it holds up to 100kg
  • Ensure you stay on at all times with the slip resistance & anti-slip pads
  • Enhance your strength sessions with the included resistance band
7 aerobic stepper on white background

Pheonix Fitness Aerobic Stepper

4.4 /5

Top Option for Fat-Burning Workouts

  • Advance your workouts with the 2 height risers of 10cm & 15cm
  • Enjoy a firm grip on your feet due to its rugged upper surface
  • Lightweight & easy to move around when vacuuming your home
  • Ideal space-saving solution as it offers a storage compartment for your equipment
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8 Amazon Basics Aerobic Stepper on white background

Amazon Basics Aerobic Stepper

4.3 /5

Best for Indoors & Outdoors

  • Stable & safe to use on any surface with its anti-slip feet design
  • Exercise in nature with its durable & weatherproofed materials
  • Versatile workout to tone muscles & burn calories
  • Rest assured of its quality as it comes with a 1-year warranty
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9 Reebok Professional Aerobic Stepper on white background

Reebok Professional Aerobic Stepper

4.3 /5

Best Option for Heavy-Duty Workouts

  • Enjoy a solid and slip-free fitness platform due to its rubber feet
  • Boost your workout intensity with its 3 different height adjustments
  • Max traction even in the toughest of sessions with its bobble surface texture
  • Find the one that matches your home gym as it comes in 4 colours
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10 Gym Master Deluxe Aerobic Stepper on white background

Gym Master Deluxe Aerobic Stepper

4.2 /5

Top Pick for Weight Capacity

  • Made for HIIT & tough sessions as it’s built of reinforced plastic
  • It won’t break no matter the intensity since it holds up to 200kg
  • Step or lunge? Now you can do both with its adjustable heights
  • Store it in your closet or even a drawer due to its compact design

Time To Step Up Your Game!

Are you looking for additional gym equipment for low-impact training? Or are you just starting your fitness journey and need to start slow with an affordable gadget? An aerobic stepper is the gym equipment you need to get. Old as the stepping exercise is, it is still as relevant today as back in the late ‘80s when Gin Miller brought it to life.

Gin, an athlete and fitness instructor, was advised by her doctor to do step aerobics as a rehabilitation treatment for a knee injury. Since then, the exercise has grown from using milk crates to these products that are widely available on the market. That means there is a perfect stepper out there that suits all your workout needs for now, but narrowing it down to that perfect one will not be an easy shopping experience. Trust us to make this shopping experience as friendly as it needs to be because it is time to get fit!

Getting the best stepper will be an exhausting endeavour, especially when you have no idea what to look for. Given that these gadgets look a bit similar when packaged, it is easy to see why one can be overwhelmed by the wide selection. When you start shopping for one, here is what you need to consider:

  • Length and size: You will find a wide range of sizes and lengths, but you should narrow down the options depending on what type of workouts you will be doing. A wider surface is better if your workouts involve a lot of motion. It also gives the platform some versatility since you can use it for other activities, like a workbench for your entire body instead of legs only.
  • Weight capacity: What is the equipment’s maximum or minimum weight capacity? Are you within this weight range, or do you risk breaking it and injuring yourself in the process? No matter how fancy the stepper seems, ensure that it is within your capacity. Most can hold up to 150-200kg, but make sure you check.
  • Non-slip surface: A moving stepper will probably break not just your legs but your ribs or back. Imagine stepping in it, it moves a few centimetres without the coordination of your feet, and you land on a hard surface, like a tiled floor? Yeah, that is not how we or anyone else hopes their workout session ends. But it can happen if the stepper does not have an anti-slip surface. As much as this protects you from having some broken body parts, it also protects your floors from scratches. We all know how expensive it is to replace floors, regardless of the material. Some models will have an added feature, shock-absorbing, which increases your safety even more.
  • Adjustable height: Exercise steppers ranging from 10cm to 35cm. Although some models have a standard height, there are some models with adjustability. These are the best steppers to look for as they allow you to change the height of the stepper as you get better at the exercise. The adjustability will save you money and time in the future when trying to upgrade to one with a height that matches your workout level.

You do not have to spend too much money on a full-body workout session at the expensive gym in the neighbourhood. With aerobic steppers along with a couple of resistance bands, some dumbbells and kettlebells, you can start your small home private gym session. They will help you tone your muscles, burn calories, lose some weight and gain better balance with your posture.

For the better intensity of your workout and achievement of your fitness goals this year, ensure you invest in an adjustable stepper. Luckily, all our recommended options allow you to adjust heights with 2 or 3 risers. Pick yours and begin your fitness journey!

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